tagGroup SexAn Anal Awakening Ch. 1

An Anal Awakening Ch. 1


Jo was feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Even though it had been her idea in the first place. Her idea, to lure them here, in order to ravish them both ... or more to the point, in order for THEM to ravish HER!

The warm shower, and smooth, silky soap was soothing her worries a little, but she had a feeling of butterflies in the pit of her stomach that was a different sort of tingle to the feeling of hunger that fired deep in her tight little pussy! She'd dreamed of having 2 men at once for a long time, and she couldn't think of 2 better men to try it out with than Jack and Cliff. She and Jack had been lovers for about a year ... and Cliff ... well Cliff was special too in a different way. She heard the doorbell go.

"One minute!" she yelled as she got out of the shower, and wrapped the small motel towel around her waste. She knew who it was, and decided not to cover herself further. She opened the door, and proudly displayed her pert, 'D' cup breasts for Cliff to see. He was momentarily taken aback. He'd never seen Jo in the flesh before, only heard about it from Jack - and he was not disappointed with what he saw!

"Wow ... lookin' good, Jo." He said, smiling dumbfoundedly.

"Hey, Baby, glad you could make it!" Jo smiled back seductively at Cliff before pulling him inside the motel room and kicking the door shut, all at the same time planting a REALLY BIG wet kiss right on his lips, with just a tiny hint of tongue.

Cliff immediately began to harden, being pulled against Jo's fantastic, glistening wet, nearly naked body, totally by surprise. He had an idea of WHAT he wanted from this night, but he thought he'd have to go via the take-away-bullshit-for-a-while-and-beer route with his 2 friends. She released him from the kiss and smiled devilishly at him, with a hand in his hair.

"Jo ... wow ... you're-" he decided to carry her example rather than talk, and kissed her right back on the lips, grabbing her ass with one hand, feeling her buttock through the soft, damp towel and one of those almost perfect breasts in the other. He kissed her again, open mouthed, and their tongues met. They kissed deep and long, and even though Cliff felt loyal to Jack, and had never really thought about doing it with Jo, the kiss felt erotic and wonderful, and terribly good. She was nothing short of fantastic.

Jo felt so wild kissing Cliff so deeply, and she reciprocated, wrestling and sucking his tongue in her mouth and exploring his teeth and mouth. She loved being grabbed like this and ravaged and grabbed his crotch roughly, and felt his already hard cock twitch in her hand. He was great, and she was so glad he'd come along for this, him of all her friends.

They parted from the kiss, with Cliff keeping a hand on Jo's ass just as she kept her hand on his hard-on, which he was itching to get out of his jeans. They were both smiling.

"I'm so glad you came Cliff ... this is going to be fantastic."

"Jo ... I don't really know what you mean, but YOU'RE fantastic."

"Cliff, you're here so that you and me and Jack can fuck each other's brains out - we've both wanted a 3some for months now. We'll try one with a girl too. But we wanted YOU first."

With that, she gripped his dick a little harder, and smiled a bit wider, and kissed him on the lips again, gently, not so animal.

"Ummm ... well ... great. I ... err ... just" Cliff stammered.

"Cliff, darling! Why else would I ask my 2 favourite men to an out of town motel room, insisting on the suite with the King-size bed!? And if you even THINK about saying Cable TV and Chinese, I'll-" she half-threatened.

"Well I thought we'd ... err ... START watching TV, and then ..."

She knew he was putting her on, and could never resist his goofy nature. Everyone loved Cliff cos he was such an ass. He'd also done 3some's before, he told her once while they were having a confessional. They'd both confessed a lot of things. But he'd told her a bit more than she'd expected that time over vodka!

"YOU!" and she pushed him onto the bed, and leapt onto him. Now she felt that hard crotch where it really mattered ... wow. She was feeling really horny. She was sopping wet.

So was Cliff. He wanted to rip her towel and his jeans off and take Jo right there and then, he wanted to grab her and fuck her, fuck her real hard. He started to undo his belt buckle.

The door went again. Both of them were both suddenly annoyed and then just as suddenly relieved - JACK!

Jo got up to answer the door, and smiled a big toothy smile at her lover, fashionably late as usual. Jack saw his beautiful girl friend half naked, damp both with sweat and from the shower, and kissed her deep and hard. Their tongues met and danced that wonderful dance between their open, jawing lips.

When they parted, he saw Cliff on the bed with his belt undone failing to hide a raging hard-on double-took Jo 1/2naked, and was immediately happy. A bit annoyed that he hadn't got here first, but happy, because he didn't want to screw around. Screw, yes. Waste time on pre-amble, no - not for something like this.

"I see you two didn't waste any time!" he winked at Cliff.

"She ROCKS, man! Why didn't you tell me what this was about?!"

"You didn't work it out? Cliff-Group-Sex-A-Speciality-Ashley? Come ON, man! You know we love you." The two friends smiled at each other sweetly but dumbly.

"HEY! Remember me?" Jo feigned annoyance, and grasped Jack's prick through his pants. "You two gonna fuck me or talk crap all night?! I assume you guys DO want to fuck me?", faking sudden disinterest in them both.

Jack didn't answer, but simply kissed her again, driving his tongue deep into her mouth, and grabbed both her tits, squeezing the nipples gently but firmly, twisting and caressing them with expert fingers. She moaned, kissed him back, and released the catch of his pants, which then dropped to his ankles. The outline of his hardening 8" cock could be seen clearly through his lycra under-shorts, which she grasped and started to fondle through the material.

As they were exchanging "Oh Baby's" and eating each other's faces Cliff stepped up behind Jo, his jeans, trainers and socks long gone, and pressed his own 7" to her bottom, feeling the friction of her towel through the thin material of his own undershorts. He snaked his arms around to her front and embraced her. Jo, feeling Cliff's hardness press against her arse let go her hold on Jack's cock and grabbed his butt cheeks tight, and pulled him in closer, their mouths still attached and tongues inter-twined.

Her towel fell away and she was naked and still damp from sweat and shower. Naked, damp, and very wet in her cunny, with the two men she loved the most, each grinding their dicks into her, making mock-fucking motions through their underwear. None of them could believe they hadn't made it to the bed yet!

Cliff made the first move, letting Jo go, taking off the rest of his clothes, with his 7" dick proudly standing up to the ceiling, and sat down on the bed, pulling Jo toward him, still on her feet frenching and hip-grinding Jack. He parted her cheeks and thighs for her and buried his face in there. She moaned "Yes" as he started to lick and nibble her soaking, soaking pussy. So sweet. So very, very sweet. Cliff was good at eating pussy, very good. And Jo proved it with her moans and shudders of pleasure, helped in no small part by Jack's kisses to her mouth and neck and his first 2 fingers which had made their way down to the front of her crotch and were rubbing her foaming clit.

"Oh ... God ... yes ... yeeeesss ... yeeesss ... YES! YES! Oh Shit! YES! Jack! JACKBABY! CLIFF! YES! YES! YEEEESSS!"

If her screams could be heard through the walls, none of them cared, Jo least of all as she came in a flood, hit a fantastic car-crash finger-tongue fantasy of an orgasm, gripping Jack's length with her fingernails and screaming in his ear. Jack always loved when she came, but Cliff was in the ringside seat as she wetted incredibly down there and her juices flowed thickly and sweetly onto his tongue, which he lapped up eagerly before she began to recover and move away from him, He sat back with a content smile on his face. She smiled weakly at both of the boys and was very flushed.

"Shit I hope I'm feelin' that good before the night is through!" Cliff said with that goofy smile of his, sitting back on the bed.

"Don't worry, buddy - when you fuck her you'll be feeling REAL good! That's if there's anything left in you after she sucks that dick of yours." Jack promised, leading Jo to the bed next to him.

His massively hard dick was sticking out at something more than 90 degrees through the thin black lycra, a sight which he knew that Jo found exciting (left a little to the imagination, even though she knew all about his cock and what it could do to her anyway) when he stood right in front of her.

"You takin' those off man, or what? You shy? HA!" Cliff joked.

He let Jo take them off for him, as he always did, as she always liked to. She snuck her thumbs into the waist of the material at his hips, and slowly, seductively, almost painfully peeled the lycra down, so it also tightened over his dick. As she got to the point where she would release it, she looked up at him cheekily with big round eyes and licked her lips. That flash-eye naughty little devil look never failed to make Jack shudder, just as he did again now. Always the same trick, never boring. She took the outline of his helmet into her mouth through the lycra and sucked on it, wetting the material and warming him up.

"Oh, baby. You are SO good. Oh, Jo, baby ..." Jack moaned.

Cliff couldn't believe what he was seeing, and wish he'd let HER take his clothes off for him! He was jerking on his length feverishly, almost impatiently. He was loving this!

"Ha! Ha! HA! You know me and oral man! I love it!" Cliff laughed at the amazing action.

He watched in lustful delight as Jo began to pull the lycra away from beneath Jack's prick, threading the material through her lips as her mouth kept his clad prick encased, so Jack could feel the wet material being drawn past his sensitive end. It drove him crazy and he sighed with ecstasy even as Cliff looked on, still beating himself off with excitement.

"Oh MAN! This is unreal! You are SOMETHING, Jo! I HATE you man" Cliff laughed in disbelief with the spectacle.

"Oh, God ... Jooooooo ... ahhhhhh ..." Jack, still moaning managed to say, which was better than Jo, who was 'mmmphing' as she sucked.

Then the lycra came away with a snap of the more elasticized waist and Jack's dick was in her mouth, encased no more, and he was dribbling pre-cum all over her tongue as she worked it, beating his shaft too now as she sucked on the head with his shorts out of the way around his knees. Beating his shaft and fondling his balls and sucking on his larger than average throbbing end.

"Mmmmmmph ... baby ... mmmm ... but you don't get ALL the fun. We brough Cliffy here to make this extra special, didn't we?" said Jo finally as she released Jack's dick from her lovely warm mouth.

"Ahhhhh man ... ah YOU in for a treat, brother. Jo, DAMN I love you, you are SO fucking GOOD!" Jack told her, one hand on his dick, slowly running up and down the thick 8" hard on he was so proud of. "Cliffy-boy, you ARE in for a treat ... tell me you've had any better than THIS, baby." He smiled approvingly, watching Jo.

Watching her with a hand in her lovely golden brown hair as she smiled back at him, then turned around and smiled at Cliff, and then slowly lent her head down into Cliff's lap, and provocatively kissed his dick end with her full lips. She looked up at him again, then back at his dick, and extended her hot pink tongue to his hole and licked, slowly, softly licked as a pearl of pre-cum glistened there. She took it on her tongue, taking Cliff's hands in hers, wordlessly telling him not to beat himself off anymore, and began to massage his balls with one hand while ever so slowly jerking his rigid 7" shaft with the other. She looked up at him again with the pre-cum stringing a few inches from his dick to her tongue.

"Ahhhhh ... CHRIST ... ahhhh ... yea ... OOH! Ahhhhh ... babe"

She smiled to see him enjoying it, and then went back to work, licking and kissing and sucking on his head, coaxing her tongue into the hole, all around the rim of its base, sucking with that warm and eager mouth of hers, licking up and down the shaft, from the base to the tip. Cliff was concentrating on not cumming too soon, as she was very, VERY good at applying pleasure this way.

"Oh, baby, baby. Like that?" She whispered into his pubes.

"Baby like that ... baby like that a LOT ... ahhhh" he managed.

Jack sat down next to Cliff and put his arm around his friend's shoulder, and ran his fingers through Jo's long luxurious hair. She started to alternate between the two hard-ons presented in front of her, licking and sucking on the shafts, sucking and kissing the heads clean of more pre-cum, suckling on and tonguing their balls, all the while beating off both fine lengths with her soft, tender hands. She was having the time of her life, such two fine specimens, two lovely hard dicks in front of her nose to suck and caress, knowing that they would pleasure her beyond anything she'd ever known in the past so very soon.

"DAMN, she's good, right bud?" Jack asked for no real reason.

"DAMN, man, she's out of this fucking world!"

Jack waited until his dick had been released from his lover's hard working mouth and had begun to pleasure Cliff again, and got up and moved around the bed, picking Jo's legs up off the floor with her mouth still attached to Cliff and lay her on her side on the bed, and he lay behind her. He lifted one leg and dived face first into that wonderful piece of paradise that was Jo's pussy. Jo's streaming wet pussy. He licked up and down her ass crack, licked and kissed and nibbled all around her pubus and labia, teasingly licking and sucking on those same lips for a second or so at a time, and then finally, making her shudder and 'MMMMMMPPPHH' louder than any since this night, drove his tongue like a torpedo an inch into that tender love hole. He licked and sucked and kissed and licked some more, making her begin to squeal as she carried on her own oral assault on Cliff, who was still, with more difficulty, trying not to cum too soon.

Jack went crazy at her wonderful pussy, it was the best, the sweetest, the most nicely groomed, the cleanest, the tightest, best tasting and without a doubt his favourite of all the pussy he had ever known. He eagerly lapped away at it, sucking on her clitty, making her cum again, coating him in her sap.


She screamed in ecstasy as he sucked hard on her little clit, her climax was almost without a warning buildup, she was so wet, so horny, and that tongue down there felt SO DAMN GOOD. She began to go down on Cliff more feverishly, with more passion, like a beast almost as Jack fucked her with his tongue and probed a gentle finger just enough into her sweaty ass to expand the sphincter, just enough to pain her a little, but pleasure her an awful lot more. His tongue constantly blasting past her clit, softly working at it, bringing forth more miniature orgasms as she became wetter, wetter, WETTER. That soft, firm finger, just pressuring her ass, not going in, just testing the tight virgin hole, and the wonderful prick in her mouth, she was in HEAVEN.

Pre-heaven anyway ... if she had her way, heaven would come to them all tonight. They'd all be feeling amazing by the time this was over, more amazing than any of them had ever felt before.

She orgasmed again almost instantly when Jack entered her, mere seconds after Jo noticed he'd stopped going down on her. He pushed half of his thick 8" straight in from behind, then pulled her up onto her knees, and started pushing more in, gently at first, then harder, fucking her to the hilt. Slamming all 8", all the way in, fucking her doggy style, fucking his big dick into that wet, ready, wonderful pussy. He was just big enough, and she just tight enough, that they both always felt a bit of pressure when they fucked, and the minute pain always made it better for both of them, and they always both came in torrents.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! AH! AH! AH! AH! AHH! AHH!"

She was squealing past the obstacle in her mouth, still sucking on it hard, pumping the shaft and massaging the balls, coaxing the orgasm that surely Cliff must eventually have, coaxing out that lovely white cum she knew he'd let her have. Squealing with that fantastic weapon pumping pure pleasure into her pussy. Her big Jack's cock reaming her from behind, his quads slapping the back of her legs, his hands gripping her thighs, his hips crashing into her buttocks, their sweat mingling with each impact, her shuddering each time the last couple of inches of him deeply penetrated her, him slipping ALL IN with each thrust, she began to climax again. Climax with a wonderful big dick at each end of her, each torturing her by holding out its own climax ...

But not for long ...


"Ahhhhh ... Jo ... Jo ... JO! GOD, JO! JOOOOOOO!!! YES JO!" Jack chimed in.

Jo came a mere instant before Jack did, and she released Cliff from her mouth as she screamed with Jack's cock forced all the way in as far as it would go, screamed with his thick thick 8" in to the hilt as he pulled her tight to him and let fly inside her monsoonally. He yelled in pleasure and she went crazy with that wonderful feeling of his white hot cum jetting deep inside her, time and again, feeling him bucking with each blast of his lovely wonder-stuff, pushing himself in and pulling her back to him harder, impaled helplessly, slave to unbelievable climaxial ecstasy. Jack let her go at last, feeling his 5th or 6th spurt of cum would be his last, and easily withdrew from that soaking wet, well fucked, and now cum-filled hole, and sat back relaxed, not yet starting to soften.

Jo wasn't done yet, as she pushed Cliff over, and span round, leaping onto him again, planting her pussy on his face and once again swallowing his cock eagerly, still horny, and started to deep throat him, playing with his balls and ass cheeks roughly, like an insatiable animal.

Jack couldn't believe what he saw, Cliff eagerly sticking his tongue into her sopping maw when he'd just shot his load inside her! Made him feel a twinge of horn, but it still seemed weird. It wasn't long with a finger probing her tight little virgin asshole and Cliff's tongue sucking and caressing her swollen clitty, she started to cum again, she'd always had a high sex drive, and was very glad that she was blessed to be able to orgasm again and again and again ... and as he hit the spot, she started to cum a storm, and Cliff was unable to control himself, with his face suddenly drenched in an amazing, delightful combination of Jo's juice and Jack's diluted spunk, and eagerly lapped up the combined climaxes, it finally pushed him over the edge. He burst forth a floodgate of steaming cum himself.

He came deep in her mouth, blasting a tidal wave of his pent-up excitement right onto her eager tongue and into the back of her throat as she still worked her mouth, lips sealed tight, up and down his glistening shaft as her fingernails dug into his tender ass cheeks. His whole body bucked and shook as he shot again and again and again, Jo swallowing as much as she could, and cleaning up the rest, licking his end, his shaft, his balls, his butt cheeks, his ass - until not a single drop was left.

They both at last relaxed, And as Cliff lay in a comatose state of pleasure-induced shock, Jo took Jack's just starting to soften dick in her mouth, and licked and sucked all over it, trying to see if there was any cum she'd missed. She loved to lick her own juices off of a cock after she'd just been roughly fucked with it. Jack never complained when she did that either.

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