tagTransgender & CrossdressersAn Alternate Reality

An Alternate Reality


"Kevin, get up. Breakfast is almost ready," his father called out. "Wake up."

Kevin slowly got out of bed. Today was the first day after high school graduation and he was looking forward to sleeping in. It had been a long night. He looked at the clock. 7:00 AM.

"Kevin," his father called out again, "let's go honey."

Honey? His dad never called him honey before. Kevin pulled on a tee shirt and a pair of jeans.

"I'm coming. I hear you," he said heading to the stairs.

When Kevin entered the kitchen he saw his older brother sitting at the end of the table having coffee looking at the newspaper. Kevin looked at his brother and broke into a huge grin.

"Jake? Is that you?" he said still staring walking around to see his brother more clearly. Jake looked up at him.

"Is something wrong?" Jake asked looking up from his paper.

Jake was sitting comfortably wearing a white blouse with lace at the collar and wrist and extended down the buttons in. He wore a knee length pleated skirt and his legs were nicely crossed one over the other at the knees. "And nice looking," Kevin thought looking at the clean shaven nylon encased beauties. He was wearing black patent leather black peep toe pumps showing his red toenails that happened to match his red fingernails.

Jake was wearing makeup with red lips, and his hair done up in a tight and heavily sprayed French Twist hairdo.

"Why are you dressed like that," Kevin said sitting down still staring with a smile and disbelief.

"Because, my interview is today. That secretarial position is open and I have to get out of that typing pool. Some of us have to work for a living Kevin," he said returning his attention to the paper.

"There he is," his father said in a cheerful voice as he brought Kevin pancakes and kissed him on top of his head.

His father was wearing a white dress with a pleated skirt that fell loosely just over the knee. There was a layer of petticoat under the dress and he wore red pumps. His face was made up simply and his hair was fully set in brush curlers from the night before.

"Dad? What's going on here? Why are you guys dressed like this?" he asked now looking confused.

"Dressed like what honey," his dad said holding his wrist limp waiting for a reply.

"You're both dressed like girls," Kevin said with a nervous grin.

"We're not dressed like girls," his father said and his brother lowered his paper to look at him.

"You're both wearing dresses," Kevin said looking to both of them.

"As most proper men do, and should," his father said walking back to the kitchen.

"Hi honey," he heard his father say to his mother.

"Good morning sweetheart. Umm, breakfast smells great," his mother said giving his father a kiss.

Kevin's mother was wearing a shirt and tie, slacks, and her hair was short and parted on the side. He was even more shocked when Sally his younger sister came in sporting a crew cut.

"Sally, you cut your hair off," he said stunned.

"What?" she said looking at him.

"Your hair, You got a buzz cut. What happened?"

"What do you mean? I've had a crew cut for several years now. Mom's going to let me get a flat top for school next year," she said smiling at her mother.

"I said I'd think about it young lady," she said sitting down at the table.

"Oh Lois, a lot of the girls are getting flat tops these days," his father said giving his mother a wave with a limp wrist.

His brother stood up and straightened his skirt. A string of beads hung around his neck with a matching pair of clip on earring on his ear lobes. He gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and then his father. He wrapped a flowered silk head scarf around his hairdo and tied the scarf under his chin then picked up his black purse and looked out the window. Kevin just stared at them all in stunned amazement.

"My ride to work is here," he said, "Dad please don't forget that Jeremy is having a party this weekend at his house and I would really like to..."

"I know, I know. You want to wear the red dress. I'll have it ironed and hanging in the closet for you.

"Oh thanks dad. You're the best."

"Good luck with your interview today," his mother said not looking up from what she was reading.

"Thanks," Jake said now stepping outside and walking to the car, his high spike heels clicking loudly on the sidewalk.

"He's really going out in public like that?" Kevin asked.

"He's going to work dear," his father said now sitting down at he table scratching an itch on the back of his head from the curlers in his hair, "you know your brother is very particular about how he looks when he goes outside that door.

"But dad, you are dressed like a woman, and mom you are dressed like a man. What is happening here?" he said not sure if this was a hoax anymore.

"Son, what is it that keeps you saying that?" his father said looking pleasantly at him with a smile.

"Dad, you have hair curlers in your hair."

"I know sweetie, I put them there last night before I went to bed. I always set my hair at night."

"But that's what girls do dad," he said softly looking confused.

"Oh my," his father laughed, "I don't think your mother or sister, if she had hair, would take to kindly to me putting curlers in their hair."

"No way I'm wearing curlers in my hair," Sally said laughing at the statement he had made. "Girls don't wear hair curlers and I would be so mortified if my friends found out something like that."

"That's not to say your hair couldn't use a little more attention young man." his mother said looking up at him from her newspaper.

"He was late getting in last night Vernon. After breakfast Kevin can take a bath and get cleaned up. I will set his hair for the day. Actually you need a perm," his mother said lifting a strand of his hair and letting it fall."

"Me? Dad, what are you saying," Kevin said looking confused.

"I'm saying after breakfast I will set your hair for you."

His mother now stood up getting ready to go to work herself. Kevin noticed for the first time that his mother was not wearing a bra. It was easy to see her large breast swaying unsupported when she moved in her white shirt. He could see her erect dark nipples through the fabric of her white shirt.

"I have to get going Vernon," she said as she now put on the jacket to the suit she was wearing. "Will you two be late?"

"No we just have to take Kevin in for a fitting on his groomsman dress. His friend Eric is getting married next week. Remember?"

"Oh that's right. That boy Eric is a good kid. Cute too."

"Wait! A dress fitting for me? I don't wear dresses. What is happening here dad? Tommy doesn't wear dresses."

"You do as your dad says young man," his mother said firmly as she grabbed her brief case to leave. "This Tina girl thing you have going needs a little toning down anyway.


Kevin took a bath and stood bent over the sink while his father shampooed his hair.

"Dad, this is all really weird," Kevin said while his dad shampooed his hair.

"How's that sweetheart?"

"You are shampooing my hair and, are you really going to put my hair in curlers?"

"Yes darling I am, and we need to hurry so we are late for your fitting."

"Dad, I don't know what has happened here. Everything is so crazy, but I don't think I can do this," Kevin said as his hair was rinsed for the last time.

Kevin was led reluctantly, with a towel around his shoulders, to a chair at the bathroom vanity and was seated facing the mirror. His father hurried about gathering things to do his hair. Kevin kept cringing at the sound of high heels clicking in quick steps knowing that those high heels were on his father's feet. His father placed a plastic box of wire brush curlers on the vanity next to Kevin. A small box of pink pins and then pulled a comb through his hair.

"Wait dad," Kevin said as his dad pulled up a strand of hair on the front of his head. "Dad wait I'm not ready for this," he said when dad picked up a curler out of the box.

"Kevin, what is wrong with you this morning. Let's get this done so we can go."

"Oh dad," he groaned in a resigned tone as he watched his hair being twisted tightly around the curler and pinned to his head.

"WAIT!!" Kevin shouted sitting up in bed breathing hard.

"Honey, are you OK?" his wife Erica said startled shaking him. "You were dreaming."

"Yeah. Oh my god it was so real," he said looking at her now. "It was like in the 60's and I was, well...my mom and dad were...not normal. Nobody was normal, except for me."

"It's OK baby, it was just a dream," she said kissing his cheek.

"Yeah, I'm fine. "

Kevin rolled back over and closed his eyes, "That was weird," he thought drifting off to sleep again.

Something pulled Kevin's hair and he opened his eyes. He looked in he mirror to see a straight row of curlers over the top of his head.

"Kevin. Are you listening to me?" his father said now turning Kevin's head slightly and tilting it so he could do the side.

"This is a dream. This isn't real," Kevin said watching as a curler was twisted to the side of his head.

"Oh honey, you overreact so much."

"WAKE UP!" Kevin said to himself, but his head filled with curlers none the less. He was stuck here.

His father allowed Kevin to wear a pair of jeans and a red blouse with sandals. Kevin had almost begged his father not have to wear a dress to a place where he was going to be fitted for a beautiful formal dress.

"OK Kevin, it's just a fitting. You can wear jeans there if you like."

His father pulled out a flowered head scarf and went to wrap it around Kevin's head.

"Dad," Kevin balked at first. His dad had removed his own curlers earlier and brushed, teased, styled and sprayed his own hair.

"Honey, don't you want to cover your curlers until we get there. The scarf looks much nicer than those old curlers in your hair."

Kevin lowered his eyes and his dad put the scarf over his head and tied it under his chin.

"There, that's much better," his dad said pulling Kevin's face up with a finger under his chin.

They drove to the Bridal Boutique to arrive just as the Groom, Eric was leaving.

"Oh hi Mr. Jameson," Kevin's dad called to Eric's dad with a feminine finger wave. Both men were wearing dresses as was Eric.

He waved back his hair in a Beehive style. Then Eric turned to look their way.

"ERICA?" Kevin said stunned. "ERICA! That can't be you," he said walking toward the beautiful image of his wife, not some guy dressed as a girl.

Eric turned and looked at Kevin, smiled and waved at his friend but looked confused as to why he was calling him Erica.

"ERICA, this can't be..."

"Kevin! Wake up," Erica said pushing him harder.

"Oh thank god. I was back there again and I could wake up," he said sitting up. "You were there, except...never mind."

"Honey, you sere only asleep for a few minutes," she said looking at him.

"What? It seemed like a couple of hours in my head. I went right back to where I had left off."

"What are you experiencing in this dream baby that is driving you so mad?"

He explained the dream as Erica sat and listen with and amused smile on her face. She was not as amused when he told of the part that the groom that was his friend in the dream was her. Well not her but a guy named Eric that looked just like her.

"Is that the kind of dreams you have of me," she said looking at him as if she wanted an answer.

"Erica, I have no control over this dream. All I can say is I feel like I am really there, and even though I know it's a dream, while I'm in the dream, I can't wake myself up."

"So, what do we do baby? You have to sleep sometime," she said sliding up behind him.

"I don't know. I don't want to be in the dream, but the lack of sleep is getting really bad too."

"Want me to fix you a drink? Something to calm your nerves?" she asked getting up.

"Oh thank you. That might help a little."

Erica handed him a drink. "You know baby, you are probably overly tired and are going into a deep sleep too quickly or something. I mean you are only sleeping a few minute then waking up yelling." she said rubbing his back.

"You may be right Erica. It may be something that simple."

Kevin began to fade now. His wife took his glass and helped him to lay on the bed. He looked at her with concerned eyes.

"Sorry honey, but you have been up for days. I slipped a little something in your drink to help you sleep and stay asleep for a little while."

"Erica," he said softly taking her hand, "Why."

"Kevin your health is at stake in the real world here. The dream is just that, a dream. I promise if you can sleep for 6 straight hours I will wake you up and pull you out of where ever your mind has placed you. Baby, wearing a dress is not the end of the world," and that was the last thing he heard as he faded away.

Kevin opened his eyes to find himself in the Bridal Boutique with his father being greeted by the owner himself.

"Wake up Kevin. Come on now wake up before they put you in a dress." he mumbled to himself.

It didn't matter he seemed to be stuck here right now. He could remember everything that Erica had said including spiking his drink, but he could not force himself back to that reality.

"If you'll both step into the fitting area we can get started," said the man in a white with red polka dot dress and red high heel pumps, walking them back.

To be contiued:

What if Kevin can't wake up before all is done? Why is he so worked up? It's true that it is different than he is used to, but wearing a dress for guys here in his dream is perfectly normal. Why so much stress?

Things couldn't get any worse for Kevin as he steps into that grooms man's dress. Or could they?

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by Anonymous

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by bigfan503/22/19

My favorite premise

This and the gay wife are probably my favorite stories on this site. PLEASE FOLLOW UP ON THIS STORY

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by Anonymous09/18/18


Nice start and I was just getting into it. Then... nothing. Please continue. 3 Stars for now, but I am sure it will get 5 when you finish it.

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by Tootight109/16/18

nice, really nice

Excellent start. I cant think of anyone who hasn't had a dream that didn't wake them up, so this could associate with anyone. There is no preface to explain anything, which would be like anyone havingmore...

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by Anonymous09/13/18

it is worth a second part

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by Anonymous09/12/18

Good start

You've set the scene; I'm looking forward to see where this goes.
Don't be put off by the other "Anonymous", who needs to give you time. Unless he or she can only begin to be aroused by fuckfests.

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