An Affair of the Heart


For his part, Derek was still licking away at me when all of a sudden things went from the most intense pleasure in the world, to the most intense sensitivity in the world. It wasn't pain, but sometimes too much of a good thing is not so good. I think I may have yelled "Ahhh" as my muscles suddenly came back to me and I pulled away from his mouth and covered myself with my hand. My pussy was throbbing, and my legs were shaking like a leaf, but as I tried to steady myself and recover from that awesome explosion, I noticed Derek's hard cock, still waving at me from between his legs.

There was no way I could leave him in that condition, especially after what he had just done for me, but I was also finding it difficult to not just drop to the floor in a big lump and fall asleep. Determination took over and I got back down on my knees and straddled him again. This time there was no underwear between us and even though my thigh muscles were worn out, I managed to wiggle my hips back and forth and rub my dripping pussy up and down his shaft.

There was another guttural groan from Derek as the wetness from me was deposited onto him. He only lasted a few seconds before he said "Oh please, don't tease me. I need to fuck you.". I didn't make him wait any longer. I leaned all the way forward, tilted my hips, reached back to grab his penis, and in one fell swoop, I impaled myself.

He went into me like a hot knife goes through butter, and when I bottomed out, I felt my pussy clench again, and realized that I was on the verge of another orgasm. I got my second wind suddenly and this animalistic urge took over. I probably looked like a wild woman, but in the moment I didn't care, I only had one thought in my brain, and that was getting that second orgasm, the deep vaginal one that was so elusive. With a strength I didn't know I possessed, I started rising up and slamming down, over and over, humping away at my own husband like he was nothing more than a toy with one please me.

At some point, Derek started to cum, and I felt his semen spray my insides like a jet of scalding water. I didn't slow down though, rising and slamming my ass down on his lap, our bodies making a loud slapping noise each time I dropped down, and my sloppy pussy making obscene squelching and slurping sounds on each rebound. All of it added to the carnal nature of our depraved lovemaking.

I couldn't have slowed down if a bomb had exploded across the room. I was going to cum no matter what, and then I was there. The pressure had built to the bursting point and I had my deep orgasm. I think I made some inhuman sounds at that point, as actual speech failed me. My body had taken over and I was just along for the ride. What a ride it was. It seemed like my pussy would never stop cumming and I was left clutching Derek and kissing him and trying to catch my breath through my flaring nostrils.

With his arms wrapped around my back, Derek took me down so we were laying side by side on the narrow couch, and we just held each other. It was one of those rare moments in life when everything just feels so right with the world. I was exhausted, but I was fulfilled also, and about as relaxed as I've ever been. I probably could have drifted off to sleep in Derek's arms, but after about ten minutes or so, my leg was falling asleep and I needed to move. Derek had drifted off and was breathing deeply, so I carefully disentangled myself from him, and pulled away. His softened penis slid out of me, along with a large dollop of white, sticky cream.

The smell of sex hung heavy in the air, giving me another tingle, even after having had two of the most intense orgasms of my life in the last half hour. Derek's flaccid penis looked a little bit like a fat, pale slug covered in a thick white slime, but to me it was wonderful. Now I've never been one to swallow his sperm. I tried it one time, just a little bit on my tongue, and hated it. Ever since then, unless I'm drunk, I've refused to swallow for him. I know he would love it if I did, just hold his cock in my mouth while he spews his sperm into my throat, but I always refuse. At that moment though, while he lay there sleeping, the smell was just getting to me, and I had the sudden urge to lick the cream off him.

I leaned my face in close to his limp cock, and breathed in the smell, a heady mixture of his sperm and my juices. I felt positively depraved doing what I was doing, and wondered what Derek would say if he saw me. I really had no idea what had come over me or why, but after a quick glance back at Derek's face to make sure he was still asleep, I gently sucked him into my mouth. The taste of our passion filled my mouth, and sent another powerful jolt, a spasm, straight to my pussy.

Feeling no movement from Derek spurred me on, and I sucked on the helmet shaped head like a lollypop. A squirt of mostly tasteless fluid squirted lightly onto my tongue and my pussy reacted like it had been shocked. I wanted to cum again for some reason, but just then Derek's breathing changed and he rolled onto his back. Fearful that I would wake him up and have to explain why I was sucking on his softened, cum covered cock, I quickly got up, grabbed my discarded clothes, and headed to our bedroom. I knew that I needed a shower, as I had cum dripping down my legs, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted another orgasm.

Once in the bedroom I closed the door and climbed onto the bed. I was cursing myself for not buying one of the toys I had looked at earlier, and that made me think of Sara, and how carefree and fun she was. As I lied there on the bed, my fingers slid between my thighs and I started gently rubbing my clitoris. It was still pretty sensitive from all the action earlier, but the cum made such a good lubrication that in no time at all it was feeling really good.

I wondered what Sara was up to right at that moment, and then I thought about my cell phone, and the fact that she had programmed her number into my phone. I climbed off the bed and grabbed my pants, which I had tossed on a chair when I came in. My phone was in the front pocket and I pulled it out, then climbed back onto the bed. My right hand went to my pussy while my left hand flipped open my cell phone. I clicked on my contacts button and scrolled through the list of numbers until I came to Sara. My thumb hovered above the touchscreen, but I didn't call her. What would I say anyway? 'Hey Sara, you'll never guess what I'm doing right now. I'm playing with my pussy.' No, it didn't seem like such a good idea to do that.

Another orgasm snuck up on me, but this one was completely different from the two that I had earlier. This one was like a series of slow waves, none of them really powerful, but all good just the same. My pussy tightened up, gripping my three fingers that I had slid inside, and I moaned through the delicious feelings. Then the wave passed and the muscles loosened, only to tighten up again right after, causing me to moan again. Three times, four times, five times and finally the sixth and final time, the waves repeated along with my moans which became more and more guttural and inhuman sounding. I pulled my soaked fingers out of my worn out pussy, and set my phone aside on my nightstand. There would be no more orgasms for me that night.

I left Derek sleeping on the couch and went to the bathroom to shower. I think I spent thirty minutes under the hot spray, thinking about my day. Even though I had just had the best sex of my entire life with my husband, I couldn't get my mind off Sara, and that was very confusing to me.

I dried myself off standing in front of the mirror, and inspected myself. At thirty years old, I have to say that I feel really comfortable in my skin. I used to have long, flowing blonde hair, but I recently became tired of constantly working on it, and had it cut short. I went with a stylish, straight cut that framed my face. My eyes are a rust color, my lips are full and I always use lip balm to keep them shiny. If I had any complaints about my face, it would be my nose, which I felt was a bit too wide, but all in all, I was happy with my face.

As for my body, I've got a few areas that could use some improvement. In high school and college, I exercised religiously, and my body was toned and fit. I met Derek in college, and we hit it off right away, but we waited until we graduated before getting married. For a while after college, I continued with my workout routine, but a career and life interfered.

I got pregnant at 23, and was ecstatic, but four months later, I was wracked with severe abdominal pain, and bleeding. I was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital and wheeled into the delivery room where my baby was born with no heartbeat. The doctors worked feverishly, but my little boy didn't make it. I named him Aaron, and kissed his tiny, lifeless forehead, my tears burning my eyes and wetting my face, but I didn't care, I was more heartbroken than ever. Things like that can break a marriage, but it seemed to strengthen ours. Two years later I was pregnant again, this time a little girl. We lost her at seven months, and I had to get a hysterectomy.

So after I lost the baby, I lost interest in working out for over a year, and I held onto my weight gain, which gave me wide hips, thick thighs, a fat ass, and a gut. Over the last two years though, I've tried to get myself back into another workout routine. I was sure that I would be able to tighten up my flabby thighs and belly, but it was harder than I ever imagined. I have improved some, but I still see the results that my pregnancy and my lack of physical activity afterward has had on my body.

After my shower, I went back into the living room and saw that Derek was stirring. He was still lying there naked with our cum mixture drying on his face and in his lap, and he looked up at me as I walked in with a mixture of disbelief and amazement. I smiled and winked at him, but didn't say anything. After a few minutes, he headed to the bathroom to shower.

We really didn't talk until dinner time. We were making pasta together and Derek asked "So, how was your shopping trip today?"

"It was great, I had a real fun day, and I met someone too,." I answered.

"Really?" he replied. Did I detect a note of concern in his voice?

"Yeah. It was kinda crazy actually. Neither one of us was looking where we were going, and we collided. Well, we both apologized to each other, then went about shopping our separate ways. Then we sort of ran into each other again later, and since we were both alone, we decided to have lunch together. We hit it off so well, that we ended up shopping together for the rest of the afternoon." I was intentionally hiding that it was a woman I had met, just to see what his reaction would be.

"You had lunch with a stranger?" He asked, and I noticed with amusement that there was an edge in his voice all of a sudden.

"Oh yeah. In fact, we really hit it off. It was like a really great date, when you are least expecting it."

"You're serious?" He asked. Was that a hint of anger I detected? "A date? A really great date?" Oh yeah, definitely anger.

"Mm hm." I replied as innocent and carefree as ever. It was so fun to mess with his head sometimes.

"Jesus Jessica, what has gotten into you today?" He snapped, and there was no doubt about it, he was feeling some jealousy. He's so cute sometimes.

I feigned confusion, looked him in the eyes and said "You mean besides you?"

"Who did you meet today Jessica?"

I had let him squirm long enough. "Her name is Sara. She's a twenty year old waitress who lives on Hampton Street. She lives with her aunt, and she is really sweet. Now are you still jealous dear?" I gave him my pouty face, and I saw the look of relief, mixed with a bit of embarrassment.

His next question had me laughing "Well... was she cute?"

"Yes dear, she was adorable." I said as I turned back to shut the stove off, and for some reason, before I could stop myself, I added one more thing "And she's a lesbian." I instantly regretted giving him that piece of information, as he would probably wonder why that had come up in the first place. Would he be jealous again? Did he have any reason to be jealous?

He didn't even seem to notice that last comment, and instead he said "Well then, I'm glad you had a good day, and if you do more of what you did to me earlier, I'll let you go shopping with her anytime your little heart desires."

"Oh, so now I need your permission to go shopping?" I teased.

From across the kitchen came a damp rag that landed somewhere near my shoulder and head. He had thrown it at me. "Hey!" I exclaimed in mock anger, and quickly threw it right back at him.

Derek caught the rag out of the air, then held it between both hands, twirling it like he was gonna whip me with it. He came towards me with a wild smile. "Don't you dare!" I screamed, turning away as the first stinging whip hit me on the thigh. "Ouch!" I squealed, more in surprise than in pain. I turned toward him and tried grabbing the towel out of his hand. I managed to catch one hand instead, then I grabbed his other hand as he cornered me up against the counter.

He leaned in and kissed me passionately, and suddenly the towel was forgotten. I let go of his hands and wrapped my arms around his back. I felt his arms going around my back and slide between my butt and the counter. Our tongues were sparring with each other as I felt his big hands squeeze my ass cheeks. A moment later he broke the kiss, looked me in the eyes and said "Mmm, Have I ever told you that I love you?"

"Mm hm, only about a million times." I answered.

"Oh good, I guess I won't ever have to do that again." he said with a smirk.

"Hey!" I complained, and playfully pushed him away.

"We should eat while it's hot."

"Yeah, and before you get yourself into anymore trouble." I added.

Dinner was fantastic. We played footsie the whole time we were eating. It was as if we were dating again for the first time, and I was having such a good time. Later on in bed we cuddled and kissed but didn't make love again. Instead, Derek fell asleep and my mind wandered to Sara. I wondered what she was doing, if she was in bed like I was. I wondered if she was thinking about me. I wondered if she was playing with herself, or using the toy she had bought earlier. Why was I thinking like that?

Chapter 3 - At the Club

The next day, and for the rest of that week, I basically thought less and less about Sara. The longer I was away from her, the harder it became to remember why I had been enamored with her. I laughed at the idea that I had actually entertained the thought that she might be masturbating. It was silly and embarrassing, and I was slightly ashamed at myself. By the following Saturday, I wasn't even planning on calling her back, at least not that weekend. I didn't need to go shopping again anyway.

I didn't plan on meeting Sara again until Derek mentioned her that Saturday. "So, are you planning on going out shopping with your friend again? What was her name...Sara right?"

I shrugged and said "Oh I don't know. I really don't need to go shopping.again."

"Well..." Derek walked around to face me and said "I thought that you had so much fun with her last week. You know, first date fun. So much fun that you couldn't wait to go back shopping with her again. And also, after you and her shopped last week, you came home and ahh...well you remember don't you?"

I did remember. The sex was incredible. "I'll think about it." I said, and I did think about it, for most of that day. Later that afternoon, I grabbed my cell phone and found Sara's number. She answered on the second ring.


"Sara, it's..."

"Jessica! Hi, it's so good to hear from you."

I was taken aback. To be honest, I didn't expect her to recognize my voice so quickly. "Hi Sara. It's ah, it's nice to hear you too." I said.

"So what's up?"

"Well, I was ah wondering, if you...if you're going to be busy tomorrow?"

"Why, were you going to ask me on a date?"

Woah, a date? Did she really think that I wanted to go on a date with her, or was she just joking? "Ah, well actually, I was thinking about going shopping again, and thought you might want to go with me."

There was a pause, you know the kind of pause after you say something that makes you wonder if you said the wrong thing. I wondered briefly if she was disappointed. Then she answered me with a question of her own "Do you go shopping every weekend Jessica?"

"Oh no, maybe once a month or so." I answered quickly, not really thinking about it.

"Well, we both shopped all day last Sunday, do you really need to shop again tomorrow?"

She had me there because I really didn't need to shop and really didn't want to shop again so soon. "Uhm, no...not really. I just thought..." I trailed off, not knowing how to finish the sentence without sounding needy. I was flustered and thought that maybe Sara didn't have as much fun as I had thought. Maybe she just used me for companionship at lunch, and a ride for later. Or maybe she had been interested in me sexually until she found out I was happily married.

"Jessica." I heard through the earpiece of the phone. "I'm just giving you shit. Of course I'll go out with you. I was getting worried that I might not ever hear from you again, and then you called. I really meant what I said you know."

"What was that?"

"That I'm really glad to hear your voice again."

I was taken aback for a moment. Her voice had changed with that last comment, it had gotten softer, more...intimate I guess is the word I'm looking for. She was really glad to hear my voice again. It was a sweet thing for a friend to say to another friend, when they haven't talked for months or years, but Sara and I had just talked a week ago. And what she had said earlier, that she was worried she wouldn't hear from me again, for some reason that comment tweaked a spot in my heart, and nearly made me tear up for some reason.

I had to take a deep breath and clear my throat before I could even attempt to finish this conversation with her. I expected my voice to be all waverly and cracking, so I had to focus very hard on what I was saying to sound normal. "So then, do you want to meet at the mall, or should I pick you up?" I asked, picturing her house, the one she shared with her aunt.

There was another pause, then she said "Are you busy tonight?"

It was right out of left field and I didn't know how to answer her. Derek and I hadn't planned anything, although we sometimes went out to eat on a Saturday night, and once in awhile we would go to a movie. "Ahhh I don't think so. Why?"

"I'm bored. I'm all alone here in this big old house."

"And you want me to...what?" was she going to invite me to her house?

"Well, I was thinking that maybe we could go have a drink, or a bite to eat at the place I work at. They have really good food there, better than the food court at the mall even."

I laughed with her, feeling at ease once again. Now that I knew what her intentions were. "Oh that sounds great, but before I say yes, I really need to talk to Derek, make sure he didn't want to do anything with me."

"Okay, why don't you go talk to him, and if he is cool with you going out on a hot date with a cool young chick, then you call me back and we'll figure it out."

"I'll do that." I assured "Talk to you later." and hung up.

I was I feeling alive again when I hung up the phone. It was very strange, but just hearing her voice and her silly sense of humor, made me feel like I did last week when I couldn't seem to get her off my mind. I suppose I felt like a teenager again, and I kind of liked the feeling.

I was somewhat worried about what Derek would do when I asked him, but I had nothing to fear. He not only okayed it, he practically insisted I go. "You know I would love to take you out on the town tonight, but in all reality, I've had such a long week, I've been thinking about just relaxing on the couch with a movie and popcorn."

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