tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAn Adventure within the Tardis

An Adventure within the Tardis


Note: Showing my love for Doctor Who and the actresses. This is all fictional and hope you like it.

Character: Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi), 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), and Rory (Arthur Duval)


While escaping from the Dalek attack force the 11th Doctor piloted the Tardis trying to avoid the lasers.

"Doctor are you sure you know what you are doing!" yelled Amy trying to hold on to anything that would move while Rory was trying to make his way over to the Doctor.

"Of course I know what I'm doing, the Tardis just has a mind of her own." the Doctor said while hitting as many button as he could.

"Doctor look the Daleks are backing off," Rory said looking at the scanner. "I wondered why?"

"Well, let us go find out and see why." the Doctor said as he pulled the lever down, but just as he did the Tardis started to malfunction and crashing all over the time vortex.

"Doctor what is going on!" Amy yelled as all three of them were throw all around the Tardis. With everyone knocked out the Tardis enter into a time warp that sent them into another reality.

Meanwhile, in the 12th Doctor's Tardis, the Doctor and Clara were traveling along deciding where they should stop off next. When suddenly there was a distress signal beeping out.

"Doctor come look at this." Clara said.

The Doctor then moved to see what was happening, "It's a distress signal coming from the

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Galaxy."

"The what galaxy?" Clara asked questioning how to even pronounce the name.

"It was named after a town in Wales, you know we should visit there, once we see what is going on." the Doctor said while putting in the coordinates and pulling the lever.

"Doctor we're not seriously going to that signal, it could be a trap or nothing at all." Clara said still looking at the scanner.

"Come on Clara that's where all the fun is and it could be a new adventure." the Doctor said with a smile. As the Tardis traveled to the coordinates, little did they know that they are going to meet with the other Tardis crew.

As the Doctor woke up he saw the Tardis all trashed up and also saw that Amy and Rory were also on the ground with him. The Doctor got up and tried to pilot the Tardis but the controls were out and they were lost not knowing where they were. Amy and Rory then woke up and saw that everything was a mess, "The two of you finally woke up," the Doctor said while messing around with the Tardis controls.

"Where are we Doctor?" both Amy and Rory asked as they helped each other up.

"Well to tell you the truth I have no idea, the Tardis just stopped working and we need to venture out to see what is going on, come on you two." the Doctor said as he opened the door.

"Wait Doctor how do you know it is safe out their?" Amy asked

So the Doctor licking his finger and pointing it in the wind, "Oxygen levels are normal, come on you two," he said while looking at the vast and barren planet. But as the Doctor stepped out of the Tardis, just then another Tardis began to materialize right next to 11's Tardis.

"Come on Clara," 12 said as he stepped out of his Tardis and just then both Doctors met.

"No this can't be!" 11 said looking at his future self.

"On the count of three...1...2...3," 12 said, as both Doctors replied by saying:


"So I become old and Scottish," 11 complained while looking at his future self.

"Well it's not bad chinney," 12 said while examining 11 with his sonic sunglasses.

"What are those?" 11 said looking curiously at the device.

"Sonic Sunglasses, or wearable technology, it is cool." 12 said mockingly to 11.

As both Doctors began to argue with each other Amy and Rory and Clara came out of their Doctor's Tardis saw what was going on.

"Doctor who are these people and why do they have a Tardis?" Amy said looking at both 12 and Clara.

Before 11 could say anything, "Finally someone with a proper accent." 12 put in, commenting on Amy's accent.

"Well you see Amy and Rory this is will be me in the future and that is Clara over there she will travel with me after the two of you."

"So we have ended up in the future?" Rory said looking at both Doctors.

"Well yes and no its more than that but now we have more important things to be doing," 12 said while examining 11's Tardis, "Yes but the question is why are we both here at the same point in time."

As the Doctors began to talk with each other Clara began to introduce herself to Amy and Rory, "Hello I'm Clara."

"Hi I'm Amy and this is Rory, my husband." Amy said while shaking Clara's hand.

"Well I see that you have been taking care of my old raggedy man." Amy said.

"Well it takes a while to get use to his new face, but he is still the Doctor and I'm his Impossible Girl."

"Doctors what are we going to do?" Rory asked stilled confused by what was going on.

"Now Rory it is just a simple problem with the time stream." 11 said.

While 12 added "What he means is that is that he has no clue."

"You mean we have no clue." 11 responded back causing the Doctors to begin arguing again.

"Oi! The two of you stop arguing and get to work." Clara scolded both Doctors.

"Yes ma'am," both 11 and 12 sheepishly responded.

"Nice work", Amy commented.

"Thanks, taking care of a classroom full of kids is easier than taking care of the Doctor." Clara said as the two of them began laughing.

"All of you gather around, me and chinney here have come up with a plan to try and figure what is going on." 12 said.

"Yes you see we are caught in a time warp and we have to make a jump to the left and then a step to the right and with two Tardises we can perform these steps to somehow get us off of this planet." 11 added.

"Now since my Tardis is out of order we have to jump start it with Eyebrows' Tardis." 11 said.

As 12 began to say, "Unfortunately it is true, so Clara you and Amy will be in Chinney's Tardis, while Chinney, Rory, and I while be in my Tardis.

"We figured that it would be better to have two in my Tardis, so that the weight would be even," 11 said.

Before the five of them were about to depart, Amy gave Rory a big kiss, "Be care." they both said to each other and before Clara left with Amy she gave both 12 and 11 a giant hug and shook Rory's hands.

As 12 began to pilot his Tardis 11 said, "You've redecorated the Tardis, I don't like it, and what is with all these round things?"

Never mind with that come here and look at this reading." 12 said.

As 11 looked at it, "Very interesting." 11 said.

Meanwhile in 11's Tardis Amy and Clara were having a fun time, telling jokes, stories, and comparing notes, but suddenly an alert began to flash on the Tardis console.

"Doctors what is going on?" both Amy and Clara asked into the Tardis intercom.

"It's ...a ... problem... with..." the Doctor said as the transmission broke up and died out.

As Amy and Clara began to push and pull the buttons on the Tardis console, there was a great quake and both Amy and Clara were thrown from their feet as the Tardis began to malfunction.

As Amy and Clara began to push and pull the buttons on the Tardis console, there was a great quake and both Amy and Clara were thrown from their feet as the Tardis began to malfunction.

As the smoke began to clear both Amy and Clara saw that the Tardis had no power except for the backup emergency power. "Hello can anyone here us!" Amy yelled into the intercom as it gave back radio silence.

"What the bloody hell happen?" Clara asked as looked around the Tardis trying to make sense of what happened.

"I don't know," Amy answered, "Come on lets go see if there is something that can help us in one of the other rooms" Amy said while grabbing Clara's hand. The two began to venture off into the Tardis and as they went further into the Tardis the temperature began to rise.

"It is boiling in here." Amy said while removing her leather jacket and encouraging Clara to take her jacket off too.

"I guess the temperature control went out." Clara laugh as they continued down the hall. Just then a door with emergency appeared and Amy and Clara decided to go into the room.

The room was a simple room with a table, a few comfy chairs, and a kitchen, "I didn't know about this room." Amy said as she sat down in one of the chairs. Clara looked around the room and reached into the fridge and grabbed two bottles of water.

She handed one to Amy seeing that they were both drenched in sweat, "Thanks." Amy said as she downed the water.

After finishing her water Clara said, "Well let's continue our adventure,"and as they tried to open the door it would not open.

"What is with this fucking door!" Amy said while trying to get it open.

"I guess it must be auto locked." Clara said looking at the lock.

"We are stuck in here!" Amy complained.

As the time passed Amy and Clara were stuck in this room and it also became hotter. As the temperature kept increasing both Amy and Clara began to take off a piece of their clothing. They were now both in their underwear. Amy was wearing a red lace panties and a white bra supporting her 32B tits, while Clara was wearing a blue panties with a pink bra supporting her 32D tits.

With sweat running down both of their bodies, both Amy and Clara didn't know how long they could last as it got hotter and hotter in the room. Another effect of the heat on the two girls was that they both began to feel horny.

Amy looking to Clara and sheepishly asking Clara, "Is it okay if I take my bra off?"

Clara seeing how embarrassed Amy was responded by saying, "Yea its fine, it's way too hot to have anything on in here." As Amy began to take her bra off she had problems unhinging it and she asked Clara to help her. While Clara was undoing Amy's bra, she couldn't help but lick her lips. Once Amy bra was off Clara asked Amy to return the favor and help her take her own bra off. They were now both topless and sweaty.

Amy asked Clara, "Have you ever seen a girl nude?"

To that Clara proudly responded, "Yes I have, I have a crush on Jane Austin, and in one of my travels with the Doctor (12), I had slept with her, and that next morning the Doctor caught us in bed together and we invited him to join us." Amy couldn't help to see that her pussy was getting wet from listening to Clara's story.

Amy then asked, "How big is your Doctor?"

Clara responded, "To Jane and my surprise he is well hung about over 16 inches, and the three of us didn't leave that room not till two days later." While Clara was telling her story, she did not notice that Amy was feeling herself through her panties.

Amy opened her eyes to see that Clara was smiling at her and got up and sat right next to her. "Here let me help you." Clara said as she took her panties off and then slid Amy's panties off.

Amy too horny to try and protest but she say, "But I'm married."

"Well he won't know and it will just be between us two girls." Clara said as she kissed Amy deeply. Amy giving into passion accepted Clara's kiss and kissed Clara back with more tongue and they both began to feel each other's bodies.

Clara began to suck on Amy's nipples as Amy began to bite and suck on Clara's neck. They then began to switch actions.

Clara then asked Amy, "Are you ready?"

To this Amy moaned "Yes" and Clara began licking her way down to Amy's pussy. Amy's breathing became heavily and Clara licked slowly down her body and Clara then began to tease Amy's red pubic hair causing Amy to laugh.

Clara then began to lick around Amy's pussy teasing the top of her clit and her inner thighs. Hearing Amy moan louder Clara then began to eat Amy out. She went face first into Amy's redhead pussy licking her soft and warm pussy while rubbing Amy'clit. While Clara was eating her out Amy was rubbing and pulling at her own nipples and playing with Clara's hair. Clara then began to finger Amy with two of her finger while eating her out and rubbing her nipples with the other hand. Clara picked up the pace and could that Amy was about to cum and went all the way into Amy's pussy. Amy then came wildly on Clara's face and scream as pleasure rode through her body.

Clara licked Amy's cum off her fingers and began then kissed Amy making her taste her own sweetness. Amy loved how she tasted on Clara and the two of then continue to kiss.

Clara then got up, "My turn." she said as he straddled Amy face.

Amy then began to tease Clara's clit as she massaged Clara's thighs. Clara then lowered herself onto Amy's face and Amy then went to work on Clara's pussy. Clara was super wet and Amy loved the smell of her wetness right on her. Amy then began to eat Clara out and while rubbing Clara's pussy violently. Clara was super horny from eating Amy out and her breathing and moaning were loud and heavy. Clara then began to grind her pussy against Amy's tongue. After Amy stuck three fingers into Clara's pussy and began to finger her while she sucked on Clara's clit. Clara then came hard onto Amy face and red hair as she panted loudly and felt her orgasm throughout her body.

Clara then rolled over to the side of Amy as the both laid together and kissed each other passionately. They were both covered in each other's sweat and cum and were cuddling each other.

Suddenly out of nowhere a giant double edge dildo appeared right in front of them. They both looked at each other and gave each other a wicked smile and kiss. They began to suck their own side of the dildo while looking into each other eyes. They then switch the sides they were sucking and the inserted the cock into their pussies at the same time. It took a while for the two of them to get use to the cock in their pussies and they began to ride the cock. As they fucked each other Clara and Amy played with each other nipples while feeling each other up. They began to find a rhythm with each other and fucked each other wildly and faster as the room was filled with moaning and screaming. As they thrust the cock deeper and deeper into each other's pussy they were nearing the point of return. With one final thrust both Amy and Clara came to together and the moaned into each other mouth while kissing.

Both Amy and Clara got up together, helping each other recover from their wild orgasms, and they began to cuddle and spoon together on the sofa. The kissed each other and were resting each other arms.

Meanwhile not too far from 11's Tardis was 12's Tardis and inside were the two Doctors and Rory watching all what was going on.

"Told you this would happen." 12 said as 11 handed him some money.

"But Doctors how did you do this?"

"Its simple Rory," 11 said, "Me and Eyebrows over here had simply just made Amy and Clara believed that the Tardis had materialized, when in reality they are right next to us."

"We also raise the temperature up and put some hormones into the air and as a result we have our show." 12 added and the two Doctors high five each other.

"Let send a can of whipped cream and see what will happen!" Rory exclaimed as the three men enjoyed their own private porno, while Amy and Clara rested in each other arms high on ecstasy and lust.

The End

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