tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Apt Punishment

An Apt Punishment


Before hubby and I got married we once shared a beach house with two other couples for a long summer weekend. The guys who shared the house with us were close friends of hubby, while the other girls were their respective girlfriends. The two other girls by the way, were also best friends and had known hubby and his friends since they were kids. So you see, I was what you would call the odd girl in the group, since I really wasn't that close to any of the others and had only gotten to know them through hubby.

Anyway, we all decided to share a ride to the beach house, to save on gas. Since hubby was the only one with a van that could fit all six of us, the others left their cars in hubbies place and we all rode on the van to get to the beach house.

After about a four hour drive from the city, we were finally able to reach the beach house we would be sharing. It was right along the coast and rather isolated since the nearest house we could see closest to it was miles away. Be that as it may, the house was quite nice in that it had the convenience of electrical power as well as water facilities and had its own little pier out back, where we found a speed boat, available for our use.

Since there were only the six of us for miles around, we started getting more and more casual in our attire and less inhibited in our actions. Soon after our arrival, you could find any one of the couples openly kissing and even fondling each other out in the open, unmindful of the others present or even caring whether the others could see what they were doing to each other.

Being a little bit of an exhibitionist and a tease, I was the first to doff my clothes. As soon as we arrived, I removed the clothes I had worn during the trip and put on this little string bikini, and pretty much dressed that way for the rest of the trip. The two other girls were a lot more conservative than me, opting to remain dressed in their traveling attire (jeans and shirts) while exploring the place with me on the day of our arrival, and finally changing into more comfortable shorts and t-shirts, only later that night. They did though put on their swimsuits when we went swimming but always had cover-ups on when out of the water. So for the most part, I must admit I was the center of attention of all the guys there and , am proud to say, that their eyes kept following me wherever I went.

On our second day, we three girls were sunbathing in the beach when I mentioned wouldn't it be fun if we could do it in the nude. Although neither of them wanted to try, they nevertheless told me that they wouldn't mind if I wanted to and told me to go ahead. So, seeing that no one would object, I slipped of the bikini I was wearing and stretched myself out on the towel, lying on my stomach and sun bathed, in the nude.

I'm sure the guys could see that I was lying naked on the beach, as I myself could see them out fishing on the boat, not far from the shore. In fact, I could not get that thought out of my mind as closed my eyes and lay stretched out under the sun with the other girls, naked as the day I was born.

I must have dozed off at one point, since I found myself sunbathing all alone the next time I opened my eyes. Scanning around, I saw them wading in the ocean.

As I have always wanted to skinny dip in the daylight, since the only few times I tried it was always at night, I decided to join them. Hence, I did not bother to put my bikini back on as I ran to the water. The water felt so cool and refreshing as it flowed all over my naked body. Unlike the times when I had gone skinny dipping at nigh, I did not feel at all cold despite the lack of any covering whatsoever, as my bare skin was sufficiently warmed by the heat of the sun.

Though the other girls were at first taken aback by my nudity, they were able to get over whatever uneasiness they may have felt quickly and took my singular state of undress for granted. We had a great time having fun in the water, splashing each other and frolicking in the waves, that I kinda forgot that our guys were somewhere around. The guys though managed to make their presence known to us by suddenly roaring in close to us in the speedboat, hollering and hooting to get our attention, and openly ogling my nudity, their fishing all but forgotten, as they seem to have caught on to something more interesting.

At the time the guys suddenly made their move, I was standing only up to my knees in the shallows, and therefore was totally exposed to them. Though I was at first embarrassed by their having seen me naked, this feeling soon turned to one of excitement as I was starting to get turned on by the idea of my sudden exposure to them, and started to get really wet down there. Fortunately, I was able to take control of my aroused state and calm down, otherwise I would have had to do something to get myself off, even if there were other people around.

As a result of this experience, I suddenly developed a sense of modesty, and for the first time donned a pair of shorts when I got back from the beach. I kept myself relatively covered that night too, to the obvious disappointment of the guys.

I woke up to our third and final day feeling my old self. As a lasting remembrance for our trip, I was finally able to convince the two girls to join me for nude sun bathing after breakfast. To save on time, we decided to start packing up before heading to the beach, leaving only the clothes we would be wearing for the trip home out. With packing all done, we headed for the beach, bringing with us a large beach blanket which we three would share. As usual, I was skimpily clad only in my string bikini, while the two other girls wore more conservative two piece suits, one a tankini and the other a suit whose bottom looked more like a pair of shorts than panties, under their cover-ups. I was also barefoot while they had sandals on their feet as well wide brimmed summer hats, to keep the sun off their heads while walking.

We were able to find an ideal place to sunbathe among the dunes, and as the others spread the blanket on the sand, I quickly shed both the top and bottom of my suit, and placed them in the bag one of the girls brought, for safekeeping. I began applying sunscreen all over as I stood naked , until my body all but glistened under the sun. By contrast, the two other girls were slow to get naked. Though they did remove their cover-ups just as soon as the blanket was spread, they did not, however, remove their suits while they applied tanning oil on their bodies. It was only after we had all lay down on our stomachs that they unclasped the hooks of their tops and sun bathed with tops undone but bottoms still on.

After about half an hour had passed, I started to get hot and decided to take a quick dip to cool off. When none of the others cared to join me, I just stood up and ran to the shore, unmindful that I was naked and not really caring whether I could be seen or not.

The water felt really good and refreshing on my bare skin as I started swimming out farther from shore. Just as I was about to turn and head back, I heard a roaring sound fast approaching me. When I looked up to see what it was, I saw it was the two other guys we were with riding on the speed boat. As the speed boat stopped beside me they hailed me and asked whether I would like to join them for a ride. Although I know I should have declined and gone back to the girls, for some reason I just blurted my acceptance, as I really loved riding on boats and could not resist their offer. Even if I knew I was not even dressed for the ride, or anything else for that matter.

As they helped pull me on board, I saw that the two guys were already fully dressed for the trip back, in collared sports shirts and khaki pants. Even their feet were already shod in topsiders, giving them both a preppy yachtsman look. I on the other hand looked completely out of place, being naked as the day I was born. As I was starting to feel rather uncomfortable with my nudity and was about to tell them to let me off, one of the guys just gunned the engine, speeding us off into the distance.

Despite my initial misgivings, I started to relax and enjoy the sea breeze blowing all over my bare skin, making me forget that I was naked alongside two fully clothed men. Besides, to their credit, the two acted like true gentlemen by not taking advantage of my singular nudity and not overtly ogling my body. In any event, I quickly fell at ease with their company and was able to joke and share stories with them as we hurtled through the waves.

I think it was after around 45 minutes when we headed back. I asked them to drop me off close to the where the other girls were sunbathing. When we got there, I just dove in and swam the rest of the way to shore. As I got out of the water and walked to were I had left the other girls, noticed that they were no longer there. Nor was there any trace of the blanket we lay in as well as any of my stuff. Thinking that they must have gotten tired of waiting for me and must have gone ahead, I decided to make my way back to the house as well.

As I approached the house, I noticed that the van we used to come here was no where in sight. Also, when I tried opening the back door to the house, I found it locked as well as all the other doors and windows I tried to open to gain entry. While standing in the veranda, naked and at a quandary as to what had happened and how I would be able to enter the house, I was startled by the sound of giggling behind me.

Spinning around to see who had made that sound, I found the two other girls standing behind me with wide grins on their faces, looking as if they had pulled a fast one on someone else. As I continued to stare at them, it finally dawned on me that they were no longer dressed in the beach wear they wore earlier, but had apparently changed their clothes, while I was on the speedboat.

Just like the guys, both girls were already dressed and ready for travel. They were similarly attired in light cotton shirts and pants and had on espadrilles on their feet. They also wore light long sleeved windbreakers as added protection from the sun. Looking at them, I could not help but feel ashamed at my state of undress as I stood before them, and found myself assuming the classic ENF (embarrassed nude female) posture while I stood before them ; you know, standing with both legs on slightly bended knees held tightly together, the upper body all scrunched up in an almost upright fetal position, arms wrapped tightly around my private areas and head bent downwards, avoiding any and all eye contact.

When I asked them why the doors were all locked, one of them explained that since everything was all ready packed and ready to go, hubby and they decided to load everything already on the van, and just lock the place up already, so as not to unduly worry about it just as we were about to leave.

When I asked them where my clothes were, one of them again told me, this time with an unconvincing innocent look on her face, that they must be in the van, since hubby had made sure to load all my stuff in there, leaving nothing behind.

Finally when I asked where in hell the van was, this time they both simultaneously spoke with open smirks on their faces, that hubby had taken it out to put some gas as well as to have it checked out for our trip.

From what I gathered from the answers given me, it finally dawned, that unless and until Hubby gets back any time soon, I would be stuck here with the others , absolutely naked and without hope of finding any thing to wear, as a quick look around failed to show anything I could use to cover myself with. This inevitability was further confirmed when I asked the girls for something to wear , but they both curtly said no and motioned me instead to help out with lunch, our supposed last before we left.

Since there was really nothing else I could do under the circumstances, I nervously followed them to the picnic area beside the house, which had a barbecue pit as well as outside oven and sink close by. When I got there, I found that the other girls had already done most of the food preparation , and all that was left really was for us to barbecue the meats and set the table. Being the only one without clothes, I was made to do the barbequing since the other girls didn't want any of the grease or smoke to ruin their clothes. They were the ones who set up the table, gaily chatting with me as if there was nothing out of the ordinary with my being totally nude beside them.

Concentrating on my task, I soon took for granted my state of nudity and acted as if everything was normal. This soon changed, however, when we were joined by the boys who were pleasantly surprised to still find me nude, hanging out with their girlfriends. They broke out in uproarious laughter when the girls told them what happened to my clothes and continued to mockingly look at me all over, from head to foot .

I could have died of embarrassment right then and there , as I felt all those roving eyes pore over each and every square inch of my nude body. However, in addition to my being mortified, I started to develop a growing sense of excitement at my being nude in public, and was even getting turned on by the abject humiliation thereof. In fact, without any conscious effort on my part, I started to get wet and all squishy down there, my whole body heating up and causing me to flush all over.

The girls noticing my flustered state, asked me whether I felt the sun was too strong and if I would like some coverage from it. However, before I could even answer, one of them brought out a bottle of sun tan oil which they proceeded to apply liberally on my bare skin. I'm sure we provided their boyfriends with the most erotic show possible with me standing there naked between them as they rubbed sun tan oil all over me , thoroughly coating my breasts including my ever stiffening rock hard nipples. Nor was my pubic mounleft unattended, as I distinctly felt them sneak their roving fingers pass my pussy lips to probe deep inside of me while making it appear they were innocently applying lotion to my thighs, making me almost cum, right then and there.

Fortunately, before they got me to climax in front of their boyfriends , I heard the sound of a vehicle approaching from a distance, which brought me back to my senses and enabled me to put a stop to their manual stimulation of me, I'm to the utter disappointment of the boys, who had been watching us with rapt attention.

When I was able to get a look at the approaching vehicle, I was happy to see that it was indeed hubby's van. I ran off to meet it, not caring whether or not my jiggling ass would be on display , thinking only that now I would finally be able to get some clothes on.

I got to the van just as hubby was about to close his door. However, when I asked him for some of my clothes quick, he responded by giving me a smile and proceeded to lock the vehicle up with the car alarm's remote control.

I didn't know it then, but hubby and the girls saw me get into the speedboat naked with the two other guys ,and the two girls were a bit pissed at me, believing that I was flirting with and trying to make a move on their boyfriends. As for hubby, although he may not have believed I was cheating on him, he was, nevertheless, equally pissed at me for acting so brazenly in front of his friends. He therefore agreed to help out when the girls thought of this plan to deprive me of my clothes, in order to teach me a lesson.

When I begged hubby to open the door, he just shook his head and told me he was hungry and started walking towards the picnic area. When he saw I was making no move to join him, as I was shocked beyond belief by this turn of event, he reached for my arm and started dragging me along with him, and lecturing me that it was not polite to let food wait, in answer to my desperate protests.

I was greeted by the taunting stares of the others as we approached the picnic table .When we got there, I was made to squeeze in between the two girls, while hubby took his seat opposite me on the table in the space left vacant for him by the boys. Except perhaps for my singular nudity, we would have made the perfect postcard image of a group of friends enjoying a picnic in the beach. Thank goodness my nudity was mostly ignored during the meal, except for a number of teasing comments from the girls about my state of undress. Nevertheless, I could not help but be constantly reminded of my nakedness, as all I could see around me were my clothed companions, especially when one or both of the girls beside me would deliberately brush their clothes against my bare skin.

After about an hour, everyone was done eating and helped in cleaning up the table. I, however, was made to do the dishes by myself since, as it was pointed out by one of the girls, I was already (un)dressed for the job, being already naked and all, to the cheers and laughter of the others. The rest though kept me company as I stood in front of the sink, the girls even offering to wipe the dishes dry.

After the boys left to load the remaining items in the car, the girls turned the outside hose on me, telling me that it was now time for my shower since we were about to leave. The water was very cold, causing my nipples to pucker up and involuntarily harden once again. They just threw me a bar of soap and continued to openly watch me as I lathered up. After giving me a final rinse, the girls didn't bother to give me a towel to dry myself with, telling me to just let the sun and air do it for me.

After I had sufficiently dried, the girls suggested that we take souvenir pictures of our last day. The guys were told to sit in a row on one of the picnic benches with the girls sitting on their respective boyfriends lap. As I was naked, I protested no end to any picture being taken of me, but was forced to agree, nevertheless, when hubby and the girls exasperatedly inquired why I'm making such a big deal out of this, since I obviously don't have any problems with going on naked boat rides with other boys. Being unable to make a proper response, I reluctantly gave in.

It's a good thing I was allowed to cross my legs tightly and use my arms and hands to cover up my nipples and pussy from view, as I sat pensively on hubby's, blushing all over. As such, although It could clearly be seen I was naked in the picture, I was able to hide both my nipples and pubic mound from view. Of course it helped when hubby crossed his arms around my breasts, but then he started secretly playing with my nipples, enjoying my squirming of my butt on top of his crotch. After this group pictures, other pictures were taken of all of us, in various combinations and poses, the only thing being constant was that I was stark naked in all the pictures I came out in.

After the picture taking it was now time for us to leave. Thinking that I would finally be allowed some clothing, it came as a complete letdown when I was made to get in the van nude. Moreover, I could not find any scrap of clothing in the van nor any of my stuff, which must have been stowed at the very bottom of the pile of luggage in the back. Anyway, considering that I was seated in the back and that the windows were heavily tinted I did not believe I could be seen from the outside, and therefore did not balk too much.

I sat between the two girls on our return trip. After about 30 minutes of driving Hubby said he forgot to buy gas and therefore had to stop for some in the next station. When we got to the station, the girls decided they wanted to use the restroom while the van was being filled and got out. Unfortunately, they didn't bother to close the van's door when they left, leaving it wide open and me exposed to the outside world. Rather than try and reach out to shut the door, which I am sure would have alerted the other cars to my nakedness, I just cowered in the back, quietly cringing in fear and shame. The girls eventually returned and thankfully shut the door, mouthing off fake apologies to me for having inadvertently left it open.

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