tagMind ControlAn Accidental Love God Ch. 05

An Accidental Love God Ch. 05


Chapter 5: I Become a Prostitute

Let me start here by saying that I do not find prostitution to be morally reprehensible. I do not think it should be illegal. The laws are clearly enforced only against the sex workers - people in positions of social and economic weakness – but never enforced against their more well to do customers. Moreover, if you made engaging in sex for money illegal then wouldn't you need to lock up every gold digger in America? Face it - rich guys get more because chicks dig that rare cologne – eau de cash. All I mean here is that I had sex to get money. Mind you, it was lots and lots of money, but that just means I am a high end hooker, not some cheap street walker.

We got to the client's office and set up our presentation like we would be conducting normal business. Ritu entered with a few of her 2 senior managers - both guys over 50 – and we shook hands all around. When I came to Ritu I took her hand and smiled. She was dressed in a very conservative suit, with a white blouse, white nylons and black pumps. The pumps were her only nod to being risqué, as they had 4 inch heels and showed off her tightly toned legs. As I said earlier, she works for a very conservative organization, but she is a triathlete so she is in great shape.

My grip tightened a bit and I thought "you will do anything for a chance to fuck me."

Ritu's normal brilliant smile faded a touch and her eyes went out of focus briefly. Her hands lingered in mine and her gaze turned sultry.

She said "I am really very happy to see you. If you get this contract I'll be happy to have you around."

Her staff exchanged odd glances.

Donna and Aleska launched into the presentation. Donna was both business and flirty while Aleska was all flirt with the other guys in the room. She had them eating out of her hand when she started in on how she would need to "ensure customer satisfaction" be meeting with them on a very regular basis. A good number of these guys would be picking us solely for that reason.

I was there to deal with technical concerns and plans. I had made it a point to site next to Ritu, who continually touched my arm and smiled at me throughout the presentation. I doubled down now, risking any reaction from Donna and Aleska, and let the pheromones loose. As we got deeper into the meeting I pulled the "let's roll up our sleeves" on this and literally rolled up my sleeves. Ritu was now getting the full skin on skin blast every time she touched my arm.

Close to 5 PM we finished up. I suggested that we take everyone out for cocktails to finalize the discussion.

"Donna and Aleska" Ritu popped in, "Why not take George and Mike down to the bar? I need to finish off two items. Also..."

Ritu turned to me, "I'd like you to give me an evaluation of... umm the technical capabilities of the proposed team. Please come down to my office."

You don't argue with the boss lady, particularly when George and Mike would get to hang out with Donna and Aleska, two women who had never been in their league.

"Sounds like a plan" I said, though I could see some desire and disappointment in Donna and Aleska's eyes.

I walked over to them and touched their arms thinking "you want to cock tease these guys" and smiled.

"We'll catch up" I said.

I was surprised that my pheromones produced the results with Donna and Aleska. Both took the guys by the arm and smiled.

"Let's go have a party! Celebrate how great this project will be!" Donna chimed up.

When the elevator doors closed on them, I viewed Aleska pressing the best boobs money could buy against George's arm, while Donna flirted with Mike by straitening his tie.

Ritu led me to her office and closed the door behind her. I heard the now all too familiar sound of the lock being thrown.

"You know, to make this work, we need to make sure our companies are very close on a ... um... personal level." She slowly strutted towards me. I'd never seen Ritu strut before and the sway of her very tight butt was enticing.

I smiled. "I could not agree more."

"I think that you, as the technical lead, and me, as the CIO need to be very close personally."

"Yes" I said.

She was now standing very close and began to play with my tie.

"And I want to show you how I would reward you doing a good job and how I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy and continue with this engagement."

With that she reached up and pulled my face to hers, pressing her tongue to my mouth in a deep and passionate kiss.

I really let the pheromones fly now, cementing her need for me and her desire to do anything to keep me around.

"MMMM" she moaned and pressed her thigh into my growing erection. I grabbed her butt, pleased with its' firmness and pressed her closer.

"I'm ready to sign that contract just for this." She said when she came up for air.

"When you sign, you'll get this and more" I kissed her deeply again.

She stepped back. "And you will get whatever I can give you to keep you around" she said as she slipped out of her blouse, then unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

"You don't dress as conservatively as I thought" I noted.

"Well, it is my little rebellion against how strict things are about clothes."

Underneath that conservative suit, Ritu had been wearing the sexiest underwear. Starting from her high heels she wore white thigh high stockings clipped to a white merry widow style corset that pressed her breasts up invitingly and...

"No panties," I observed. "You are naughty."

"Indians wrote the karma sutra after all. Let me show you how naughty I can be."

Ritu pushed me back against her desk, quickly un-knotting my tie and opening my shirt. She kissed down my chest while quickly opening my slacks and letting them drop to the floor.

"No underwear either. Naughty man..."

I had gone commando knowing this scene would probably occur.

Ritu knelt in front of me and flicked her tongue around the head of my cock then slowly teased down the shaft. Getting to the base she took each of my balls in her mouth, sucking gently. I leaned back and moaned with pleasure.

"Don't forget yourself." I said, touching her head and thinking "Pleasure."

Ritu began playing with her clit and within moments Ritu was moaning. She took my shaft deep into her mouth then came, her moans vibrating through me with pleasure.

Ritu is a small woman and I easily picked her up and placed her on her desk. I sat on her chair and plunged my face into her pussy. She was already wet and her clit was swollen. I teased the hardness while sliding a finger inside her. I curved the finger up, feeling for that small knot of nerves behind the clitoris that can give a woman so much pleasure.

"Oh yes" she gasped. "Right there... just like that!"

I did not even need to extrude pheromones this time. Ritu bucked against me, cuming as I licked her.

"Cum again" I thought as her shudders finished.

"O FUCK YES!" she cried.

"And again..."

Her nylon clad thighs clamped around my head and she pressed my head against her pussy.

"Faster! Harder! FUCK YES!" she cried as she came.

I looked up at her, her juices glistening on my face.

"I think you need some cock in there."

"Oh fuck yes! Anything! Give it to me please."

I stood and placed her legs over my shoulders, one of my favorite positions and teased the outside of her pussy with my cock.

"OOO give it to me please!"

"For the contract?"

I let the pheromones go, thinking "you'll do anything to get this cock."

It had the desired effect.

"Oh yes! Give it to me!"

I plunged inside her and thought "cum."

Almost immediately Ritu was bucking against me with her orgasm. I pounded into her hard. Her wet hole felt so good, warm and tight against my cock.

"Keep cumming" I thought and watched as she bucked through orgasm and orgasm. Finally her contractions against my cock were too much.

"O GOD! O GOD! O GOD!" I yelled as I shot a huge white load into her.

We lay there spent on her desk for a few moments catching our breath. Ritu was the first to get up, pulling a folder from a shelf behind her.

She said. "Now I just need to get legal to sign off on it."


That little complication was not expected. The contract was very much in our favor right now.

"You know, the lawyers need to sign off on everything here. It will probably take Karen two or three weeks."

"A woman! Jackpot!" I thought.

"Karen? Why don't we go see Karen now and see if we can accelerate the process?"

We dressed quickly and headed up a few flights to executive territory and the legal department. The floor was deserted except for Karen and her assistant, who was just leaving for the day. I had once again cranked the pheromones into overdrive and Karen's assistant gave me a flirting smile.

"I'm heading to over for a drink" she was speaking back into Karen's office. "And I hope I see you at the bar soon." She said to me as she left.

Ritu knocked on the door. "Karen? Got a sec?"

Karen is a rail thin, anorexic looking woman with the exception of her chest. She had a huge pair of obviously fake boobs - tits on a stick I heard someone once describe the look. She was blonde and fair with her hair up in a rather severe bun. Her conservative black pants suit looked rather severe.

Ritu introduced me and I shook Karen's hand. Once again that familiar glassy look came over her eyes and, when it cleared, she stared at me, smiling.

"Ritu continued. "We were wondering if you could approve this contract tonight. We'd like to get moving on it."

Karen snapped back to business. "I am swamped. Sorry. I can get to it next week."

I touched both women by the arm, guiding them to a conference table in the office and thinking "you'll both do anything for me."

I sat the ladies down and continued.

"It is a fairly simple, standard deal, wouldn't you agree Ritu?" I said as I turned and shut the door. Both women were looking at me with lust, Ritu openly caressing the top of her breast.

"Well I have certain responsibilities" Karen said weakly.

"I understand" I touched her hand in a consoling manner. "But you'd be fulfilling those responsibilities."

I would later learn that the closer you get to someone's core values the harder it is to use pheromones to get them to do something. You cannot get a loving mother to hurt a child for sex, for example. Karen had a strong sense of duty as a lawyer, but she was also squirming in obvious excitement.

"Look at this." I guided her hand and poured on more pheromone. "These are rather simple terms."

I pointed to a paragraph of absolute "party of the first part" gibberish. I had no idea what it meant.

"Ritu, come here and let's show Karen."

Karen had begun to breathe heavily with desire.

"She seems tense Ritu, give her a massage." I said.

Ritu began to gently caress Karen's neck head and face. She let Karen's long blonde hair out of the bun to cascade over her shoulders.

"Isn't that more relaxing?" Ritu purred.

In the meantime, I continued to caress Karen's hand and drone on about the terms of the contract. I knew by now Karen was lost in pleasure but she continued to refuse to approve it without reading it all in detail.

I guided Ritu's hands to the top of Karen's chest. Ritu got the idea and began caressing lower and lower, pressing her own breasts against Karen's back. Karen's eyes were closed as she concentrated on the pleasure and I continued to discuss the contract. She continued to refuse to sign off on it.

"I can't but... ooo please don't stop" she moaned. I pushed her chair back to get free access to her body and began to unbutton her blouse. Ritu's hands slipped under Karen's bra and played with her nipples.

"Oh god Ritu that is so nice."

"You can have more if you sign off" I said.

I stood Karen up and Ritu and I stripped her out of her pants suit, kissing and licking her body as we did so. Soon Ritu was out of her skirt and blouse and my clothes were all on the floor.

We had bent Karen over the conference table and Ritu was between her legs, using her expert tongue on Karen's clit. Karen was literally dripping wetness onto the carpet and into Ritu's mouth while I teased her snatch from behind with my cock. "You cannot cum unless you sign off" I thought.

"OOO FUCK give it to me!" Karen moaned.

"You know what you need to do..."

OOOO But I need it now. I'll look at it after we're done!"

"No. Sign it now"

Karen was straining back to try to get my cock into her and I slapped her skinny ass.

"Naughty girl" I said.

Oh Fuck! I need it! Ohhh... what the fuck!" Karen reached across the table and scrawled her approval onto the contract Ritu had already signed.

With that I plunged my cock into her hard thinking "CUM!"

Karen screamed in pleasure. "OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD!" as she came over and over again

"You do what you need to do and get rewarded." I said pounding into her as she came again.

I took a break, sliding my cock into Ritu's most excellent mouth.

It was then Ritu's turn to take my cock again. I sat on a chair while she mounted me. She faced away from me and her firm ass bounced on my lap while Karen licked at her pussy. In no time Ritu was moaning with the first of several orgasms.

"I have a special treat for you now. " Karen said.

Ritu got off my cock and Karen wrapped her huge tits around my cock. Lubricated my the juices from both women, they felt warm and smooth as she squeezed her tits together.

"Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!" I could not hold back and shot my spunk up on Karen's tits and face.

We rested for a bit then Karen said "I need some more."

"So do I" said Ritu.

"I cannot stay but enjoy each other." I said as I kissed them both goodbye, gathered my clothes and contract and left them. They were both licking each other in a 69 and cumming again and again when I shut the door.

I got to the bar and Aleska and Donna were still there with George and Mike. Aleska had Mike o the dance floor demonstrating some of her sexier dance moves (learned from her time as a stripper I suppose) while Mike did the white man's overbite. Donna was flirting with George in a booth when I sat down.

"Contracts signed!"

Donna yelled with delight and Aleska came over and hugged me. We stayed at the bar doing shots. I figured I owed it to George and Mike so I used the pheromones to get Donna and Aleska to bring them back to their rooms.

I went to bed alone that night, not sure how I felt about having sex for money.

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