tagLoving WivesAn Afternoon by the Pool Ch. 03

An Afternoon by the Pool Ch. 03


Having made their way to the backdoor of their house without allowing the trio next door to know that they had been the source of so much heat and passion; Roy and Kim entered their living room and he pulled her to him and held her close. He gave her a long full kiss as his hands cupped her ass. Their tongues met and they kissed slowly and passionately for a few moments. Pulling away from Kim, Roy told her how great her blow job had felt in the yard. Kim sort of gave a sly grin and exclaimed that it must have been the sun and drinks.

They talked for a few more minutes’ sort of idly chatting with one another as they stood close arm in arm. Roy continued to caress Kim’s supple ass through the T-shirt material and she ran her hands across his chest and stomach with the lightest of touches. Once again their mouths met and their tongues came together. Kim pushed hers into his mouth firmly and pulled him closer. She thrust her hips forward grinding into the stirring erection that had began to grow below. With a hand in the small of her back Roy held Kim close and reached up to cup her breast and gently tease the nipple to hardness through the thin material of her shirt that only accentuated her great looks.

They swayed into each other picking up a semi “Dirty-Dancing” rhythm with one another. Kim stepped a little to one side allowing Roy’s leg to slip between hers and then she stepped close again and continued her gyrations against his thigh. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as he leaned into her and placed his lips to her neck. She left her throat exposed as he started to gently lick, nibble and suck on her extremely sensitive neck and ear. He continued to gently but firmly play with her nipple through her worn T-shirt while the other hand added a little pressure to her backside to help press her onto his leg further.

Kim’s movements were starting to heat up a little and she was beginning to become a little flush in appearance. She placed a hand behind his head as he continued to nuzzle her neck and ear. This only served to signal that she was enjoying the sensation and that by the way that she pulled him closer told him she wanted him to continue and perhaps apply a bit more pressure in his mouthing of her neck and throat.

They carried on like this for several moments as they continued to sway and rock into one another while allowing their hands to roam freely over one another’s bodies. Kim had managed to unfasten the first three buttons of Roy’s jeans and slip a hand inside to gently caress his now hard cock. Roy on the other hand had now switched sides of Kim’s neck and was working the most sensitive part of her neck with his mouth while his hands held and squeezed Kim’s firm ass while she pressed her hot wetness into his thigh. The pressure that she had been applying below and the hot explorations had really caused her to become wet all over again and it became nearly too much to bear when Roy grabbed the back of her thong bikini bottom and gently began to tug it in short but firm tugs.

This added sensation of the material tightly hugging her pussy brought new sensations to her from her clit to her tight little ass. She thrust her hips forward and Roy gave one more firm tug as he sank his teeth firmly into the area right where her neck and shoulders meat and Kim lost control. She let out a loud moan and began to rub her pussy on his thigh even harder as she held his head to her neck. Roy tightened his grip on her bottoms and placed his free hand below to squeeze her ass checks and trail his fingers into the crack of her hot ass following the trail that the cloth of her bottoms did.

She had gone over the edge now and began to climax right then and there. Her body became tense and she moved it in a series of grinding thrusts on his leg as she continued to heighten the intensity of the climax that she was experiencing.

As she started to wind down a little from the nice cum she had just had she brought Roy’s face to hers and again pressed her lips firmly against his and inserted her tongue deep into his mouth. He responded to her embrace by continuing his play with her great ass which sort of helped to prolong the freshly climaxed glow that flushed her face and body. She continued to probe his mouth with her tongue which only served to make him hotter for her attention.

Roy broke the passionate kiss and began to trail kisses down her neck and as he worked his hands beneath her shirt. In a single motion he pulled the shirt up and over her head without a skip in the kisses and nibbles he had been applying to her. He continued now to trail his attentions further down her front side towards her chest as Kim held his head between her hands. He could taste the salty taste of her body on his lips and tongue as he ran them further down to her breasts. He took first one and then the other nipple into his mouth, running his tongue around in soft fluttery circles about her nipples.

Her beautiful nipples responded to the attention by becoming even harder in his mouth. He caressed her legs and ass with his hands and would occasionally run one hand across the damp crotch of her bikini bottoms feeling the wetness that had soaked through. Kim loved the way that he made her nipples feel under his attentions. The motions and pressure that he applied to her nipples frequently sent an almost electric charge straight down her spine and into her pussy and always made her pussy become even wetter than before.

Roy began to trail further down below with his oral attention but Kim had other plans. She pulled him to his feet and quieted his argument with a simple statement that he could continue in the shower once she had washed up. She told him that she needed a shower and that she also needed her back scrubbed to clean off the sweat and sun tan lotion from the day before there would be any more of that.

Agreeing instantly, he followed her as she spun and headed down the hall towards the Master Bedroom. Once they arrived in their room Kim asked Roy to put some music on while she got the shower started. He went to the stereo and put in some of Kim’s favorite music. He heard the water start in the bathroom and as he turned to head over to the bathroom he saw a handful of clothes fly from the door. He began to undress as he crossed the room and by the time he hit the bathroom door he was completely bare.

Once in the shower, Kim grabbed the sponge and applied a liberal amount of gel to it. She lathered it up and handed it to Roy who took the hint that she should be washed first. Happy to oblige he told her to place her hands on the walls of the shower. She raised her arms up and he began to slowly and softly scrub her arms first, starting with the hands and working towards first one shoulder and then the other. He then did the same thing with her neck and then finally trailed down to her chest. Kim just put her head back and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feel of being washed. Roy was now moving the sponge in small circles at the top of her chest, then between her breasts and then down to her stomach. He took his free hand and ran it across her breasts in a soft gentle motion while pausing to pay attention to her sensitive areolas and nipples.

The slippery soap and water combined with the easy pressure caused Kim to let a low moan escape her lips. Roy shook himself out of the trance that touching her breasts and nipples put him in and continued to attend to cleaning her wet body. He carefully scrubbed the well trimmed patch of pubic hair above her pussy and then ran the sponge between her legs and then down each thigh. He washed each leg from top to bottom and paid extra attention to her feet with sort of a massage quality to each one. From his kneeling position he could see that the lips of her pussy were still slightly swollen from the climax she had moments ago and this only served to remind him of what may be in store once she was all washed up.

Now that her back was turned to him, he started again from her hands to her shoulders on each arm and then in slow circles starting at the base of her neck and trailing down her back. Once her back was lathered, he reached in front of her to rinse the sponge out so that he could apply fresh soap to it. As he did so, his hard cock pressed against her soapy back and she pressed back into him and sort of twisted slightly from side to side teasing him. He backed off when he had lathered up the sponge and went back to scrubbing her back.

He took his time as he could tell from her posture that she found this relaxing and enjoyable. He trailed down to her ass cheeks and scrubbed each one with the same gentle strokes that he had with her back. Kim arched her back as he placed the sponge on her tailbone and sort of opened her crack up to him to wash. As he gently scrubbed her there, she wiggled her ass from side to side while holding the arch in her back. He could tell that she was still turned on and enjoying the slippery sensation of having her ass and pussy cleaned with the sponge and his hand. He continued to move lower down her legs and again cleaned her from ass to toes.

She briefly exclaimed “No Fair” when he stopped his caresses to clean her legs but now that her feet were clean he made his way back up to her backside again. She again arched her back and he obliged her with a bit more “cleaning” down there. He stood and reached around her to rinse out the sponge and grabbed the shower head so he could rinse her off. She felt his cock press against her slippery back and this time she arched her back and pressed the crack of her ass against it. She rolled her hips slowly from side to side as she leaned into him. He dropped the sponge and reached up to cup her still soapy breasts as she continued the movements of her hips below.

Roy bent and began to kiss her neck and shoulders and Kim shuddered as the chills came over her. She moaned softly as he continued to nibble at her neck and ear while caressing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples had hardened under his caresses and the slipperiness from the soap intensified the sensation as his hands played over them. Kim turned around facing Roy and they embraced in each other’s arms their mouths met and once again their tongues began to dance within each other’s mouth. Roy could feel how warm Kim’s body was next to his which he was sure was from a mixture of the hours in the sun and the passion that must be running through her body. He reached down and grasped her ass in both hands and pulled Kim to him. The soap on her chest and stomach between them made for a very pleasant sensation as her chest was pressed against his and his hard cock was sandwiched between their stomachs. Roy reached for the shower head and took it from its clip. He raised it above her head and started to rinse her and him off with the warm cascades of the pulsating jets which spurted from the shower head.

Stepping back he asked her to turn around as he sprayed her warm body. She turned her backside to him and he focused the spray on her shoulders and back. The pulsing jets of water from the massage head jetted onto her back and the water sheeted off her. He moved the head from side to side and commenced to rinse her legs and butt off. He reached down and with one hand spread her ass slightly apart so that he could rinse the soap out. As the pulsing water came in contact with her dark little hole a moan escaped her lips and she arched her back to direct it on target. Roy held it there and then alternated the spray back and forth between her slippery pussy and he puckered little ass. This went on for a few moments and then the tease was over. He brought the spray back to her head and let the pulses massage her scalp and told her she needed to turn around. Obediently she turned around and he commenced to rinse off her front side. He adjusted the nozzle to reduce the pulses to a much softer setting and began to tease her breasts and nipples with the pulsing spray. He trailed the spray down to her tummy and then further below and rinsed both of her legs off and then slowly coming back up between her legs he aimed the spray right at her pussy. She spread her legs a little and told him how good it felt to have the pulsing water massage her body like this.

He could take a hint and continued to direct the water’s spray in tiny circles about her soft folds and clit. He could see that her clit was getting hard under the spray of the water and Kim uttered a sigh as it hit the spot. She told him to sort of hold it right there and reached down and stretched the light folds open, exposing her hard little nub to the stream of water pulsing from the showerhead. She moaned as the rhythmic rush of water hit her clit and massaged it. Roy reached to her and cupped her ass with his free hand while being careful to hold the nozzle steady. Kim loved it when he squeezed her ass cheeks while they were having sex and this most recent grasp prompted another deep breath and heavy sigh.

Roy asked Kim to turn around with a sly grin on his face and she knew what he might have in mind. She turned around and he aimed the nozzle again at her ass. He put a hand on her shoulder and gently pushed it forward so that she was a little bent at the waist. He aimed the water at the crack of her supple ass and started to alternate the jets of water between the lips of her glistening pussy and her puckering ass. He continued to rub and squeeze her ass cheek as the water did it part in keeping her aroused. She placed her hands on her knees and bent a little further in order to give Roy better access with the water. He held the stream steady on her pussy and the water pushed between her lips and opened them to again expose her clit.

Kim sort of adjusted her hips to make the water hit just the right spot on her clit and then held completely still except one hand that had now moved to rub the area just above it. Roy took his free hand and began to run his fingers through the wetness of her lips which were wet not only from the water spraying on her but slippery from Kim’s own juices that had begun to seep from inside her. He inserted a single finger at first as she played with her clit while keeping the water on target. He began to move that single digit in and out of her and then added another and then another making it three inside her. She began to gently roll her hips in unison with the thrust of his fingers. She was also rubbing her juices over her clit and would occasionally lightly pinch and roll it between her fingers. They continued like this for a couple of minutes until Roy let the shower head go and kneeled down behind Kim.

She didn’t stop rubbing herself as he placed his tongue between the sticky folds of her lips. He began to flick his tongue lightly across her lips and clit mixing the sensation of her fingers and his tongue. He performed for her for a bit until he could sense that she might be getting hotter at which time he placed both hands, one on either cheek and spread them slightly and dove his tongue deep with in her pussy. He stuck his tongue out just as far as he could, and began to wiggle it inside her. She bent as far as she could and placed her hands at her ankles as he licked the insides of her pussy.

Kim was moaning as Roy’s tongue danced inside her. He moved one of his thumbs to a point closer to her puckered little ass hole and began to gently trace circles around it. Kim moaned aloud with this new sensation and told Roy how good it felt. Roy extended his circles so that his thumb would pick up some of her juices and then continue the circle around her hole so as to make it more slippery. He did this for a few moments and then with drew his tongue from her pussy and began to flick it over her clit so that it wouldn’t be left without some attention. He continued to rub his thumb around her hole while flicking his tongue over her clit and lips. He could taste the sweet juices that were becoming more plentiful as he licked and sucked her pussy.

She told him between moans how great his tongue and hands felt on her and how hot she was getting. He just kept licking, sucking and on occasion would lightly clip her clit with his teeth. These made her tense briefly and then relax into the motion again. His circles around her ass reduced in size and he was now never breaking contact with her hole. He applied a little pressure to it while making tiny circles and his thumb gently pushed against her puckered opening. She lowered her hand to her clit and stretched the skin tight and matched the circles with those of Roy’s thumb. Her juices seemed to almost flow from inside her now and Roy licked and sucked her pussy, devouring them.

She blurted out how good it all felt and then told Roy that she would play with her pussy and that she wanted that tongue on her ass. He moved straight to please her wants and began to trace light circles around her dark little ass hole. She gave a moan of approval as Roy circled her ass with his tongue and she inserted two fingers into her sticky pussy. She told him how much she liked it when he tongued her ass and that he was going to make her pussy cum before too long. She continued to finger herself, sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy and then to her clit while Roy flicked his tongue quickly across her ass.

She moaned and told him to keep licking her ass and not to stop because she was going to cum at any moment. He did just that and pressed his wriggling tongue firmly against her ass which was about all that she could stand. She felt it coming about the time that he did. She could feel her body tense and her pussy tighten around her fingers just as he felt her tight ass hole began to clinch and release under Roy’s Tongue. He pushed his tongue a little further and continued wiggling it around her ass which proved to be just the right thing; Kim exploded and moaned loudly as she began to orgasm. Her fingers were dancing wildly through her lips and across her clit while Roy tongued and licked her ass. He immediately inserted two fingers inside her and worked them in and out of her and he could feel her pussy convulse around them, the convulsing matched that which he could feel grabbing at his tongue as he pressed it at the entrance of her ass.

Kim was in the full throws of this most intense orgasm as Roy kept teasing both of her openings. She was moaning loudly and pressing her ass back at Roy giving him full access as he flicked his tongue quickly and lightly then pressed it into her and wiggled it at the opening. She said over and over again how great his mouth on her tight little ass hole felt. As the waves began to subside Roy began to come down with her by moving back and forth between her pussy and ass with his tongue and fingers. She just stood there sort of frozen in post orgasmic shock trying to catch her breath.

Just then, Roy stood up and before Kim knew what he was doing or what to expect he buried his rock hard cock deep inside her dripping pussy. He pushed in as deep as he could go and his balls slapped against her clit in that quick, long and deep stroke. She gasp from the shock and slight pressure such an abrupt motion gave her but immediately pushed back to meet his initial thrust forcing him against the wall of her cervix. He had his hands at her waist now and they both grasped her beautiful ass cheeks as he began to slide his cock in and out of her in short shallow strokes and then long deep strokes, only to begin the shallow ones again. Kim felt as if she had not even stopped cumming now as his cock moved inside her.

She reached between her legs and played with his soft balls as they move back and forth. Roy let a soft moan out as she did this, bringing a warm sensation to him. Roy began to drive his cock in and out of her pussy as it tightened around him. Kim was contracting her stomach muscles which sort of caused her pussy to grip his cock as it slid in and out of her. Just then as he was almost fully withdrawn from her he pulled her hips to him and drove his cock to the depths of her pussy. He held her there and began to shift his hips from side to side which caused the head of his cock to press and move against her cervix. She pulled gently on his balls as he moved back and forth inside her. Kim moaned loudly and ground her ass backward into him and began her own up and down motion, intensifying the movements of his cock against the deepest walls of her pussy.

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