tagMind ControlAn Accidental Love God Ch. 01

An Accidental Love God Ch. 01


Chapter 1: How It All Began

I really had not meant it to turn out this way. It just happened and it was accident.

I suppose that is not really a good way to start this. I should begin at the beginning.

It started when I decided that I had enough of being the fat guy with the great looking wife. You could just see other people thinking "What is she doing with him?" whenever we were out together. My wife is tall and lean with fantastic long legs and a very shapely ass. Her soft blonde hair is shoulder length and her C cup breasts are still firm even though she is over 40. I had tried all sorts of diets to no avail so this time I went to a doctor for help.

Dr. McEvoy worked for one of those clinics that are specifically designed for men over a certain age, and I fit that profile. After one of the most comprehensive medical exams I have ever taken (she really did need 10 vials of blood for all those tests) she set me up with an extensive program of eating, exercise, vitamins, pills and injections. The great thing is, it worked! I got down to body builder levels of body fat, put on 20 pounds of muscle and felt great. I went from being well over 300 pounds to 215 pounds on my 6 foot frame, with only 12% body fat. For the first time in my life, I had 6 pack abs! I should also say that being in shape really improves your sex life. Things get more athletic in a great way. One of the great things about my state is our medical marijuana laws. If you have "chronic pain" you can get a medical marijuana prescription and who over 40 does not some old thing that still bothers them? Think bad backs. One evening my wife and I had indulged - overindulged really -- in some "pain control therapy" and were in full blown passion. One of our favorite things to do was for my wife to play with a huge pink rabbit style sex toy. This has a huge dildo that moves around and a vibrating extension that hits her clit. While she uses this she sucks on my cock. Believe me, t is great for all involved. This night she was lying across our bed while I stood near the beds edge. She was licking the base of my cock while I reached down and played gently moved the vibrator in and out, teasing her clit. With one hand she twisted her nipples while she used the other to tease my cock.

I was getting excited and I thrust the toy into her, pressing the vibrator hard against her clit.

"OOO are you trying to get me to cum?" she purred "That will do it"

"Yes, then I will spread your legs and fuck that tight wet pussy"

"Yes please do that... ooo yes" she moaned.

She moaned as she wrapped her lips around my cock head and thrust her hips to get maximum contact with the vibrator. Suddenly she stiffened and shuttered with her orgasm.

"Yes FUCK YES! Keep going!" she yelled as she came again.

With her second orgasm I felt a spark jump into me from the toy. It had short circuited and given me an electrical shock. It was nothing big, as it was just the voltage from a few batteries, but I yelped with surprise. Of course by this point, being both stoned and in the midst of some serious sexual excitement I did not care. I tossed the vibrator aside and spread her legs over my shoulders, thrusting myself into her warm wet pussy.

I slammed into her hard and, looking back on things, this is where my life changed. My wife does not normally have multiple orgasms or vaginal orgasms. Oral sex, vibrators, or any clitoral stimulation all can bring her off, but not a cock inside her. This time, however she cried out and came hard with me inside her. Well when you are stoned that is quite enough to send a man into a mind blowing orgasm himself and I shot inside her, screaming with my own pleasure.

Now we have been married for a long time and usually once is enough for us, but not that night. She wanted seconds, then thirds and would have gone for more I think if we did not need to go to work the next day.

The next morning, she dressed for work in what she sometimes referred to as her "come fuck me" clothes. These are professional but very sexy -- a pencil skirt, tight blouse, 4 inch heels and she wore thigh hi stockings and a matching lace panties and bra underneath. She strutted into the kitchen while I made coffee.

"Trying to impress someone?" I asked.

"Yes, you. Think about me wearing this today because when I get home I am going to fuck your brains out."

We had not talked like this to each other for a long time. Basically I thought we were past that stage of our relationship, but I welcomed the change.

"What has come over you?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"I don't know but whatever you did last night has got me very hot for you." And with that she lifted her skirt and turned, wiggling her o so sexy ass at me and giving me a full view of all that sexy lingerie. She knows that this turns me on more than anything else she can do.

"I have meetings early, otherwise I would fuck you right here in the kitchen. Don't stay to late at the gym because you'll get a work out here too." And, with that she sauntered to her car and left for work.

That morning she continually distracted me with text messages.

"I got so hot thinking about you I shut the office door and played with myself"

"Why don't you stop by the office and I'll fuck you in the bathroom?" (we work on opposite sides of the city so that was not possible).

"My panties are so wet right now" I was, frankly, flabbergasted. My wife is one of those people who never mix business with pleasure. Work is for work -- get it out of the way, then go home and play. Whatever had gotten into her, I was enjoying the change. I had been the fat guy for most of my life and it was nice to feel like I was wanted as a sex toy, not for being the "nice guy with a weight problem". I spent most of the day in a fully or semi-erect state as a result. My wife said this only made her more excited. Of course this was somewhat distracting and I had some trouble working as a result, but I was still being productive. I had noticed women looking at me oddly, but I assumed it was the constant bulge in my pants and left it at that.

This day happened to be my training day with Jose, the personal trainer assigned to me by Dr. McEvoy. Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cheech Marin had a love child and you can picture Jose. We were performing our normal routines when I stumbled on my first "victim".

I should start by saying I have always had a thing for Latina women, even though I ended up married to a pale Dutch Irish woman who could manage to get sunburned in Seattle... in winter. Maria is the embodiment of Latina hotness. Maria was the club manager who doubled as a fitness model. She was about 30, had the face of a Mexican soap opera star and a body that had made the cover of several fitness and men's magazines. Maria had always been polite to me, but never really friendly. She was hot, she knew it and I was married and out of her league.

When she worked out Maria dressed to impress. Today she wore a dark pair of booty shorts that showed off those well sculpted buns and plenty of her long firm legs. I am a leg and butt guy. Anyone with a few thousand dollars can buy boobs but it takes work to get a great butt and legs. Speaking of boobs, Maria was doing her best to change my opinion. She was wearing a skin tight tank top with a low neck that showed plenty of C cup cleavage. In my head, I knew they were store bought but other parts of my anatomy enjoyed the view. I was not paying more than the usual attention to this hot body when I brushed against her as I put a dumbbell away. I hear her gasp. "Oh, sorry Maria. I spaced a bit." Really I had only brushed against her arm... why the big reaction?

Her eyes lost focus for a moment then focused intently on me. She licked her lips and gave me a huge smile. "Hi!" she said brightly. "Its' ok, I was just ... well no matter. Wow, I just noticed how much you have changed your body. You are looking hot!"

Jose had heard this and saw the look of surprise on my face. "Madre de Dios" I heard him mutter. "No really!" Maria continued. "You need to come by my office and lets discuss you doing an ad for us. You know, the before and after thing... 'cause, you know, you are looking really... wow... really fine."

"Ahhh ok.... "I stammered. "Listen, Jose charges by the hour so I better get back."

"Oh dude you got it" Jose muttered when I got back.

"Got what?"

"The ink."

"The what?"

"Ok, dud I know you use weed for "medicine" Did you get some kind of shock while you were high recently?"

I blushed and he knew the answer.

"Ahhhh shit mano!" Jose said when he saw my face. "You got zapped when you were having sex while high?"

"Well it was just the batteries of a sex toy."

"Doesn't matter man. It just takes a bit. The combination of the weed, the stuff Doc Mac is ginvin' you and the jolt, particularly if you were all up and fucking when it happened... You're an ink dude, just like me."

"So what is an ink?"

"An incubus. Look it up on Wikipedia man. They get the myth right. You are now a sex demon... or a sex god. I guess it depends on your point of view. Basically the glands that produce your pheromones have been altered. I saw all the women I this place looking at you when you tonight. The smell gets them going. When you touch a woman and your sweat hits their skin... well forget it man... they will be very hot for you. The more you transfer the hotter they get. Bet your wife can't get enough now, right?"

"Well, now that you mention it, she's been a bit over the top since it happened."

"Dude, your gonna need to learn to control it. Still it has advantages."

"Such as?" the only thing I could see coming was big trouble.

"These women will do anything and pay you for it man. I work for Doc Mac to keep the meds coming, but that Jag I drive? My house? Dude that is not from personal trainer money. These women pay me to do them. Smart guy like you could make millions because you can turn it into a bigger business."

"But what about my wife?"

"Dude as long as you keep doing her she'll play. And the best thing is, you feed off their energy now. You'll be able to fuck all day and all night and you'll get stronger and fitter the more you do. You can transfer that to your wife so she'll always look hot. You'll learn and it will be great."

The conversation continued along these lines as we finished off our workout. Maria was strangely always around the same machines and equipment we were using, smiling and flirting with me. I was a sweaty mess when I started stretching at the end of the workout. Jose left me with a smile and went over to one of his female clients. He touched her arm and her eyes went out of focus for a moment. When they came back she was focused on him, smiling and flirty. He winked at me and was off.

The gym had some equipment that made it easy to stretch and Maria came over while I worked. It was hard to tell if she was stretching or showing off for me. She would bend over and wiggle that perfect ass, grab the overhead bars and thrust her boobs at me. All the while smiling at me and chatting.

I started for the shower when she grabbed my arm.

"Let's talk about that ad in my office."

Nothing good will come of this, I thought as I entered the office. I could not think of an excuse to get out of this.

Maria shut the door behind us and I thought I heard her lock it.

"We should do swim suit shots. Take off your shirt and let's see."

"Ummm... is that really necessary?"

"Oh yes. I need to manage this."

I took off my shirt and Maria sucked in some air.

"Yes, very nice." She began to run her hands over my chest and back. I was covered in sweat from my workout and the pheromones began having the effect Jose described. "You are delicious. I... I mean women would want to eat you alive." She licked her lips.

"You know I better put the shirt on...."

"No! Wait!" Maria cut me off. "No.... umm lets see how you are with just your tights on."

I wore a pair of stretch compression shorts for my workout underneath a pair of baggy shorts.

"I'm not too comfortable showing off" I sputtered

"You should be... you are so hot." And with that Maria yanked my shorts to the floor. She stepped closer to me, rubbing her hands over my butt and pressing her breasts to my chest.

"You will be perfect as a model for us. I don't see how any woman can resist you." She purred and began to kiss my chest.

I pushed her away. "Listen, I'm married and... well this is not too cool."

"I don't give a shit about you being married!" She pulled me back to her. Damn she was strong for a small woman. One hand reached to my crotch and began to stroke me. Instantly I was hard. I tried to be gentle and push her away but she held her ground.

"You brain says no but your cock says yes." She purred.

"Really! Maria! This is not good. I have a wife and.... Oooo fuck...." Maria's hands on my crotch were getting me excited. She was kissing and licking my chest. "OOoo that is so nice but really Maria we shouldn't...."

"Oh yes we should" and with that she dropped to her knees pulled my compressions shorts down and licked the length of my liberated hard on. Her tongue expertly teased the head of my cock before taking the length down her throat. God she was good at this.

"OOO fuck that is so nice.... But.... But...." My protests were getting weaker.... "we really should not...we should stop.... Really... don't ....stop.... OOOO YES! Don't stop that!"

There is, after all, only so much temptation a man can take. Maria stood and, with a sweep of her arms, threw everything on her desk onto the floor. She dropped those booty shorts and sat on the desk, spreading her legs. "Lick my pussy" she demanded.

Her pussy was wet and the button of her clit was hard and erect when my tongue started its dance on it. Maria moaned with pleasure as I slipped first one finger, then a second into her pussy. Her legs wrapped around my back and she pressed my face to her slit.

"O fuck yes! O yes! OMIGOD!" She came quickly then thrust her hips to my face for more. Happy to oblige at this point I pressed my tongue hard against her as she came again and I felt something.... A surge of energy passed into me from

Maria as she came, moaning "OOO YES! GIVE ME MORE!"

"Oh Fuck yes! Your cock! I need your cock!" She was really a bit loud and I wondered in the back of my brain, the part not consumed by desire, what folks outside might think. Nevertheless I placed her legs over my shoulders and plunged into her. I love the look of a woman writing in pleasure on my cock. I had to see Maria's tits so I pulled one from her tight pink top. Her nipples were hard and brown and her breasts round and firm. They felt wonderful under my hand as I pounded into her.

"O GOD! You are so good! O fuck I'm going to cum again!"

I wanted to enjoy this so I controlled myself as she came on my cock. Again I felt that surge of energy pass into me and... well it felt really good. As I noted I am very much a butt and legs guy so I had to take Maria's lusciousness from behind. I stood her up and bent her over the desk. She wiggled her ass at me.

"More! Oh please give me more!" she begged.

I thrust into her wet pussy from behind, feelings its warmth envelop me. The sight of her perfect round butt was driving me wild when I heard Jose's voice I my head.

"Mano, learn to control it."

An idea came to me, I thought "pleasure" and took a bead of sweat from my brow. I traced it down her spine to the crack of her ass then slapped her butt. I later learned that it took a moment for the pheromones to be absorbed, then Maria cried out in pleasure and came on my cock.

"That's it! Cum baby! Cum!" I said as another drip of sweat fell to her butt. Within moments she was doing just that, cumming hard and crying out in pleasure. Each time I felt myself absorb some energy and it felt good. Her contractions were too much for me this time and I exploded inside her shooting what felt like gallons of cum into her waiting pussy. We both collapsed, catching our breath.

"Tú eres el diablo." Maria muttered.

I laughed. "I suppose I am a demon now."

Now how the hell was I going to explain this to my wife?

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