tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Apartment with Benefits Ch. 24

An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 24


Chapter 24 A Friendly Game of Cards

As I closed my lap-top and purchased a couple of bottles of wine Tracy came into the pub. I gave her a kiss and said 'Perfect timing, with a bit of luck we can share a cab. Would you mind doing me a favour and if anyone asks, I picked you up at home and we were just on our way back to my flat to pick up Susan and Mark. I can explain later.'

'Sure. I am sorry I asked you not to come to the house but I didn't really want you bumping into Dad in case he said something that Mum might have caught on to. She is already a little suspicious that I have a free flat to use.'

'We will try and find a way to pacify her.' I said. 'Oh look, there they are, getting into that cab. Hi Susan, Mark this is Tracy. Tracy, Mark. We were just on our way home to get you. Perfect timing.'

I got an accusing look from Susan. I wondered what she could be accusing me of, especially after what she had been doing. I knew I was fireproof, apart from spying on her.

We were quickly at the girls' flat and a few more introductions were made.

Mark had joined the company as the girls were moving into their flat and had met the boys on one occasion as well.

There was a table full of drinks and nibbles that we attacked with gusto. I quickly brought the subject of the party. 'How did you think the first monthly party went?' I asked. There was unanimous agreement that it went well. Not too much outrageous sex for a first meet, but enough to get them all feeling randy. 'I must say,' Sandra said, 'We have been following your escapades on line the last few nights, You two have really been going for it. Susan when we get a quiet moment I really want to ask you about Louis.'

'Louis who?' asked Susan to laughter.

'Yes, that's the one,' said Alice.

'And last night,' asked Roger. 'If we got invited to supper could we, well you know.' The girls all catcalled and the boys leaned in for the answer.

'I have no idea, invite them round for supper and see. One thing I would tell you...' and I leaned forward conspiratorially, 'If you ever get invited round there for a meal ... go.' I paused. 'She is a wonderful cook.'

The girls nearly wet themselves laughing and all the boys who had been hanging on my every word had the grace to laugh at themselves. 'I will tell you one thing to watch out for, if she wants to treat Dave normally and as a regular guy and husband, she calls him Dave, and if they are in the mood to play, David. There, and you haven't heard it from me, you just picked it up by watching the session. Anyway, weren't we going to play cards?'

'Good idea,' said Sandra. 'Rather than Poker, which we don't all know, we thought an easier game would be Newmarket which is also a betting game. In the regular game you put your bet on one of four cards, an ace, a king, a queen or a jack, all of different suits and the person who plays that card wins the money on it. You also put a coin in the middle and who ever uses up all their cards first takes that pot. In this game whoever plays one of the four picture cards loses one item of clothing and the person who goes out first loses two. There are eight of us and we deal cards to all eight plus one hand for a dummy. These, in the dummy, are effectively stop cards. The person who has the two of diamonds goes first followed by the person who has the three then the four etc. When no-one can go, because the next card is in the dummy hand, then the person who played last can play again, the lowest card in their hand. It carries on like that. As soon as you play one of the four 'losing' cards you take off one item. It will be quicker than poker and at least three of us don't know the hands in poker. Let's play a dummy round and you will see how it goes.'

We did and it went well. Everybody knew what we were doing. One of the boys asked, 'How many articles of clothing is everyone wearing?'

This was going to be fun.

The boys who had taken their shoes off at the door all managed five pretty easily. Socks, shirt, trousers and underwear. Sandra was quick to admit that she had five on, which was interesting because all we could see was her dress and tights or stockings. Stockings I suspected, so maybe no bra. Alice only had four on. She wore no socks, so it was easy to work out what she was wearing. Blouse, skirt, bra and panties. Tracy had six. I had glimpsed stocking tops earlier and I could see a bra strap so they must have been hold-ups unless she had no panties on.

'Nine,' said Susan going pink. 'No seven. I will take my shoes off now.' Even the girls were surprised. There were a few cries of unfair

I whispered to Roger sitting next to me to ask her if she was sure, that was an awful lot of clothes and to ask me about it.

'I am not an expert on ladies clothing,' said Roger, 'but that sounds an awful lot. We know Alex chooses your underwear, so Alex can you tell us the number?'

'I am afraid not, I went out today before Susan went into the shower. Mark what time did you get there? Do you know what she is wearing? You are her date for the evening.'

A few jaws dropped and I saw Susan spot the trap I was leading her into.

'I got there at seven like you said and no, Susan had not got into the shower yet.'

'So, what was she wearing when you got there?'

They looked at each other and I could see the questions in their minds, 'Shall we tell the truth?'

'Nothing,' said Susan. 'As I was saying I was just about to go in the shower. I had a towel of course.'

'That's okay,' said Alice. 'I like wearing a bath towel myself. It can be a great tease.'

'Well it wasn't exactly a bath towel, just a bit smaller. Anyway, not that it should be of interest to any of you, but I poured him a drink, went for my shower and then got dressed. That's it.'

'So, did Mark see you dressing, will he know what you are wearing?' Roger asked.

'Well no,' said Mark, 'Well, maybe a glimpse. White I think they are. Why don't you just tell us what the seven items are and we can start the game?'

'Either that,' I said, 'or we could just watch the replay on the VSX site.'

'Mark went pale and Susan stuttered. 'We.. we.. we don't need to do that. Why don't I just get down to five and then start the game.'

'That's reasonable,' I said, 'So what are you going to take off.'

'My stockings of course. Then I have the same four as everyone else plus suspenders.'

'That sounds a little boring,' I said. Why don't we ask the guys what you should take off? I vote for blouse and skirt. Mark?'

'Oh, stockings definitely.' Susan gave him a grateful smile which was spotted by Roger and Tim who both voted for blouse and skirt in order to see exactly what caused her to be so grateful.

She looked daggers at me and started shuffling off her skirt while seated.

'Oh no, normal rules,' said Tim. 'Stand in the middle and show everyone and then a long slow spin.'

'Yeah,' all the boys cheered. I noticed that even the girls were beginning to enjoy her embarrassment.

I could see her cursing me under her breath as she stood up and removed her fluffy mohair top to display her beautiful breasts. Her nipples just surrounded by strips of white lace.

'Wow Mark,' I said. 'You only got a glimpse and you could tell they were white. That must have been some glimpse. I am sitting here and almost all I can see is flesh.'

'Well of course, that is because I am a gentleman and only looked at the lace.'

We all laughed. I assumed it was a joke.

'And do we want to see the panties,' I asked. They both went pale again.

'Panties, panties,' was the cry.

I got 'the look' again from Susan, which was only marginally tempered by the hint of a grin appearing. I could see that she was just beginning to enjoy herself. She was beginning to get the glint in her eye. She dropped the skirt to howls from the men and cries of astonishment from the girls.

'Wow. You go girl,' said Alice. 'I have never seen a gap that size in crotchless panties. There is more gap than pantie.' We all laughed.

'Mark, I am even more amazed that you remember they were white. There is even more flesh there than white. Turn around Susan, show us that beautiful bottom.'

She turned a couple more times until we were all satisfied that we had seen all there was to see. We let her sit.

'So, Tracy, as my date for the night, I would be embarrassed if you started off with more items than anyone else so perhaps you should lose one item as well. Which is it to be boys?'

The skirt of course was favourite and she shimmied it off to show us tiny white bikini panties and her hold-ups.

We were ready to start the game at last.

I always seem to be unlucky at cards and so of course I held the Jack of Diamonds which was the first of the target cards to be played.

I started taking off a sock only to hear the call from Susan, 'Woah, woah there. We haven't agreed what we want you to take off. Remember, that's what you did to poor Tracy and me.' Hoist with my own petard. I couldn't argue particularly when Tracy agreed. 'That's right we want to see some cock. Get those trousers off.'

I wasn't too unhappy as it was going to speed up the removal of everyone's clothes. We would soon get everyone down to Susan's state of showing everything I thought. Next was Alice who lost her blouse and then poor Tim suffered the most as he played his last card before the King of Clubs got played. It was obviously in the dummy hand. The girls made him stand in the middle and remove both his trousers and boxers. No pity for the new boy.

The next game started and over the course of the next half an hour, Alice lost her skirt to reveal sheer Brazilian-cut panties, Mark lost his trousers and Sandra who finished the hand first lost her dress and panties. She was left wearing just black stockings and suspenders. Beautiful.

I do love that time when people are partly dressed, some more than others, so suggested we stop, have a nibble and a drink and maybe even a dance before we started again.

We started dancing to 'Billie Jean' but then a slow number came on and we all started to get into the party spirit. Sandra changed the music to all slow numbers and we were soon groping each other merrily.

I did say after a while that it was a little unfair on a couple of people that we had stopped, particularly Roger who was the only one completely dressed still. They all agreed and over the next half hour Roger lost his trousers and then again later his boxers, Mark lost his boxers and Tracy lost her blouse and panties, to be left with just a bra and hold-up stockings.

More dancing enabled a little more fondling before we started again. We decided that in this round the loser of the item should approach someone of the opposite sex who would remove the chosen garment with their teeth only.

Alice lost her blouse and bra after we allowed Tim to use his hands on her buttons. He claimed that the bra was an accident, it got in the way as he was removing her shirt. We let him get away with that because, as he said, if he had been trying to take off a second item he would have gone for her panties. We laughed and told her that she had to keep it off anyway. I lost my boxers to Tracy, while she managed to make me erect while doing so. She then led me round the room by my cock introducing it to all the other girls.

The game was rapidly abandoned as Roger challenged any of the guys to arm-wrestle him for the right to take Alice's panties off. Mark took him on and lost easily, so Roger lay Alice down and removed her panties, taking them down with his teeth. Eventually. It was long slow job and looked very tiring. She had to turn over as he worked first from the back and then the front. His technique was interesting in that he straddled Alice's body in a sixty-nine position in order to push the panties down rather than pull them. How easily he could move with his cock in her mouth we were not sure. Tim beat me at paper, stone scissors, to remove Tracy's bra. That only left Susan and we asked her to stand in the middle and turn slowly while we decided whether we would bother to remove anything at all as it was all on show anyway. We decided in the end to keep her stockings, suspenders and bra, basically because we just liked them and they were only straps anyway. We would have to remove her panties and that the person who should do it was Mark because he was her date for the evening. He could also put her in any position he liked to remove it. Cleverly he had her do a hand stand against the wall and removed them by pulling them up her legs. Of course, we would not let her close her legs when he finished so we held them wide apart as he kissed her to say thank you for them. I don't have to tell you where he kissed her but he was limited to one minute.

That only left us men all wearing socks and shirts. The girls went into a huddle, and decided they would give a prize to the best stripper of the evening. It turned out to be Tim who was a really good dancer. He was asked to draw a bit of paper out of a hat as his prize and was told after they opened the folded paper that he had half an hour in the bedroom with Alice. Not that anyone was going to put a stop-watch on him. Apparently, the next time he was seen was next morning. The party came to a rapid conclusion. Roger and Sandra just lay on the floor and fucked in the corner, Mark grabbed Susan and fucked her over the back of the lounge chair and I did the same to Tracy on the sofa.

We had all finished about midnight so while we raided the fridge for soft drinks, I asked Mark if he wouldn't mind taking Tracy to her house as it was on his way home.

I thought that he may have considered it a bit of a cheek, as I had absolutely no idea where he lived, but he seized the idea with alacrity. We found out a couple of days later that he took her back to his hotel for the night, as all his furniture was packed.

I managed to get Susan to myself in the cab and we confirmed to each other that we had both had an interesting evening. I knew I was going to have fun in the morning when we watched the recording of her getting ready for the party.

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