tagFetishAn Angel for Christmas Ch. 3

An Angel for Christmas Ch. 3


In the last segment, Cathy, my lovely wife, had given herself to me for Christmas, to be my sex slave. She enjoyed Christmas day so well that she asked to do it on a full time basis (7/24). I agree to try it for a week.

* * * * *

She was so sexy kneeling there; her legs spread wide open so that her moist lips were displayed. She was excited: skin flushed, eyes flashing, breasts heaving as she took quick shallow breaths. Reaching down, I stroke her hair, "Pet, where will this lead us?" I ask.

Angel smiled and said, "We have to go before we find out."

Thinking out loud, I said, "We'll use the yellow, red safe word system: Yellow means slow down, but keep doing whatever it is you are doing. Red means stop immediately."

"OK, I want all your panties, bras, slacks, and pantyhose in a suitcase. Then select your sexiest skirts, tops, and dresses to leave in the closet. Put everything else in suitcases, lock them and bring me the keys." I instructed her. " When you are here you will be naked. You can wear an apron to protect that perfect skin when you cook and clean."

"What if someone comes to the door?" She trembled.

"Keep that silk robe by the door, you can use it to cover yourself. I have to get some more sleep before I go to work, so give me one of your world class massages, to relax me to sleep."

I woke to Angel's mouth sucking my cock alive. "Hmmm, that's so good! But I've got to get to work!" I whined.

"Relax, your clothes are laid out, lunch packed, and the alarm doesn't go off for fifteen minutes. If I can't get you off by then I deserve to be punished!" she panted.

Hmmm. That could be interesting! I started doing fourth degree quadratic equations in my head; when she started overcoming that I switched to cube roots of polynomials.


"Damn", she yelled, as I covered her face in sperm! "I was this close!" Holding her index finger to her thumb.

"Yeah, well this ain't horseshoes, so you're going to get it! Now help me get ready for work, because it will be much worse if I'm late. Oh, by the way, I like the way cum looks in your hair."

It was really hard to concentrate that night at work. There were so many images running through my mind, so many situations that I wanted to test that I was lucky that it was a slow night.

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