An Anniversary to Remember


Taking advantage of Paul saying how sore he was from pushing the lawnmower all day, I had him lie on his stomach on the couch and began to rub his back and shoulders. Paul didn't complain and let out a contented sigh as I sat on the edge of the couch and massaged him. I could feel myself getting wetter by the minute at the feel of his bulging muscles under his warm skin. Deciding to make things more interesting I stood up and swung my leg over him so that I was straddling his waist as I continued to rub him down. I deliberately slid up high enough so that my crotch was resting over the waistband of his shorts and I was sure he could feel not just the heat, but by this time, maybe even the moistness of my pussy through the thin panties.

Paul didn't say anything, but I could feel him tense up beneath me. When I finished and got off of him, Paul had looked nervous and when he sat up I noticed he seemed to be keeping his hands in his lap. It was everything I could do, looking at him in his skimpy shorts, not to try then and there, but I had told myself Friday would be the night, and I was going to stick to it. Besides, the more I could get Paul thinking about us, the better my chances were of getting what I wanted.

The next day I reversed the situation. I had gotten home after Paul to find him sitting on the couch watching television. I was still wearing the white blouse and extremely short black skirt from work and sitting next to him, kicked off my heels and, swinging my long legs up onto the couch; put my black stocking feet in his lap. Paul had looked at me as if saying 'you're kidding' but when I pouted and said;

"Oh please big brother?"

Paul had given me that shy little smile that I so loved on him and had started rubbing my feet. Not only could Paul never resist my pouting but he also loved when I called him big brother, so what if it was only by a few hours it still made him older. Paul had rubbed my feet quickly at first, but after a few minutes, I noticed he started to slow down, and rather than rubbing hard, his fingers were lightly caressing the tops and bottoms of my feet. At one point his hands had gone past my feet and started kneading my calves.

By this time my heart was pounding and my pussy was once again wet as I watched his strong hands work my legs. I let out a long sigh, which was dangerously close to a moan, and Paul turned his head to look at me. I met his gaze and gave him a sly little smile. Paul returned the smile a bit nervously then stopped rubbing my legs and said he had to get up to go to the bathroom. I started to lift my feet then, unable to resist, dropped my right foot back into his lap and swore in the second before he grabbed my ankle and moved my foot that my brother was hard.

As good as that had been last night was by far the best. I had been talking to Paul in the morning and told him that since neither of us had been out on a date in awhile, and we were getting tired of burgers ,which is all either of us could really cook, why not have some fun and go out to a nice place maybe even dress up? Paul had rolled his eyes and said he didn't need a pity date with his sister and I had replied that maybe I just wanted to spend a night with a great looking guy. Paul had laughed and although I had detected a hint of nervousness in it he had agreed to go out with me. Knowing it was his favorite color I wore a sexy blue dress that was not only short but pretty low cut as well. I had even worn make up which I usually never do ,and not only did Paul tell me several times over dinner how pretty I looked, but I definitely caught him looking down my dress a couple of times.

The place had a band and when they started playing I asked Paul to dance with me. He looked around and said that it would look a little funny. I laughed and said we were brother and sister it's not like it meant anything. Course I had said that to get him out there because to me that dance meant everything. It was a ballad and as we danced I rested my head on his broad shoulder and sighed contentedly. Paul smelled great and felt even better as our bodies swayed together in perfect harmony. Right there on the dance floor I could feel myself begin to get worked up again thinking about how well we would soon be moving together naked. As the song came to a close I looked up into Paul's face and smiling at him leaned up and gave him a kiss. Knowing there were people around it was on the cheek but I had deliberately made it seem as if it were going to be his lips only turning my head at the very last second. To my delight Paul hadn't moved at all as my lips all but grazed his.

When we had gotten home and I'd gone into my bedroom I had closed my eyes and slowly slipped my dress off my shoulders envisioning Paul standing behind me doing it. As I let my dress drop to the floor I imagined his arms encircling my waist and his lips gently kissing the soft skin of my neck. I was so wound up I'd had to play with myself twice just to be able to go to sleep. I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach and the day had dragged like no other that I could remember. We had both worked and Paul had brought home Chinese food. After we had eaten I had told him I was going to go shower and would be down in a little while and we would have a movie night like we used to when we were kids.

Well tonight certainly wouldn't be like when we were kids I thought as I applied my favorite shade of red lipstick. As I put the tube down I blew a kiss at the mirror to check out how my lips looked and wondered if Paul would think something wasn't right because I was wearing makeup. Well honestly I would think the mini skirt and braless tits would probably catch his attention a little more than my eye shadow. Putting my lipstick away I felt my heart begin to beat faster as I pictured going downstairs and, after sitting next to Paul on the couch, trying to get him interested, maybe even make him want to make the first move. If not then I would have to seduce him. I had no experience with that but in the end Paul had always said he couldn't resist my pout. Well we'll see what he thought about that pout when it was wrapped around his;

"Cock." I said then looking in the mirror added; "My brothers cock."

Oh how wrong and right that sounded all at once! I took a deep breath and stood up; it was time.

I left my room and, walking down the corridor slowly, started down the stairs. The staircase led directly into the living room and turned part way down. Quietly making my way down the first few steps I peeked around the corner to see Paul sitting on the couch wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and idly flipping through the channels while he waited for me. The second floor landing was just over the bend making it so that when someone was coming down the stairs you would see them from the waist down only for the first couple of steps which was going to work out perfectly for me.

In order to make sure my brother would see me coming down, I kicked my right leg out, sending the black sandal I was wearing off of my foot and bouncing down the stairs. Hoping Paul was looking at this point I said loudly;

"Oh shit!"

Then bending my left leg up reached down and slowly removed the other sandal. Straightening I walked down the next couple of steps, my eyes focused towards the couch, so that I would be able to immediately see the look on Paul's face when he caught a full look at me. The timing could not have been better; the first thing I saw even from across the room was Paul's eyes glued to my legs. I lingered on the next to the last step for a few seconds already feeling my heart beating a little quicker as there was no doubt Paul was really looking. I stepped down and said;

"Hey big brother, you decide on a movie?"

Paul must have really been engrossed in my legs because at the sound of my voice his head snapped up and I noticed that he already a nervous, no maybe even guilty, look on his face as if he had done something wrong. That look was instantly replaced however by an almost comical look of shock as he caught sight of the rest of me. Between how thin the material of the white tank top was, and how hard my nipples were, my brother was getting quite an eyeful. At first I was going to try to hold back a smile but, as I saw a look that all but said 'oh shit' pass across Paul's face, I did allow myself a small, and what I hoped, was a sexy smile to touch my lips.

"You okay Paul?" I asked as I sauntered over to the couch, walking as slow as possible without looking obvious, putting a little extra swing into my hips as I did.

"Umm yeah why?" Paul asked then added; "Are you?"

"Of course I am." I said smiling sweetly as I made it over to the couch and sat down a couple of feet away from him. As I did I was well aware of the ridiculously short skirt riding up so high that if someone was sitting across from me they would be able to see my thong. Looking at Paul I said;

"Why do you ask?"

"Because you're playing with your hair." Paul pointed out.

Shit I thought as I removed my hand from the end of my hair. I always did that when I was nervous and to the point where I was never aware that I was doing it. I'd wanted to catch Paul off guard now he would wonder if something was up. That thought left my mind though as, speaking of something being up, I saw Paul shift uncomfortably, and sliding further into the corner of the couch, removed the small throw pillow as if it were in his way and put it on his lap. As soon as Paul had slid away I moved over as well but this time a little closer. I made sure I was turned towards him so that if he looked over he would be confronted with the sight of not only my tits but at this point the skirt was all but up to my crotch.

Right now Paul seemed to be making an effort not to look at me, first staring off to the other side of the room then, with a nervous sigh, he went to pick up the remote. I grabbed it before he could and pulled it to me. Paul turned to grab it and his eyes immediately went to my tits then just as quickly he looked away. Without taking my eyes off my brother I pointed the remote at the tv and shut it off. I was going to start a movie and try to cuddle up with him and see where it went but, seeing that Paul was already uncomfortable I knew I was on the right path, and was not going to draw this out.

"Why'd you shut the tv off?" Paul asked still not looking my way.

"Because I want to talk to you big brother." I told him.

"Oh, ummm okay." Paul said.

I waited silently for Paul to say something but he stayed silent staring at the tv as if it were on. Then removing the glasses he wore, started to clean them, which like my playing with my hair, was a tell tale sign he was nervous. Paul wore contacts a lot and of course that showed off his beautiful eyes, but I really think I liked him better in the glasses, the black frames gave him a slightly geeky appearance but, to me, added to that shy sweet side of him that I so loved. Speaking of nervous I realized my hand was in my damn hair again and putting it in my lap put my other hand over it.

"So are you going to talk sis?" Paul asked still wiping imaginary dust from his glasses.

"It's kind of important Paul," I told him with a slight smile. "I'd really like it if you were actually looking at me."

My smile grew as I saw Paul hesitate and, with sigh that had an air of resignation to it, put his glasses back on and turned to me. It was not lost upon me that his eyes were focused directly on my face and no lower. As he looked I noticed his eyes narrow as if he were studying me.

"What? " I asked.

"Dawn, are you going out?"

"Of course not." I told him "I told you I'm hanging out with you tonight." Then even though I knew damn well why he was asking I tossed out;

"What makes you think that?"

"You're wearing makeup." Paul began then, getting that awkward look on his face, continued;

"And your dressed well," He paused. "Well kind of umm trashy."

"Trashy?!?" I exclaimed in mock indignation. "That's really not a nice way to talk about your sister!"

"Well shit Dawn," Paul said. "Your skirts like up to your ass and you..." He stopped as if catching himself.

"And I what?" I prodded enjoying watching him squirm, and then hoping I'd be the one soon squirming, and moaning and...

I took a deep breath; 'slow and easy girl' I told myself were getting there. Paul hadn't answered and still feigning offense I asked;

"Well and what?"

Paul stared at me for a minute and, looking into his eyes, I could practically feel how flustered he was. Finally shaking his head he said;

"Christ Dawn you're not even wearing a bra."

"And how do you know that?" I asked smiling sweetly at him.

"Well ummm well I mean it's not like I can't notice."

"Paul?" I asked getting ready to take the plunge.

"Yeah Dawn?"

Looking him in the eye, I asked with a straight face:

"Were you looking at my tits?"

"I... what?!?" Paul exclaimed, a look of shock on his face that to me seemed as believable as my air of indignation moments ago. Oh yes big brother I thought to myself I got you.

"I asked you if you were looking at my tits Paul." I repeated evenly.

"Of course not!"

"Well why not?" I asked and taking my hands placed them under my tits and pushed them up and out at him. "You don't like them?"

I felt the material of the shirt brush my hard nipple and knew that they had to be all but falling out with me pushing on them. At the movement Paul looked down and, eyes widening, he turned his head to the side so quickly his glasses started to slide off his face.

"Hell no!" He practically choked out.


Seeing Paul peeking a little out of the corner of his eye I made a show of looking down at them and asked;

"Well what's wrong with them?"

"Their yours Dawn" Paul said. "You're my sister for Christ's sake."

"That doesn't mean I can't have nice tits." I told him.

Taking a breath Paul turned to look at me and once again deliberately keeping his eyes at my face said;

"I'm sure other guys like them."

"But you said they weren't nice." I said sadly and, giving him the full power of my pout, added;

"You made me feel bad, like you don't like them."

"I'm not supposed to like them." Paul said rolling his eyes.

"I guess," I said taking my hands away from my tits because at this point I was getting so horny that my own touch was making my nipples ache. Giving Paul a little smile I continued;

"Then again people do things they're not supposed to all the time don't they?" Without waiting for an answer I continued; "Sometimes they think and feel all kinds of things they shouldn't"

At this point looking my brother dead in the eye I said softly;

"Isn't that right big brother?"

The reason I made sure to hold eye contact as I spoke was that I was hoping to get one of those moments where I could pick up on Paul's thoughts. As I finished speaking Paul remained silent, his beautiful eyes looking into mine, and without a doubt, I could feel something, at least enough to know that Paul was thinking, or had been thinking, about me more than he should have. Maybe he didn't think I felt the same and was afraid he was the only one who felt that way. Breaking eye contact with him I decided to steer away from this serious moment and go back to teasing.

"So then Paul can I ask you a question?"

With a resigned sigh Paul asked;

"What sis?"

"If you saw these tits on another girl would you think they were hot? Would you think they were nice titties big brother?"

"Dawn what the hell is wrong with you?" Paul asked again trying just a little too hard to sound offended. "I..."

"Just answer the question Paul." I said shrugging. "Just tell me if you think you'd look if they were on someone else?"

"Okay okay!" Paul exclaimed in exasperation. "Yes sis they look great if I saw another girl with tits like yours I would look."

"Awwww big brother you say the sweetest things!" I said giving him a huge smile and leaning over, a kiss on the cheek.

To my delight Paul blushed furiously and put his head down. Then realizing he was now confronted with the sight of my skirt all but hiked up to my hips turned his head away. Speaking of my skirt, I went for my next play;

"What about my legs Paul have you..."

"You're beautiful Dawn." Paul said catching me by surprise. "You really are sis, everything about you is perfect. So yes to anything you were going to ask next. I wish I could find a girl as pretty as you." He gave me that shy little smile before finishing; "And as sweet."

I smiled so hard I swear my cheeks were starting to hurt. He felt exactly the same way I did! Well except all he was doing was thinking. On that note...

"Hey Dawn," Paul spoke cut into my thoughts. "Before you ask me some other weird question you never did tell me."

"Tell you what?" I asked off balance by how excited I was over his last remark.

"Why the hell are you dressed like that? I mean you are really well..." He paused trying to find a better word than trashy and shrugging said; "Out there."

I looked at Paul and feeling my heart begin to race slid over even closer to him and whispered;

"Hey big brother, you know what today is don't you?"

A smile appeared on Paul's face my question seemingly causing him to forget what he had asked me.

"Of course I do."

"Well you know on our special day I always give my brave big brother a gift."

"You don't have to Dawn."

"You always say that Paul." I told him and reaching out to his face took his glasses and slowly removed them.

"What are you..." Paul started but stopped when I placed a finger to his lips and kept speaking softly;

"And I always say that I don't have to do anything, I do it because I want to."

Never taking my eyes from Paul's I leaned over and placing his glasses on the coffee table continued;

"And this year big brother your ever so grateful sister wants to give you the best gift ever."

"I.. umm what is it?" Paul asked staring into my eyes as if transfixed.

Reaching up I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulling him towards me whispered;

"Happy anniversary big brother."

I parted my lips and leaned into him. Paul gave me a smile and began to turn his head to get his customary kiss on the cheek. As he started to turn I slid my arm from around his neck and placing my hand against his cheek to keep him facing me kissed him softly on the lips. Paul returned the kiss but as a quick peck and started to pull away.

"Dawn," He started to say but was cut off as grabbing the back of his head with my other hand I pushed him forward and into another kiss.

Paul once again tried to pull back but I had my fingers in his hair and held his head to mine as I pushed my soft lips into his. Paul resisted for a few more seconds; keeping his lips rigid and unmoving against mine. Then, as I parted my lips more, and started sliding them gently back and forth across his, playfully flicking my tongue out across them, I heard Paul let out a soft moan in his throat and he began to return the kiss. I moaned deep in my own throat as, not only did Paul's lips press back into mine, but his mouth opened and his tongue darted out to tease across mine, before pushing deep into my mouth.

Letting go of Paul's face and hair, I put my arms around his shoulders, and pulled him close to me. As I felt my tits press into his chest I started sliding myself side to side rubbing my hard nipples across his chest. I let out a little whimper as I felt Paul's hand slide up my back and begin to run through my long black hair. I let my hands wander down Paul's back enjoying the feeling of his hard muscles, and bringing my right one around, reached down into his lap, and tossing the pillow to the floor, found an even harder muscle and gave it a squeeze through his shorts. I moaned at how big and hard it felt, and had just started to rub my hand back and forth when, with a gasp, Paul broke the kiss and stared at me panting.

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