An American Houseguest Ch. 05


"She was completely helpless. Exposed and helpless. Try as she might, she couldn't escape. The plan was foolproof."

The turn in the story has only made Veronique hotter. Her body is writhing, straining against her bonds. She whispers to me in a pleading, urgent voice.

"Oh please Jake. You can do anything you want. Put your cock in my mouth if you want. Fuck me in the ass. Yes? You want to fuck me in the ass? You can. I just need you to do it now. Right now. Please."

At that moment, there's a knock on the door. We both freeze.

"Oui?" she says, her voice sounding startled.

A subservient male voice from the hallway outside.

"Excusez-moi, Madame. Le dîner est preparée. Les autres sont déjà aux table.

"Quoi? Ah bon," she says "je viens tout de suite."

As the sound of steps recedes in the hallway, she turns to me.

"You need to untie me. The others. They're waiting for us at dinner."

I start to untie her.

"But I want to know what happens," she says. "Tell me."

We're both starting to dress now as I start to bring the story to a close.

"Well, it seems the holy man, the one who was entrusted with the key, he in turn gave the key to another member of the order. A mysterious hooded priest who moved stealthily around the castle. That night, the hooded priest made it to the Queen's locked bedchamber. Without anyone seeing, he snuck inside. There, the Queen lay with her arms and legs bound to the bed. The hooded priest entered the darkened room. She heard him approach her bed. She held her breath. She could feel the sheet being pulled off her body. And when he touched her, she knew instantly. It was the Knight. She couldn't see him in the dark, but she knew. Before, she could only see him but she couldn't touch him. Now, it was reversed.

They made love that night with a passion the world has rarely seen."

I turn and look at Veronique.

"The End."

Veronique is fastening her bra. She gives me a determined look.

"I want that ending for me," she says. "With you. Tonight."

"Well, we're going to the costume party tonight, aren't we?" I'm trying to find an excuse.

Although I had gotten carried away with my story, I hadn't intended on getting sexual with her. Not after what happened with Isabelle earlier in the day.

"I don't care if you have to fuck me in the middle of the dance floor. I want that ending. Do you hear?"

"What about your husband?" I say, lamely.

"Ecoutez, Jake. Listen. I haven't made love with my husband in two years. You just gave me the best orgasm I've had in five. You WILL fuck me tonight. You will sneak into my room and tie me up and put that big American cock in me or else I'm going throw you out of my house. Do you hear me?"

I'm so flabbergasted I almost laugh. Is she serious? She is, isn't she? What kind of mess have I gotten myself into.

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