tagLoving WivesAmy's Security Continues

Amy's Security Continues


I'm back looking over JPB's shoulder once more. I'm trying not to make a habit of it, but this one I felt needed closure and although he didn't have Sam putting up with Amy's infidelity, I'm worried that if I leave it to Bob; he's likely to have poor Sam wimping out at the end...lol Sorry Bob, I didn't mean that! Again, I'd suggest that you read the original Amy's Security by JPB to bring you back up to speed for this conclusion...

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Britease for his invaluable assistance in editing. Thank you Brit, you're a gem! Sorry folks but the wrong version somehow got mixed up with this one. I hope you enjoy this version better.

Now back to the ending.


Sitting here reading the inter-office memo brought back memories I'd hoped would never resurface. Amy! My ever loving and faithless whoring ex-wife is now the head of my department, my immediate superior; how ironic is that! I should have known something like this was going to happen, but I was just relieved to be out of the marriage. Now it was back to haunt me tenfold!

Amy had said that I was a heart attack just waiting for time and place, and she was right! My doctor had warned me, but I hadn't taken all that much notice, believing that what I was doing wasn't all that bad. I mean, everyone works hard to provide for their family, don't they? I knew Amy was ambitious, her needs and wants were many. Take that over sized mansion we lived in, the pool in the back, along with the country club membership that sat collecting dust in her home office draw that neither of us had time to use, and it was my job to provide, or so I was brought up to believe.

The once love of my life would now be back in a position to be controlling my life again! This was the final act to snap me out of my apathy as there was no way I could even consider working under her. Not after finding out how many men she had, and maybe is still working under?

I finished dropping the final bits and pieces into the box and picked up my letter of resignation as I walked out of my office for the last time. Dropping the letter, my company cell phone, car keys and company credit card on Megan's desk I commented, "It's been really nice working with you Megan. I really wish you all the best; you're an asset and I want to thank you for all your help. You take care and don't let that bitch push you around. If she gives you any grief, then you have my permission to use me as a threat in getting a fair go."

"So you are leaving then Sam? This isn't just an idle threat?" She inquired, waving my letter in front of her face.

"Yes Megan! You know as well as I, that I couldn't work for her. I can't work with anyone I don't respect, and as you also know, with all the gory detail that she killed any chance of me respecting her."

"I'll miss you Sam! You know she's going to be pissed as when she finds out that you've up and pulled the pin. She's been pumping me for weeks about your work load and schedule. I haven't said anything to her that I wasn't required too, but I did feel as though I was stabbing you in the back. I'm sorry! I should have said something sooner."

I smiled.

"Don't worry yourself about it. You have to protect your job, and there's nothing you could have said that would have made an ounce of difference. I knew the writing was on the wall when that memo came round about the merger. There's nothing I did here that I need kept secret as you well know."

"How do I act? What do I tell her when she asks where you are?"

I grinned, "Tell her exactly what you know; tell her the truth. She can't get her panties in a knot over that. Do what she wants, as long as it doesn't corrupt your own values."

"It's been truly a pleasure my dear, I'll keep in touch, I promise!" I told her as I shook her hand and then kissed the back of it.

I was getting into my car as a black limo pulled up in front of the office block and Amy got out with two well dressed men, looking for all the world like a high status, no nonsense business woman. When in fact we all know better! She is nothing more than an over paid high class escort with a title. Amy was looking very professional in her business suit, but then she always did looked good in anything she wore. She looked around but didn't see me and that was how I wanted it. I sat there for another minute or two to let her get into the building before I pulled out of the car park for the last time.

I'd already settled up all my affairs, sold off what needed to be sold and put all the rest into storage. My doctor had said I need a change of scenery, so I finally decided to take his advice. I spent the next three months driving around sightseeing and unwinding from the stresses of work. I ended up in a small town just this side of nowhere. The climate was moderate, the town folk friendly and the fishing great. I rented a little three bedroom cottage with a workshop annex next to the lake, with the option to buy. It had everything I needed to start my new life.

Sitting on the back deck supping on a cold one, I thought for the first time how Amy was taking my disappearance. I decided to give Megan a call the next day to see how much fallout there had been from my sudden departure.

"Hi Megan...It's Sam here! How's it going in the salt mine?"

"Sam! So good to hear from you, I was starting to worry that you'd fallen off the end of the earth."

I laughed out loud, sitting out on my deck watching the water lazily lap against my private pontoon. "Not quite fallen off, but the view from here is to say the least; spectacular. The wishing you were here applies. How're things back there?"

"Ohhh God Sam! You certainly know how to set the cat amongst the pigeons. Amy has been on a rampage, she's been going through the company like a packet of salts, and there's been layoffs right, left and centre. Kevin Paxton left last week after having a confrontation with her. I don't know what it was about, but she moved him from logistics to archives. Basically shunted him into a windowless office in the basement, and as you can imagine Kevin wouldn't take that, so he handed in his resignation and walked out.

"I'm sorry to hear that! Kevin was a good man, probably one of the best in his field. What the hell is that woman doing? If she's not careful, she's going to sink the ship before she gets it out of the harbour. How's she been with you?"

I heard Megan giggling, "In two words Sam ... Fucking Frustrated! She tried to fire me that first day, because I let you go before she got to talk to you. As if I could have stopped you and I told her so. Then she said that because I now no longer had a boss, I wasn't needed and to pack my things up and get the hell out."

"I stood there and told her to go ahead and try to fire me! 'I'll have you and the company in court so fast; you won't have time to fix your make up before the court appearance.' I then told her what you said and she went quiet, seems as if it had never occurred to her that her whoring to the top would come back and bite her on her well fucked ass."

Megan burst out in a fit of the giggles again before continuing, "So now I'm the secretary to the bitchy Executive Vice President in Charge of Operations. I think it has something to do with keeping your enemies closer than your friends. I told her I expected a substantial pay rise to go with the promotion. I don't think she was pleased with that either, because she just sneered, but in the end I got what I wanted."

I was in two minds as Megan related all the latest gossip. On one hand I was pleased that my going did have an impact on Amy's plans. Don't get me wrong, I made this life change for my own good as it was something I needed to do, and Amy's appearance was just the kick in the ass I needed to put an end to my procrastination. This latest development was just icing on the cake so to speak. Still I was worried that it would impact on everyone else in the long run, and that wasn't my intention. Next morning found me out of sugar and I decided to go to the little convenience store a short ways down the road. Their property actually borders mine, with an open paddock in between. I almost ran into a young couple as they left the store, and made my apologises before turning to see standing behind the counter, a much harried woman in her early twenties. "Can I help you?" She enquired, a baby making its presence felt by whimpering irritably just as a couple of cars pulled up at the gas pumps out front.

The woman sighed, "Where the hell is Jillian when I need her?"

I smiled and asked, "Can I help you instead? My name's Sam and I live just up the road. I think junior over there needs a feed, and all I need is some sugar. I haven't got anything special on, so if I can help out until you're finished or until Jillian gets here, it'd be my pleasure. How about I see to those out there, and let you see to your baby?

The woman smiled her acceptance and replied, "The name's Vivian, and I'd be so grateful for the help Sam."

I went out and took care of the travellers as they filled their tanks. I washed the windscreen and generally chatted, and on returning from the driveway, I laid their money down beside the cash register, just as another customer entered and started to browse the store. I took the time to wander over to chat with him. "Can I help you at all Sir?"

"Just looking at your selection of fishing rods," he replied. "I'm travelling through and I had to put my car in the shop for repairs, and it looks as though it'll be an all day job. I thought I'd get a little fishing in to while away the hours."

I noticed he looked like a businessman, and he could have been me, not more than a year ago. He was going for the cheap rod/reel combos, so I asked, "Do a lot of fishing then?"

The guy shook his head, "Not really, although I'd like to if I could find the time."

I smiled; this was what I was good at and then proceeded to convince him that getting something a little dearer would drastically increase his chances of catching his fish and enjoying his down time more.

I dealt with a dozen other customers before Vivian got the chance to put her daughter back down after feeding her. "Thank you so much Sam. Why is it that things only get busy when you can least afford it? Bessie doesn't normally make a fuss at this time of day, and Jillian is always here by now."

I chuckled, "I'd have to explain quantum mechanics to be able to explain that one, and since I have no idea what quantum mechanics is all about, then you'll just have to make an educated guess. Maybe you and your husband need to hire more reliable help."

This made Vivian's face drop, and I noticed it. "I'm sorry; I seem to have said the wrong thing! Please accept my apologies." Vivian peered up though sad eyes, a single tear forming in the corner, "It's not your fault Sam, but I'm a widow." Vivian went on to explain that her husband Greg was a member of the army reserves and died while on manoeuvres.

She told me the truck he was in, turned over and he was killed. "The worst of it all was that Greg never even knew he was going to be a daddy. Bessie was most likely conceived the night before he left." Vivian wiped the tears from her face with the back of her hand and continued, "I think he would have been a good father, and he had so many ideas, this place being one of them." Vivian waved her hand around, indicating the store and land it sat on.

Over the next few weeks, I made a habit of going down to the store and helping out when I could. I know what you're all thinking and you're probably right. Vivian was a good looking woman and my hormones hadn't been satisfied for quite awhile, but apart from that, it gave me back my sense of worth. The one thing that had hurt me the most was the knowledge that Amy's infidelity was an indication that she didn't need me or think that I could adequately provide for my family, and that she had little faith and no trust in my abilities. That was the final insult I had to bear.

I think Vivian saw my need to give and although she never asked straight out for my help, she never refused if I offered, and always remarked on how much she appreciated my support. I was starting to feel good about our time together, and she was funny, caring and appreciative which sat well with me.

I was on my way home from another afternoon helping out at the store when my cell phone broke into my thoughts.


"You're lucky that you're not a receptionist Sam. You wouldn't last a day with your phone manner!" The female voice chortled into my ear.

"Hi Megan, sorry but you caught me off guard for a minute. It's almost seven at night. Is there an emergency?"

Megan sobered up and stated, "I had to wait till I got home to call as I don't know if the bitch boss has my desk phone tapped or not, but I didn't want to chance it. And Sam, that's the reason I'm ringing. You'll need to be on your guard. I'm just calling to giving you the heads up. She's putting a private detective on your tail. Well she's asked me to put one on you and I really can't not do it and keep my job, but I thought that if you had forewarning, you may be able to lay low for awhile and stay below the radar."

I sighed, "Has that woman made it her personal mission in life to harass me into the grave?"

"I don't know Sam, all I know is she's at her wits end. She's been putting in some horrendous hours to try and turn this place around, and I think it's taking its toll on her. She looks ten years older and has put on a good ten kilos."

"Well she couldn't be pregnant ... Ok maybe she could, but not by me at any rate?"

I heard Megan giggle again on the other end, "No! I'm almost certain it's the strain. Too many comfort trips to the freezer for ice cream, I'd say. You can see it in her face and upper arms, she starting to balloon. She's frantic to find you and has put me in charge of the task, citing that it was my fault you left before she got to talk to you."

"Jeesus H Christ! Ok! I can see that it's futile to ignore her. Here's what I figure you can do. Give it a week and then go to her with a bogus report saying that they weren't able to find me, but that they are fairly sure that the cell phone is legit. Then tell her that you have already phoned and have convinced me to talk to her."

Megan must have heard the agitation in my voice," You sure Sam? I really hate to do this to you."

"Don't worry about it Megan, you need to look after number one, then you can guard my six like you've been doing. I appreciate your efforts, but don't put yourself in the line of fire."

One week later Megan gave me a text message in the morning before she started work, "ph no 2 bb 2 day. b ready 4 call today sometime?"

I saw the text message and chuckled at the abbreviations...BB? Bitch Boss?... No? no...ohhh Number? Damn these young people and their hi-technology, then I thought about what I was going to say to her. Nothing came to mind and I figured I'd cross that bridge when I came to it. As promised the call came. I recognised Amy's cell phone number as I answered it, "Yes Amy; whatdoyawant?"

Amy must have been caught off guard by my slurring of words and at the crisp short greeting. "What'd that bitch of a secretary of mine been..."

I hung up.

My cell rang again, "Damn it Sam..."

I hung up again.

The next time it rang Megan cut in quick, "You going to talk to her or not?"

I chuckled, "Tell the bitch, the next time she rings to keep a civil tongue in her head, and she'll be able to get more than two words out. I'm through with her trying to lord it over me."

Megan giggled, "It'll be my pleasure Sam, talk to you later."

There was a five minute gap between talking to Megan and the next call, "Sam?"

"Yes Amy, Whatyawant?"

Another pause then, "May I talk to you for a minute?"

"I'm listening!"

Another pause. "Has Megan been crying on your shoulder? What has she said?"

"Megan is a very capable young lady, and it doesn't matter what she told me! That girl, your so called bitch of a secretary is the ONLY reason you're talking to me right now and if I were you, I'd be kissing her ass in thanks for helping you out. So I'll ask you again, whatdoyawant?"

I thought I heard a sigh, "I'm sorry Sam. I'm just a bit edgy lately. I know Megan has been ...well has done her job well, and I appreciate it, I really do."

I knew that Amy was trying to diffuse my angst, and I wondered what could cause her to surrender so quickly. "Get to the point Amy! You still haven't told me what'chwant!"

I heard Amy stifle a small sob, "I really need to talk to you Sam, I need your advice. I had thought we'd be working together here...you know, as a team, but you quit and disappeared before I could run it past you."

I grunted irritably, "I saw the writing on the wall Amy! As soon as I saw the memo come round that your company had bought out mine, I saw no mileage in staying and being humiliated all over again. So now that we've got that out of the way, you have a nice life Amy, but I doubt if I'll see you around, since I don't mingle in your circles anymore .... Goodbye!"

"Nooooo Please Sam! Please listen, I really need to talk to you, but not over the phone, it has to be face to face. I know I probably don't deserve it but I'm begging you. Just half an hour, thirty minutes to put my idea across and then I'll leave it up to you." Amy was almost crying into the phone by the time she finished. "Please Sam, I don't know who else to turn to."

I ground my teeth. All I wanted to do was hang up and forget I'd ever got tangled up with this woman. A long moment drew out as I was battling with myself. "Ok Amy! But I'm not running around after you, so if you need to talk, then you're the one that'll have to meet me at my end. I'll organise it with Megan, and she'll let you know when and where." I flicked my cell shut before Amy could reply, half expecting her to call back but the phone never rang the whole night.


Amy was annoyed. "Why do I have to go through all this Megan? Why can't you just give me Sam's address and let me go alone?"

Megan's grip on the steering wheel made her knuckles turn white, "For the last time Amy, it's because this is the way Sam wants it! You need to see him; he doesn't want to see you. In his words; and I quote "It's my way or the highway, her choice!" I don't like sitting in a car for hours on end with you anymore than you do, but if he wants me to bring you, then you're just going to have to accept it. I have no intention of being there while you're having your little pow-wow. I'll make myself scarce, you can rest assured."


I started chopping the vegetables and herbs for the Italian sauce I was making for dinner. Megan had rung thirty minutes ago to tell me they were under an hour away, which meant that they would be arriving in about twenty to thirty minutes. The last thing I wanted was for Amy to feel comfortable while she was here, but keeping myself occupied while she made her case, would keep her at a disadvantage.

Fifteen minutes later I heard a knock at the front door. "It's open, come on in!"

"Well don't you look all domesticated?" Megan quipped with a genuine smile.

I chuckled at her banter, "Hi Megan! Good to see you too. You're looking well." Looking in her direction, I saw Amy behind her looking decidedly apprehensive.

"Amy!" Was all I said, but noted Megan's appraisal of her health. I saw in the short glance the bags under her eyes, as well as her increase in weight. Megan's guess of ten kilos may have been a little on the bitchy side, but wasn't all that far from the mark.

"I'm dying for a drink," Megan countered as she gave me a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek. "You're not looking too bad yourself, so the country air seems to agree with you."

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