tagAnalAn Anal Seduction

An Anal Seduction



Walt was driving home from the airport after being gone for the day on business. He pulled into his subdivision and drove slowly to his home. He then spotted Naomi in her yard doing some yard work. She was wearing those lime green colored pants that she always wore when she worked outside. Walt slowed his car as he drove by in order to catch sight of her great looking ass. What ever material the pants were they always clung tightly to Naomi's buttocks even though they hung loosely around her legs. Walt marveled at her shapely ass as she walked around her property.

Naomi looked up, smiled and waved when spotted Walt driving by. Walt waved back but he continued to stare at her lovely ass. As he continued on to his house Walt thought about summer, which was a month away. Naomi would be in her driveway washing her car in her two piece bathing suit. She always wore a two piece brown bathing suit that showed off her tan shapely figure, particularly her hot ass and nice legs. Walt often thought about how he would like to stick his stiff dick in her hot ass. In fact there were a few nights alone when he jerked off thinking about Naomi's ass.

Walt then pulled into his garage, picked up the mail and newspaper and went into his house. He changed clothes as he listened to his personal and business voice messages. Then he made himself a drink and looked through the mail. One of the messages had been from Trish, a flight attendant who was in town, reminding Walt that she was coming over that night. Walt liked Trish and he particularly liked fucking her cute round ass. He had taken Trish's anal virginity and ever since that night she was always willing to turn her ass up for his cock. Of course he took good care of her pussy too but it was her ass that was his delight as it was with all the women he dated.

Walt was 34 years old and a confirmed bachelor. He subcontracted for a consulting company based in Chicago but he worked out of his home in the suburbs. He also functioned as an independent consultant and he had built a solid network of associates and clients. He traveled frequently but he was never gone more than three days a week. He had met Trish on one of his flights as he had other flight attendants too. Walt had his own home gym in the basement of his house and he worked out all the time. He was also an avid tennis player, golfer and downhill skier. Walt also liked SCUBA diving and martial arts. He stayed in great shape and his 6'2" 190 pound frame showed the results of his workouts.

Walt had never been married and had never been in a long term relationship. He had no trouble getting dates as he was handsome and he was very personable. However, he was addicted to anal sex. He loved women with shapely asses and he enjoyed making love to their curvy buns. He dearly loved watching his 7+ inch cock slide into a tight nether hole. He also loved preparing a woman's ass for anal penetration and he would take his time playing with it, fingering it and lubricating it. The women that slept with Walt eventually gave up their ass willingly or he stopped seeing them but he never forced himself on any woman.

Walt looked through the mail and glanced over the newspaper headlines ad he sipped his drink. Then he reflected back on Naomi and her curvy ass outlined in her green pants. He would dearly love to have a shot at her ass but she was still living with her partner Richard. Then Walt's thoughts turned back to Trish who would be there later that evening; he would enjoy his night with her.

Naomi Jenkins was 35 years old and she had been living with Richard Walsh for ten years. They had met at the office where they worked for the same bank some 12 years ago. Naomi and Richard started dating and then they decided to live together. Naomi was just about to break it off when she learned that she was pregnant. She decided to stay in the relationship and then two years after her daughter was born, she learned that she was pregnant again. Not at age 35 she had two daughters 10 and 8 years old and she was still living with Richard.

Richard had become a VP at the bank and he handled all the mortgage and real estate transactions. He worked closely with buyers, title companies and realtors and he was not around the house very much during the day. Naomi worked part-time so that she could be home when her daughters got home from school. She also did all the yard work as Richard was not around nor was he interested in it. He was too busy wining, dining and playing golf.

Naomi liked attention and she was somewhat of an exhibitionist. She liked showing off her figure which is why she always wore her two piece bathing suit when she washed the car. Naomi had small breasts and she knew her ass and legs were her best assets. She stood at 5'6" weighed 120 pounds and kept her 34-23-36 figure toned and tanned. She like the looks she got when men drove past her home and ogled her body. Some of the construction guys and contractors would whistle at her when she was washing the car.

Naomi's parents had moved in state and lived about 30 minutes away. They liked having the granddaughters over which allowed Naomi to attend social events with Richard. Her parents also watched her daughters when she and Richard went away on a weekend. Naomi had it pretty good except for one thing, her sex life. Richard had become distant and he was not a thoughtful lover. He wouldn't eat or play with her pussy anymore and he was not interested in bringing her pleasure. Naomi would usually result to sucking Richard's cock to get him hard and then mount him in an attempt to orgasm before he did or before he got soft. Lately she had picked up a dildo and had settled for masturbation.

Naomi was sitting around the house waiting for the school bus to drop off her daughters. She was looking through the mail and she came across an invitation for a wine tasting function. The invitation was from Walt and he was hosting wine tasting at his home for the neighbors. Naomi was pleased to receive the invitation and she was anxious to tell Richard about it.


One day Walt was driving by Naomi's house and she was in the yard working. As usual she was wearing her green pants that emphasized her curvy ass. Walt noticed that she was struggling with a stake in the ground so he stopped his car by her house and called out to her.

"Hey there, don't hurt your self," Walt cautioned.

"Oh hi, it's these stakes I can't get them out. The landscaper said to leave them in for two years," Naomi replied.

"You should let Richard take them out. You could injure yourself," Walt suggested.

"That's a joke. I'll just call the landscaper," she answered.

"Don't be silly. I'll do it. I'm going home to change clothes and then I'll be back," Walt offered.

"You don't have to," Naomi said.

"No problem, I'm glad to help out. See you in a few minutes," Walt said and then he drove off.

Walt drove to his house, changed clothes, grabbed some tools and then returned to Naomi's house. He was glad he was able to help out. He was also pleased that he would be closer to her fine ass. Walt arrived and then went to work on the stakes. They were in deep and he had to use the sledge hammer to loosen them. Naomi watched her muscular fit handsome neighbor as he removed all ten stakes from the five trees.

Naomi was also aware that Walt checked her out every chance he got. She was flattered that her handsome neighbor found her attractive. Naomi had seen the good looking women that frequently visited Walt's house and she pleased that he found her attractive. When all the stakes had been removed and they cleaned up around the trees, Naomi offered Walt something to drink.

"Thank you so much! How about a beer?" she offered cheerfully.

"A beer would be great," Walt accepted.

"I'll bring them out to the deck," Naomi said and she turned and headed into the house.

Walt watched as she walked away in her clingy green pants. He watched every roll of each buttock as she walked into her house. Then he put his tools back on his car and went out to the deck behind the house. Walt sat down as Naomi appeared with two beers. She handed him his beer and then she sat down and joined him.

"Thanks again for doing that I really appreciate it," Naomi said as she raised her beer in a gracious gesture.

"It was no problem and I would hate to see you pay someone to do it. What's with Richard, doesn't he help out?"

"No, he hates yard work and he really doesn't do much around here at all."

"Well anytime you need a hand just give me a call. It's not a problem," Walt offered.

"Thanks, hey I got your invitation in the mail today."

"I hope that you and Richard can make it."

"I don't know, I'll check with him and ask. He's not a big fan of neighborhood get togethers."

"Well I hope you can come and if he doesn't want to, come by yourself," Walt suggested and then explained, "There will be other neighbors there by themselves."

Naomi's mind drifted when she heard the words, "Come by your self," as she had been doing that a lot lately.

Then she snapped back to reality and replied, "I check with my parents and if they can watch the girls that night, I will come to the party."

"Good!" Walt replied and this time he lifted his bottle in a mock toast.

They chatted easily for quite awhile and Naomi brought out two more beers. It was easy to talk with Walt and Naomi felt comfortable in his presence until he steered the conversation toward sex.

"So how are you and Richard getting along? Is he taking good care of that fabulous derriere of yours? Walt asked.

"We are getting along fine and I think that our sex life is our own business," Naomi snapped back.

"I meant that if I had a good looking woman with a great ass like yours living with me, I would be making love to her ass everyday. If Richard isn't then there is something wrong with him," Walt said with a snicker that annoyed Naomi.

"Look, I told you that everything is fine but if you have to know we are not into anal sex. I don't want Richard putting his thing in my butt. I think it is time for you to go," Naomi said firmly.

"I didn't mean making love to your ass by Richard sticking his dick in there. I meant loving it, caressing it, fondling it, massaging it, kissing it and tonguing it. Women like that, they like having their ass loved and their anus tongued. That's what I meant by making love to your ass," Walt explained.

"That's enough, please leave," Naomi pleaded.

"Okay, I done with my beer," Walt agreed as he finished his beer. "Thanks for the beer, I'll see you at the wine tasting party," he said as he got up to leave.

"Don't count on it," Naomi replied looking at the floor as she spoke.

Walt then walked off the deck and got in his car and drove back to his house. Naomi went inside her house as she was disturbed. She couldn't believe that Walt had spoken that way to her. She also couldn't believe that men actually did what he said to women. She could not imagine that anyone would actually lick someone's anus. It just seemed so nasty and dirty. Richard had never paid attention to her ass even in the days when they made passionate love.

Naomi went in her bathroom and checked herself out in the mirror. She held up her hand mirror so that she could see her ass in the wall mirror. The green pants were snug on her bottom and showed off her curvy ass. She liked the way she looked and she could understand why guys checked her out when they drove by. Walt was the first person ever to compliment her about her shapely ass and the first one ever to mention anal sex to her. Naomi was still annoyed but Walt had also sparked her curiosity. Naomi decided to find out more about anal sex.


Naomi had changed her mind about the wine tasting party and she decided to attend because many of the neighbors would be there. The party was to be held on Saturday afternoon beginning at 3:00 PM. Naomi arranged to have her parents watch the girls that afternoon and stay overnight so she didn't have to pick them up after drinking wine. Richard was being his normal stiff shirt self and decided not to go to the party. He had decided to play golf with his cronies instead. Naomi was annoyed with Richard but she was determined to enjoy herself at the wine tasting function.

Saturday arrived and after dropping off her daughters with her parents, Naomi walked down to Walt's house to attend the party. When she arrived the house was packed with people, most of them neighbors but also some of Walt's clients and friends were in attendance. Everyone was dressed nicely and they were all very pleasant. Naomi had worn a black cocktail dress that was cut about six inches above her knees and fit her snugly. She looked good in that dress as it showed off her shapely legs, flat tummy and curvy ass. She had her hair styled in a Prince Valiant style that looked good on her, since she had a narrow face. Her hair was brown with traces of bleach blonde in it and it covered her ears but left her neck bare. The cut was higher on the back of her head and followed her jaw line. Naomi felt good and she was glad that she had decided to attend.

Everyone socialized for about a half hour before the official wine tasting started. Walt was the perfect gentleman and he introduced Naomi to people she didn't know as he did with the other neighbors. Naomi was introduced to one stunning blonde girl who she learned later was Walt's date for the function. Her name was Trudy and she had a gorgeous figure and curly blonde hair. Trudy was wearing a jade green micro mini cocktail dress that showed off her beautiful legs and curvy figure. Trudy had one of those asses that everyone stared at and longed to touch. It just seemed to reach out from the rest of her body.

The announcement came that it was time for the wine tasting and the owner of the local wine store took over. He explained the process to everyone and he instructed everyone on wine tasting techniques. First the white wines would be tasted and then the reds. There were water and wheat crackers to cleanse the palette after each tasting. There was also a large bucket to dump the water or wine if anyone chose to do that. After the whites were tasted, appetizers were served and the tasting area was cleaned and prepared for the next session.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and Naomi in particular was having a great time. Every so often so would locate Trudy and ogle the shapely blonde. Naomi tried to imagine Walt and Trudy in bed together. Then she scolded herself for letting her mind drift like that. Then the red wine tasting was called to order and again the owner walked them through each wine, describing it and telling everyone what to expect in flavor. Naomi started to feel the effects of the wine as did a few others. She felt that on more than one occasion that a hand had passed over her ass more on purpose than by accident. However, she didn't protest and she continued to enjoy the wine and the company.

The official wine tasting ended but most everyone, including Naomi stayed and partied some more. Each person poured a glass on their favorite red wine, sampled the appetizers and socialized. At one point Naomi was staring at Trudy again. Trudy had her back to Naomi and Naomi's eyes dropped to Trudy's incredible ass and legs. Naomi must have been a little obvious because Walt moved next to her and whispered in her ear.

"Isn't she something?" Walt whispered as he nodded in Trudy's direction and then added, "All those things I told you about anal love making, I am going to be doing to that marvelous ass later tonight."

Then Walt let his hand move slowly over Naomi's ass and gently squeezed the bottom of one cheek. Then he moved away from Naomi leaving her with her thoughts. Naomi was shaken by Walt's admission and she continued to stare at Trudy. Naomi imagined Trudy in Walt's bed on all fours with Walt making love to Trudy's ass. Naomi then decided it was time that she left. She decided to use the bathroom before she walked home and she was shocked to find her panties dripping wet. Obviously those nasty thoughts had gotten to her. Naomi used the bathroom and then made her way out stopping to thank Walt for inviting her to the party. On her walk home she was haunted by the thoughts that Walt had put into her head. She could not get the image of the beautiful Trudy and Walt out of her mind.

When Naomi arrived home she was a little tipsy from the wine but she was also a little horny from her nasty thoughts. Richard was not home yet so she checked the voice messages and sure enough he and his cronies went drinking after golf. Naomi went to her bedroom to get undressed but before she did she checked herself out in the mirror. Once again she was pleased with what she saw and she loved how good her legs and ass looked in that dress. Naomi undressed and put on her short nighty and crawled in bed. Her mind kept returning to the image of Walt and Trudy naked in bed together. Naomi then wondered how big Walt's cock was and then she scolded herself for thinking such things.

Naomi, however, was horny that night and Richard wouldn't be home until late, not that he would be much use anyway. Naomi decided to play with her pussy and get off before she went to sleep. She got hot and then she decided to use the dildo. She retrieved the fake cock and ran it deep into her pussy. It didn't take long for her to cum and it was a big one. Naomi lay still for a few minutes as she relaxed after her intense orgasm. Then she got a little bold and slid the dildo between her thighs toward the bottom of her buttocks. Naomi lifted her legs slightly so that her anus was exposed and accessible and she ran the rubber shaft over her nether hole.

Naomi shivered as the fake cock tickled her anus and then she got a little bolder. She inserted just the tip on the dildo into her anus and probed gently. She was careful not to push in too far and stretch her anal opening. She liked the feel of the hard tip when it probed her and tickled her but she couldn't imagine ever taking a cock the size of her dildo into her ass. Naomi played with herself for quite some time and then she inserted a pussy moistened pinky finger into her anus. Naomi liked the penetration of her tiny finger but she didn't push it in all the way. She then used the thumb from the same hand to rub her clit. Naomi worked her pussy with her thumb and her anus with her pinky until she orgasmed a second time.

After she recovered from her second orgasm, she got out of bed, washed the dildo and put it away. She didn't want to run the risk of falling asleep and having Richard come home and discover that she used a dildo. Naomi being sexually sated for the evening fell into a deep sleep. In her sleep Naomi had a very erotic dream. She was watching Walt and Trudy in bed all though the images were fuzzy. Walt was kneeling behind Trudy who was on all fours and he had his face buried in her ass. He was licking Trudy's anus and probing it with his tongue. Then he knelt up to put his big cock into Trudy's ass. Naomi watched as the cock seemed to get bigger and bigger and she thought it would be impossible for Trudy to take it all. Trudy's asshole then seemed to swallow the endless cock until Walt began fucking her.

Then it seemed that Walt ejaculated into Trudy's ass and pulled his huge cock from her ass. Trudy and Walt looked in Naomi's direction and moved toward her. Naomi tried to scramble away but they held her down. Then Walt positioned his ominous looking cock at the entrance to Naomi's ass and Naomi screamed if fear. Naomi woke up at that moment and found that she was tangled in the bed covers and that her nighty was up around her waist. The sheets were wrapped oddly around her body as they covered her back and legs but her ass was totally exposed. She was laying face down as her shapely ass poked through the sheets. Naomi straightened her nighty and the bed covers and tried to get back to sleep. She stayed awake for quite awhile as she could not get the frightening image out of her mind. Finally she did doze off and fall into a deep sleep.

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