tagNovels and NovellasAn Angel's Fix Pt. 02

An Angel's Fix Pt. 02


The next two weeks passed as mostly playtime, although Ashley and her band had to meet their commitments at a couple of night clubs, Jasmine started another album design, and Jill would lock herself in her room during any spare time. Ashley started to worry that she had not seen the dress yet, but she trusted her friend enough not to ask about it. The Thursday before the big event, Joe had left to pick up his tux, leaving the girls alone in the house.

"Ashley!" Jill called from the balcony overlooking the living room.

Ashley looked up to see Jill holding up the white dress. "Oh wow! It's finished?"

Jill nodded. "You wanna try it on?"

She answered by bounding up the stairs, Jasmine and Kim on her heels. Once the gown was assembled over her body with the three girls helping, Ashley stood in front of the mirror.

"I love it! It fits so perfect, how the hell?"

Jill snorted softly. "I used one of your cheerleading costumes. So glad you didn't fall into a cookie binge after your surgery." Bending down behind her friend, Jill pinned a couple places. "If anything, you've lost a couple of pounds."

In fact, Ashley was an exercise nut. She loved her flexibility and knew Joe loved her taut frame, so she would jog nearly every morning with either Kim, Jasmine, Jill, or Joe. The company changed daily, and it allowed her to connect with her friends uniquely each time. Many afternoons, she'd practice gymnastics floor routines in the front yard. Partially because they were demanding of her body, but mostly they were fun for her. Most of the time, Jill would join her to keep her own skills sharp, since she was heading to college on a cheering scholarship.

Jill showed her some hidden things about the dress, like a wrist strap attached to the hem of her long gown so she could keep the gown off the ground when she walked outside, a pocket concealed in the pleats near her thighs for phone Ashley never went without, as well as her name embroidered in matching white near her left shoulder which would not show up in photographs.

"So Joe can remember your name during the vows," Jill said in referring to the embroidery. "The way you're going to look in this dress, he won't be thinking with his head."

The girls laughed and Ashley hugged Jill tight. "Thank you! You've done a marvelous job."

Jill made some notes, marked and pinned a couple more areas to tweak her handiwork, and they worked to extract Ashley from her bridal shell. Jill shooed them from the room so she could make the alterations. Jasmine whispered something in Kim's ear. Kim then asked Ashley for use of her car, and was willingly handed the keys without a question asked. It was a demonstration of the level of trust between the girls, since the car held value with Ashley for two reasons. First was sentimental, as it was a birthday present to Joe from his parents, and in turn, given to her by Joe to replace her wrecked one. Second was pure lust, the car was a hot BMW sportster.

Alone with Ashley at last, Jasmine summoned up enough courage to say, "Ash, I'm horny."

Ashley stepped in front of her friend, placed a hand behind her head and drew her into a kiss. "Well, I guess we have some time."

Jasmine smiled but sighed. "I...I mean for..."

Ashley cocked her head. "What? Something different? Whips aren't my thing, but I'll try anything once."

Jasmine shivered. "No, I agree. Those just seem more suited to porn. Ashley, I know the timing is weird, but you said I could ask anytime."

"Yes, anything for you."

"I...I want some dick. Could I borrow...that sounds bad. Do you think Joe would have me before the wedding?"

They were still embraced, but Ashley took a step back. "Jazz...um...wow, the wedding is the day after tomorrow..."

"I know! And then the honeymoon, then getting ready for school, then moving...I feel like it's my last chance. At least for a while...I'm sorry to ask. I guess I was kinda hoping your offer was still on the table."

Ashley returned and gave her a hug. "Yes, it is. But, I'm just not sure when you could. Jill said something about the bachelorette party being tonight, rehearsal and dinner are tomorrow. I sure don't want you going after him on the morning before the wedding..."

Jasmine gasped. "Oh GOD no! I might be horny, but I'm not evil."

Ashley giggled. "Not completely evil. If you can find a way before Saturday, go for it."

Ashley had a different look on her face, and it gave Jasmine pause. "You're sure? Absolutely sure?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because I'm pretty sure I can get him into bed. I don't want anything to happen between you and me because of it. I love you and want to stay friends."

Ashley laughed lightly. "I'm sure you can bed him, too. We've stopped having sex since last weekend...you know, to tank up on desire."

Jasmine backed off. "OH, I didn't know. Then never mind, I don't want to spoil all the hard work," she winked.

Ashley gave her a peck. "Eh, don't worry about it. His libido resets pretty quick. If you want him, find a way to get him before Saturday. Otherwise, I insist you wait until we get back from Hawaii."

They were interrupted by Cindy coming in next to the kitchen, followed closely by Kim, who didn't make it out the driveway. The girls screeched their welcome, and hounded Cindy about her extended vacation with Doug. With dancing eyes, she told them the wonderful details. It didn't escape them that they mostly depicted what he said to her or did for her, rather than what they saw or did.

Then, she got down to the results of Joe's assignment for her. In exchange for nearly three paid weeks off, he asked her to take care of a few things. First, she reported that she got the figures from Ashley's album. It had sold 8,000 the first night, plus another 12,000 during the week. It was enough to cover the advance given to Ashley, but not much more. The other girls were disappointed in what they perceived to be low numbers. Ashley was relieved that they were at least that high. Cindy built up suspense on the second assignment before telling them that she successfully found a townhouse two blocks from FSU's campus, and both sides were going to be rented to their group. She endured the string of bouncing hugs with a smile.

Next, she showed them the bags she had gotten of their favorite drinks. "I've been recruited by Jill to be y'alls designated driver for tonight, so feel free to get started." Once the whoops and cheers died down, she looked Ashley in the eye. "You get one now. You'll have to ask me for the others."

"I'll pace myself," Ashley said after popping the top off a Corona bottle.

"Well, I'll be sure to enforce it this time. I don't want a repeat of graduation night." Cindy was stern, but had a kind smile. "So, where did Joe have his bachelor party?"

"He doesn't have a best man," Ashley said after a swig.

"There's no maid of honor, either." Jill made this dig toward Ashley after a nurse of her wine cooler.

"Shut up, you're all bridesmaids. Kim and Jasmine on my side, Jill and Cindy on his."

Cindy frowned. "Either y'all stop drinking, or promise me you won't go out for your party. I'll take Joe for his bachelor party."

"No!" Jasmine exclaimed a little too loud and quick. "I'll take him out."

They all cast her a curious glance. "I'm sure you would," accused Jill. Jasmine had told her how randy she was for the better part of a week.

Jasmine stammered for a second. "I mean, I was the first he told he was marrying Ashley. It's fitting that I would be his best girl."

"I am his best girl!" Ashley feigned in protest. She had caught on that this was Jasmine's opportunity.

"Okay, then -- his 'good' girl."

"More like bad girl," snickered Jill and Kim at the same time. They giggled that they had the same thought.

"Whatever. I really want to do this for him, okay?" With that, she turned and bounded up the stairs, two at a time.

Joe came home a little while later, carrying his garment bag. "Whoa, I see the bachelorette party is in full swing!" he called over the blaring music in the media room.

Jill was holding up a very small pair of undies, showing them off to the giggling Ashley, Kim, and Cindy.

Jill flung the pair down to the couch and they got up to greet him.

Cindy mockingly scolded him for seeing the bridal shower. When he said he thought it was Ashley's bachelorette party, Jill said that they had decided to combine the two. He unzipped the bag after they pleaded with him to show the tux. They oohed and awed until it was returned to the bag. Cindy then urged him to get ready for his bachelor party. To belay his confusion, she just said that it had been planned to be a surprise.

Joe was showered, shaved, and dressed in a t-shirt, blazer, and jeans inside a half hour. When Cindy told him to wait, he went to the kitchen and prepared a melon bowl to leave as a snack for the girls. Partly to afford the girls some privacy for their gifting, and partly to kill time. Cindy had said a surprise, but he was confident that she had told Doug to take him out to some strip club, and talk the staff into letting Joe have a few drinks. It didn't dawn on him as to how wrong he could be, nor how long Jasmine was 'in the bathroom for a tinkle.' After finishing the bowl, Joe was still in a puttering mood, so he went out to check that the pool pump and filter were ready for the reception in a couple of days.

The giggling room fell silent when they heard Jasmine's door close and she appeared on the balcony.

"Oh..my...GOD!" Kim exclaimed loud and slow. "You look delicious!"

Jasmine had an embarrassed smile as she descended the stairs.

"No shit." Ashley didn't think it was possible, but she flushed from jealousy of Jasmine. "I want a taste!"

"You fishing for strippers?" chided Jill.

"Not exactly," evaded Jasmine.

She really wanted tonight to go well. Not just for her own selfish motives, but now that the opportunity presented itself, she wanted Joe to actually enjoy one last 'fling' before marriage. Ashley had promised that he would be available to her even after the wedding, but Jasmine doubted that would happen. Such arrangements have a knack of falling apart, and since she loved both parties of the couple, she would happily give up any pursuit of sex with Joe in order to keep the peace. Since she saw this as her one and only shot at a special evening with him, it took forever to settle on her clothing choice, and she wore out her closet and covered her bed with discarded selections.

First, she thought of going the brazen slut route, trying on bikinis, tube tops, and micro skirts. Then she tried the casual look with tank tops and jeans. She wanted more than that, so she tried the girlfriend look, using belted tunics and leggings. Ashley was much better at pulling that look off, and Jasmine wanted to give him something different.

She finally settled on flat-out 'club' sexy. The finished product had her wearing a rhinestone black corset, a black bubble skirt with slightly lighter polka dots sprinkled in, white satin bikini panties, white knee high stockings, and black two inch heels. To soften the sluttish just a bit, she wore a white sheer half jacket on top. Her hair was curled and teased to fall in long lazy spirals, and her makeup was present only as a highlight to her best facial features. Jasmine's sequined handbag held her female essentials, and she carried her black flats, just in case dancing was involved later. She had removed the pendant that matched the other girls' from its chain, and tied it securely to her throat with a black ribbon, making a beautiful choker.

Ashley led Jasmine to the kitchen, and thankfully the others stayed put in the media room. "Make sure he comes back to me in time for Saturday," she said shakily, inhaling her own usual perfume wafting off Jasmine. She thought it was a low move by Jasmine to use her lure, but let it go.

Jasmine knitted her eyebrows in confusion. "We'll be back here in the morning." She added sadly, "Or, should we be back earlier?"

Ashley shook her head. "No, and you can use our room if you like."

"So, why did you say to have him back by Satur...ohhh. Ash, I'm not going to do that to you. We're going out for a good time, and that's it. Just some NSA fun." She saw Ashley bite her bottom lip. "Are you sure about this? If not, I'll take him to a Burger King and go bowling or something, and we'll come right back."

To answer, Ashley opened her wallet on the breakfast bar and tried to hand Jasmine a few Ben Franklins. "Have a great time," she said.

Jasmine pushed her friend's hand back. "Thanks, but although I might not have the most total money, aside from Cindy, I'm making the most steady income in this house. I've got it handled." She hugged Ashley tight. "You're the best. Thank you for this. I'll take good care of him, and he'll be back with you better than new tomorrow."

Joe came back inside and gave a low whistle upon seeing Jasmine. "Looks like it's going to be a hell of a party. Why aren't the rest of you dressed?"

Jasmine cleared her throat. "I'm your bachelor party." She saw Ashley's eyebrows shoot up. "I mean, I'm your date tonight. The others wanted you out of the house, so I thought we'd spend the evening together."

"Um..." He looked questioningly at Ashley. She only shrugged and nodded. He looked back at Jasmine. "Okay...am I dressed..."

"You're fine," Jasmine giggled nervously. "Let's go."

He grabbed the keys to his dad's town car and opened the kitchen door for her.

"Don't tear him apart into too many pieces!" called Kim from the other room.

Jasmine shot a bird behind her back in response.

Leaving the dinner choice up to Joe, they headed off to a small Italian place where his parents knew the owners. The drive started out quiet, and Jasmine felt jittery, as if she were on her first date. There really wasn't any reason to be, after all, she'd already had sex once with Joe before. Truth be known, she had her quotient of guys throughout highschool. But that time with Joe was different. In a night of passion, Ashley had all but dared Jasmine to ride him. Her head was fogged with hormones and lust, and while it certainly was fun, it felt empty. They all did, in fact. Jasmine was rarely with Joe alone, Jill or one of the others were always nearby. She really liked him, and she didn't dare tell Ashley that she couldn't help but want something more than a physical connection tonight. Jasmine tried hard to mask it, but the look on Ashley's face said that she knew.

She sighed with that thought, and Joe felt the need to break the ice. To answer his question, she told him that she didn't know what the other girls were doing tonight. Probably visit a male strip club, or they might just stay in and work each other into a frenzy, Cindy excluded. She decided to lay out a rule that she was treating him tonight, so he shouldn't even offer to pay for anything. He reluctantly agreed.

Her jitters melted away at the restaurant. It was cozy, dark, and romantic. Joe had to explain to the owners that Jasmine was a close friend who was tasked with getting him out of Ashley's hair before the wedding. They went along with the story, but not before giving Jasmine a disapproving look of her attire in the company of her engaged friend. All the same, they brought out a pricey bottle of wine on the house, and it wasn't long before conversation flowed easily between her and Joe.

After a string of topics centered around Ashley, Jasmine jokingly asked, "So, are you guys serious?"

That brought a hearty laugh from Joe. "Well, I picked up the wedding band today, so I think it's safe to say that we are."

Ashley, Jill, and Kim were feeling pretty loose from a few drinks. Ashley was true to her word, and kept her pace measured so that Cindy didn't have to deny her any drinks. After pizza, the girls struggled to decide what to do, aside from just going at it. That seemed like it would be less than satisfying given the occasion, and finally Jill declared that they would go clubbing for a few hours and then return to see what might happen between them. They all dressed the part, but Ashley seemed determined to be the hottest girl in the club for her last single night out. She chose a red tube top with a white leather half jacket, a matching white micro skirt, and white boots that went to her calves. Kim licked her lips and Jill chided that no matter how many guys she danced with, Ashley better come home with them. Cindy was mostly neutral, saying only that she was glad Doug wasn't with them, as he would be tempted to forget who his girlfriend was. They piled into Cindy's car and headed out.

Joe and Jasmine were waiting for dessert, and since each consumed only half a glass each, she felt a little guilty about letting the wine go to waste. She took a larger sip and crossed her legs. Her toe bumped into his leg while she did, but he didn't move. Almost imperceptibly, her pointed shoe stroked his calf. They chatted idly for a few minutes, until the wine emboldened her to ask him to pretend with her that this was a real date. She asked that they should act like they were interested in each other, thus the reason for this dinner. He said that he was interested in her, and apologized that conversations kept drifting back to Ashley.

"Well, thanks for humoring me," Jasmine replied. At the same time, she traced her foot up inside his thigh, heading toward her goal of his groin.

"I'm not just humoring you. I've always been interested in you. We just never seemed to click, you know?" He said this while intercepting her leg, removed her shoe and started rubbing her foot through her stocking. Joe got a sly grin. "I bet you dinner that I can make you cream your panties by touching only your feet." It was said more as a challenge between friends than an erotic invitation.

"That's not fair. You know you've done that already countless times."

"I have?"

"Oh come on, Joe. All those times on the couch you've rubbed my feet while watching TV...ugh." She stopped for a second when his nail pressed into a particularly strategic pressure point. "Oh well," she sighed as she deposited her other shoe and propped that foot into his lap as well. "I had planned on buying dinner anyway."

"You mean that every time I did this, you came?"

"Yes," she breathed. "Not earth-shattering or anything...oh yeah, right there...but pleasantly mellow." Her head fell to the side as her eyes rolled back. "Now shut up and just do it."

He manipulated her feet under the table, rolling the muscles and tendons around. For him, it was just as relaxing to give what he thought was innocent pleasure. But now that she made him aware of what it did for her, he watched and noticed that her breathing became shallow and would catch whenever he pressed certain parts. Then after a while, he noticed her tremble slightly, and she visibly relaxed in her chair.

"Really? That good?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," she sighed, moving her leg so her toes could touch the front of his pants. "Thank you."

He jumped at the contact enough to make the plates jingle. "Uh, Jasmine..."

"I'm just trying to reward you."

"Thanks, but it's not necessary," he said while gently moving her feet off his thighs.

She put her shoes back on just as the waitress brought their desserts. Jasmine inwardly cursed herself for going an inch too fast in her seduction. At times, it seemed like this would be too easy, but then there were others like this one that reminded her that this was going to be as difficult as she pictured, and then some. At least she was able to hold his eyes with hers throughout dinner.

Jasmine paid the bill, the owners corked the bottle and sent it with them. Joe resumed the usual male duties of their date, holding doors open for her. He even let her put her arm in his. Inside the car, she gave him the name of an upscale strip club and they went. She gave him some singles and they watched a few girls at the stage, and Joe dutifully tipped them by placing the bill under their g-string straps. Jasmine picked out a young girl with natural perky tits and paid her for a couple of private dances. But, she could tell that while Joe appreciated the female sights and the attention that Jasmine gathered of the dancers, his heart just wasn't in it. She asked if he wanted to go somewhere else, and he readily jumped at the suggestion.

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