tagBDSMAn Affair for Pain

An Affair for Pain


His voice resonated inside of my mind as I lay there in silent agony, only due to the gag wrapped between my teeth and to the back of my head. Ropes strangled every part of my naked supple body, holding my hands tight behind my back, my feet wide apart and attached to the bottom rails. Spread apart, my breasts were tied to where just the flesh around my nipples was poking through the ropes. The leather collar almost cut into my skin as my head was pulled back by the chain attached to the collar running down to the bottom of the cafe. Pain filtered through every limb, even to the pussy lips, now pierced and a rod into her pussy keeping her from resting, unless she wanted the rod to penetrate deeper inside of her than already possible. Four nipple rings, two in the side of each hardened tit of her fatty breasts, attached to a chain and pulled taut in front of he, to stretch the athletic bosom of her medium frame. Inside of this torturous cage, I withstood all of the snap of a camera, the flash alighting the dark room, and evil smiles and chuckling, while he ‘directed’ me to look certain ways. I had slowly learned to obey as each time a different punishment was delivered. First it was the gag, then pulling the choker tighter, the piercing of her breasts, the piercing of her genitals, the chains pulling her nipples to their brink of destruction, and then the rod. He warned if she disobeyed again, the lower body would suffer just as much as the upper one. So, she followed his directions, even when she was told to smile or laugh, by which he would tickle her feet if she did not do it to her liking. In between, she whimpered and shook, but he would warn and she stopped herself. If I would have known about his plans before I wanted to be trained, I would have thought twice about joining this group. Finally, it was over and another man walked in.

“Get her out of there and put her on the bed, leave the bonds to me.”

The servant did as he was told, removing everything from me except the cuffs on her wrists, ankles, the gag, and the collar. He pulled me along with the chain as I stumbled to my knees more than once. Cursing at me, he finally reached down and lifted me up with some physical exertion. He dropped me on the bed and looked me over to see if I would run. Then he walked away, the door opened, and the original man walked in, this time just in leather pants and boots, out of the blackness and into the light which surrounded the bed. He leaned against the poles of the canopy-type bed, and tilting his head, he began to study me like a plastic surgeon talks to his newest manipulation. I went to move out of the bed by swinging one leg over, and his large hands swiftly grabbed my ankles to pull me to him as I clawed at the sheets, crying out as he entangled a fist in my mane and tugged my head back. I arched my back, twisting as he leaned over her quivering body.

“Where shall you go, slave? You came to me for this did you not? Said your husband didn’t understand, and now you want to run away, like a little indian giver, I suppose. What did you give me? Your body, your pain, your screams. Now I want your heart is that so much to ask for?”

I did not know what to say to his surreal questions, they were such like a lullaby in my ear, except that I knew it was the devil singing sweetly. I knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to use me. I did not know that this was what I was coming here for. Everything I had learned about this place, about domination and submission, about this lifestyle had seemed exactly what I needed. Now, tears were in my eyes as he dropped me back to the bed, a cackle escaping his full lips. I turned on my back and scrambled up to the headboard to look at him now, seeing as he was not wearing a mask or shirt. Jet black hair, cold blue eyes, and lovely porcelain skin adorned the muscular physique of a 6 foot man, and as he turned, I watched the way he strode in long steps towards a table, standing where I could see the form of his ass through the black leather. His boots crunched on the floor as he swiveled around, cat of nine in his hand, and then he looked up quickly, tilted his head at me, a grown woman struggling to find my balance of pain and unable to do so within this hell I had found myself in.

“Turn around, don’t speak, I’m tired of you speaking, you think you have all this control, but don’t you see that you don’t have any.”

He spoke formidably, slowly, mechanically while I stared on wondering why he was rolling the handle of the whip in his grip. I was so fixated on it that I did not even hear what he was saying until he said it again, this time slower and more concentrated. I got up on my knees and turned around. His hands pulled on my hips as I remained on all fours until he got me in the position he wanted. I felt the leather of the whip rub against the skin of my left ham before he slapped it against me. In reaction, I twisted my frame to arch my back and let out a sharp cry.

“Stop flinching.”

I held my body as firm as I could with each blow.

“This is about the control of yourself. Once you learn to do this, you can control yourself around me, and thus, we will have less problems.”

He breathed in sharply as the nine tails whacked against me again, feeling my bare flesh exposed to the cold air, stinging as it did so. I winced but I kept myself from gasping for breath after holding it to keep myself from shaking or flinching. At last, I heard his footsteps heading away from me still with my ass propped up by my legs being close together. I did not know what he wanted, but I knew not to move as I bit my lip to hold in my gasps of breath. My body was shaking now, and I began to focus on the feel of the cold steel between my nipples as my breasts hung underneath me. Goose bumps rose on my skin at the feel of his hand over my skin, soothing touches up and down my muscular thighs. In between my hot sweaty legs, he pushed and I separated them from the silent command of the force of his forearms. More, he wanted as he pushed further, and then with a disgruntled sigh, he grabbed my hands and put them on either side of the raw flesh of my ass cheeks.

“Spread them.”

I pulled the stinging flesh gripped underneath my fingers as I stretched my asshole while he ran a finger over the crack, down to the start of my pussy lips, inside of them, he drew a finger over the clitoris and to the head, then cupped my mons, squeezing it harshly.

“Either the partners you have had have been very small or your pussy is like elastic.”

He chuckled and released, but grabbed my wrists as I started to let go. I continued to hold the two hams spread apart as I felt the smooth skin of a dick head push against my slit. Just the tip slipped inside of my hole, the slick of her pussy now soaked after his touches and the vibrations of his low voice in my ear. Trickles of cum seeped down, tickling me so I felt like sopping it up with the sheet as he continued to push the head of his manhood into and out of the entrance to her own womanhood. When I was dying to feel his cock in me finally, after all this time of pain and semi-pleasure, of little games of surrender, now he was almost in me and I was almost in ecstasy.

“Do you want it, slave?”

“Yes, Master.” Weakly, my response still resounded in the quiet room, the only sound was the slight sucking of my pussy juices on the dick going slightly farther into me. He pulled out quickly after I responded.

“Sit on the edge of bed and suck my cock, then I will give you what you want if it is to my satisfaction.”

Doing as I was commanded to do, I moved my bare ass with minimal winces of pain while he unzipped and let his pants drop to the start of his boots, his erect dick surprising me so. I had never seen a dick so large, my eyes widening hungrily. His fingers touched to my chin as he brought the dick to rub against my cheek, I could feel the veins through the skin of it, the head rolling around as he drew away his hand and pressed the engorged tip of it to my trembling lips. The last time I had given head was for my husband during our early years, and I had refused to do it after we had children. Now, here I was sucking on this man’s dick, a man I did not know the name of, a dick I knew only to call master, as he rolled it within my wet mouth. I massaged it wildly with my tongue, licking over the length of it before ravenously sucking it down. He pushed and I swallowed, my esophagus stretched and he pummeled. His hand stroked the hair near the side of my face as he looked down at me encouraging with his eyes and slightly pleased expression. He grunted as I slurped down some pre cum, and I could tell he was becoming more aroused. I was bringing him to the edge with the force of my suction, the wetness of my mouth, my hand cupping his balls and massaging them gently as he reached down to rub my own clit. I was finally receiving as I was giving, and soon, we were together in our rhythms, his press upon my clit matched the speed of my bobbing on his cock. He reached back and grabbed my hips, throwing me back on the bed and flipping me.

“I give a choice, ass or pussy. Make it before I do.”

He spoke quickly, rushing my decision to where I screamed out, “Ass!”

He thrusted in hard and I snatched up the sheets into my fists as I squeezed and released with his push and pull. I knew it would be tight but I had no idea it would feel this good. Each time he slammed into the shallow hole, my pussy lurched building an orgasm of huge magnitude. He grunted as he pushed it hard to slap against my ass faster and faster. I rode back after he commanded me to do so. I had momentarily forgotten as his hands held onto my hips to help control me before I got to ride him on my own. I pressed back harder as he commanded with the momentum of his gyrations. With my face smashed into the bed, I reached down to please my hungry pussy as the drilling grew more powerful, I knew he would be cumming soon. The pummeling of my asshole continued until he splurged inside of it, the rush of warmth overflowing and I came with my middle finger running in and out of my own hole. Both liquids dripped down my leg, and the cold air breezed by my ass as it still pushed up into the open while he was no longer right behind me. He slid a clammy hand down my glistening back, pushing so I would lay flat down with my legs twisted to the side and hanging off of the edge. I was in complete euphoria, an utter daze of pleasure and unbelievable satisfaction.

“Master, I love you.”

The whisper like a breeze created from the cool breath of his own upon my lips as he reached to pull my waist up to meet his own so he could kiss me deeper. The heat created from both was more warmth I had felt in my whole life.

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