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An Apologia



I wanted to write this short (ish) essay to try to explain how my stories come about and, perhaps, defend some of the plot lines that seem to upset a number of people. Essentially it serves three purposes.

Firstly as a rambling tirade against those commentators on Literotica who seem unable to see things from the author's point of view and have an apparent inability to refrain from upsetting themselves and, in doing so, me. Add to this a plea for the future.

Secondly, I attempt to explain the development of my stories so that those above will, hopefully, understand why the plot lines developed as they did. It might also go about explaining how characters are formed and how they develop in my 'world'. That might be interesting to readers – or it might not. I don't know but it is offered anyway.

Thirdly, following on from the above explanation, a request for feedback regarding Miranda 2 of which more later.

One of the unfortunate but very important things about Literotica (and this is by no means a criticism, just a fact) is that authors can see how their stories are being voted upon. It is therefore fairly easy to work out when a particular story receives a low mark. The unfortunate thing is that the vast majority of readers don't seem to apportion marks and of those who do, few comment. To me, feedback is the life blood of Literotica and, for the most part anyway, makes the effort of submitting stories worthwhile. Even negative comments are fine if they are constructive and thoughtful. Positive comments are, of course, uplifting and go a long way towards negating the negative effects of the 'Anonymous' haters.

So, to try and engage in dialogue (I'm afraid I haven't got to grips with chatrooms and the like) I present this explanation of the stories' gestation and raison d'etre.

Caroline (including Anna)

I started writing Caroline long before I discovered Literotica. As I say in the introduction Chapter 1, the written story grew out of fantasies about a young woman I happened to meet briefly. My fantasizing time is generally late at night before sleep or early morning on waking and I found myself going over and over the same sequence of events so I thought, why not write these fantasies down.

I did so and these became Caroline, Ch. 01 and 02. I enjoyed these and the world I had created so I developed the characters and the story to include Jo and Silvio's family. I also liked Caroline a lot so I thought it would be good to see things from her point of view. I had the idea of threesomes etc. at that time but only loosely. It was about this time that I started reading stories on Lit. and this boosted my imagination I think until I got up to Ch. 1.10. It seemed, at that point, that the ideas for this group of people seemed to flow. Mike and Gianna, Jo and Guy, threesomes, foursomes, Mike and Maria (not written yet), Amy, Anna – it all seemed to flow smoothly. As I wrote, however, I became aware that I couldn't just write 'sex'.

I do appreciate the short 'stroke' story (particularly anal ones) but I find it difficult to really imagine and write the 'hello, fancy a fuck, yes please, that was good, bye' – it's a skill I don't possess although I am trying! I do envy writers like Goldeniangel who can do this. The nearest I've got so far is A Chance Encounter. Because of this I needed to generate a back story for the characters to give them reasons for acting the way they did in the story. To be truthful, I enjoy writing this part as much as writing the sex and, when I was writing Caroline, it didn't matter much because I was writing it for me and for me alone! I had no intention of ever submitting anything to Literotica. I really didn't think that anything I could write would be read by others – not false modesty. I honestly believed this.


As Caroline grew and grew, and as I incorporated new characters and situations I was feeling that my writing skills were developing. Oh long-winded and wordy I know but it was a style. I suppose also, that I was reading stories on Lit. some of which I didn't think were as good as Caroline. Again, not a criticism – I'm not really in the market of criticism. At the same time I had a new idea for a story – Miranda. I think it's clear from the introduction to that story that I did watch MILF sites and it was a genuine mystery as to the authenticity of at least some of the ladies involved.

How would it happen really? What would be the consequences for those involved? Well you know the outcome! The other thing was that I wrote this story with Lit. in mind. I always intended to publish it on the site, although I wasn't, and still am not, willing to compromise my writing style. That's why it's so long! As I was writing Miranda I got to thinking about the hero. Who was he? Why was he like he was? Was he divorced or widowed? There are lots of drafts from different perspectives.

He obviously has his roots in my experience – I think that's pretty obvious – but he isn't me (nor I him!). He had to have a back story. He was very experienced (sexually that is), wealthy, and prone to falling for women who met a particular criteria. Here we come to a major tenet of my writing.

I like romance and I love women. I also dislike intensely violence of any kind and particularly violence against women. As well, I honestly think that there is too much misery and sadness in the world to add to it with fiction. Thus I write FANTASY – fantasy with happy endings. My people are not real – human beings, unfortunately, don't often behave the way my creations do nor do they inhabit a world that allows them to. I am well aware that some of my stuff is straight from the 'Mills and Boon' world picture but I like that sort of thing (not Mills and Boon – I've never read one!). When you know that the two films I watch the most are 'The Apartment' and 'Notting Hill' you can guess what you are going to get!


So, Miranda completed, I moved on to write TWIML. The story was, of course, formulated as I wrote Miranda and necessitated several changes in that story before submission. That's one reason why I tend to submit stories in one go (with the exception of Caroline of course) because I find I'm making constant revisions as I write later episodes. The Miranda on my computer is quite different now from that on Lit., revisions having been made to accommodate TWIML and the second episode of Miranda which is in the formative stage. Indeed I may have to apologise for some inconsistencies between the earlier stories and Miranda 2 when I post it.

The basic ideas for TWIML Pt. 1 Angela, and Pt. 2 Joyce came from reading stories on Lit. and I thank authors for the idea in principle. They seemed to be well received as was Miranda (although for some reason I seemed to lose 100 or so votes from Miranda at one stage) and I must admit I was quite surprised at the apparently violent reaction to the Kate's affair in Pt. 3/3.

So, to move on to explain TWIML part 3 and how it developed. It was clear from Miranda that Mike was devoted to his wife before her death – I felt the need to cement that devotion and give it 'life'. I was also aware that I was writing, not only for me, but for Lit. – an erotic story web site. As I think I've said in one intro., I felt the need to add more characters to vary the sexual content. I could write again and again about Mike and Kate but I wanted to extend their boundaries.

Their courtship and the exploration of sex with Joyce gave the opportunity to explore their early relationship but I felt the need to expand their horizons. I also needed to cement their relationship. I felt there was an opportunity to achieve both aims, cement his devotion and add more 'spice', in one go thus the near break-up and the reconciliation. I also thought that the reconciliation would give me the opportunity to develop some ideas I had for them both.

So, the reply to the first type of (apparently thoughtless) negative comment and to offer an apology. I wasn't expecting Kate to be vilified nor Mike called a wimp but then, and this is the apology, I didn't indicate that she would be having an affair so it can be said to be my fault that a reader approaches something he or she may not like. Mind you I really don't understand (and I have said this in my responses) how someone (I assume a man because of the tone) can pour such vitriol on a wife who has an extra-marital affair whilst, at the same time, apparently content with the husband doing the same thing. This does seem to be something of a problem – is it societal, religion based, or just masculine pride? On top of this, and this resulted in my rather vitriolic responses, I do like (if not love) Kate thus attacks on her will be vigorously rebutted. I don't know how other authors feel about their creations but to me they have form and content.

And that doesn't even deal with the reasons for such conduct – reasons which I thought provided sufficient justification for what had happened. We are strange beings us humans. We have a language but we often find it difficult to communicate – even to the ones closest to us and I tried to show that in the story. I tried also to show how much damage can be done to a relationship by lies: even lies to oneself.

As to the response towards the hero, who is happy to take her back, indeed fight for her, again I was amazed. Isn't it right to fight for the woman you love even if she has strayed – particularly if part of the reason was your behaviour. It's obviously a point of view not shared by all but it is a basis for the way I look at relationships. Jealousy is an evil, debilitating, and destructive emotion and is best suffused with understanding and love – so there! If that's wimpish then I'm happy to plead guilty!

So, to Pt. 4! If I was amazed at the comments on Pt. 3 I was even more astonished that they continued on Pt. 4 and thus my, rather heated I'm afraid, response. In a sense I apologise to all readers because I shouldn't have been so abrupt but I was annoyed. This time I actually took the time to mention what happened in the Intro in an attempt to warn of those who would be offended by the whole 'swap' plot thread but, and here's what I find so amazing, it didn't – they still read it! Not only that, one had the audacity to respond with a, fairly nasty, negative comment. Who are these people? Why do they even read stories on Lit.? And why, oh why, do they remain 'Anonymous' in that writers cannot respond to them via Lit.? I had the same sort of thing on my last submission of a Caroline chapter although the negative comment, whilst fairly unfriendly, was at least devoid of insult – but more about that later.

I suppose the next question is, 'Why the Swap'? Well there were several reasons for this. Firstly, and foremost, I enjoyed writing threesomes in Caroline (although I hadn't then written 'true' foursomes where DP's abounded in that story) and I wanted to include them in Kate. I also wanted to introduce new characters for exploration of sex. As I say in Kate, you can go on writing about the same experience again and again but I am pretty sure that you, the reader, would tire of it – I know I would, so I wanted to expand their sexual horizons and swinging seemed to be the 'safest' way, for the characters, to do it.

I used an 'exotic couple' because I enjoy writing about Italy and Lake Maggiore and I wanted them to be young because I had the idea of a, sort of, incestuous feeling creeping in. Again I sought to 'explain' why this happened and, again, I thought I'd covered all the bases but it did result in quite vitriolic feedback, both on Lit and e-mail. Although, to be fair, it was quite well received in some areas and, I can't stress this enough, the positive, supportive comments go an awful long way to negating the destructive effect of those less supportive.

I was taken by one rather more erudite negative comment about the

'dysfunctional' nature of the family. Again surprise. At least this family didn't go about hitting each other or other people, forcing sexual actions on others, or committing other crimes, drug taking, and physical abuse. If my 'family' was dysfunctional then I was happy with their type of dysfunctionality (is that a word?)! It didn't hurt anybody did it? It's strange too, to find this sort of comment on Lit. because, I suspect, there aren't many 'functional' families to be found in the stories are there?

So, to move on from Kate – and here I must apologise. The negative responses to the 'swap' theme did make me not wish to subject the characters (and me of course) to further nasty comment so I have been rather lax in completing the saga although I only foresee another 2, or at most, 3 episodes one of which will be Kate's departure (strange isn't it – I find it so hard to type 'death'!). I am, however, working on a lot of stories of which Kate is one.

I have the new series of which Katya (yes I know I spelt it wrong – it was a slip of the keyboard!) is the first example. I am also working on a series involving Hollywood stars of the 40's and 50's (you don't have to look at my bio to tell my age!).

A Chance Encounter

This was my first attempt at a 'short' story and it was still longer than most on Lit. I think it proved to me that it was difficult for me to write 'short'. The style was really prompted by my re-reading of a old favourite book of mine by Robert Heinlein, i.e. 'Friday'.


Rachel was a labour of love. It started out as a simple story but it just 'grew and grew'. I was pleased it was received so well because, from the plotting point of view, I think it is my best to date. I did get carried away with some of the sex, anal in particular with Luce, but it I did try to structure the story so that could be omitted without losing the plot line. That's going to be my task in future writings of longer stories but not, however, for the short offerings.

Miranda 2

Now to the third reason for this essay. One of the difficulties of multi-character stories is integrating later writings into what has happened before. In creating such a large back story for the hero of Miranda I have now to cater for that in Miranda 2. The major difficulty at the start is dealing with Miranda's reaction to Kate and Mike's feelings for her. Other aspects are coming on but is hard because I am finding it difficult to integrate the sex smoothly into such a complicated situation – bearing in mind that she has to integrate into his world and that means Joyce and Joe, Toni and Gina, and John and Mandy and, in the latter two cases, their children. It's quite a task I can assure you. I never believed that writing erotic stories could be so taxing! In truth, I think that Miranda 2 will be quite long and will have lots of plot development!

I have a number of options for sexual aspects of plot development in mind and it is in this area that some feedback would be helpful.


I always anticipated, and have said so in responses, that there would be some MMF action in Miranda 2. My only concern then was who the other man would be. Now there is also worry about subjecting Miranda to the 'whore/wimp' brigade but I suppose that I shouldn't worry about them. The obvious 'group' option is Tony but I was beginning to think the another man might be better or at least come along as well (perhaps and MMMF scene? – I haven't done one of those yet). I have ideas about John and Mandy's youngest son but not fleshed out.

I think that there will be FFM action but it won't be with Joyce or Gina. They will have no sexual role in Miranda 2. Again, I have ideas about John and Mandy's eldest child, a woman named Stephanie, who is something of a wild thing and very sexually experienced. She is taking shape in my mind but suggestions would be appreciated as to her history. Indeed, she may be the route to the more extreme sex watched, or perhaps, directed by Miranda and/or Mike.


This is an idea that I had following suggestions in feedback for Kate. I made it impossible in that story for several reasons (see above) but, of course, Miranda already has two children – one of each – both of whom are over 18. I don't know about this thread. I can't really think of a 'character' driven way to get to Miranda and her son together – although an earlier revelation of Mike and Joyce's relationship may provide some motivation but I still don't see how.

It seems easier to formulate the step-daughter/father relationship as there are any number of reasons this could happen. Is this a way to go? Would Miranda stand for it?

One last thing about Miranda 2. As I said above, readers will have to forgive some inconsistencies between it and the earlier parts of TWIML so I hope you won't be to picky!

I hope that you will accept this apologia in the spirit it was given. All those who are mentioned will know who they are and my only request is that you stop reading my stories if you don't like them! OK you won't know that before you read them unless you read the intro's (which have got longer for that very reason!). And to the guy in NZ who doesn't like the way Caroline is going DONT BLOODY READ THEM THEN!!!

No need to vote obviously but please, please, please send your comments by e-mail.

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