tagRomanceAn Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember


We had met online, got to know and like one another, talked on the phone a couple of times, and, because we both worked downtown, were able to meet for lunches. We saw right away we were in similar situations: married and not wanting to leave our marriages, but needing more passion, intimacy, friendship, and connection. Neither of us had had an affair before, and we were both a little scared and nervous to be reaching out to a new person, but nonetheless we wanted to very much. In a way we were both a little lonely and needed to find someone to share our feelings with.

It was spring, and we were incredibly lucky to have a weekend where both of our spouses were away. For some time we had wanted to be closer, but it had been hard to find the opportunity. Now, with a little finesse, an entire evening and night spread out before us, and we both realized the time had arrived for us to carry the closeness we had experienced in conversation and into the closeness of making love.

For the first time, we were able to able to have long dinner together, to talk and laugh and get through whatever awkwardness we were feeling. After dinner, we walked arm in arm to the place we had arranged. Once inside our room, we got settled and then stood across from one another, holding each other's hands. Drawing close, we kissed, softly and lightly at first, then with increasing passion and depth. Before then, our kisses had been only furtive, but now tongues met and we savored the long kisses we could now share. She held me tight while we poured our energy into one another. I felt her breasts rising to me through her clothes, and I also felt myself stiffening against her.

I unbuttoned her blouse and slide it off her shoulders. She did the same with my shirt. She reached behind her back and undid her bra,. Her hands brushed the loosened straps from her shoulders, and her bra fell to the floor. Her breasts were full, and turned out and down a little. Standing there bear-breasted, her hair straying about her forehead and shoulders, she was gorgeous. As she reached down to let her slacks and panties slide down her legs, I got out of my pants and underwear as fast as I could. A sexy little whiff of our odor rose up to our noses. We look at one another, and smiled. She had a little hint of a belly, and the she had let the hair between her legs grow naturally. All in all she was supremely attractive and desirable.

We made our way to the bed and, lying down, began caressing each all over, exploring and getting to know how the other felt, our excitement mounting. We kissed and nuzzled and rolled around, and told each other how happy we were to finally come together. When she was on her back, I moved on top some and began kissing her breasts and rolling her nipples, first one, then the other, in my mouth and over my tongue.

Moving down, I ran my lips over her abdomen until I reached her sex. Holding her thighs with my hands, I touched her with my tongue until I found where it was most pleasurable for her. Then I started licking. I felt one of her hands hold my head and her thighs tighten a little around me. A little moan escaped her mouth. I continued, and slowly her moaning and moving increased, until her breathing got heavier and faster and she started to call out. Taking in a big breath and arching up to me, she cried out in rhythm with her orgasm. When her coming settled down, I stopped for a moment and lay one side of my head on the inside of her thigh. She kept breathing deeply, savoring her pleasure and recovering. I asked her if she wanted me to start again, and she squeezed out a "Yes" and threw her arms back over her head.

When she had come again, and while she was still gasping, I moved up her body until my penis met her sex. Together we found her vagina and I slipped in to her warmth and wetness, and felt her enfold me, as if her whole body were around me. We both grunted softly at how good it felt, at the thrill of experiencing a new person, and I started moving gently, trying to apply pressure where she wanted it most. She raised her legs to hold me, and her arms embraced me around my back. We pushed like this for a while; still coming down off her last orgasm, she started coming again pretty soon.

While her pleasure was going down inside her a little, I kissed her neck and mouth and gave her my tongue. We were caressing one another, and slowly she rolled me over and lay down on top of me. She kissed me fully and reached down to place my penis inside her again, then started moving her hips up and down and telling me how good I felt moving inside her. Then she drew up her knees and raised herself with her hands on my shoulders. I was now going deep inside her and could see her beautiful body and feel her weight on me. I moved my hands over her, holding her thighs, her sides, her breasts, letting her suck my fingers. Sometimes she leaned back to get a different feeling, other times forward. She would slow down or speed up, varying the depth of penetration, until she worked herself to another orgasm. I just enjoyed being inside and feeling her body and pleasure. With every thrust we both let out little gasps and grunts. Her cries got louder and more piercing when she came.

She slowed but did not stop. I was very close to the point of not wanting or being able to hold back anymore. I was delighting in her pleasure, and her movements said, "Feel it with me. Let yourself go." I moved my hands up to hold her breasts. She cried out again and her arms bore down on my shoulders a little harder. I felt myself slipping into orgasm, and soon my whole body was gripped in intense pleasure, focused on my penis inside her and the come that was erupting out of me. I cried out with every spasm as she fucked me harder to finish me.

When my pulsing had died down, she leaned forward and we kissed and laughed and told one another how wonderful it was to be close. She rolled off me, and I felt myself slipping out of her. Lying in each others arms, utterly relaxed, we talked of how we felt we had really made love, how close we felt, and how we wanted to know each other for a long time.

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