An Anniversary to Remember


Still stinging from the spanking he turned me over and sat me up on his lap, "Now I'm going to give you a good licking!"

And with that he threw me down on the bed and started to furiously eat me out, licking my clit up and down and sucking on it harder and harder until I finally climaxed with a loud moan. He then placed my ass on the pillow and ordered me to sit and watch. He got up and removed his clothes walked over to me and said "Now suck this cock bitch!" I obeyed.

Who was this man I married? I wanted his cock so bad and continued to suck it until it got so big I gagged. I was told to turn around and as I did he guided his cock into my love channel. David thrust his cock inside me doggie style deeper than I ever experienced with him. He pumped me full of his love juices until I couldn't take any more. I was leaking his cum out all over our bed, my knees weakened; finally his flaccid cock fell from my well used cunt. I collapsed still shaking from my orgasm as he rolled me over.

"That was for showing another man your panties right in front of me!" He shouted.

I didn't know if he was angry, jealous or turned on but it was the best sex we've had in quite a while. Never in all the years of our marriage was I as turned on like that. I fell asleep in his arms and when I awoke breakfast was waiting for us.

"How romantic, breakfast in bed, did you do this?" I said.

"No, your boyfriend set this up probably late last night here's the card he sent."

To: Ann and David, Happy Anniversary. From: Brian.

"Well that was very nice of him, so sweet." I looked at David and smiled.


"No but I want to ask you something and I want you to really think about what I'm suggesting" David stated.

"First thank you for last night dear the sex was great. Second, I confess I did get turned on watching you flirt with Brian. Lastly I'm not the jealous type but I did get a little twinge last night thinking about you in his arms." David said.

"No I should be thanking you that had to be the most incredible sex you've ever given me. I should play with a man's mind more often when you're around." I softly said.

"I don't think it was his mind you were playing with Ann. You saw how I reacted when I got you back in our room. It was a combination of lust, anger, confusion and jealousy. Ann you got a very handsome eligible man hot last night and it made me want you even more."

Then David sat back in the chair he took a deep breath and said "So here's my question, I'll be blunt do you want to fuck Brian? Be honest with me Ann, deep down I think you do."

"I must admit I do find him a real hunk. I have to be honest he was at the beach bar on Thursday night and I caught him checking me out. You were watching the ball game and I thought why not flirt back. It was like me and Steve at New Year's, you know harmless. I never dreamed I would see him again. Then when I ran into him at the beach today, well I checked him out. He's in very good shape he's very firm, very muscular and those abs. Yes David I admit I was taken by him. But sex with Brian, oh my goodness, no. I am married to you darling, I would never dream of cheating on you, we're a couple."

David gave me a look that indicated he doubted my last remark.

"Yes it was obvious there was some chemistry there. Besides I think you've been more interested that you even realize. I saw how you looked into his eyes putting your hand on his arm at times as you talked. The smile on your face, your eyes told me so. I watched your flirtation play out. You thought I wasn't aware. Maybe Ann I figure that it's better to let you have it now, just this one time then to have you continually denying yourself until there are other guys and it becomes too big a temptation. Then it could get out of hand and screw up our marriage altogether. I would release you just this one time from our marriage vows, for just one night so you could experience another man for one hot encounter."

"No David absolutely not I won't be a party to this nonsense!" I scolded.

"This is your one chance Ann, think about it. One night of total freedom no strings." He sternly said.

I didn't know what to say, my mind said no but my vagina twitched yes. Here it was our anniversary and my husband was letting me stray.

"Let me think about this and I'll let you know? What if you changed your mind after I did it, that's if I did it and I still don't know if I want to? What if you changed your mind, and hated me for it? "

"Ann I could never hate you, you're the love of my life. I would only let this thing happen because I love you, and I trust you to go on loving me. I am just offering you a bonus, a chance to try the forbidden fruit to taste what you've never tasted before. So let me know."

As I finished my breakfast I told David I wanted to take a walk to clear my mind. My thoughts were swimming with emotion and trepidation. I walked the beach for nearly an hour. When I got back to our room David wasn't there. I took that time to take a quick shower and put on my blue shear babydoll nightie still out from the night before. As I slipped it over my head I could feel the shear material slide across my erect nipples. I put on my five inch stilettos and the matching blue lace panties to await my husband's return.

When David walked into the room I immediately saw a smile emerged from his face. I walked over sat on his lap fumbling briefly with the draw string on his shorts. I pushed his covering down, exposing his limp cock and grasping it, quickly stroking it to life. When it had become half-erect, I slid my body forward and lowered my mound rubbing it. David removed my panties and my vulva was already open and wet. I slid it up and down his shaft and it quickly responded to full erection.

I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I thought you might like to fuck me one last time before Brian puts his thing in there."

That was enough for my husband and my wetness told me how ready I was. David reached down and adjusted the position of his cock, pushing the head into my vaginal opening. I don't know if it was his pushing upward or my pushing down, but his cock slid easily into my wet passage. Our sex was mind-blowing, it was frantic and hard-driving I came twice before David unleashed a hot blast of his cum into my waiting body. Then I collapsed against David as his cock pumped out the remains of his creamy cum.

"I still think it's weird, but I am so excited about the prospect of having Brian, I will agree. Thank you so much you are so observant I mean to know how I felt about him. And don't worry, I promise you, it's just this once, I'll be satisfied with that." I confirmed.

I still didn't know how all if this was to take place. The plan was for us to go down for dinner and then David would leave me there alone. When Brian arrived I would say David had to leave suddenly because of an emergency at his dental office. Of course this was just a ploy and David would just go to the hotel's other bar. The next step was to get him into the room. David assured me that Brian would be eager. I wasn't as sure but was willing to try. With all that in place I prepped for my intimate evening.

That night getting myself ready was a very emotional and gut wrenching experience for my loving husband. I was on the other hand totally excited as I bathed. David watched my every move as I shaved my legs and trimmed my public hair. The hair on my pussy is soft and very sparse and because I'm very blonde my pussy lips are clearly in view. I perfumed my body with body powder. I wanted to look perfect so I took more time in putting on my make-up and brushed out my hair, pulling it over my right ear letting the back and left side down below my shoulders in a flip. David paced behind me and I realized how pain full and emotional it probably was for him. I dressed slowly stepping into my shear black bikini panties and clasped my half cup strapless bra to my chest letting my breasts and nipples overflow. To David's surprise I shunned pantyhose and pulled out my shear black stockings and a black lace garter belt attaching it over my hips. I bent over at the waist hooking the garter tabs to the dark welt on my stocking tops and adjusting the straps when noticing David attentively watching my every move. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror to make sure the garters had the proper tension. From the front my skimpy triangular shaped panties framed my pussy perfectly and the high cut back made my ass look terrific. The stiletto heels made my calves and thighs shapely. I turned and saw my husband's cock tenting in his pants.

"Looks like you like the view dear, in a short while this is going to be his," pointing down at my pussy. I put on my dress and zipped up the side. The plunging neckline showed off my cleavage and was just right while the bra I had on gave my breasts the uplift I wanted. I had on my diamond earrings that David bought me last anniversary along with a little diamond pierced to my belly button. I removed my wedding band, cupped it in David's hand replacing it with a faux cocktail ring.

"What are you doing Ann?" a surprised David asked looking down at the ring I wore proudly for twenty years.

"Well dear remember I'm not a married woman tonight, I'm a single lady."

The look on David's face told it all, he now realized there was no going back; I was to meet my lover soon. I felt as though I was really single again and I guess I was, well at least for the next couple hours. As a final touch David placed the pearls he gave me around my neck.

"So, how does this girl look?" slightly bowing.

"Very hot, a sexy blonde in a black dress what a combo!" my husband exclaimed.

"Thank you sweetie, at least you'll get to enjoy me at dinner."

As we entered the dining room I felt a few eyes on me. I felt great strutting to our table. David loved the attention I received. We sat down and the champagne we had up in our room was now at our table being opened. We toasted to our twenty wonderful years as I playfully took off one shoe and rubbed it up and down my husband's leg. Dinner was great and the company was even better. I know I loved David but I couldn't help to anticipate what was to transpire. David was nervous and I could tell by his squirming, he knew it was time. He got up took a deep breath, kissed me one last time and left. I told him I loved him.

His destination was the bar on the second floor. He was to stay there until I called via his cell phone. I could only imagine the thoughts in his mind for the next few hours.

As I walked the short distance from the restaurant to the lounge alone in my own thoughts I wondered if I made the right decision. I sat down and Brian appeared, oh my god did I make the right decision! Brian looked great he had on an off white sports jacket open collared blue shirt, beige pants and alligator shoes. I could smell his cologne as he greeted me with a smile as he cupped my hand with both of his.

"Where is David?" He asked.

"He had a dental emergency, he's gone for at least two maybe even three hours." I shrugged. I could almost hear Brian's pulse rate quicken and even detected a sly smile.

"Ann you look fantastic, may I sit and have a drink with you?" Brian asked, god, that smile was melting me.

"Please do, your now my date for this evening." I smugly smiled as Brian pulled up a chair next to me. David was right this is going to be easy; he took the bait hook, line and sinker. I took total control of the moment easing my dress up making sure Brian saw my gartered legs as I crossed them. I was feeling just in the right mood to get seduced now. I finished my champagne by downing the last few drops. I had to say it now or I was going to chicken out.

"Ann is David going to be gone long?" Brian gently asked.

"Brian just forget David for a moment, I think this was meant to be, I have thought about you for the last two days and I want you to make love to me...NOW, while we have this chance!" There I said it! I could see the lust in Brian's eyes, they were so blue and sexy I was almost mesmerized by them. I sensuously looked over at Brian, put my elbow on the table with my chin resting on the back of my hand and licked my lips.

"Well? Is it a yes or no?" I sensuously smiled.

"Yes Ann, it's a definite YES, I've wanted you since that night I saw those incredible legs."

"Well too many people here know David and I so the best way to go about this is meet me in my room in 10 minutes, tenth floor, Room 1024. I'll leave now and see you in ten." I got up walked away, turned and smiled as I disappeared into the elevator.

Entering the room I unzipped and removed my dress, bra and panties and freshened up. I dabbed one drop of perfume just above my now bare pussy. The night maid had been in and turned down the covers on the bed, making it more inviting. Everything was now just right I patiently awaited my lover to come take me.

What seemed like forever finally there was a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it as Brian took in my half nakedness.

"WOW, you certainly dress for the occasion!" He said shaking his head in amazement.

"I couldn't find a thing to wear Brian, so I didn't bother, I hope this is okay?" I sensuously smiled.

As I drank in his six foot-two frame he started to undress. I helped him remove his jacket hanging it up as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He stood there in just his silk boxer shorts, both of us now naked from the waist up. I stood in front of him in my black lacey underwear and smiled moving quickly into his awaiting arms. I lunged forward and his cock rubbed into my pussy. I took my hands and with my thumbs pulled down his shorts. His cock was understandably standing at attention, but what surprised me was that in this department, the overall big nature of the guy was not matched. His was no bigger than David. I admit I was a little disappointed. Still I wanted to continue my seduction.

Our first kiss ended breathlessly. "How about we get into bed?" I suggested, leading the way.

"You want my stockings on or off?" I asked.

"Keep them on and keep those shoes on as well. You are so beautiful Ann." He said.

Brian followed me onto the bed as we lay down. Once in bed I immediately spread my thighs, opening up his view of my pubic mound. Now Brian slid his body alongside mine, lying on his side, facing me as I lay on my back.

We resumed kissing as his hand came down and touched my inner thighs halfway up. I looked to spread them even further apart, inviting his more intimate touch wherever he wanted to make it. He slid his fingers softly up over my tender skin, then tracing along the gap of my outer lips. I felt moisture, I was wet with desire.

His fingers went high touching my clit. Then I felt those same two fingers come back down along my pussy lips and he felt around down there before the two fingers slipped inside my body and verbally I expressed my reaction with a "Oh my god Brian, take me!"

"You know I was determined to have you," he said, his fingers now really working my pubis, darting between my clitoris and vagina. My breathing was loud as my body writhed around on the bed.

"Yes Brian and I too wanted you now kiss me." I breathlessly said.

Each kiss became more passionate our hands exploring every inch of each other's body. He touched my breasts and gently kneaded my tits then mounted me. I took his cock and traced it over my clit and placed it on my opening. Brian pushed forward and as my body met his I could feel his cock enter my awaiting pussy. I felt the head sucked inside my vagina. I felt it slid farther inside my wet, juicy love hole. My vagina walls tightened as I want more of him. I was almost there. I know when my body is ready to erupt.

"I'm coming," suddenly and seconds later I did. Brian was sucking and kissing on my breasts and that did seem to prolong my orgasm somewhat. When I finally settled down I looked up and kissed Brian and wrapped my legs around his waist. I didn't feel Brian cum but his flaccid cock told me otherwise.

As the sound of heavy breathing died away, I questioned Brian. "Is that it?" not what a man wants to hear when he has just spilled his cum into a woman.

"I'm sorry, that's all I've got, and I'm not some super stud." Brian sarcastically said.

"Well you came, didn't you?" he responded in an agitated way.

"Yes ... yes I did," I agreed, "Don't get me wrong, it was good, but you're such a hunky guy, I thought it might have been really something. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound critical. It was good but I guess I just built up an unreal expectation of what would happen."

I was disappointed in not only his size but technique, obviously Brian's looks made him more tantalizing to other women than his bedroom style. He moved from between my now puffy outer lips and got up from the bed. On my 1 to 10 bedroom scale I'd rate Brian a four at best.

As he dressed I put on my robe, I kissed him on the cheek and Brian walked out the door as well as my life. I quickly got on my cell and called David.

"Darling, I want you more than anything in this world, come be with your loving spouse." I told David.

It took all of two minutes for David to get up to our room and when he arrived he found me completely naked on our bed. He walked across and sat down on the bed alongside me and gently kissed my lips.

"So, was it everything you wanted it to be?" he asked.

"Let's just say it was an experience, you allowed me my freedom for one night which I needed, let's leave it at that." Then I started to cry. I couldn't help myself I guess all my emotions finally came to be. Here was my husband wondering only about my feelings.

"Actually Ann thinking of you with another man, your breasts and pussy being touched and caressed, him and you getting aroused. It may sound weird but I never felt closer to you at that very moment." Now I was really sobbing and I clutched my husband never wanted to let go.

"How were you so turned on by that? I thought you would have been put off by knowing your wife was being taken by another man." I said.

"I probably should be, but honey, believe me, it was so exciting thinking of you being fucked. You are a truly remarkable woman I know that your love for me is greater now that it ever has been." he confided.

"Well, I will never truly understand you men and your minds. I love you so much, you're and amazing husband." I said.

"Believe me, there are heaps of men with the same fantasy, you just made mine come true. Think of how we can play this one out." he laughed.

That night I think we got closer as husband and wife not because we made love twice but because we understood what love it all about; it's knowing what to do and how to cope and trust your feelings.

He did admit he took a gamble letting me be with Brian. But life is a gamble at times and our gamble paid dividends for the future. I know this isn't for all couples but for us it was. Most men will think I got the better of our adventure and that's okay, it's the end result that counts. I was lucky to find out that night that David was my most precious commodity.

Ladies if your husband ever asks you to step out of your marriage for just one night consideration this thought... You probably don't realize how good you have it with him.

As we checked out of the hotel the desk clerk asked us if we had a nice time, smiling we said it was everything we expected and then some. If they only knew! What a husband!

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by Anonymous11/09/17


He's a stupid CUCK and she's a selfish twat!
What a way to celebrate a 29th anniversary,breaking your wedding vows!
Stories like this really piss me off!

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by Anonymous08/05/17

On 20th Anniversary?

That dumb husband is in need of some serious mental help! Shit,why not just arrange a midnight gang bang by the pool?
And the phony wife is just an unromantic twat!
Title of this story should be: An Anniversarymore...

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by Anonymous06/09/17

I don't get it

Liked the story, but why did they take the risk? - yeah I know it's just a story!!!

Just not worth it.

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by Anonymous05/28/17



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