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Amy's WWF Adventure


Amy sat on her bed, staring at the TV. Nothing was on, just some old show. Man this sucks ass she thought bitterly. Nothin but crap is on. She took off her shirt, revealing her bra. There was a loud knock on her door. "Who is it?" she called.

"It's me Jeff! Can I come in?" said Jeff. Amy smiled. Jeff Hardy was her closest friend. Jeff, Matt and Lita had got her into a home and they had been so good to her since. Amy smiled. She had the biggest crush on Jeff. Maybe this is the night I make my move she thought. Feeling excited, she yelled," Come on in!"

Jeff Hardy, 23 from NC, attractive to all ladies, came in. His eyes bulged out but he acted cool. "Um, so whatcha doing?"

"Nothin. Crap on TV. Extremely bored," she said. Jeff laughed, his eyes couldn't help but stare at her breasts. Amy noticed it. She flaunted it a little more, laying sideways on the bed. Amy leaned on her elbow. "So, what do you wanna do?"

Jeff sat on the bed. "I don't know. We could talk, gossip. Whatever girls do at some kind of sleepover."

Amy glared at him. "Not all girls do that."

Amy hugged him out of the blue. Jeff was taken back but he hugged her tightly. As he pulled away, Jeff couldn't help but look at her breasts. He felt another feeling coming over him. A feeling to be wild and crazy. Jeff then started touching her breasts, uncontrollably. Amy went along with it. She pushed Jeff onto a couch and gave him a little lap dance, stripping off her clothes. Jeff's eyes widen as she became naked. Jeff went up to down. Her pussy was shaved.

Amy jumped onto him, making him suck her nipples. As he sucked, she pulled off his shirt, and his pants. Jeff wore silky blue boxers. He bit on her nipples as hard as he could, making her scream with delight. Jeff went down to her clit, licking every bit of it. Amy moaned. "Mmmm yeah Jeff." She gasped as his tongue furiously whipped at her vagina.

Jeff stopped and pulled out his cock. Amy gasped, smiling. She kissed his chest, going down. Amy started to deep-throat his cock. The cock went in and out. Jeff started to moan as his cock went deeper into her mouth. "Oh yeah Amy. That's it," he mumbled.

Amy got on her back and waited for Jeff to do something. He sat between her legs, rubbing his cock. Jeff took his cock and thrust it into her hot pussy. Amy let out a yelp. The cock slid easy in and out. "Oh god, oh god. Fuck it harder!" she yelled. Jeff did what he was told. His cock rammed in and out as hard as he could.

"Oh Amy! I'm gonna cum!" he yelled. Jeff pulled out his hard cock and cum squirted out all over Amy. Amy felt her body getting warmed up by the cum. Jeff rested for a bit.

"Oh yes, that felt so good," moaned Amy. She spotted Jeff's cock, cum still coming out. Amy threw herself on him, sucking on his cock. She had a load full of cum in her mouth, swallowing all of them. Jeff laid on the floor, his cock erect. Amy went on his, his cock going in again. She pumped her thighs towards his, moaning. "Oh yes! Yes!"

Suddenly she felt a warm, big cock going into her ass. "Oh shit! Whose that?"

"Me," said a familiar voice. Amy moved her head and saw Matt Hardy, naked. Amy smiled devilishly and didn't care whether Lita caught him. Damn he has a hell of a cock she thought as his cock squeezed through her asshole.

"Ugh! Oh god, Matt! Fuck me good!" she screamed.

"Oh yes! Amy loves getting double-fucked!" yelled out Jeff as Amy worked on him.

"Oh god! Shit!" yelled Matt. "I'm gonna cum!" He pulled his cock out of her ass just as Amy got off Jeff. The two brothers put their members into action. They practically shoved it down her throat. Amy started sucking on both of the cocks.

Suddenly a huge load from Matt came out. Amy nearly choked but kept sucking. She waited for Jeff's load but nothing came out. She pulled out Matt's and worked on Jefff's. While she did that, Matt started to pump himself towards her ass. Amy moaned as she sucked. Jeff looked down, moaning loudly. "Oh yeah, Amy,' he said softly. Not satisfied with the moans that Jeff let out, Amy sucked on it harder and faster. Jeff turned his moans more wilder and louder. Finally a enormous load of cum squirted all over Amy. Her breasts were all soaked.

"What's going on here?!" called out a female voice. Matt stopped but his cock was still inside. Amy and Jeff looked and saw Lita, hands on her hips.

Before anyone spoke, Lita took off her robe and walked into their three-some. Amy smiled and started to suck on her pussy. They got into a hot 69 with each other. Matt and Jeff stood, watching in amazement. There were loud moans coming out from them. Amy got up and started to fist Lita's cunt. Lita let out a scream but Amy didn't let go. "You like that, huh? Like it Lita?" she taunted. Amy flipped Lita over and fisted her ass. Lita jerked her head up.

"Ah! Ah! Oh yes! Oh, oh!" yelped Lita. She clutched the floor, sweating like a pig. Finally Amy stopped, smiling. Lita turned to her. "Now, it's your turn." She turned to Jeff and Matt and told them what to do. Jeff laid on the floor. Amy sat down, his cock slowly going into his ass. Amy pumped her self up and down, enjoying everybit of it. Matt took his cock and shoved it hard into her cunt. Amy let out a whimper but kept going. She saw Lita right in front of her. She could feel her hot breath breathe on her body. Lita kissed her stomach and went up. She stopped at Amy's huge breasts, and licked it. Her nipples became hard. Lita played with teh nipples with her tongue. Amy opened her mouth to moan but then something entered her mouth. It was Chris Jericho. He was naked and had his 12" in her mouth.

Amy deep-throated the cock as she was being fucked in the ass, cunt and her breasts. Man, could things get any better? thought Amy. To answer her question Test appeared with Trish. Test grabbed his thick and huge cock and started pounding into her tight pussy along with Matt. Amy stopped sucking and shierked. A huge wave of orgasms came her way. "Oh god! Yes! Fuck me harder!"

Trish was also there. She bend over and licked her cunt as the two cocks pounded her. Amy could feel a huge orgasm and a huge load of cum about to come. "Oh shit! Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!"

Huge load of cum came shooting out. Trish started to lick the cum up but it was no use. Cum kept shooting out and Trish had cum all over her body. Amy stood up, cum still pouring out. She licked her body. Trish hissed in a sexy way. They stopped and Terri came in. "Hey, you boys wanna see some real action?" She got out some dildoes and gave them to the girls. "Amy, you get to be our main star."

Trish had dildo strapped on her. Amy went on top of her pumping her thighs on Trish. Trish's breasts jiggled up and down. Trish leaned foward to bite Amy's nipples. Lita rammed her ass with 14" dildo. Amy groaned. "Ugh! Fuck me harder. Lita!"

"If you say so!" Suddenly Lita pulled out everything except the tip. She then slammed her whole body towards her ass. Amy let out a long scream.

Terri grabbed a dildo and stuck it in Amy's mouth. Amy calmed down, sucking on the rubber cock. "Hey! Miss me?" called out a female voice. Everyone stopped what they were doing and saw Stephanie McMahon, nude and ready. She took the 16" long, 5" thick cock and sat beside Lita. She slowly carefully stuck it in Amy's ass.

"Oh, oh! Ugh!" she gasped. That was too much for her. She felt an orgasm, a big one coming her way. "Oh shit! Oh yeah!"

" Are you gonna cum? Do you want us to pull away?" yelled Stephanie, in a taunting voice.

"Yes! I'm gonna cum!" she yelled back, her whole body trembling. Every hole was covered except for her mouth.

"Well you know what? We're just gonna let you cum with my dildo fucking you!" said Trish loudly. They continued fucking her.

Jeff, Matt, Test, and Chris Jericho looked, getting hornier and hornier by the second. Amy cummed. Cum seeped through Trish's dildo. Amy gapsed and moaned. "Oh god," she said, softer. Chris and Matt went in. Matt took Terri's place and let Amy suck on his cock. Terri turned around and sat on Trish's face. Trish's tongue licked her pussy smoothly. Jeff and Test also went in.

Stephanie took off the dildo and fisted Lita in the ass. Lita jerked her head and started moaning. Jeff fucked Stephanie in the ass.

Test took his big ass cock and stuffed it into Terri's mouth. Terri nearly choked on it but sucked on it. Everyone was sweating, tired and worn out. Amy was still getting fucked. Her ass and cunt were worn out. Amy gasped for a breath. "Oh god, that felt so good."

"Yeah," murmured the others.

"We should hook up some other time and do this," suggested Amy. "But I don't wanna be the star of the show." Everyone laughed.

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