tagMind ControlAn Accidental Love God Ch. 02

An Accidental Love God Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Getting Home

I showered and made sure I had washed off any scent of sex or Maria before I left the gym.

I was sweating, thinking about how I would explain this to my wife. I walked in the front door and simply stopped in shock, dropping my keys to the floor. My wife had dropped her pencil skirt and blouse. She lay across the living room couch still wearing her thigh high stockings, her heels and her bra, one hand manipulating a vibrator around her dripping pussy and the second pulled a nipple from her bra and played with it.

She looked up. "Shut the door and fuck me!" she moaned. "This is not enough! Only you will do it!"

"Dinners not ready yet, I suppose" stammering in shock. I had never seen her like this.

"Eat me instead!" she demanded and walked/strutted to the door, slamming it then sitting o the hallway table spreading her pussy lips. "Lick me now!" she demanded.

I sank to my knees in front of her and thought "Cum baby cum" as I brushed my fingers across my sweaty brow. I pressed my sweat coated fingers against her already swollen clit, rubbing in gentle circles.

She screamed. She had never done that before. "Fuck YES!"

She pressed my face to her pussy and wrapped her long legs over my back. I love the feeling of nylons on my back and needed no further encouragement. I plunged my face into her pussy, lapping at her clit and pressing two fingers inside her pressing against her G spot. I guess I still had pheromones on my hand so she was cuming again in an instant pressing my face into her pussy.

"More! Oh GOD GIVE ME MORE!" she cried as I continued to lick. She pulled at her nipples and dug her heels into my back, holding me in place and pressing her clit to my tongue.

I lost track of the number of times she came on my face. After some time I announced "My turn. Suck my cock"

"OOOO anything." She moaned and got to her knees in front of me

She looked up at me, her blue eyes adoring as she licked the head and shaft of my cock. She used one hand to control and stroke me while the other went to her clit.

"Pleasure" I thought as I caressed her luscious blonde hair. Within a moment she was moaning on the shaft of my cock as she came, the vibrations sending pleasure up my spine.

"I know what you like" she purred and unsnapped her bra, letting her wonderful firm breasts out. She wrapped my cock in her tits and licked the tip as I thrust between them. I have never been able to last long with a tit fuck and I moaned with pleasure.

"Cum for me" she purred. "Cum on my face and tits"

"OOO FUCK!" I cried and shot again, if anything more than I had shot not an hour before with Maria.

I leaned back against the hallway wall while she licked the drops of cum from me. She looked like a porn star after the money shot. It looked hot I will say.

"I don't know what is happening here, " she said, "but I love it. After dinner you and I are hitting the bedroom and I hope you are ready to get rocked all night long."

I pulled up my pants and looked at her. "I know what is going on. Let's discuss it when we eat."

My wife cleaned up and came to dinner, wearing a very sexy bra and panties underneath a silk robe. I had cooked some steak and vegetables and, in a rare gesture, poured us drinks. I had not been drinking as part of the effort to lose weight. I had gone from a blob over 300 pounds to 215 pounds with body builder levels of body fat on a medically supervised program of food, exercise, supplements and injections. I could see my stomach muscles for the first time ever. I explained to my wife over dinner.

"You know this program I've been doing with Dr. McEvoy, right?"

"Yes, I am really proud of your work and you look great."

"Well it has changed me, in more ways than just fat and looks babe. I am an ... well..." I sputtered. Now that we were to it I found the words came hard.

"Just say it."

"I'm an ink.... An incubus." I blurted out.

"A what?"

I grabbed my I-phone and googled the word incubus and brought up Wikipedia.

"They get it mostly right." I explained. "Of course, repeated intercourse with me actually will not kill you. Instead, it gives health."

I explained what Jose had told me. My pheromones had been changed so that they were super charged. Smelling them was a turn on. Actual contact with my sweat made me irresistible to a woman.

"Come on." She said when I was done explaining. "How is that possible. Did you slip some drugs into me yesterday? That has to be it."

"No... watch." I reached into my arm pit, where there was a touch of perspiration and caressed my wife's arm with a finger, all the while thinking "pleasure".

"O GOD! O FUCK!" she gasped. "God I need you! Right now!

She jumped off her seat and was immediately on her knees n front of me, unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock. After a long marriage she knew exactly how to please me. Her tongue teased the small area behind the base of my circumcised head making me instantly erect. She took it all down her throat.

I knew I'd need to satisfy her before we could discuss this further.

"Stand up." I said then bent her over the dining room table, plunging my cock into her already dripping pussy.

"Cum" I thought as I slapped her sexy round ass. I was learning just the slightest bit of pheromone was enough. She slammed back against me and shuttered with orgasm, tossing her blonde hair as her body shook. "Again" I thought and she moaned with pleasure, her pussy squeezing my cock as I pounded into her.

"OOOO FUCK!" I yelled as I shot another load of cum into her. As I met other inks I would learn that my cum now contained a hormone that women absorbed that made them healthier, more energetic and helped them loose fat. In short, it turned them into babes, which explained why so many inks made a fortune as personal trainers or running gyms. Anyway I had not cum more than once in a night since I was in my thirties and to cum over three times two nights running was a very nice change.

"Fuck" my wife panted. "You'll be like this from now on? Our sex life will always be like this?

"I don't know." I admitted.

"Do other women react like this to you?"

"Yes." I admitted. "I suppose this is the for better or for worse part, all rolled into one. Jose told me it can be used to make lots of money"

We discussed the pros and cons of this for some time, until she hugged me to let me know she loved me. Of course, that transferred pheromones so we were off to bed again for round 3, then 4, then 5.

Now, as you know we are in middle age. Even though we exercise, eat right and take care of ourselves we still have the normal age lines and wrinkles one gets.

The next morning she was putting on eye makeup and getting ready for work.

"This is odd." She said as I shaved.


"The lines around my eyes, the crow's feet ... they're gone... and my neck is getting firmer..." She opened her robe.... "and my boobs are perky. Look at where the nipples are now. They don't sag. Does this have anything to do with your change?"

"I don't know"

I late found out it did. Like I said, for better or for worse.

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