tagLoving WivesAmy's Predicament

Amy's Predicament


The show was impressive. Most Vegas shows were. Likely it had cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and the point seemed to be to display women’s breasts. Amy did not quarrel with this; she had enjoyed it. It had put her in a mood. Her husband Rich and his old college friend Mike had enjoyed it even more, and were discussing it the way drunken men do as the group rode the elevator up to the room.

The doors opened and Amy walked out, Rich beside her with his arm loosely around her shoulder. Mike followed not far behind. She felt Rich’s arm slip down, and suddenly realized he had lifted her skirt above her panties. Mike got the full view. Amy quickly pulled her skirt back down, hoping Mike had not seen the wet spot that had collected in the crotch of her panties. The wet spot had gathered as she sat between the two handsome men, taking in the naughty show. She did realize, however, that he had had a great view of her ass as her panties had ridden up between her cheeks, looking more like a thong now. The thought brought a little red to her cheeks, and a small, mischievous grin to her face.

As Rich fumbled with the room key Amy leaned back against the wall and observed the two men. Her husband obviously was the more wasted of the two; Mike still seemed to have his head about him. It was just by chance that they had met up with him. They had run into him down on the casino floor. Rich invited him to accompany them to the show, then during the show asked him to come up to the room to talk old times. Mike had eagerly accepted the invitations. Rich succeeded finally in opening the door and headed straight for the couch facing the window, plopping himself down with great fanfare as if he were a Vegas show all in himself. Amy went to the kitchenette to grab some beers; Mike sat in a chair to the side of the couch, with a view of the outside as well. Amy brought the beers, handing one to Rich and the other to Mike, having had enough herself already.

Sitting on the couch beside her husband she tried to enjoy the view, but Rich was very drunk, and his behavior when he was like that annoyed her. It wasn’t long before she got up and went back and turned on the TV. She sat there while Rich and Mike rehashed old times. Not really watching the television, her mind wandered, fantasizing about the life of a Vegas showgirl, strutting, her breasts exposed for all to see. She resisted the temptation to touch herself, as Mike would see, but she did manage to squirm delightfully a few times. In her present state of mind she almost did not notice when Mike came over to her. He laughed, mentioning that Rich was about as wasted as he had ever seen him. Amy smiled to herself; they were on vacation after all.

Mike looked at her for an uncomfortably long time, and she remembered just how much of her he had seen when her husband pulled her skirt up. Rich was always begging her to dress seductively, to tease other guys. She had to admit that she was a willing party to it. The thought of other men lusting after her excited her, and it was partly this and only partly from embarrassment that her face was fully flush with redness now. It wasn’t difficult to read Mike’s intentions; they were clearly displayed by the bulge in his pants. Amy stood up, smoothing her short skirt, and walked over behind the couch where Rich was sitting. He was mumbling something and she bent over to understand him, her arms resting on the back of the couch. Still she could not make out what he was saying.

She paused there for a moment, admiring the view of the Las Vegas skyline. It dawned on her finally that she was providing an altogether different view for their guest, all bent over like that and wearing a short skirt to boot. She started to rise, but didn’t. She was paralyzed by her thoughts momentarily, drinking in the sensation of her ass being the object of her guest’s desire. Before she could free herself from her thoughts Mike had moved in behind her, cupping a hand on her rounded ass, copping a feel from her. She did not move. She was struck with the fear of what her husband would do if he realized what had happened. He had encouraged her to tease, but had not allowed any man to touch her. He was groggy from the alcohol but still conscious.

Mike took Amy’s contemplation as permission and moved his other hand on to her ass as well. Mike’s aggressive groping was forcing Amy back and forth, and her movement was drawing her husband's attention. Not sure what to do she put her hand on Rich’s crotch and began rubbing him. That got his attention, almost as quickly as Mike got Amy’s as he pulled her wet panties down to her ankles, stroking her legs on the way down … and on the way back up. His hands move straight to her now bare – and decidedly hot – cunt. Mike knew what he wanted and Amy was doing nothing to dissuade him. As he roughly massaged her pussy and clit she quickened her pace rubbing her husband’s crotch. Rich was just clear-headed enough to unzip himself, and soon his cock was in Amy’s hands.

She began stroking him, the feeling of his cock in her hands familiar, comfortable. His cock not as stiff because of the alcohol she nevertheless worked her magic. She was motivated, not so much by the familiar, but by the strange, new sensation of Mike’s cock behind her, now working its magic. He was sliding it up and down between her ass cheeks, teasing her as she teased him earlier. She was actively gyrating her hips in an attempt to work the cock into her cunt, and again the motion was catching her husband’s attention. She did the only thing she could think of – she began sucking her husband’s cock. This had its intended effect; he lay back on the couch, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of his lover’s exquisite lips.

He relished the fervor with which she was pleasuring him, unaware that the fervor was a direct result of his friend, and the fact that his friend’s cock was now deeply buried in his wife’s pussy. As the lips of her mouth squeezed her husband’s cock, the lips of her cunt squeezed Mike’s. As Mike pounded her increasingly hard, she sucked with even more passion. Mike’s hands gripped her hips more tightly as Rich’s hand found her tits. No part of her body seemed without male attention, each screaming to her brain the sensations they were experiencing. Her orgasm was in full force by the time she felt the cum in her mouth. She pulled up off of him and the remaining semen sprayed her face and hair. Her sudden upwards movement served to push Mike over the edge, and as he pulled out of her his cock left a trail of cum starting on her sweat-covered ass up and on her bunched up skirt and even all the way to the blouse she wore.

She stood up breathing heavily, comprehending finally what had happened. She noticed her husband on the couch, his now limp cock out of his pants, sleeping now after the release. She turned to look at Mike, who was beginning to step back into his pants. He had the look on his face of a man unsure how a woman would react. Amy walked over to him, her Rich’s cum still peppering her face, and grabbed Mike by the cock. She led him into the bedroom of the casino suite, his cum running down her thighs, and thought to herself, “This vacation may not be so bad after all,” as she closed the door on her slumbering husband.

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