An Alpha's Klutz


As everyone left the dining room, Nekko rose and went into the kitchen. He had sent everyone out after dessert was served, but they would be back in an hour to finish their work. This was something he had to do alone.

He quickly poured two cups of warm tea that had been freshly made before the servants left. His conscious was beating at him for what he was about to do, but he had no choice. Raising his hand he watched as the claws grew and then quickly sliced into his palm. The blood pooled in his palm before he let it drip into one of the teacups. Although his blood wouldn't cause any harm to Jenna when she drank it, it would help his cause, and that was all that mattered to him right now.

Back in the study Jenna spoke softly with Emily. "When do you want to go into town to do the historic tours?"

Emily thought about it for a moment. "Well, we will be here for a week so I guess we can do it the day after tomorrow if that's okay with you?"

"Sure, should be fun. I loved it last time we were here and would really like to go back and refresh my memory." The tours were the best part of their last vacation here. Hearing out the old coal town, and visiting them was something that she would never forget. Learning the struggles and seeing the devastation that ripped through the old coal towns was like reliving it.

Nekko entered then carrying a tray with two cups of tea and two glasses of bourbon and sat them on the side table. He gave each lady their cup, then took his bourbon and sat beside Jenna leaving Chad to get his own glass. "So Jenna, have you decided what you are doing tomorrow? "

Nekko watch as she took a sip of her tea, feeling a thrill travel through him as she digests his blood. "I guess I'll be working on your quilts during the morning, and then go hiking with Emily after that."

Nekko just nodded and watched her drink more of her tea, never taking his eyes off of her or caring what was happening with Emily or Chad.

"So Mr. Paxton...."

"Please Jenna, call me Nekko."

"Very well, Nekko." She blushed as she said his name. "Is there any local myths or legends that are interesting "

Nekko thought about it for a moment. A myth telling how his mate would be found, but surely it was just a myth because she was right here. "There is something."

She took another sip of her tea and waited for him to continue.

"Our local legend says that these hills are the home of werewolves." He stopped when he saw her look of surprise. "Hard to believe that isn't it?"

Jenna was so wrapped up in the story that she gulped down the rest of her tea without thinking about it. "Werewolves?" It sounded like something out of a story, a horror movie.

Taking the cup from her he sat it on the table. "yes, werewolves. Legend says that werewolves roam these hills and have for hundreds of years. A certain wolf, the alpha or leader, spends his time searching for his mate."

"Mate?" She wasn't quite sure what that was.

"Hmmm, yes. His mate. The one person in the world who fit him. She would be the other half of his soul, and make him complete." The explanation sounded incomplete even to him but how else could he explain it. The instant want, the instant love, it was like nothing he had ever experienced before. "Anyway there is a small verse that has been passed down through the generations that is based on the legend."

"Do you know the verse?" She was completely enthralled.

Yes, he did. He knew it better than he knew himself. The verse was penned for him and him alone. It was a heavy cloud that hung over his head for generations, a curse that left him in agony wondering and waiting.

I have waited, now I'm done

Winter's past and summer begun

Meet me at where all lovers lie

For time is wasted and mortals die.

"No I don't remember it." He didn't want to say it, he wanted to hopefully have it fulfilled by her in some way without pushing her into it.

Disappointed, she turned to Emily, noticing for the first time that she had left at some point with Chad. Wondering what time it was she looked at the old grandfather clock that was against the far wall and noticed it was almost midnight. She gasped. "Oh, I didn't realize it was so late. I should be getting to bed." Standing quickly, she wobbled a bit from her legs going to sleep.

Nekko caught her against him before she could fall. "Are you alright?" His concern was obvious. Wouldn't do any good for her to fall and kill herself before his plans were complete.

She blushed again. "Yes I'm fine. Just tired." Pulling away she righted herself and started walking to the door. "Good night Mr. Paxton."

"Nekko." He whispered back to her, watching every move she made.

"Nekko." She gave him the satisfaction of hearing his name on her lips before she fled the room. Honestly, the man was too hot to be human.

Nekko watched her leave, wanting to follow her up to bed, but knew it wasn't the time. He would wait, and when she fell asleep he would complete this part of this plan hoping it worked the way he intended.

Finally in her room, Jenna went into the bathroom for a warm bath. Honestly, she could get use to living in a room like this. The only thing is that if she did have a room like this one, she might never leave it.

Sinking into a tub full of bubbles she let out a sigh. This was exactly what she needed, a long soak to relieve the tension that seemed to build inside the longer she was in Nekko's presence. But she was beginning to think he might be a bit crazy. What type of person really believes in werewolves? Seeing them in movies and reading about them in books was one thing, but to honestly believe that they existed? Well that was another matter altogether. She would just have to make a point in avoiding him in the future until she went back home.

The bath worked wonders on her aching muscles and by the time she got out she was exhausted and aching to climb into the huge bed. Honestly, was there anything softer in the world?

Nekko waited outside the door that connected their rooms together, waiting for her breath to become even in sleep. He could hear every move she made and every sound that came from her mouth. When she moaned in pleasure from the tub he was barely stay on his side of the door. But finally he knew she was asleep, her breathing an even cadence that drew him towards her bed. She was stretched out under the covers, completely covered by the blanket much to his dismay.

"Jenna." He whispered into the darkness, yearning for her to open her eyes and see him.

Shaking off his thoughts, he slowly sat on the edge of the bed and placed his hand on top of her head, stroking her soft curls and murmuring softly. She sighed and snuggled closer to him, which urged him to stretch out beside her and pull her in his arms.

He was content. A feeling of pure peace and complete bliss filled him. Closing his eyes he imagined what it would be like to wake up to her smiling face and be able to touch her anywhere he wanted.

Knowing that it was useless to sit there and imagine, Nekko pulled gently away. Slicing his finger on his claw he quickly rubbed a tiny drop of blood onto his lips. Leaning down he rubbed his blood coated lips against hers. "Jenna..." The yearning was unimaginable.

She was dreaming, it had to dream because nothing else made sense. The last thing she remembered was lying down in bed, only to now be outside under the full moon and dressed in a lavender nightgown that flowed around her.

"Jenna...." It was a whisper on the breeze.

"Who's there?" She demanded, terrified suddenly.

"Jenna..." the voice whispered again.

It was a familiar voice, one she hoped not to hear again until the next evening. "Nekko?" But it couldn't be. She wouldn't dream about someone she just met would she? Even if he was the hottest man alive.


She was getting angry. If it was Nekko he had better show himself soon or she was going to take control of this dream and harm him bodily.

"I'm right here."

Turning around she saw him. He was standing just a few feet away from her dressed in low riding blue jeans and an unbuttoned dress shirt. Completely dreamy, which made sense cause it was her dream.

"Let me love you."

Really? Um, ok. Boy, oh boy. It's better than ice-cream!!!

He walked slowly towards her, giving her the chance to run if she wished. Stopping a breath away from her he reached out his hand and cupped her face. "You are so beautiful. Everything I ever dreamed of and I've dreamed of you for centuries."

She held her breath as he lowered his lips to her forehead, softly rubbing them against her skin. Slowly he makes his way down her cheek and to the corner of her mouth. She catches her breath at the feel of his lips so close to hers.

Suddenly he moves his hand away from her cheek and grasps the nape of her neck , roughly pulling her closer. He meets no resistance when his lips touch hers. Their tongues meet in a seductive dance, a battle for control, a battle Jenna was doomed to lose.

His hands started wondering over her body, trying to pull her closer. She moaned against his mouth. "Please." She whispered against him.

Pulling back he knelt down at her feet. His hands grasped the end of her gown and he pulled causing it to rip up the center. The smell of her arousal filled his nose, and the sight of her bare pussy stole his breath. Looking up he stared into her eyes as he finished tearing the bottom part of her gown. Standing once again, he backed her up until she reached a mossy clearing. "Lay down for me." He ordered.

She was trembling as she laid down, her legs barely supporting her. She wanted this, wanted it until she could almost taste it. Her flesh tingled where he touched her on her ankles and slowly slip up.

His lips took over where his hands started, kissing her ankles and slowly tracing each blood vein as it traveled up her leg. He paid close attention to the skin behind her knee, causing her trembling to increase. This was apparently a sensitive area for her. "Shhh, I've got you baby." Moving farther up, his tongue caressed her inner thigh; he could feel the heat from her cunt against his face. "I'm going to taste you now. Are you ready for me?" He could feel that she was.

The first taste of her was heaven. She was sweet on his tongue, causing his mouth water for more. Humming in satisfaction he sucked on her clit causing her to pump her hips up against him. He slid a finger inside of her finding the ridges of her pleasure zone. Tapping it he continued licking and sucking on her clit. Feeling the liquid build inside her pussy he stopped.

She whimpered. "What. . . .?' She was confused and frantic.

"I'm not ready for you to cum yet." Grabbing the neck of her gown he ripped it away from her breasts. They were perfectly round and tipped with cinnamon colored nipples that begged to be sucked. "You won't cum until I've tasted every inch of you."His voice was harsh.

Leaning over he attacked her nipples sucking them deep into his mouth. They puckered on his tongue as she moaned in need. Letting his fingers wonder back to her wet cunt, he quickly had her withering on the ground begging for more.

"Please!" She couldn't take anymore. Her insides were on fire needing him inside of her, touching her. She needed his thrust, needed the friction.

Pulling away from him, she reached to unsnap his pants. The bulge hidden behind the zipper was massive and slightly intimidating to her. He hissed out a breath when the back of her hand brushed against his cock, and it urged her on. Pulling him out, she held him softly in her hand just looked at the gleaming mass. For something to be so ugly, it gave so much pleasure.

Leaning forward she licked the tip, the taste of precum filled her mouth. Normally she would have been revolted by it, but his taste was unlike anything she had ever tasted before. It was slightly sweet, and just a bit salty. It was addicting. Sucking his cock down her throat, she milked him for more, slowly sucking on him while she moved up and down on his huge member. It easily had to be ten inches if not more.

"No more baby." He said before pushing her back and sliding between her legs. "I need you."

With one quick thrust he was seated inside her. The feel of her pussy clenching around him was almost more than he could take. He started thrusting at a maddening pace; rushing towards the release her mouth began. The more he moved the more she moaned. Louder and louder her voice got as he bucked into her. Mouthing her nipples, he moved faster in her, her cries increasing in volume. He felt her pussy clench once more preparing for the orgasm that was ever nearer.

Stopping, he pulled out of her quickly and flipped her over. With her ass facing him he slammed back into her. That's all it took. Her muscles clenched over and over around his cock while she pushed back against him. Her cries of joy echoed in his ears. Growling he felt his seed rise inside his balls and with one final thrust it escaped, flooding her pussy. She felt each squirt like a thrust causing her to cum again.

She collapsed on the ground underneath him breathing heavily and dazed from the strength of her orgasm. She felt him roll off of her, leaving her back bare to the wind that still blew softly through the trees.

He pulled her against him, "Remember this always." He whispered against her hair.

Satisfied Nekko moved away from her bed. He watched as the moaned and thrashed on the bed mumbling his name. It was very satisfying. He really wished he knew what she dreamed, but knowing it was about him was just as good. He could still smell her cum in the air, it was a scent he would never forget.

He didn't want to leave her, but he knew she now needed her rest. He planned to do this each night until she accepted him, and night after night of that could be tiring.

Palming his package through his jeans he groaned. He didn't think he could endure many more nights of it. His cock was full to bursting and he would have no release until it was given by her. But for now he had further plans to make. He needed to get her alone again, to get her to open up to him so that the relationship could flourish. But more than that, he just needed her, in his bed, in his arms, just there willingly in his life, but with only a week to do it. It seemed impossible, but he was up for the challenge.

Jenna woke feeling completely exhausted. Although she slept through the night she didn't sleep well. If she were home she would roll over and go back to sleep, but she really needed to work on the quilts. Also she wanted to explore the grounds a bit today before the hike.

Getting up, she went to take a quick shower. After getting dressed she headed out of her room and down the stairs. For some reason she was famished and in desperate need of a cup of coffee.

Everyone was already waiting for her in the dining room.

"Ah, lovely Jenna, so glad you have joined us." Nekko said as he rose from his chair to escort her to her chair beside him. "I'm pleased that you are here."

Jenna blushed. The dream was still too vivid in her mind. Thanking him quietly she sat and picked up her coffee cup which already had coffee in it.

"So what are you doing today Jenna?" Emily asked taking a huge gulp of her orange juice.

"I was going to work on Nekko's quilts today, but I really want to do some exploring some before our hike this evening. So I'll probably explore some after breakfast and then just stay up later tonight to work on the quilts." It sounded like a good idea to her.

But Nekko didn't agree. If she stayed awake she wouldn't dream. "You don't have to work on the quilts while you're here. I don't mind at all." He didn't care if he never got the quilts as long as he got to spend time with her.

"Thank you for that, but I must. I promised you would have them by the end of the month and I never break a promise." And it would be a good reason to avoid him.

Servants came in then and set up a breakfast buffet for them to enjoy. Jenna tried to wait for everyone else to fix their plates before she did but Nekko would have none of it. Finally giving in to the aroma of bacon, she got up and fixed herself a plate.

"You know Jenna, if you want I can take you around sightseeing if you wish. I'm very close with the historic society and they wouldn't care if we had a personal tour." To be completely honest he funded to historic society and gave them all their information. It knew it all personally anyway.

"I would like that. Thank you." She replied before giving her attention back to her plate. A few moments passed before she spoke again. "Are ya'll still going rafting today Emily?"

"Sure are. I'm super excited about it." She was beaming again. Apparently she and Chad had a good night.

"Just be careful okay?"

"You betcha."

It wasn't long before breakfast was done and everyone was leaving the house to go about their plans. Jenna waited by the front door for Nekko. "Are you sure I'm not taking you from anything important?"

Nekko just chuckled. "I'm sure. It will be much more enjoyable spending the day with you opposed to spending the day doing paperwork." Ushering her outside, he helped her into his truck. It wouldn't take him long to get to where he wanted to start the tour. The old court house.

"This is the Fayette County court house. It was built in the years of 1894 to 1895."

Jenna listened intently while Nekko spoke. She just loved history. Although they were at the courthouse for an hour, it felt like mere minutes.

"Now we are going to the Elverton coal town. It is just ruins now, but by looking at the ruins it is easy to see the grandeur of what it once was. Elverton was once one of the most thriving coal towns around and was one of the few coal towns that had their own post office. Unfortunately the ruins are pretty far back in the woods and we will need to head to my stables so we can ride to it."

Stable? "We're going horseback riding?" She could barely stand it. She loved going horseback riding. At his nod she squealed and launched herself at him to give him a huge hug. It didn't matter that he was driving or not.

Nekko just chuckled, glad she was so relaxed around him. "I'm pleased that you are happy about this." And the feel of her in his arms was worth the possible car accident that could occur.

"Are you kidding me? I love riding!" she said settling back into her seat. She was more excited about the riding than she was about seeing the coal town ruins.

"Well then it's a good thing I had them saddle horses for us before we left. It shouldn't be long before we're there.

The rest of the ride Jenna barely heard a thing he said, she was too excited about getting to ride a horse.

It wasn't long before they were back at the WolfRun Ranch and in the stables. She could barely contain herself long enough for Nekko to introduce her.

"This lovely lady is flower. She is very gentle and will give you a nice even ride."

Jenna just nodded, she couldn't seem to think about anything except anything but getting up on that horse.

"Come here and I'll help you mount her."

She rushed to his side, for once not feeling shy or clumsy. This was what she wanted most out of this vacation; horseback riding.

Nekko wrapped his hands around her waist, glad that she wasn't one of those types of girls who starved themselves to be skinny. She had meat, and meat was every werewolf's friend. "I'm going to lift you on the count of three. Throw your leg to the other side when I do so that you straddle her." He didn't think she was listening. Her excitement was obvious and contagious.

Lifting her, she did has he instructed. He had a feeling that she had rode before, her posture was perfect and she was very relaxed. That was good, because the trails were rough to the Elverton Coal town.

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