tagAnalAn Anal Seduction Ch. 03

An Anal Seduction Ch. 03



Walt had just got back in town and he had been thinking about Naomi on his drive home from the airport. He couldn't wait to see her again and make love to her incredible ass again. As he turned into his neighborhood and made his way to his home, he passed by Naomi's house and he was thrilled to see her out cutting the lawn. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse with her infamous lime green pants that she always wore when doing yard work. Walt slowed his car and watched as she walked behind the lawn mower. He stared as her buttocks undulated beneath the snug fitting green pants and he felt his cock stir in his pants. He had not expected her to be home during the week day but things must have been light at the office. He stopped his car so that he could watch her wonderful ass as the twin hillocks rolled as she walked. He knew that he had to have her right then.

Walt pulled his car along side the curb and lowered his window. Naomi spotted him and she put the lawn mower in idle and walked over to his car. She leaned in the passenger side window and greeted him. Walt was pleased that she was actually glad to see him. "Hi, you're back soon. How was your trip?" She asked.

"It was an okay trip but I'm glad to be home. I was even happier when I saw you in the yard wearing my favorite pants. Are you home alone today?"

"Yes, I decided to get some work done. The kids are at my parent's," Naomi replied.

"Perfect, come over to the house when you finish the lawn and I'll treat you to a glass of wine. Don't bother to change clothes as I want to see you in those hot pants at my place," Walt ordered more than requested.

"But I'm all sweaty," Naomi said.

"Just the way I like you. Remember the old adage; horses sweat, men perspire and women glisten. Don't be too long, I have been thinking about your marvelous ass all day," Walt concluded and then drove away before Naomi could reply.

Naomi was flushed with embarrassment but she was excited at the same time. She wanted Walt to make love to her again and she wanted him to take his time with her ass. She remembered the last time they were together and he had been such a marvelous lover. She never thought that she would ever like anal sex but with Walt it was special. Then there had been the affair with Walt's girlfriend, Trudy. Naomi wondered if Trudy ever mentioned the fling to Walt. If she had, Walt never let on that he knew. Naomi turned her attention back to the lawn and she actually raced through the remaining uncut grass. The she put the lawn mower away and hurried down to Walt's house.

Walt had arrived at his house 20 minutes before Naomi would arrive. He opened the garage door and he was surprised to see Trudy's car. He had not expected Trudy to be there even though she always had free reign of his house. Walt entered the house and he found Trudy sitting in the family room with a glass of white wine wearing her favorite short white terry robe. Walt stared at her beautiful legs and he felt his cock stir in his pants again. "What now genius?" he thought to himself.

"Hello lover, good trip?" Trudy said greeting him

"It was okay. I didn't expect to see you here today."

"You're not disappointed are you?

"No but I did invite someone over for wine."

"Male or female?" Trudy asked.

"Female and she is one of my neighbors," Walt replied.

"It wouldn't happen to be that hot Naomi with the great ass, would it?"

"As a matter of fact it is. You met her at the wine tasting party," Walt recalled.

"Yes and she and I became quite close while you were out of town," Trudy said in an alluring tone.

"Really, do tell."

"She came over one day looking for you when you were out of town and we got acquainted. In fact we got along so well that she came back the next day to see me again," Trudy said in a sexy tone.

"So did you seduce her?"

"Of course and she is quite the lover. She adapted very quickly to anal sex but I have a feeling that you already know that," Trudy challenged.

"Yes, I have to admit that I do but from personal experience. She never mentioned that she had been with you," Walt shared.

"She never said that you two made it either. I like that she is discreet. So now what do we do when she arrives today?" Trudy inquired.

"We both make love to her and have her make love to us. I can't wait to get at that incredible ass again. How lucky can a guy get but to have two of most beautiful asses in the world in his house at the same time?"

"Wait to you see her lick my bottom. She does it as well as you and I do," Trudy said with a smirk.

"I'm getting hard just thinking about it," Walt said as he grabbed his stiff cock through his trousers and then added, "I need to change clothes."

Walt went into his bedroom and took off his business clothes and hung them up, he opted for a tee and shorts and then he re-joined Trudy and poured himself a glass of wine. Minutes later the doorbell rang and it was Naomi. Walt opened the door and invited her in, pleased to see that she had listened and she was still in her work clothes. Walt kissed her once she was inside the house and he reached down and grabbed her luscious ass in both hands.

"Come on in," he said and led Naomi into the family room.

Naomi stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Trudy sitting there in her short white robe. Visions of the two of them making love and fucking their brains out filled Naomi's head recalling their brief affair.

"Hi Naomi, it's good to see you again," Trudy said as she got up off the sofa to greet Naomi.

Naomi could not help but see Trudy's blonde bush under her robe when she raised her legs up and they parted as she stood up. Naomi quickly recalled how tasty Trudy was when Naomi licked her first pussy. Trudy walked up to Naomi and kissed her deeply. Naomi kissed back and the two of them plunged their tongues into the other's mouth. Trudy wrapped her arms around Naomi and held her tight as they kissed and Naomi could feel her lover's breasts press into her own through the material. Naomi momentarily forgot about Walt as she and Trudy kissed but then she felt his presence behind her.

Walt knelt down behind Naomi and with painstaking slowness he pulled her green pants down to her knees. Then equally as slowly he lowered her panties to her knees baring her beautiful ass. Naomi trembled in Trudy's arms when she felt Walt's breath on her buttocks. Without breaking their kiss, Trudy opened her robe baring the front of her shapely body. Trudy then lifted Naomi's blouse above her breasts and unfastened Naomi's bra. Naomi felt her small naked breasts press against Trudy's ample tits and their rock hard nipples rubbed together.

Naomi was seemingly in another world as she was about to experience her first threesome. Walt was now rubbing and caressing Naomi's curvy ass as he planted soft wet kisses on her buttocks. Naomi's shivered when Walt's slid in between her ass cheeks and licked all the way up to her tailbone and back down to her nether hole. Naomi groaned into Trudy's mouth when she felt the familiar sensation as Walt's tongue probed her rosebud. Naomi knew that Walt could smell and taste the perspiration that had dried on her body but it did not seem to bother him. He did after all tell her not to shower or change clothes.

Naomi felt Walt pry her buttocks apart and then lick her nether hole getting it very wet. He then blew on her wet asshole and Naomi felt the slight chill caused by his blowing on her wet anus. Trudy kissed Naomi deep as she ran her hands up between their bodies and cupped Naomi's small firm tits. Naomi followed Trudy's lead and she reached up and fondled Trudy's ample firm breasts. Naomi then felt something in her ass and she realized that Walt was lubricating her anus. Naomi and Trudy kissed and fondled each other as Walt prepared Naomi's ass for his cock. Naomi then felt Walt as he stood up behind her and as he did, Trudy broke their embrace and dropped to her knees in front of Naomi.

Trudy pulled Naomi's pants and panties all the way down her legs and Naomi lifted one leg at a time so that Trudy could remove them. Trudy shed her robe and knelt naked in front of Naomi. Then Trudy parted Naomi's legs and stroked her pussy. Naomi was soaking wet and she felt Trudy's fingers enter her vagina. Naomi groaned and then shivered as her body felt tingles run through it when Trudy moved her mouth to Naomi's pussy. Naomi placed her hands on Trudy's shoulders to balance herself as Trudy began her magic on Naomi's cunt.

"Lean over just a little bit more," Walt whispered.

Naomi felt Walt push her gently so that she had to lean forward over Trudy and then she felt Walt's cock slide into her lubricated asshole. It had been several days since Naomi had anything in her ass and Walt felt larger than she expected. The fit was tight but not painful and Walt was gentle as he slowly fed her his cock. Naomi's hands moved down to Trudy's back as Naomi was bent over further. Trudy had her mouth fastened on Naomi's pussy as Walt drilled her ass from behind. Naomi was going wild with desire and she felt her orgasm building in her loins. Naomi squealed out loud as her orgasm rocked her body and she drenched Trudy's face.

"Oh, oh, oh," Naomi moaned as she orgasmed.

All the while Walt continued to slowly fuck her ass and caress her lovely buttocks. He continued to compliment Naomi on her beautiful ass and he told her how good she looked with his cock sliding in and out of it. Naomi had a massive orgasm and her entire body shook with the intensity of it. Trudy then moved away from Naomi and she lay on her back on the floor. Trudy them beckoned Naomi to come to her as she spread her legs baring her pretty blonde pussy. As if in a trance Naomi descended between Trudy's legs, knowing full well what was expected of her.

Naomi's mouth covered Trudy's pussy much to the delight of Trudy and Walt. Naomi felt her body positioned so that Walt could continue to fuck her in the ass while she ate Trudy's pussy. Walt's cock was moving smoothly now gliding in and out of Naomi's shapely ass. As much as he tried to hold off cumming it was all too much for him and he exploded in Naomi's rectum. Naomi felt the surge of semen flood her ass and it reminded her of how good it had felt the first time. Naomi liked the feeling of the warm liquid coating her anal passage and filling her rectum. Walt left his cock in Naomi's ass and she massaged it with her sphincter muscles keeping Walt hard.

Trudy was the next to cum and she threw her pelvis up into Naomi's face as she reached up with both hands and held Naomi securely. Naomi's head was locked to Trudy's cunt and she opened her mouth to receive Trudy's love juices. Trudy came so hard that she actually squirted this time and Naomi drank down every drop. Trudy held Naomi's head tightly until she had reached her climax and then she released Naomi as she fell backward on the floor. Trudy was not idle long though as she scrambled to her feet leaving Naomi with Walt's cock still in her ass.

"God that was so good. I'll be right back," Trudy announced as she momentarily left the room.

Within minutes Trudy was back on the room wearing the strap-on dildo which was very familiar to Naomi. Trudy lay back down on the floor with the dildo, which had previously been in both Naomi's pussy and ass, sticking straight up. Trudy told Naomi to sit on her cock and in order to do so Walt removed his cock from Naomi's asshole. Naomi then moved over the dildo and lowered her pussy onto the fake cock. Naomi moved around so the rubber dick nestled comfortably in her pussy and then she felt Walt behind her again.

"Stay perfectly still until he is back in your ass," Trudy whispered.

Naomi remained still impaled on the fake cock as Walt positioned himself to re-enter her ass. Naomi felt Walt's impressive cock slide back in her asshole and she felt incredibly full with the double penetration. Naomi was experiencing another first and she wondered what else might be in store for her before they were done with her that day. The fake cock rubbed against her clit as it slid in and out. Naomi knew that she would cum again and it would be at any minute. Trudy also benefited from the fake cock as the nub at her end rubbed against her sensitive clit. Soon both girls were screaming as another orgasm sent their bodies into spasm. Walt rode out the storm keeping his cock buried in Naomi's ass but he did not cum this time.

As the two girls lay motionless on the floor Walt eased his cock out of Naomi's bottom. Naomi then lifted her body off the fake cock and lay face down on the floor. Trudy rested only for a few minutes before she got behind Naomi and lifted her by the hips. Naomi kept her head down on the floor turned to one side and she watched as Trudy knelt behind her. Then she felt Trudy's talented tongue move between her buttocks. Trudy tongued Naomi's ass and Naomi felt the semen ooze out of her anus. Walt then moved behind Trudy and slipped his cock in her ass.

Walt began to fuck Trudy as she made love to Naomi's ass. Naomi looked over her shoulder so that could watch the both of them as she had her butt reamed out by Trudy's tongue. Naomi was getting turned on again as she had become insatiable at the hands of her two lovers. Naomi had never thought it was possible to have an orgasm from anal foreplay but what Walt and Trudy were able to do her ass was incredible. Naomi heard Trudy groan as Walt drilled her ass and then she heard the gasp that signaled that Walt had cum in Trudy's ass.

Trudy's tongue ran up and down in the crack of Naomi's ass kissing and probing Naomi's anus and pussy. Then when Trudy sensed that Naomi was close to another orgasm, she fastened her mouth on Naomi's pussy and sucked the clit like she would a cock. Naomi screamed as a massive climax rocked her body and he ass gyrated out of control. Trudy tried to stay with Naomi but the movements and undulations were too violent. Walt enjoyed watching Naomi's ass as it seemingly humped the air. Then Naomi collapsed on the floor and Trudy moved next to her. Walt stared at the two incredible asses on the floor in front of him and he was pleased that he had been privileged to fuck both of them.

After several minutes the three of them at Walt's suggestion entered the Jacuzzi. They sat silently in the bubbly warm water and let the jets soothe their bodies. Walt had brought a bottle of wine with him and they sipped on it as they recovered from their sexual marathon. Naomi glanced over at the wall clock and saw that she had been there for four hours. She would have to leave for home in a few minutes but she marveled at the fact that they were having sex for almost four hours. The three of them were sexually sated.

Naomi then got out of the Jacuzzi, "I have to get going," she announced.

"Okay, will I see you tomorrow? I'll be here. I'm working out of the house tomorrow," Walt asked.

"Maybe, I don't have to go to work tomorrow, so maybe," Naomi replied not wanting to seem too anxious to return.

"I have a masseuse coming over at 10:00 AM in the morning. If you want to join me in getting a massage, come over then," Walt offered.

Trudy was silent so Naomi assumed that Trudy would not be there in the morning. Naomi was right as Trudy had a flight in the morning. She would stay with Walt that night but she would be gone tomorrow. Naomi felt strange putting her work clothes back on but that was all she had to wear home. She left the house and walked back home wondering what tomorrow would bring as she had already made up her mind to return.


The next morning Naomi walked to Walt's house and arrived at 10:00 AM. She actually surprised herself that she returned so willingly because she knew that he would be all over her ass again. Naomi wondered if she had become so addicted to anal sex that she would throw caution to the wind. Still Walt took good care of her pussy too and he brought her enormous pleasure. Naomi had never had a professional massage and she was kind of looking forward to it. Naomi rang the doorbell and she was surprised when a very pretty blonde girl answered the door. "Hi you must be Naomi, please come in. Walt told me to expect you. I'm Simone," the girl said and then added, "Oh I'm the massage therapist,"

Simone stuck out her hand and Naomi took it. Naomi noticed the strength in Simone's grip and it was somewhat intimidating. "Yes, I'm Naomi. It's nice to meet you."

"Come on in and we will get started. Walt had to run out for a few minutes but he will be back soon. He told me to treat you to a massage while he's gone." Simone said and then turned to walk back onto the house.

Simone led Naomi to the three season room and Naomi felt her loins tingle as she walked behind the blonde beauty and watched the roll of her curvy firm ass in the tight white shorts. Simone handed Naomi a towel and told her to undress and make her self comfortable on one of the two massage tables that had been set up. Then Simone selected the body oils. Naomi took off her clothes. Covered her body with the towel and lay face down on the massage table. As she awaited her massage from Simone, Naomi became very aware of Simone's beautiful body. Naomi scolded herself for wondering what Simone looked like completely naked. Obviously her sessions with Trudy had a lasting effect on her.

Simone poured a hand full of massage oil and began with Naomi's neck and shoulders. Naomi was instantly relaxed by Simone's touch and she closed her eyes and let out a relaxing sigh. Simone was very good at her job. After giving a considerable amount of attention to Naomi's shoulders she continued slowly downward to Naomi's sides and lower back. Then Simone slid her hands under the towel over Naomi's buttocks and firmly massaged Naomi's ass. Naomi was surprised but she didn't mind in fact it felt good.

"Walt told me that you have a marvelous ass and he was right. It's beautiful. I could spend all day massaging this beauty," Simone said surprising Naomi with her bluntness.

Then Simone slid her warm oily hands down between Naomi's thighs and Naomi felt the edges of Simone's fingers briefly brush against her pussy. Naomi tensed up a little and gave a short, almost silent gasp.

"Oh sorry," Simone said and then continued down to the backs of Naomi's knees.

"Its okay you just caught me by surprise," Naomi answered in a raspy voice secretly hoping that Simone would touch her again.

Simone gave a subtle laugh as she gently bent Naomi's leg to massage her ankles and feet. Naomi wondered if Simone realized what she had done and wondered if she meant to do it. Trudy had been the only woman who had ever touched Naomi's sex. Simone applied more oil to Naomi's feet as she carefully massaged the soles and between each of Naomi's toes. Then Simone worked her way back up the inside of Naomi's legs until she reached the same spot as before. Again Naomi felt the edge of Simone's fingers brush against her pussy. Naomi instinctively parted her thighs slightly giving Simone's hands more room to work. Simone didn't seem to notice and she moved upward eventually back to Naomi's shoulders. Naomi was almost disappointed that Simone didn't touch her again and then she scolded herself for wanting another woman, a stranger to touch her. "What is wrong with me?" she thought silently.

"Okay, you can turn over now," Simone said as she walked over to supply table with the lotions and oils.

Naomi was now lying face up bare breasted and her nipples were a bit stiff from her brief excitement. The towel had fallen from her body leaving her naked on the table. Naomi raised her head and looked down to see her bare pubic mound and pussy lips peeking out between her thighs. She felt a little on display, but she was a little turned on as well.

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