tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Adventurer's Fate

An Adventurer's Fate


Her first mistake, Antheia later considered, was not taking a partner -- or even a crew of fellow-adventurers, really -- but the rewards for this one had really been too good to share.

If everything had gone right, those piles of gold would have been hers, and consequently she'd let herself ignore the fact that solo dungeon dives were risky at the best of times. After the Guild Leader herself had gone missing? Well, to be fair, the Guild was already very good at rescuing its own. Worse things had happened in the past.

Unfortunately, all the people preoccupied with searching for the Guild Leader meant it would be much longer before they started searching for Antheia. And that was a problem.

She hadn't seen the trap that had got her, so when she'd triggered that hidden pipe to spurt clear slime all over her torso, it had come as a shock. And she'd reacted fast, instinctively stripping off the drenched leather armor before the stuff could get absorbed into her skin. She was too late, though, and even bare to the waist, Antheia could feel a thrum of arousal in her veins that left her short of breath.

Shit. This isn't safe.

Her cuirass discarded, Antheia immediately began to retreat, backtracking through what she hoped had been the path she'd taken into this area, because with whatever that goo had done to her she knew that she was acutely vulnerable. Her armor was replaceable, and she could retrieve it and clean it off after she had a chance to regroup, but she could not afford to press into unknown dangers, distracted as she was. Already, the cool air was bringing her nipples to hard points, which was no help to her already flustered state. So, get to safety, take a breather, get some of that stuff out of her system --

It was a good plan, and it only fell apart when she ran into the monster that the horrible slime was sourced from.

Somehow the slime-thing (a real mountain of a beast, and dripping with clear liquid) had gotten behind her, and blocked off the exit corridor that would've taken her to where she'd stashed the emergency supplies. Bad luck, Antheia thought, and even worse that she'd somehow been outmaneuvered by a slowly ambulating sack of sludge. She needed to get past that monster for the antidote, the spare potions, and everything else that she'd used up and needed to replenish.

A single slip, and it had caught her hand. Shouting, she slashed downward, trying to free herself with her sword, but that got stuck, too. This was disturbing, since she was carrying an enchanted shortsword of sharpness; the fact that this creature was not only unaffected, but also resistant, meant that she was in rather more danger than she'd thought. And then her other hand was stuck, as the slime monster seemed incredibly adhesive to the touch. Pulling back, trying to use her body's weight to drag her hands loose didn't help, and as if sensing her helplessness the slime had surged forward, overwhelming her. Screaming vile insults at it had no effect.

The pseudopods were very good at disrobing her completely and gently, like a lover. Her upper body already nude, the slime gently caressed her as it worked its way to her waistline. Slimy fingers unbuckled her trousers and pulled down as she cursed, unable to prevent it from stripping her naked and exposing her to the cool dungeon air. While she struggled, it seemed to almost calmly rearrange her body until she was spread for its purposes.

Glaring, Antheia took in her current situation. Her arms were still secured, and held so that both of her hands were above her head. Whatever this creature was made of resisted her attempts to pull free. Her back was pressed to a bed of gelatinous slime, the creature cushioning her but not entirely enveloping her. It was surprisingly warm to the touch. Her arms were held at both the wrist and elbow, limiting her ability to wriggle free or cover herself. Her legs were held apart, too, and Antheia had no doubts about what was going to happen to her next.

"Alright, you slimy fuck," she yelled, "do your worst!"

In truth, Antheia could already feel the subtle toxins in the slime. Half of her body was now slick with it, and her sex was most desperately affected. As the slight tingle made its way through her whole body, she knew that she had been dosed with a powerful aphrodisiac. It was part of the job, she supposed, though this was the first run that she'd been caught like this. Well, Antheia thought wryly, I might as well see what all the fuss is about.

Her shout of defiance had been more for her sake than the monster's -- it couldn't actually understand her, could it? -- but she saw its pseudopods begin to move. One of them curved downwards towards her sex without the slightest preamble. Antheia's breath hitched as the slime engulfed her vulva and started working away.

She'd made love before. That handsome young ranger from Benthos had won her over for a time, and later a smoky-eyed barmaid with a wicked grin who'd taken her in the backroom of a tavern, but now? A human lover might touch her in one place, run their tongue along the edge of her labia, tease her gently with one hand while placing kisses along her thigh. Well, the slime monster did all of these things -- at the same time. She couldn't help but moan as the thick gel-like phallus stroked and squeezed and pushed gently into her, bringing with it the stuff that made her burn with a desperate need.

The unnatural squish of slime was driving her wild. Antheia writhed in the grip of the monster, the trapped adventurer being slowly seduced by an inhuman lover. It was too much to bear all at once, and with a cry of passion Antheia met her release. She felt, inside of her, a tendril circling and then pressing against a spot on her inner walls that made her hips buck as she jolted with pleasure, her orgasm prolonged by her tormentor's expert hands.

As the aftershocks died down, Antheia took a deep breath, slightly giddy. The power of her climax had left a pleasant feeling of warmth suffused through her entire body. Wow, she thought, I could get used to this.

Then she shrieked with surprise, and burst out in helpless laughter as the slime monster's tendrils began to tickle her naked body.

She was insanely sensitive, Antheia realized, the slime had done a number on her and getting fucked so well had loosened her up so that when a bunch of little feelers grew out of the slime's mass and started to tease all along her upper body, there was nothing she could do but howl. Her first instinct was to pull away, to bring her arms down and cover herself, but she was still restrained quite thoroughly, and as this new torment began she could only squirm helplessly and laugh. And she did laugh, her voice echoing into the darkness as the monster commenced its work.

It almost felt like the slime had grown fingers, tickling up and down her exposed torso with the devious creativity that only a human could match. One stroked almost tentatively down her underarm, and had correctly interpreted her shudder for a positive response. Now that one was joined by a dozen more, wiggling or tickling or teasingly drawing shapes on her skin.

Nor was the rest of her spared. She felt the slime grabbing her hips and drawing her back into itself, squeezing her and making her yelp as the ticklish spots along her midsection were deviously exploited. She had no idea that her back was ticklish, either, and bucked desperately as the slime's tendrils teased her from her shoulders to her buttocks.

"W-wait!" This new torment was swiftly overwhelming her defenses. "No, please!"

Whatever long-dead whorelock that had created the slime beasts of this dungeon had a sadistic sense of humor. Adventurers who trespassed and got caught were to be punished.

"You fucker! Sta-ha-hap!" At the limit of her defiance, Antheia wasn't too proud to beg. "Okay, I get it! I won't raid dungeons no more!" It didn't help. If anything, the tickle torture rose to new heights, as the slime squeezed mischievously at a spot on her ribs that drove her to hysterics.

"I'll be a good girl!" She pleaded between gales of laughter, her voice shaking with desperation. "I'll do whatever you want! I'll suck cock!" If the monster had been a man, she might've gotten a break. No mercy came from the horrible slime, which seemed content to sit back and let her degrade herself like the ticklish little whore that she was.

It was playing with her. Her weak spots revealed, there was nothing to prevent the monster from continuing until she lost her mind. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Antheia thought of how many people were already tasked with rescuing the missing Guild Leader. Had she been taken like this? Was the stern-faced baroness being broken down like she was right now by some other, more devious foe?

The next time that it made her cum, it didn't bother pausing her tickle torture. What felt like a pint of fluid pumped into her, filling her insides with sudden warmth. If she was hypersensitive before, it was truly unbearable now. Her climax made her eyes roll back into her head, body shuddering and twitching as if from a physical blow. Distracted giggles escaped from her clenched teeth as her thighs were gently teased, as the rest of her body was stroked and caressed and groped. She didn't even have the slightest moment to come down from her latest high, though she dearly wished it.

It would've been better to be taken by a gang of orcs. Being bound to a succubus as a thrall would be preferable. At least they would take pity on her eventually. It was a moot point now; she could barely make coherent thoughts, let alone words. For a second, some part of her welcomed the approach of oblivion as she was swept by a wave of lightheadedness.

A tentacle of slime forced its way into her mouth and a torrent of liquid gushed down her throat. Gulping it down, for she had no choice, Antheia felt to her horror a slight rejuvenation in her senses. She wouldn't be allowed to black out. There would be no escape in unconsciousness.

Sobbing, Antheia shook as another orgasm was coaxed out of her. And another. And another. And another. The first had been unbearable, but now her entire body burned with warmth as she came messily for what could've been the fifth or the fiftieth time.

Had it been an hour or a day? She couldn't tell. The only thing that still had meaning was the brutal force of each climax, followed by a burst of activity as the slime took advantage of her heightened sensitivity. Sometimes, when her strength returned, she pleaded as best she could under the torture, until a flurry of wriggling tentacles or a swallowed blob of aphrodisiac broke her concentration and sent her back into hell.

There would be a rescue, Antheia hoped, thinking to herself in a more lucid moment. The Guild would find her. They'd send someone to search the dungeons and bring her back. She would be rescued...


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/05/19

Great Writing Style

I’ve just read all of your stories to date (4), they’re very entertaining you have a great writing style. Spinning tales and giving an insight into an alternate world they’re funny and sexy at themore...

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by themanred05/05/19

Incrediby hot!

All my favorite things: high fantasy, bondage, forced orgasm, tickling. Super well-described flow of action, and I especially like that the slime is a mindless torturer. Loved every bit of it!

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by agamotto131302/27/19


I totally agree with 12/09/18.
They already said what I would have.
Five Stars!!!

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by Anonymous02/02/19

Amazing story. You should really do a part two or three. no escape and endless cycles of orgasms is an interesting take.

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by 4102ser01/08/19

Loved the entire thing.

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