tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Alien Spider's Love Ch. 01

An Alien Spider's Love Ch. 01


Author note 1: Hi folks, this is my first time writing for the public and I ask that please keep your comments fair, honest and constructive. Please be gentle…

Author note 2: All people, companies and situations are not real, any correlations to anything real is accidental

Author note 3: This is a story driven story, if you are looking for a hot sex story look elsewhere. There is no sex in this first chapter.

Chapter One

Getting A Dahlia to Blossom

Dahlia Morris awoke in the dark, again, but this time something was off, she wasn't tied up for one thing, another was she was wrapped in something warm and soft. She moved slightly and what she laid on swung slightly. She gasped.

A powerful, quiet, male voice spoke, "Move slowly, you were badly injured when I brought you here."

She gasped, "Where are you?"

"Oh, yes!" He stated, "Your species has comparatively pore night sight at first," And then there was a low level of light that went up all over the room and she was looking up at a Serrahsha, a giant, fifteen foot, spiderlike race that The Harvest Corporation was having a war with, that was two feet from her face.

Her Arachnophobia caused her to scream for a minute as he shimmered up the strand of silk he was hanging from. She stopped quickly when she realized that she was wrapped in a blanket and not cocooned as her struggles caused the blanket to fly across the room.

"I think I liked it better when the lights were off," Dahlia muttered.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were an Arachnophobia victim as well as a rape victim or I wouldn't've hung so close," The Serrahsha apologized.

"It wasn't Just my Arachnophobia, I was tied up just before -- Wait! How did you know I was raped?"

An athoarative female voice responded, "One, he pulled a guy out of your unconscious body, and two, I am the one who examined you and declared that you'd been raped repeatedly recently," Dahlia looked up and saw another Serrahsha crawling thru an entrance twenty five feet above the floor of the cave she was in and on its back was an older woman with a very healthy look to her, dressed in close made out of the hard to find Serrahsha silk, 'Well maybe it wasn't so hard to find here as this probably is a Serrahsha nest,' Dahlia thought, road in on the back of another Serrahsha.

"I believe she's an Arachnophobe," The first Serrahsha stated.

The second Serrahsha snorted then stated, "Maybe she won't be the best Companion for you Grand Strategist Torroto, as she probably won't be up to sex with you."

There's more to human Companions then the sexual satisfaction they can give us Grand Healer Vottorore. You of all people should realize THAT!"

"He's probably just teasing you Torroto!" A musical, and oddly familiar, female voice called out as another human sailed thru the entrance and landed lightly by Dahlia's hammock.

The twenty three foot jump was an incredible feet, even in Trallivane's 5/8ths Earth's gravity and Dahlia wondered who this blonde bombshell was until she looked up and saw a slightly youthenned Myra Nanosmith, an infamously famous investigative reporter that has been missing for just over a year as she investigated the "Hostile Alien" control action that The Harvest Corporation was conducting here.

It was rumored that she and her camera woman was kidnapped by "The Savage Bugs" and maybe killed. Right now she was wondering if The "Savage Bugs" were better then the company who had hired her for her computing skills and when she got here it turned out that They had all the Comp-Techs they needed, but, according to her contract if she couldn't fulfill her end They could use her other skills as They desired. Turned out that that meant the Company could use her as They wanted. And it seemed that all they had ever wanted from her was sex, that it went against her wishes only meant that They wouldn't let her go after her contract just extend it indefinitely or arrange an "Accident" if she couldn't perform. Although a pregnancy was an acceptable reason for not performing in the ninth month.

Trusting the Serrahsha may be the only chance she had to escape this world.

"How can I help?" Dahlia asked.

Torroto slid down the strand to land behind Myra and wrapped her with one fore-leg, leaned his head down and started to play with her hair using his lesser mandibles. Dahlia had a strange feeling that this was a sign of affection toward Myra.

Myra smiled, "It helps this big softy to have a Human Companion with him. He thinks better when there's someone who CAN argue with him, not that the other Serrahsha can't argue with him, they have a hard time because he's too intuitive for them."

By this time the older woman had dismounted and walked over and asked kindly, "I'm Doctor Phoebe Marks, do you want to know how bad you were when The Grand Strategist found you?"

Dahlia gulped, "Not really, but I should. I know I had two blacking eyes, bleeding from both fore and aft down there a sprained wrist, a cracked rib -- I think, And I thought I sprained my ankle when I tripped. OH! And bleeding knuckles where I busted one's face, I think… What was the real damage?"

Doctor Marks smiled sadly, "By the time Torroto got you to me your 'cracked' rib was broke and had stabbed into your lung, you had a brain bleed and a badly ripped anal sphincter and vagina. There wasn't much conventional medison could do at that point, so we had to resort to an extreme measure. I'm not sure you will like it, but, it was necessary."

"What did you have to do?"

"I need to explain something. The lubricating fluid of the Serrahsha has a lot of regenerative and enhancing effects on biology that is alien to them. The hitch of the things is the healing properties of the fluids fade quickly out of the genital cavity of the Serrahsha so the only practical way to apply it is for one to have intercourse with one."

Dahlia thought a bought it for a moment then looked sharply at Torroto who was hanging his head behind Myra, "It wasn't my favorite idea either, but I didn't do it to hurt you and I'm physically incapable of raping anyone without help."


Vottorore stated, "Look up," Standing horizontally six feet above her on two thin silk ropes was the bottom of his ten foot long abdomen and down the middle of it was a seven foot long crease, "The Crease you see is where our genitals are under. It MUST be stimulated by rubbing to open and then a human wanting sex needs to climb in, and then it closes around the person and the tentacles stimulate the person inside and themselves until the ejaculation, which adds to the healing and enhancing effects of the lube then the person is dropped and the crack reseals itself," Then Vottorore strode forward and claimed down the wall.

"So," Dahlia stated after a second, "To fuck me healthy you needed help and it's unlikely that many women would help hurt a rape victim… So I forgive all of you for doing what you needed to, to help me. And, I thank you too," And then she reached out and rubbed Torroto's nearest leg. It was as warm as human skin. "You're a warm blooded creature!" She gasped.

Torroto's "Yes" collided with Myra's "You didn't know?"

Dahlia shook her head, "They told my group that you were just like Earth spiders only with a Sub-Human brain. That you only took women for sex, since your females are rarely spotted I thought that was true, but was hoping you'd treat me better…"

"Human Companions are more than 'Sex Toys' Miss. Morris," An angry Vottorore stated, "We learn a lot from you and… Uh… How do you put that My Phoebe?"

Phoebe looks up to Her Serrahsha, "That we are your Muses and Inspiration for some of your best Ideas?" and at his nod, a gesture many races had acquired from the humans, even those at odds with humans, Phoebe wrapped her arms around his torso thick leg that ended in dexterous claws that rivaled the Human hand and gushed, "Awww, that's so sweet! Let's go screw some more years off my age!" And with that odd statement she climbed on his back and he scampered up the wall and out of the cave.

Myra shared a laugh with Torroto and then explained, "The regenerative affects have a semi "Fountain of Youth" effect that's more drastic if you start when you're older, but it's not truly a Fountain of Youth as though your body become more vigorous and youthful the years don't 'disappear' you just get more of them as the ware to your body heals itself faster."

"We'd know more of its effects if my pore Anna was still alive," A sadden Torroto whispered, "But the Company killed her to stop her from getting a lawyer to represent us in Federation court. She was the Biologist on the First In Team and the first Human Companion."

"Anna Starpride?" Queried Dahlia, "You're THAT Torroto? But… no… Not even They could be so cruel… Or could They?"

Torroto's head snapped up, "What? What are They saying a bought My Anna?"

A wide eyed Dahlia shook her head, "I don't believe it now and I doubted it when they started… Well, doing what they did to me, but… but, They say," she whispered the next part, "That you killed and ate her after she told you that she wouldn't lie to the Federal Review board and that your people were not fit to manage your own planet…"

Torroto let go of Myra, turned to the right and quietly scuttled to one side. While he was out of sight she heard him whisper, "Oh, Anna. What should I Do? The things they are saying… Would it be safe for Myra or should I change plans?"

Dahlia, curious, started to get up and Myra came over and helped her up and supported her until she readjusted her center of gravity to standing. Dahlia walked out a couple steps and turned to the right. She saw Torroto laying in front of an alcove like the one her hammock hung in and there was an alcove in between them and against the left side of both was a huge, ornately carved, wooden wardrobe. Hers was plain but the one in between hers and the one where Torroto was had Myra's name carved into the top and a painting on silk of her hung on the door and a voice/text recorder hung off one side on a post at an upwards 45 degree angle.

Standing there she realized she was naked and her precious Data Gauntlet was missing. She knew that she was wearing it when she escaped the complex where she was held. They had let her keep it because when they needed to use her computer skills those few times she wouldn't use any other equipment because hers was SO much better. "Um, Myra, Is there spare cloths I can wear? And where is my Data Gauntlet?"

Myra chuckled, "Torroto made you some cloths, you've been out of it for two days, and the Data Gauntlet is in the wardrobe with the cloths."

Dahlia walked, with a little aid from Myra, over to the wardrobe and opened it. There was a half dozen beautiful outfits out of Serrahsha Silk, hung in with them were pieces of sexy lingerie that matched the cloths they hung by.

"Torroto tells me he was a Grand Weaver before he became The Grand Strategist and still eats enough of the Weaver diet, by the way, the Serrahsha Cast System IS a 'you are what you eat' thing rather than a 'you are what you are born to be' thing, to keep his 'hand' in shape for after."

"They are not my best work," Torroto suddenly mentioned form right behind them.

Myra jumped, spun, and punched Torroto's leg as Dahlia squeaked, then Myra yelled, "I've got to get you a bell!"

Torroto made a sound Dahlia hadn't heard before and Myra groused, "Quit laughing! You're quieter then a Stealth Runner and you scared Dahlia again!"

Dahlia defended, "I'll get used to it, and I've got to, to get out of here!"

Myra winced, but Torroto said, "That makes three of us wanting to world hop, I only want to keep The Harvest Corporation from killing us off. They've already destroyed the world I knew; perhaps I can find something 'Out There' that I like," He looked down at Myra, "especially with a good guide?" He then looked over to Dahlia, "Or two?"

Myra grinned and hugged his leg as Dahlia whispered, "I'm not sure I'd be a good Companion for you, I-"

Torroto cut her off buy lifting a fore-leg and spreading his claw in a passable stop gesture, "The sex thing is and always has been optional, Anna only started with it because she wanted to experiment then she got hooked on the sensation. We found out the regenerative and enhancive properties out later, after an accident. All a Human Companion ever was supposed to be was a good friend. Think you can handle that?" At Dahlia's nod he went on, "Good, now I want your help with something, after what you told us a bought the story They tell new hires I've decide they are waiting for someone to try the "Serrahsha Are Beasts" thing that My Anna tried after contact with us, because the Higher Ups know we're not and that anyone who'd meet us would agree with that. So plan B."

"But Torroto," Myra stated, "I need to get to my uncle, General Eon Nanosmith, to get you help."

"Don't worry Myra, you will," Torroto soothed, "But you may need to go thru The Empire and meet an old friend of mine," Though the Empire and The Federation weren't the best of friends as governments go, but would help each other often, "Which could help us in the end. But First," he turned to Dahlia, "I know your Data Gauntlet is a high end module, but how good is it and you?"

Dahlia straitened, "My Gauntlet is a stripped down Military Intelligent Unit from two years ago- which means its still two years ahead tech. As for me, I've been classified as a Level Twenty Hacker/Programmer and I should have gone to Spook School. Well, Hind Sight twenty/twenty and all that…"

Torroto made his laugh, "You want to meet my Computer?" To you, the reader, this question may seem odd, but to those in this story the computers have had rudimentary AIs for decades and have been treated somewhat as the pets of their users, so in those terms the question makes sense to ask.

"Ah… Just let me get dressed, and I'd love to," Dahlia replied. She quickly chose a forest green pantsuit and the teddy that went with it. However, as soon as she put it on she was hit by a wave of sexual pleasure in all the intimate places it touched plus the lesser pleasure from the skin it touched, "Ooohhh Crap! I'd forgottennnnnn AAhh!" She collapsed to her hands and knees, "Five years ago I had a pair of panties that had an inch square of Serrahsha Silk sewn into the lining at just the right spot! But THIS! This is fifty times THAT in each of the three spots!" She stood shakily, "How do the women who ware this stuff all the time do it?"

"Either they ware cotton under it or they have A LOT of sex," Myra stated, "But its effects do lessen slightly as time passes. But I'll really miss it when I leave."

"With Dahlia's help, you'll be on an Imperial Scout Ship when you leave, so you can take more than your old cloths," Torroto verbally smirked to Myra as he watched Dahlia shiver as she slid the pants and blouse on.

Myra was also watching, "How heavily did you pack the weave?" she whispered to Torroto

"Only a Quarter of your first cloths," Torroto quietly replied, "And she's reacting just as strongly as you did AND you had a STRONG reaction to it. If she has sex with me she's going to go a bit wild. But that's a big IF."

Myra nodded and watched as an unsteady Dahlia walked over sliding on the Suit Jacket.

"So," Dahlia asked, valiantly trying to keep her voice steady, "What's next?"

Torroto sunk to lie down and Myra braced Dahlia, "This may be hard for you, but Companions often ride on their Serrahsha. Which makes since because we're in a city that the Serrahsha built for themselves? They haven't yet refitted it for humans just in case The Corporate Security Forces brake thru to here so it'll be harder for them to fight in here."

Dahlia nods grimly, "I can handle riding, I think."

Myra grins, "Good girl, Torroto does have a harness for us to strap in as he'll have to be at angles where we'd fall off without them at times."

Dahlia nods and lets Myra get her on Torroto's back, strap her down and watches as Myra gets on in front of her. She kept thinking to herself, "Serrahsha are not spiders, their warm-blooded."

Myra told Torroto, "OK, we're aboard," then shot over her shoulder, "Hold on, It's a bought to get wild." As Torroto surged up then out of the cave into a tunnel, then he turned right and scuttled down the tunnel and moved at an amazing speed.

Suddenly he shifted onto a wall then up to the ceiling as a naked woman came bounding down the tunnel faster than normal for the gravity here. She was clutching her dress and some men's clothing. She giggled up to Torroto, "Hi Torroto," as she passed under him. She was followed by a man who was also running to fast and was naked as well. He also grinned up with a "Hi". A little later another Serrahsha was skittering down the tunnel. Torroto greeted, "Have fun with your companions Soeruhrue!"

"You too, Torroto!" Soeruhrue click/laughed back.

"That was," Myra explained, "Bailey and T-Bone Ryens and their companion Soeruhrue. Bailey and T-Bone are Warp Shifted," Warp Shifted are mutations caused by a small, necessary imbalance in the Warp Drive Field that allowed for Faster Then Light travel, only three percent of people who travel ever got hit, but your chance never changed from one flight to the next, so those who travelled more had a larger chance of getting hit, and even after you got Shifted you could get Shifted again, "Bailey's a Lepord Feral," A mutation with "Werewolf" like effects, in this case she could turn into a half to full Lepord, "And T-Bone is a telepath. They were married before they came here to work for The Harvest Corporation, but, as soon as they arrived the company tried to separate them to breed them to 'their own kind.'"

Dahlia shook her head, "I bet Bailey didn't take will to that," It was well known that, like the Ferrariens, the feline race that runs the Empire, Feral can somehow smell who the person who their True Mate really is and those who interfere often will get hurt.

"No she didn't. Now I, before I tell you the next part I must tell you this was JUST after Anna's death and WAY before my time."

Torroto broke in as they switched back down to the bottom of the tunnel, "Yes, it was during the time I was the most vicious towards the Company."

"Indeed," Confirmed Myra," The, at the time, Grand Weaver Torroto and The High Engineer Soeruhrue and others were out hunting for Corporate Security forces to test Soeruhrue's newly designed weapon, a weponized sonic pulverizer. They were protrolling near a base that is no longer there when they came across a currieos sight."

Torroto turned and started climbing a tunnel headed straight up, "If you don't mind, I can take over," At Myra's 'sure' he picked up the history, "Well, what I saw looked to be a Ferrarien with spotted fur, only it was too large to be one as it would have been seven of your 'Feet' tall, as you may know Ferrariens don't get much over five foot tall, well it was crouched in between an injured human male and some of the Harvest Corporation Security Forces.

"I have a Ferrarien Airray," Torroto used the Ferrarien word for a friend, mate and partner on the battle field, "And for a moment I saw Trrrushmure and Anna there and I wasn't letting them down! I did a fool hearted thing then, I leapt forward out of the canopy with a battle cry and landed in front of what I thought was a Ferrarien and leveled my weapon, I was lucky that the warriors and Soeruhrue had leapt a half second after I did and landed in a wedge around the two of them. We then fired our wepons into the midst of the unprepaired Security Force. At that second I didn't see the horror in the results as the humans screemed in agony as their innards were pulverized and blood spouted from their orafisses. I am ashamed to admit I had hissed in satisfaction at what happened and I missed the shock of horror of the warriors, I should state that these were some of the Warrior Caste that wanted to sweep the Humans off of the face of Trallivane only allowing the current Companions to remain if they're Serrahsha wanted them to remain. I was believing that this would be the best vengeance on the Company until Soeruhrue asked me a question that changed the course of history.

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