tagRomanceAn Amazing Afternoon

An Amazing Afternoon


Dear Regina,

I'm sure this letter is one that arrives unexpectedly. I'm thinking that you never would guess it's author. In fact, I'll just bet that you may not even remember me. After all, it has been over fifteen years since I saw you last.

Alright already, I won't keep you guessing any longer. It's Orrin Walker from UCF. Do you remember Professor Olston's, first semester, Basic Principles of Psychology course. Does any of this sound familiar yet?

I'm truly unsure as to whether you remember me at all by now, but I hope you do. I certainly remember you. Yes in deed, I do. You really left a lasting impression on me. Memories of you will stay with me forever.

I can still remember that afternoon that we shared. You were amazing. I'm in my mid thirties now and I have never experienced an encounter like that before then or since then.

We met in Psyche class, just a few days earlier. When I invited you back to my place for a quick lunch together, you really took me by surprise when you accepted my invitation without hesitation. Almost as if you were waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

My roommate was away for a week visiting with family. I knew we would have the place to ourselves. Not having any defined expectations, I was so excited to be in the company of such a beautiful woman. Not only that, but one with a good head on her shoulders too. Yes, you were definitely the total package.

That day I was open to the possibilities; whatever they may have been. Shortly after we arrived at my apartment I found myself standing in the kitchen looking over my shoulder at you. I offered you something to eat or drink, as I clicked on the television.

One of those court shows was on. Neither of us focused any attention on it at all, as it continued in the background. You said you were not hungry, but you accepted my offer of something to drink. Iced tea-- I think it was. Suddenly, my appetite for food left me as well. I poured two glasses of iced tea and headed back into the living room.

I leaned over to hand you the glass, as you sat on the love seat. Lying back on the over sized pillows of the love seat, you seemed to have found comfort. You looked so sexy that I was almost unable to move-- at all.

Your long beautiful black hair flowed over your shoulders, resting at the tops of your breasts. Your dark brown skin was so smooth. You were almost glowing. Your lips were so full and succulent. I remained standing for just a moment as I gazed upon you. With all of my senses awakened, the scent of your perfume filled the room. Still unable to move, I felt pressure down in my jeans. The blood which flowed toward my groin area began to fill my eighteen year old shaft.

Smiling up at me, you said,"Well; Are you gonna just stand there or are you going to sit with me?" I stared down at you with a smile. A soft grin found it's way to my lips, as the erection in my jeans strengthened. I could feel a tickle deep within my shaft.

Soon, the tickle traveled the full length of my rod and then from the slit at the tip of it's head, came a gob of liquid. At least a couple of teaspoons full of the goo escaped. The slick, thin liquid found it's way right through my boxers and onto the outside portion of the crotch of my white jeans.

Oh shit-- I thought; then I was even more nervous than before, as the sparing butterflies in my stomach really began to work on me. Damn it-- I know she's gonna see that, I thought. Then what-- how could I rebound from that?

I didn't want to blow my chances with you, I thought. Looking right at the eye level, bulging wet spot at the crotch of my jeans; which hadn't been there moments earlier, you smiled again. Then you reached up for my hand, with long hot pink finger nails. Damn-- even your hands were beautiful. You said nothing, you just smiled and stared up at me through your soft brown eyes-- right into mine. I smiled back down at you grabbing your hand and shrugging my shoulders .

As I plopped down on the love seat right next to you, I smiled even bigger then. I let out a sigh of relief as we looked at each other and both began to laugh. The laughter brought feelings of comfort and confidence over me.

After seeing that you hadn't been offended by my erection, I felt more certain of myself. Our laughter for a brief moment had taken our minds away from the now throbbing and leaking erection in my jeans. With your hand still in mine, I turned to you and said,"look at me, I want to say something to you."

You followed my instructions as your eyes returned to mine. I began to tell you how much I liked you. You smiled and then said similar words to me.

As we confessed our feelings for each other the crotch of my jeans became nearly saturated by the constant oozing of my still erect shaft. Before long, spoken words left us. I then took both of your hands into mine.

Our eyes locked, as if each of us could see deep within the other's soul. Liking what we saw, both our bodies moved in close to each other. Our lips finally touched for the first time as they became interlocked. Our arms then wrapped around each other tightly. Our once two separate forms, became one.

I moved my body back deep into the pillows of the love seat. Next, I pulled you up on top of me. My lips pressed securely against yours. With our mouths opened widely, our tongues began to tease one another. They gently flickered backward and forward against one another.

Our breathing became scarce. Then, abruptly, we stopped. Our eyes met again. Both of us were oblivious of the television in the background. I placed my hands around your waist. Soon after, I allowed them to move up and down the lower portion of your back and down to the upper portion of your ass cheeks.

Next, I slipped one hand underneath the back of your blouse. Quickly, it was followed by my other hand. My finger tips caressed your bare skin. This sent chills from my crotch, up my spine, and into my stomach. The feeling of your naked skin beneath my finger tips caused me to gasp for my next breath and then the one that followed.

The smell of your perfume filled my senses. The juices in my balls began to boil. Our eyes met once more. The air in the room, by this point in time, alluded you as well. You seemed to be overwhelmed, as you looked down at me and the obvious affect you had on me.

At just that moment-- you felt the throbbing of my shaft beneath you against your inner left thigh. My fingers finally found the connection of your bra. I made quick work of undoing it and pulling it off and through one of the sleeves of your blouse. Then, almost simultaneously, I lifted your blouse up and over your head; thrown aside, it landed on the floor.

I took one of your breasts into my hand. Holding it gently, I gripped your areola with my thumb and last three fingers. I dampened the nipple with the tip of my tongue. I then began to lightly rub the tip of my index finger back and forth across it.

You let out a loud moan. Then you began to lift my shirt up and over my head. Tossed across the room, it landed onto the floor. I then said," wait, hold on a minute. Don't move, I'll be right back."

I got up and went into the next room. I returned quickly with a condom in one hand. I began to undo my jeans. You quickly removed the rest of your clothing too. Next, I removed my jeans. Then, standing in the middle of my living room, we each got a good look at each other for the first time.

You seemed to like my eighteen year old, six foot two, slender, and athletic frame. You noticed my broad shoulders, better than average muscle tone, and neatly trimmed beard. Then you noticed my shoulder length dread locks, which lay against my chocolate toned skin.

As I looked at your almost naked body, I could tell that you were a fully grown woman. Much more mature than the teenage girls that I had been with in earlier sexual encounters. Your hips were more pronounced and your nipples were different too-- somehow.

They seemed to be darker and slightly rougher in texture than what a teenage girl's would've been. I hadn't talked about age with you, figuring that you were at least a few years older than I was at the time. Not wanting to turn you off, I felt it would be better if you didn't know right away that I was only eighteen.

I then said to you," let's go back over to the love seat." You followed my instruction. By this time, my rod was fully erect and the pressure was really building in my balls. I sat you back down on the love seat and told you to," lay back and just relax."

I then dropped to my knees on the floor in front of you. I took one last glance up at you and said,"My god, you are so beautiful and so sexy that I almost can't stand to look at you-- I can't wait to taste you." Then I pushed your thighs apart and brought my face down to your crotch.

Only the sheer piece of material of your thong panties covered your then separating vulva. You gasped loudly as images of what was about to occur filled your thoughts. You felt the sensation of my breath intruding in on the sensitive areas of your crotch.

A few of my dread locks fell forward from my downward head position. Gently, they raked across your naked inner thigh. You closed your eyes and laid your head back into the pillows of the love seat. Then you felt a soft kiss on your pubic bone, as I used one of my index fingers to pull your panties to one side.

You took a deep breath. I then rested my knuckles in a position just up and to the outside of your vulva. With my thumbs I gently forced your vulva apart; your labial portions were then exposed. I gave you a soft kiss on your open labial surfaces.

After that, I laid my tongue flat against your entire labial area . Slowly I made long strokes up and down on each side; individually. I then pulled back and blew a tiny stream of cool air into you.

You then felt one of my hands change position. I positioned one of my thumbs at the lower part of your pubic bone, just above the upper portion of your vulva. I pressed down and up a little bit with my thumb.

This was just enough to push back the extra flesh of your vulva, freeing your clitoris to the feeling of my warm breath blowing down on it, softly. With your clitoris then exposed and swelling I gave you a soft wet kiss directly upon it.

Carefully, I repositioned my hands again. This time I used my index finger to keep the excess flesh in it's position. This allowed your clitoris to remain out in the open. After doing this, I used my thumbs to push your vulva apart once more. Then the air began to tickle your labial nerve endings.

I pushed my head completely downward and began to circle your clitoris with the tip of my, then stiffened, tongue. Then I forced my tongue beyond your labial folds and into your depths. I pushed my tongue in and out of you quickly and briefly.

You began to throw your head backward and forward into the pillows. You moaned and gasped loudly without control. Suddenly, you felt two of my fingers enter you. All the while, my tongue rapidly flickered up and down against your clitoris.

Your clitoris by this time, had swollen to nearly three times it's original size. I pushed my middle and ring fingers, rhythmically, in and out of you. Being careful to keep your swollen clitoris exposed, I rolled my tongue around inside of my mouth to make my mouth wetter. Then I covered your engorged clitoris with my lips; sucking the sensitive flesh into my, very wet, mouth.

I vigorously flickered my tongue backward and forward across your clitoris. At the same time, I continued to suck on it insatiably. Meanwhile, my ring and index fingers continued to thrust in and out of you with good rhythm.

You cried out, but this time louder than before. Then you took a deep breath, but didn't exhale. Instead, you held your breath and closed your eyes tightly. I could taste the first salty and tingly hints of your orgasm. My head movement became a steady, up and down, motion against your crotch.

My dreadlocks kept sweeping back and forth over your sensitive naked inner thighs. My fingers remained buried inside of you as my tongue mercilessly worked over your clitoris. A momentary lack of oxygen seemed to have elevated you-- right to the edge of euphoria. By this time, your nerve endings and motor skills had abandoned you. You exhaled and then began to gasp for your next breath as you cried out,"I'm cumming!"

I lifted my head to check your facial expression, but kept my fingers working. Your hips begin bucking up and down. Your ass was lifting completely off of the love seat, as the waves of your orgasm took over your entire body.

Then something unbelievable happened next. With one last thrust of your hips, your juices flowed to the surface and began to gush out of you and on to the floor. I withdrew my fingers and watched astonished, by what I saw. Your juices kept squirting out of you and on to the floor. Amazing, I thought to myself-- amazing. Simply amazing!

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