tagGroup SexAn Afternoon of Putting Out 'Fires'

An Afternoon of Putting Out 'Fires'


From the views of two firefighters, Billy and Paul:

We are two firefighters in the area. Even though we don't make much money at it, Billy and I enjoy what we do. The only real problem in our lives is the domestic kind; not only do our wives seem to have something to bitch about all the time, they don't know that we know they've spread their legs quite a number of times for a few guys that brought in a little more money than we do, in addition to spending our own paychecks like we were millionaires and we put in a lot of overtime as a result.

Now I admit Billy and I are pretty horny guys since our wives are skimpy when it comes to giving us pussy, and we have met a few hot-looking women on the job now and then, along with not-so-hot chicks, but with boyfriends, parents, kids and husbands around, there wasn't much opportunity to get laid.

Until the call we went out on last week.

We don't get to do calls together too often with our hours, but this one had Billy and me together.. It wasn't a major fire; just one where the basement of a duplex was gutted from a dryer catching on fire. The fat chick that lived there didn't really turn us on either--at least at first. But at least she lived alone, so it wasn't all bad; in addition, we needed to get laid so bad we were about on the brink of insanity, so at this point, any willing piece of ass would do.

But as we got the fire under control and checked for 'hot spots,‘ Billy and I got a better look at her and reconsidered. She not only had a nice personality and appreciated our help, she also had a cute face, beautiful blue eyes and a huge pair of tits that wouldn't quit!

We chatted her up for awhile and started to flirt a little bit, and the next thing we knew, we were discussing our wives and sex. She'd ended it with a boyfriend a month ago for his cheating and hadn't fucked anyone since, and I remember thinking what guy would screw around on a chick with such magnificent knockers she had naturally, that most women would kill for or paid thousands of dollars to have!

I happened to glance over and see a strange look on Billy's face, then saw the huge hard-on in his pants. I wasn't the only one to see it, the goddess in front of us also spied his rising crotch and it didn't look like she was about to say no to giving him some relief for his ‘tension' anytime soon.

Smiling slyly, knowing what the bulge in his crotch meant, she stood up and pulled off her top, showing those magnificent tits before looking over at Billy again. "Is that more equipment, or do you like what you see?" she teased him before going over to where he was to rub the fabric his crotch.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," he moaned as she rubbed a little harder.

"You like that, baby?" she cooed.

"Oh yeah, honey." He then unzipped his pants and his seven-inch erect cock jumped out. "You suck cock, baby? Because I could use a good blow job right about now."

"I can do a little better than just suck your cock." With that, she wrapped those fantastic melons around Billy's stiff pole, licking his dick head as it bobbed through her cleavage.

"Ohhhhh..shit! That feels so fucking good!" he grunted.

After a few more minutes of her form of tit fucking and licking his tool, she then took Billy's entire dick into her mouth, sucking him like he was the last cock on earth. By now, I was pretty hard myself watching this big babe sucking on my buddy as he let out groans and sighs of enjoyment.

I then stripped off my clothes and got behind her, rubbing those huge tits and pinching the nipples as she continued her oral performance on Billy. I then hitched up her skirt and pushed the thong underneath it aside, getting access to her clean, shaved pussy as I slid my own eight inches inside her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" she moaned, with Billy's dick still her mouth, sucking him off.

"Yeah, Paul!" he grinned. "Fuck that nice cunt of hers!"

"And a nice cunt it is. Hot and tight…baby, we got to give this sweet pussy some attention," I panted as I went deeper inside her as her moans escaped while still orally servicing Billy's dick.

And there we were, giving this horny bitch a cock in each end, all three of us working in time with each other. There was no question that she was enjoying herself.

More time had passed with this wild, impromptu threesome when Billy gave out an even louder groan and sprayed a load of cum into her mouth, with her swallowing every drop of his load.

I then sped up the pace of giving this gal the hottest, hardest fuck she'd had since leaving her man, my balls banging against that big ass as I fucked her harder with Billy watching us go at it as he worked on his now-limp cock.

"Ohhhhh God……..I‘m going to cum!!" she called out.

Her moans then increased to almost yelling as she came and her orgasm soaked my cock and nutsack. "Fuck me more! Give it to me! Fuck me!"

I flipped her onto her side and slid inside her again, holding up her leg up so Billy would have a view of my cock slamming in and out of her. The sight of us fucking this way was all he needed to get hard again as he watched us fuck on the floor.

"Fuck! Fuck me..ohhh fuck me," she moaned. "Make me cum again! I‘m ready to cum!"

I banged her even harder, slamming in and out of her as her second orgasm approached and her cumming even more intense than the last one. Her body convulsed and I got a second soaking of my cock as she came even harder than the first time, continuing to fuck her soaked cunt intensely until her orgasm had finally abated.

I had an idea right then; I couldn't keep this amazing woman to myself. I slid my dick out of her before pulling her up on the couch to join Billy. He then took his turn, pulling her onto his cock and she willingly accepted his now rock-hard dick into her now loosened cunt that I had just fucked, riding Billy's pole wildly as he groaned in ecstasy.

My own cock still wet from her orgasms, I then pushed it gradually into her big ass as she let out a groan of pleasure of having both our cocks at the same time. Once my entire prick was deep inside her back door, the three of us were fucking in unison as I banged her ass and she rode Billy's cock, the three of us getting the fucking of a lifetime for what seemed forever as she gave us orgasm after orgasm. Damn, what a find--a chick that not only loved to fuck, but liked to take our cocks in all her holes!

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" she called as she started to cum for what seemed to be the hundredth time. "Oh yes! Keep fucking me!"

That sent me over the edge. Feeling my seed working up into my balls to my cock, I let out a groan of my own before filling her asshole with heavy loads of sticky, warm cum before pulling out of her stretched chute. Billy then pulled her off his cock and laid her onto her back before slamming his prick in and out of her again like she would be the last woman he'd fuck for the rest of his life. There was certainly no question that she was enjoying his cock as much as she did mine as she'd cum a couple of more times with him.

Not long after I finished with her and they'd been getting it on themselves on the sofa, Billy too approached his own climax, blasting endless loads deep into her cunt as her body convulsed into one final orgasm as he shot off into her with what seemed to be gallons of jism .

"Oh, fuck!" he said when they finally finished cumming and Billy had collapsed back onto the couch. "That was great!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "My wife won't even let me do her in the ass. Yours was so fucking hot!"

"Mmm…these women that don't like anal…they don't know what they are missing!" she commented. "It really makes me cum when a guy fucks me back there."

"Our kind of woman…damn, baby, where have you been all our lives?" I grinned at her.

She then slid between us and began playing with our cocks again until we were both stiff as boards and ready for some more action. Naturally, I think I can safely speak for Billy when I say we were in hog heaven finding such a hot bitch and getting more sex in one afternoon than our wives had given us all week--which in their case, was virtually none.

Next thing I knew, she had downed my healthy erection in one gulp and began deep throating me, giving me one of the best cock suckings that I ever remembered getting. Now I knew why Billy had cum so hard when she'd sucked him off! This babe could really suck a dick!

Meanwhile, Billy had been lubing up his cock with spit, then gotten behind her, fingering her ass. He then reconsidered for a moment, sliding his tool inside her cunt instead, fucking her for several minutes as she orally worked on my dick, then pulled back out. His prick now really soaked with both his spit and her fuck juices, he now pushed it gradually into her ass until he was completely in, then began pumping away.

My cock had popped out of her mouth by then. "Oooooooooooooooooohhhh……yes! Fuck me, baby….fuck my ass!" she breathed. "I want to feel all that cock inside my ass!"

She then downed my own fuck tool into her mouth again, sucking in time with Billy banging her backdoor. At that point, if there had been a heaven for cocks, ours were certainly in it then!

We kept up this second threesome much longer than the first before I felt the approach of myself about to go over the edge.

"Gonna cum…." I moaned, not really wanting to end the blow job she was giving me, but there was no way I was going to control NOT cumming; it felt so fucking good!

Within minutes, I shot off a load of hot seed into her mouth, and as she'd done with Billy, swallowed all my cum down without hesitation. WOW! Try finding a woman that swallows one guy's load at any time, much less the cum of two guys in one afternoon!

Not long after, Billy and she approached their own orgasms together, with Billy filling her bowels with his own load until he was totally drained of the last drop of cum, then slowly pulled out and collapsed onto the carpet.

"Jesus! Baby, that was fucking hot!" he panted.

She smiled at him. "Well, both your dicks did feel pretty good in there when you did it. I don't think I remember cumming so much, even with my ex!"

"Oh yeah…we got to come back here and take care of you more often," he said. "I hope you don't take offense, but you are one hot bitch and a terrific fuck! Best damned sex I ever had!"

"None taken. As a matter of fact, I was about to say the same about you two! You really know how to use those cocks to please a girl!"

I then had another idea, immediately thinking of a buddy that I knew didn't live far from where our newly discovered fuck toy did, and it happened to be his day off on this day, not to mention he also had a strong appetite for pussy and a nice 10-inch cock to boot.

"Mind if I use your phone, baby? I think I have something else in mind you may like."

"Well, if you think so, stud, go ahead," she said, pointing to a phone. "Meanwhile, you can meet your friend here and me in the bedroom upstairs when you're finished."

While she dragged a still-naked Billy upstairs, I called Mike. Fortunately for us, he was both home and had been horny as hell since he and his woman had a fight a week ago, and had also been watching a porno when I called. When I told him about the call we went on and the big babe that we'd been getting sucked and fucked by the last hour or so, his interest piqued.

"Think she'll be up for a good fuck from a third dude?" he asked.

"Why do you think I called? This chick can't seem to get enough of mine and Billy's dicks as it is and when she sees how hung you are, she might give yours a workout too!"

I then gave him directions. "We'll be upstairs so it will be a few minutes for her to get to the door," I added.

"No problem. I know how those big broads like cock, and I'm ready to do some fucking myself," Mike said. "I'm on my way!"

After we'd hung up, I'd gone up into the bedroom to find our still-horny woman riding Billy's hard-on in the middle of the queen-sized bed. Both had been so into fucking, they had been having that they didn't notice I had come in until I went over and put my own wood into her mouth, which she sucked on greedily while riding Billy at the same time. I then pulled my cock out of her mouth and Billy pushed her off, with them going into a 69 position while I fucked her in the ass again.

When Mike came to the door, the timing couldn't have been better; I'd just blown another load into her ass while Billy had emptied his own cock into her mouth at the same time he'd been lapping up her own wet orgasm from her cunt when the doorbell rang.

"Is that your friend?" she asked, no doubt as eager to take him on as he was to get laid.

"Yeah," I panted, "Let me go get him."

I'd wrapped a towel around my waist from the bathroom on the off chance it either wasn't Mike; I certainly didn't want my dick hanging out for the world to see besides, despite the fact the three of us had seen each other's cocks many a time in the showers at the station.

Fortunately, it was him, and his hard-on was obvious through his pants. Within minutes, he was also naked and on his way upstairs, ready for action.

Our girl eyed up both Mike and his huge cock appreciatively, before going over to take him into her mouth and started to suck him off.

"Oh God!" he breathed. "You didn't tell me she could suck cock so damned good!"

Billy and I were both getting hard again and we stroked our own cocks as we watched her deep throat Mike's massive tool; his dick was so big and thick it was a wonder she wasn't gagging yet. But one thing was for sure, he was loving getting sucked as she was sucking him.

Mike then pushed her head off him. "Baby, you're gonna make me cum too soon; get off my dick."

He then made her kneel on the bed, then slowly entered her cunt from behind, increasing his speed as he fucked her doggy style with a vengeance. Billy then went over and shoved his own prick into her mouth and I put her hand on my own cock to jerk me off. She happily worked on the three of us at once and Billy and I could also see that Mike was in pussy heaven as he continued to pound her hot, willing snatch. Within minutes, her body started to shake from the fucking he was giving her, cumming just as hard as she'd done during mine and Billy's own turns at her pussy.

"That's it, baby, cum for me!" Mike grunted as he fucked her even harder; her cries of orgasm had been muffled by Billy's cock in her mouth and she'd jerked my own wood even harder as she'd cum.

Next, she'd began sucking my cock and jacking Billy's as Mike continued fucking her, groaning, panting and sighing with pleasure as his cock was enjoying the hot cunt he was buried in, going deeper and pounding her harder as she came over and over. Meanwhile, she'd gone back and forth both jacking off and orally servicing both mine and Billy's dicks. And we thought she was one hot fuck with just the two of us, but damn, she was being a real slut dream come true with three of us!

The three of us went like this on her for a while longer until Mike was first to cum, filling her slit to overflowing with his hot cream. Billy and then came shortly after, with her swallowing both our loads. We all then collapsed on the bed, very pleased from what we had just experienced.

"Holy shit...you didn't tell me this gal was so damned hot in bed!" Mike praised.

She reached over and jerked his now-limp prick. "What's the matter, baby? Haven't had any good pussy in a while?" she teased.

Mike was hard again within minutes while she played with his cock. "Not like what you just gave me...I'm lucky if I can get my woman to open her legs more than once a week for some good missionary!"

"Yeah, Mike," Billy grinned, jerking his own cock. "You think that cunt is hot, you should try doing her in the ass. Fucking hot!"

That must have given her an idea, as she presented her ample behind to Mike. "You like anal, baby? Because I bet your cock would really feel good in my ass about now."

Mike was estatic. "Oh my God, a woman that loves it in the backdoor! So fucking great! Pinch me, I am fucking dreaming...better yet, don't pinch me!"

She then reached over and got some K-Y out of a bedside drawer, handing it to Mike. "You know what to do," she teased, her ass aimed toward him as she mounted her hot cunt onto my own cock at the same time. "Fuck my ass while I do your friends here." She then began sucking Billy's dick again.

Lubing his big fuck tool and her poop chute with the K-Y, Mike then inched it gradually into her, groaning with sheer delight as each inch glided into her backdoor. Within minutes, his entire pole was in and he'd started fucking in unison at the same time she rode my cock and was sucking off Billy.

Billy couldn't hold out too long; he'd pulled out of her mouth as he approached his climax, popping endless streams of cum all over her tits as Mike continued to thrust in and out of her ass and she bounced off my dick.

Seeing Billy covering her giant knockers in his creamy jism sent both Mike and me over the edge. She then slammed her own body up and down harder onto my pole as I approached my own cum before; it seemed that Mike and I were sharing one brain at the moment as he'd pulled out of her ass and I pushed her off onto her back on the bed before we jacked off our own huge loads that joined the cum soaking Billy had given her onto those massive tits and stomach of her rounded body.

"That's it, boys!" she squealed. "Cover me in all that hot cum!"

Wow! With that, it seemed Mike and I would cum endlessly as she let her body enjoy shot after shot of our seed as we continued to shoot off onto her until our cocks were finally drained of the last drop of jism.

"Oh wow!" she cried once we were finished. "That was soo HOT!"

"Not too often we get to cum on women like that," Mike beamed. "And baby, you were one hot piece of ass!"

"I think I just heard that from someone else not too long ago," she quipped, smiling at Billy and me. "You know, you guys really should get fucked more often."

"No objections to that here, baby," Mike said, leaning over to plant a deep French kiss on her, not minding her cum-soaked body at all.

We then realized how much time had passed and Billy and I hurriedly threw our clothes back on and got ready to leave. She was due for company, but had called and cancelled out on them, no doubt planning to work over Mike and his giant cock some more--and our chief would no doubt be bitching about what took so damn long to put out a dryer fire if we didn't get moving back to the station. (Well…those stubborn ‘hot spots' you know…..*wink wink*)

"Thanks for your help, guys," she winked as she wiped the cum off of herself and put only a few of her clothes back on over that hot, ample body that would no doubt be coming back off once Billy and I were gone.

We both grabbed another handful of ass on our way out. "Anytime, baby," I said.

"Call us anytime you have any ‘other fires‘ that need taken care of,'" Billy added, winking knowingly. "As you saw, we have our own ‘special equipment' to put those out."

"Oh I saw that 'equipment' already," she winked back, grinning. "I think I may have some that will need to be put out sooner than you think." She then gave us her full name, which was Torrie, and phone number. "Call anytime you have some hot spots of your own," she teased, then paused.

"But I also have a confession to make."

"Yeah?" I asked. Damn, I hope it wasn't bad news like she had an STD or something!

"Today was the first time I took on three men at once," she said. "And I really loved it, especially when you guys shot cum all over me! I mean, I've seen movies with women doing a lot guys at once and it looked really hot, but I never thought I'd have the opportunity to experience three hard dicks at the same time myself and be so turned on by it. Thanks!"

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