tagGroup SexAn Academy Award Performance

An Academy Award Performance


This is a true report about the compassion of five women, and a complex scam that was played on them. On a different level, it is an interesting study of people.

The site of our story is an old apartment building on Bank street, in Burlington, Vermont. One five bedroom apartment was occupied by five girls, all of whom attended the University of Vermont.

Todd Williams dated Kathy Smith. He was quite a hunk. He stood six feet, six inches, weighted one hundred and seventy pounds, and had perfect blue eyes to go along with his blond hair. He was a starter for the basketball team, and had a GPA of 3.4.

Since eighth grade, he and Billy Van Dusen had been the best of friends. Their common interest in electronics, as well as their excellence in chemistry and physics, were the basis of their friendship.

Physically, they were Mutt and Jeff. Billy was five feet, four inches, and weighted just one hundred and thirty-seven pounds. The only girls that paid any attention to him were those who wanted him to help them with class work.

Billy's mother and father are doctors. One day, Billy overheard them discussing a patient that had erection dysfunction. Seems that he was on "Prostlean," which did a wonderful job of lowering his blood pressure, but made it impossible to get an erection. Impossible! His mother remarked that she prescribed Prostlean only as a last resort because no one could become erect or cum while on it.

Billy stopped by the apartment with Todd one day. After, on the way to Todd's house, they discussed the fact that we were all most attractive, and that only Kathy, who was dating Todd, was going with anyone.

In Todd's den, Billy said; "I have a way out idea. If I get some medicine that my folks were discussing, my dick will not rise or shoot. How about if you tell the girls that I have a problem, and ask their help in solving it. You know how women want to mother someone with a problem. Boy, would I like to have that group mother me?"

The next day, a serious faced Todd, sat at our kitchen table. "Gather around girls. I need your opinions on how to solve a problem, my friend Billy Van Dusen has."

After twenty minutes of different ideas being floated, all five girls agreed to help Billy. We would take him into a bedroom and work on him. I know that we had no idea of exactly what we would do, except that we were confident that if we rubbed a guy, and kissed him that he would just have to rise. Todd was told to have Billy come over alone, for the evening.

Looking back on it, it was an exceptional display of friendship on Todd's part, since his girl would be one of the girls trying to get another guy hard.

"My oh my, is this going to be fun," Billy said, when he heard of Todd's success in getting the girls to agree.

The first two girls to be with Billy in the bed room were Sharon Tudhope, and Jane Ward, both tall, well built, young women. They first rubbed him and kissed him. No rise. They then let him feel their breasts through their blouses. No rise. Off came the blouses and bras, and Billy had Tits to feel and kiss. No rise.

A competition built up between the girls as to who was the most daring. Soon all three were naked. Billy was told just how to eat Sharon, and did. No rise. Jane had him lay on her. She stuffed his limp cock into her vagina. He was instructed to hump her. He did, with the same results. No rise.

Sharon gave him a blow job. It would not rise or cum.

Sandy Delorme and I looked in to check on the progress, fully expecting to see cum splashed somewhere. Billy was doing a great job of acting, for he had a dejected, sorrowful look on his face. He fooled me. My heart went out to him. I took off my clothes, as did Sandy. He latched onto my breast as soon as I presented it to him. Sandy placed his fingers into her pussy and told him, "Work them in and out about this fast." It was so erotic.

I opened my womanhood and showed him my clitoris. "Munch on this for a while." He did. "Oooooooohhhhoooooo" escaped my lips as I felt an orgasm building within me.

What Billy became, in short order, was a warm sex toy. Each of us asked him to do to us the things that brought us to orgasm the quickest. Through it all, Billy had this sorrowful look on his face. An Academy Award performance.

Kathy was the last to join us. She came in naked, carrying a rubber, nine inch, cock. She had Billy eat her, and then had him stroke that monster in and out of her pussy. I had to play with myself watching that. So did Sharon.

The end result, No rise.

Jane suggested that he should come back when ever his studies allowed, and that we would try our best to help him. After he left, we all agreed that it was a worthy cause.

Studying being easy for him, he was at our place a lot. So much, in fact, that we all walked around naked and spoke to each other, like he was not there. If a girl was in her room laying on her bed studying, he would come in and finger her, eat her, or whatever he wanted to do.

I went on a date. Had sex with the guy. He brought me home at two AM. As I was getting into bed, after my shower, Billy joined me in bed, and ate me until I orgasm. It was a great way to fall asleep.

Billy kept up the charade for over two months. Todd still dated Kathy. I would like to have been a little bird listening to what Billy told Todd, particulay because Kathy loved to have Billy run that rubber cock into her.

One Saturday morning, a scream came out of Jane's bedroom. "Come here, see this." We all stormed in to see Billy, with a huge smile on his face, laying on his back, with a fully erect penis. For a small guy, he had a nice package. It was seven inches, and pudgy.

"Put it in someone, Billy," Sandy said. I dropped my panties, and slid over next to him. It was heaven , when he entered me. The Dirty Dog planed his first erection to be on a Saturday, so that he had the rest of the weekend to fuck us all, which he did, several times.

The routine remained the same. We all dated guys, fucking most of them. We went to school. We went home for vacations. Billy was there, as he had been. The only difference was that instead of putting his fingers in us, it was his cock.

Many evenings, we would all be sitting around, eating pop corn, drinking coke, and watching the TV. Billy would be with whoever was on the day bed, laying sidesaddle or in the spoon position with his cock in her as they both watched the program. They would put a light cover on themselves, so that we would not all be starring at his cock as it eased in and out.

Sometimes a guy would pick up one of us for a date. Billy and the girl that he happened to be fucking, at the moment, would just stop moving until the guy left.

It was Sharon that brought up our unusual arrangement one evening when Billy was not there. "Look, I don't know about you guys, but having Billy around is really wonderful for me. He helps me with my studies. He loves me up and gives me good sex when I don't happen to have a date. He keeps this place clean, and even makes breakfast for all of us on the weekends. Would you all be interested in asking him to move in with us? He is in all our beds anyway. I miss him when he is away for a few days."

Sandy said, "Gee, I had that same thought, too. My marks are the best now that they have ever been. Before he came into our lives, I had the blues, bad, each month. Not now. When I feel the blues coming, I get naked, and ask Billy to do me. I cum the minute he runs that chubby cock into me. He can sleep with me anytime."

Billy moved in two days later.

Two and a half years later, we all graduated. We spread out all over the country. I lost track of Billy. Last I heard, he was in medical school.

"If you read this, Billy, you called me "Zinger." I live in Tampa, but would go anywhere to be with you again. I think that I can still get a "Rise," out of you. Be a fun weekend."

I'm Softly, UB 2

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