tagLoving WivesAn Adventure in Vegas Ch. 02

An Adventure in Vegas Ch. 02


Author's note: This story is a continuation of "An Adventure in Vegas". For those of you like myself who enjoy character development, you might like to read that adventure first before diving into this one. Warning: This fictional story does contain descriptions of sexual relationships amongst consenting adults outside the boundaries of marriage. I say this because I don't want to offend anyone. Thank you to all of those who have read my stories in the past and will be reading this one now! I hope you enjoy!

The Heat Rises in Vegas

Joan began to feel the first pains of guilt when she started walking with Stephen, holding his hand shyly as he guided her toward a stairway that would lead them downstairs where each expected to find their spouse's; the two most important people in their lives having been left behind an hour earlier. After reaching the main floor---which served as the social area for the swingers club they were in, a place Joan never even dreamed of stepping into when this night first began---Joan fell silent, consciously fighting back tears when she saw her husband sitting about twenty feet away from her. When she saw him smiling broadly at her the moment she caught his eye though, it was then that the feelings of guilt hit her with full force. Feeling more and more ashamed that she had just had sex with another man, the shame climbing even higher knowing full well that she had savored every second of it, all she wanted to do at that moment was flee. Frozen where she stood however, all she could do was pray that her husband would one day forgive her when the time came for her to confess what she had done.

For her husband Brent, when he saw his wife stepping away from the stairs, he was glowing inside. Looking at her now, he could still see her completely naked, her beautiful legs wrapped tightly around the back of Stephen's thighs as he fucked her; remember again the mask of ecstasy on her face as she willingly kept her legs spread widely apart, allowing only the second man in her life to touch and taste her pussy, losing count how many times this man both had met for the first time this night could so easily bring about the happily familiar look that always fell upon her face whenever she was in the midst of cumming; see again, something that would always stand out for him, Stephen's buttock muscles contracting sharply each time he thrust his penis hard into his wife's sex, her feet flapping back and forth by the way he had forced her legs to rest high on his shoulders so he could penetrate her deeply, nothing but bliss present on Joan's face as he did so. With these visions burning on the forefront of his mind, as he continued to stare lovingly at her, he could feel his manhood getting hard again despite the fact he had already cum twice himself this amazing night.

Quickly though, as well as he knew his wife Brent sensed Joan was now struggling heavily trying to cope with the aftermath of what she had just done. For as long as he could remember, he had fantasized about watching her having sex with another man and he could barely believe it even now that it had actually happened, especially given the fact that everything that had transpired this night was completely unplanned and unexpected. And because his wife's infidelity was such an intensely beautiful thing to witness, because it had been such a mind blowing rush for him to observe, he knew he would have to act quickly if there was ever a chance for something like it to happen again. Acting on this, he swiftly walked over to her and said softly, "Sweetheart, don't feel bad! Please, don't! I know what happen and I want you to know that it was the sexiest, the most incredibly erotic thing I have ever seen! You looked absolutely beautiful and I hope you enjoyed every second of it! And I want you to know that I love you very, very much!"

Hearing her husband's words, Joan could no longer hold back the emotion she was feeling, tears quickly falling down her cheeks as she pressed her face into Brent's chest. Even as she felt his hands sliding around her so he could hold her body tightly against his own, she still felt a heavy weight of guilt because of what she had done. As she started to absorb more readily what he had just said to her though, loving the way he was holding her, she slowly began to feel the early ebbings of relief. Attempting to control herself, not wanting to cry any further out of fear she would embarrass both of them knowing there was a large number of people mingling around them, she asked him curiously, "How did you know?"

"The room the two of you were in has a secret camera. Stacey told me only a select few even know some of the cameras exist. She said they're present in all of the rooms that have locking doors for security in case somebody ever got out of hand." Smiling down at Joan, Brent continued, his heart rate increasing as he once again recalled what he had witnessed her doing still only a short time ago. "Anyway, after she finished playing in that orgy room we saw her in before you left with Stephen, she came out and told me that we might be able to find out secretly what the two of you were up two. When we reached the room with all of the monitors, she flipped through a few channels until we happened to find you two. What I saw when you appeared on that TV screen, well, it came really close to having a heart attack! I damn near passed out!" After speaking, the grin on Brent's face could be seen a mile away.

Embarrassed that he had caught her in such a forbidden situation, Joan asked, "What did you see?"

"When the screen flipped to the room you two were in, I saw you on a desk and you were wearing absolutely nothing at all. Not only did that blow me away but Stephen was naked too and both of you were playing with yourselves right in front of each other. The next thing I know, he was going down on you. When he did, I didn't see you make a move to push him away. That was when I thought I was going to faint!" As he spoke, Brent could feel his face flushing as visions of what he had seen ran vividly through his mind.

Because of her conservative upbringing, Joan began to feel guilty again. "I know you say it's okay but I really feel bad right now." After a brief pause, not liking how she was feeling inside, she then said further, "I cheated on you and I feel sick because I did!" Thinking, she suddenly remembered, at one point earlier in the evening, she had sworn she had seen something in Brent that was silently encouraging her to do something with Stephen. Know, realizing that suspicion was completely true, she found herself beginning to feel angered by it. From this, she started to ask, "What were you doing when...." Stopping herself before she could finish though, she knew immediately that her asking Brent if he had done anything himself would come of as being exceedingly hypocritical, especially with an angry tone in her voice. However, with everything that was happening, she couldn't help but wonder and question for the first time since she had known him whether or not he truly loved and respected her, these negative thoughts heightened by the way she could see in him how excited and aroused he was knowing she had just been taken by another man.

Confused by the wide range of emotions she was feeling, she said to him, "Brent, take me home! Take me back to our hotel! I want to go!"

For the next couple of minutes, Brent and Joan awkwardly exchanged pleasantries and goodbyes with Stephen and Stacey before they jumped into a cab that took them back to the strippers club where their rental car had been left behind. Silently, never exchanging a single word, they then went back to their hotel.

It took nearly a month for all of the guilt and anger Joan took away with her that night to finally fade away. Two things were needed for it to do so though: time and deeply intimate conversations with her husband. Eventually, happily, she fully accepted that Brent did truly love and respected her no differently then he had before that night in Vegas. From their talks, she came to realize that, because of the intensity of his love for her, seeing her being pleased in the most intimate and physically enjoyable way possible by another man only brought about deep pleasure for him. She also learned that he felt profound joy witnessing firsthand her ability to finally break completely free from the restrictive box that had been formed around her since her childhood. From these revelations, one day when she was driving home from work, she suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion, in some way feeling like she was being reborn; because, for the first time in her life, she was finally accepting the fact that the sexual fantasies and yearnings she had long been repressing deep within herself were only natural, curious desires; and this allowed her to fully accept that these feelings, these cravings that occasionally arouse from deep within were not the workings of a sinful soul.

As a result of this, Joan's hunger for sex reawakened with intense vigor, her renewed lust for her husband quickly making up for the lost intimacy that had occurred between them since their weekend vacation in Las Vegas. After she made love to, or better said, "fucked" her spouse for the seventh time in three days though, surprised she had forgotten, she recalled something Stephen and Stacey had said to them a month earlier. After a night or two "playing" with others, the two of them had always come back together to "tear each other to pieces". Excluding her emotional roller coaster over the last month, Joan knew this was something she and Brent were doing now. Titillated by this, as the days passed, Joan began to think more and more about Stephen and Stacey. More specifically, she couldn't get her mind off Stephen.

Thinking about him, she was thankful that the second man she had ever had sex with, the only other man in the world that had been inside her, was a man who had been very gentle with her. As the days continued to pass, at times when she was alone, she began to masturbate while thinking about him; stimulating herself as she recalled over and over everything that had happened between them. In time, memories turning into fantasies that were filled with longing and desire to see him again, to feel him again.

Brent was thrilled when Joan eventually shared with him that she was thinking about Stephen and Stacey; loving the look on her face when he started to talk dirty to her when they had sex, telling her in as graphic detail as he could again and again everything he had witnessed her doing with Stephen that night in the swingers club. Emboldened by this, after a week of debating with himself whether or not he should do something, he finally made a special, unique call. A call he knew could possibly change he and his wife's lives forever.

"Hi! Can I speak with Stephen?"

After being placed on hold a couple of minutes by Stephen's assistant, he heard, "Hello! This is Stephen."

Surprised he was nervous, perhaps because he was feeling a high level of arousal from what he was doing, Brent said, "Hey, Stephen! This is Brent Evans! Umm! I don't know if you remember but my wife and I met you a little over a month ago in Las Vegas."

Before Brent could say anything further, Stephen abruptly announced, laughing, "Of course I remember you!! Stacey and I have talked about you two a lot over the last couple of weeks! We were starting to think we would never hear from you two again! This is a very nice surprise!" As he spoke, Stephen instantly had an erection in his pants. Standing up to close the door to his office, all he could think about was Joan. Remembering how incredibly innocent and beautiful she was. Remembering how exquisite her body felt. Remembering what an incredibly seductive and sexually satisfying night it had been with her. He simply couldn't get the woman out of his mind.

"Well, I'll be honest with you! Joan had a rough go of it for a while after everything that happened that night! She had a real strict upbringing and her doing what she did required some time for her to digest a lot of different feelings. With that said, in time, she realizes now what happened wasn't a bad thing or a sign that our marriage is doomed or anything like that. In fact, our sex life lately has been amazing!" After a brief pause, anxious with what he was about to propose, he continued, "Anyway, over the last week or so, Joan has been talking more and more about the two of you. Well, fondly about you to be more specific. Because of that, I was wondering if you and Stacey would have any interest in maybe meeting up with us again in Vegas some time?"

Instantly, Stephen replied, "Absolutely! We would love that!" Swallowing to control the lust he was feeling, he then said, "I'm flattered that Joan has fond memories of that night! I have to be honest, I have some very fond memories from that night too!" After a brief pause, he then added, "Stacey would be mad at me if I didn't tell you that she has some happy memories about you as well!"

Drawing in a nervous breath, Brent started to recall the fun he had fucking Stephen's wife that night. He was still blown away that she not only once, but twice, insisted that he cum in her mouth, mesmerized as he watched her swallow every drop of his seed both times. Never being in a situation talking to a man that had firsthand knowledge that he had had sex his wife though, Brent said, "I'll be honest! I feel kind of weird about that! I hope everything is cool!"

Aware of Brent's uneasiness, having dealt with it many times in the past with others, Stephen replied, "Brent, don't even worry about it! We're swingers, remember? She spoke highly of you and I know she would be thrilled to see you again!"

"Well, I would love to see her again, too. But, I have no doubt Joan would love to see you again even more. Whenever we talk about that night, she gets this look in her eye. I'm convinced as well as I know her that she secretly desires to do something like that again. However, with that said, I also think she'll probably need some encouragement, some special motivation before anything ever happened. Because of that, I'm thinking..." Brent paused briefly, barely believing what he was about to suggest before saying further, "I'm really thinking that, if you were to give her a call out of the blue, you might be able to push the right buttons...maybe titillate her enough into making her want to go back to Vegas again. Maybe sooner then later!"

Hearing this, Stephen could feel his whole body starting to tingle. After looking to make sure he locked the door to his office again, he started to massage his erection hidden in his pants. Curious, he then asked, "Are you sure she would be receptive to a call from me out of the blue like that?"

"Yeah! Well, ninety-five percent sure anyway. I have to go to a business dinner tonight. She should be home alone. Would you like to call her tonight?" As he asked, Brent realized he was shaking.

"Absolutely!" Stephen answered, wishing he could call her now. Plotting, he then asked, "Should I tell her I got your number from you?"

"No! Well... Yeah. Why don't you just tell her I called you just to say thanks and hello? Would that be okay?"

"Yeah! That sounds fine." Stephen then wrote down Brent and Joan's home phone number. After confirming it, he didn't know why he was doing so as he asked, "Brent, I just want to make sure all of this is cool with you. I want to caution you, too. If I'm reading correctly what you have seen in her, not to mention what I thought I sensed in her that night I was with her myself, you could be unleashing Pandora's box in her. Are you sure you want to do that?"

After thinking a moment, Brent replied simply, "I think its already been opened!"

Swallowing, Stephen said, "Okay! I look forward to calling her tonight!"

After hanging up the phone, Stephen stood and walked over to his office door to confirm one last time that it was locked. Seeing that it was, he quickly pulled off his pants before sitting back down at his desk. Then, closing his eyes, he started to masturbate, fantasizing about everything he hoped he might be able to do with Joan if or when he got the chance to see her again. In time, exploding with a heavy grunt as he visualized himself once again buried deep inside her.

Stephen purposely called Joan and Brent's house eighteen minutes past seven, doing so in an effort to make his call look like it was something spontaneous. As the rings continued, he became distinctly aware that his palms were sweating due to the anxiety he felt wanting to hear Joan's soft, feminine voice again. After the sixth ring, he felt a rush when he heard her familiar voice answer, "Hello?"

"Hello! This is a friendly voice from your not to distant past! This is Stephen! Is this Joan?" As he asked, Stephen flipped the phone to his left hand, using his pants to dry his free hand.

When she fully recognized who it was, Joan felt a powerful adrenaline rush making her heart race and her face flush. Very much surprised, she stammered out, "Um! Hi!!" Stuttering with nervousness, she followed, "Um...how...how are you doing?" As she asked, thoughts of how Stephen found her phone number fell heavy on her mind.

"I'm doing great! Brent called me at work today to say "hi". I guess Stacey gave him one of my business cards that night we all met. I was really happy to hear from you guys. Brent said things have been going good for you two since then." Pausing briefly, he then continued, "Stacey and I have talked about the both of you a lot and we were worried when we never heard from either of you that that night might have actually been a bad experience for you two. Has everything really been okay?"

Smiling, just as she had done several weeks earlier, Joan again found herself enjoying the fact that Stephen was watching out for her feelings. As she moved over to the couch in their living room, she replied, "Um...I've been doing okay!" Stopping to think for a second, she then followed, "I have to tell you, though! It's been kind of bugging me that I didn't say goodbye as nicely as I should have. I kind a forced Brent to take me home quickly that night because I was feeling pretty guilty after everything that happened."

Jumping in, Stephen said, "I'm sorry! I really hope things are better now!"

Embarrassed that she was being as forthcoming as she was, Joan said, "Oh! They are!" Sitting, she pulled her nightshirt over her knees, curling her bare feet beneath her, a second later saying further, "Being with you, well, you're the only other man who I have ever been that intimate with in my life. Between that and the fact that I'm married, it was all pretty hard for me to take at the time."

Genuinely concerned for her feelings, Stephen asked, "Well, I really do hope things are better for you now! I hope you don't have any more feelings of guilt or regret or anything like that!"

"No! I'm okay now!" Pausing, nervously biting down on her bottom lip, barely believing she was actually speaking to Stephen again, Joan added, "It took awhile but I eventually realized that Brent loves me no less then he did before. In fact, he was not only accepting of what happened, it really turned him on which was a big surprise to me." After taking in a cautious breath, debating if she should say anything more about how she had been feeling, her comfort talking to Stephen allowed her to say further, "And, another thing I finally came to accept was the fact that what happened between you and I was just sex. It wasn't like we were making love or anything like that, but it took awhile to accept the fact that I had actually done something so intimate with a man other then my husband. It was ingrained in me when I grew up that sex was only for a husband and wife, and, well, to make babies. Definitely not something you can do just for pleasure, and with an almost complete stranger no less!"

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