tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 04

An Arrangement Ch. 04


Mandy sat on the edge of the bed, still feeling the thick moisture between her legs. She was so turned on but at the same time feeling very frustrated. She couldn't even get into the shower, as long as he was in the shower. Running two showers at the same time would mean that someone would get a very cold spray of water. She even thought for a moment about going to her shower and turning the hot water on to full, just to freeze him out. But she thought about it again, thinking that it would be too mean to him. Meanwhile her pussy still had a slight quiver to it. It was more than a quiver, it was downright screaming at her.

"Ahhhhhhh!" she moaned to herself. Her arousal was quickly coming back to her, sitting in the privacy of her bedroom. She couldn't take her mind off of what she had seen when he was in his bedroom. Even though she had played with his cock a few nights before, it didn't compare in size to what she had seen today. She had been amazed at how much sperm he had pumped out that night, but today she had gotten a good, but brief, look at his full erection, bobbing and flopping around. She couldn't shake that image of him, as he turned and walked toward her.

By this time, she looked down and found that her hand had inadvertently moved down between her legs, gently stroking the smooth skin surrounding her hood. She was still sopping wet and her pussy was more alert than it had been earlier. It wanted relief. She listened closely and could easily hear the shower water still running downstairs. Whenever water was running anywhere at the house, whether inside or outside, it could be heard. She listened to it, knowing that he was still in the shower. Probably a long hot shower, she thought to herself.

Jumping up from the bed, she wrapped her robe around her tightly and headed down the stairs. Going down the hallway to his room, she could see that he had not completely closed the bedroom door. He had pushed at it, but it hadn't closed all the way. She crept up to the partially open door and peered inside. His bedroom was still the same as it was earlier, and he was in the shower. The water was running and she could see the steam coming from the partially open bathroom door. She immediately ran back up the stairs to her room and into the bathroom. There, she slowly turned her shower water on, slowly, in order to not deprive him of his hot water. With the shower running, she turned around and ran back down the stairs to his bedroom door. His shower was still running. It was only a minute before he turned his shower water off, knowing that she had just gotten into the shower.

In the hallway, just prior to his bedroom was located the laundry room. It was a large room in which the washer and dryer were located. Hearing his water turn off, Mandy stepped into the darkened room and pulled the door closed, leaving it partially cracked open. Peering through the doorway, she could look directly into his bedroom, seeing most of that room. By then, she could hear the water running in the sink, probably so that he could shave. She leaned back against the washer, getting comfortable. By the way the rooms were situated, she would have to remain in the laundry room in the dark or exit now before he came from the bathroom. Either way, she would have to decide quickly if she wanted the chance seeing him, or getting out now. She didn't get a chance to decide, as she heard the sink faucet being turned off. He had finished with his shower and shaving and was coming out of the bathroom. The decision was made and she settled back against the washer.

She really felt foolish, especially now that she had no choice but to hide in the dark. She felt like a schoolgirl, getting her first peak into the boy's locker room. But at the same time, she felt her arousal level begin to perk up as she waited to see Ken's nude form come from the bathroom. She had already been embarrassed being caught watching him earlier, but if he were to catch her in the dark laundry room, she would never hear the end of it. At worst, she might even cause him to move out. At the very least, he would use this to embarrass her even more. She knew that she could not get caught.

She almost gasped out loud as he came out of the bathroom. Having heard her shower running upstairs, Ken assumed that she was in the shower. Having put on the small show while she was sitting at the kitchen table, had left him more than horny. He had seen her reflection in his bedroom mirror and decided to give her something to look at. He was overly stimulated then and after giving himself a few quick squeezes and small rubs, he actually was real close to cumming. That part he wasn't faking. Knowing that she was watching, he had almost cum accidentally from the erotic excitement Getting into the shower didn't help any since he stayed rock hard, just thinking about his audience. And he had played a little bit, while in the shower.

Coming from the bathroom, Ken was nude. The most obvious part of him was his rock hard cock, flopping up and down as he walked across the room. It was enormous. His earlier 'play' while she watched had only heightened his arousal. It had not gone down while he was in the shower and it didn't help matters that he repeatedly soaped and massaged the throbbing member while in the shower. Tossing his towel to a chair, he was more than frustrated. He couldn't get the sight of her long and tan legs out of his mind. His cock stuck out obscenely and didn't seem to be going down anytime soon. Pre-cum dripped incessantly from the head.

Mandy was mesmerized. From where she was, it was like a front row seat. She could see almost every angle into his bedroom, with just moving her head an inch or so. She could remain back in the shadows of the dark laundry room without being detected. Unless he came into the laundry room, he would never know that she was there. She continued watching him, her eyes glued to the long thick cock that was bouncing around like an over filled water balloon. The hot shower had done wonders for his body, his enormous balls hanging down between his legs, swaying with each step he took. She continued watching intently as her hand undid the sash of her bathrobe. She was more than wet and it was beginning to run down her inner thigh. Within moments, she sighed as her hand moved down between her legs and gently parted her pussy lips. She was sopping wet.

Ken moved over toward the bed and just stood there for a minute. It was obvious that he was thinking hard about something, but she didn't know what. Whatever it was must have been erotic. His cock was not softening at all and appeared to be harder now than it had been a few minutes before. Due to his swollen length, the foreskin had slid back behind the thick head, fully exposing it to the warm air. His balls were soft, but obviously full, hanging down heavily. She couldn't believe the size of his genitals, they were more than huge. She wondered to herself if he had any idea of what he had between his legs. He definitely didn't seem to flaunt it.

Her hand was gently moving between her legs, gently rubbing the now hard clit. It wouldn't take much to move her over the edge. She had to now slow it down, fearing that she would cum so hard that he might hear her in the darkened room. Still watching him, she could see that he was deep in thought. That thought must have been erotic because his massive erection was not any softer, still sticking out hard. As he would move, his cock would bounce slightly from its own weight. She smiled to herself, thinking that she would just massage herself a little longer, if he would just stay standing there like he was. Just seeing his nude form was all she needed to satisfy herself. Her satisfaction wasn't far away.

Her mouth almost dropped open as she watched him reach down and squeeze the hard shaft. It was obvious to her that he was extremely turned on, watching as he sucked in a deep breath, his head rolling back slightly as he felt his own arousal. Holding the hard shaft for a moment, he continued the squeeze as his hand rolled forward, squeezing the length of the shaft. As his fingertips neared the flared swollen head, a huge drop of clear pre-cum oozed out of the mouth. It hung there for a moment before slowly dropping in a large glob to the floor. A long string of the clear fluid still connected it to his cock head as it fell downward. Her eyes followed it as it made its way downward.

Her fingers began to move a little faster, feeling the thick wetness between her now engorged pussy lips. She could cum at any moment but wanted to prolong it a little bit longer. He had been standing at the side of the bed, but now seemed to have made up his mind. She didn't know it but he was debating on whether to satisfy his needs or let his arousal remain peaked. Having seen those gorgeous legs, and then her playful flirtation about his erection had left him begging for release. Just the fact that she had actually seen his cock pop out of the bathrobe made his cock throb hard. What had been embarrassing only 20 minutes before, was now a very erotic mental stimulation. He had decided.

Still standing next to the bed, he leaned over the bed, placing one knee on the bed. Doing this slightly spread his stance, making his bloated balls more obvious, hanging pendulous between his muscled thighs. His left hand reached down between his legs and cupped the huge sack, attempting to squeeze it. Even his own hand wouldn't fit around the sack, as his fingers pushed deep into it, finding one ball. His fingers curled around the ball and gently began to squeeze it. His right hand clutched the shaft of his cock, slowly rubbing it in short strokes. Within a few quick moments, his head tiled back as he sighed deeply. It was apparent to Mandy that he was very close to cumming. She watched intently as both of his hands worked on his swollen organs.

She herself was close to cumming, having to hold back every several minutes to avoid what was sure to be one explosive orgasm. She still felt slightly embarrassed, watching a man jack himself off. One very large man, she thought to herself. Watching a man perform a solo pleasure on himself was something that she had never done. She had been tempted before to ask her husband to 'perform' for her, but never got up the nerve. In talking to her friends about this, all of them had agreed that they would love to watch, but had never done so. Each of them had at one time or another wanted a man to perform for them, showing them just how they did this solo act, while they sat back and watched. It was like a show, ending in a huge finale of spurting male cream, with body jerking and writhing. Mandy couldn't believe that she might be able to finally see the show.

With his knee firmly planted on the bed, his legs were now spread wider. His left hand was roughly working the swollen ball while his right hand continued the meaty massage. Pre-cum was leaking profusely from the flared head, drop after drop splattering to the sheets of the bed. He was in obvious ecstasy, his hands moving rhythmically as his head tilted back. His breathing had become raspy with occasional deep sighs and moans coming from him. Since her shower water was still running, he wasn't worried about her seeing him. Besides that, she figured that he wasn't aware of the time anyway. He was more enjoying himself and she was too.

By this time, Mandy had removed the bathrobe, laying it across the washing machine. Standing barefoot and completely nude, she leaned against the machine with her legs slightly spread. Her hand was making sloshy sounds as it moved quickly in and out from between her legs. She had not even tried to penetrate herself, knowing that would probably send her over the edge. With what he was doing to himself, she had no reason to hurry her own orgasm. She was intent on watching his hands moving between his legs.

His rubbing had become somewhat harder and quicker, matching the tempo of his erratic breathing. She was surprised that he had not cum yet, his cock head a raw and red looking knob. He was moving his hands fast enough that she was impressed with his staying power. She would have thought that he would have cum a long time before this. Suddenly, his back arched hard as his head jerked back. His legs were actually shaking as he let out a long moan. He suddenly let go of his balls and cock, his arms jerking back as if to stop his emotional and physical response. His arms clasped tightly at his sides, he clenched his fists, trying to hold back the orgasm. He was so close to cumming that his cock was twitching hard with each throb, his balls pumping to expel the build up inside of them. Mandy was amazed, watching closely. It must have been working, because she didn't see any of the milky white cream come out of him like she expected. She was fascinated, watching his body jerking and his cock twitching hard. She was somewhat surprised, wondering why he didn't go ahead and finish himself. She would have, but here he was, torturing his own cock and balls. Working himself to the edge, then letting his arousal go back down. Men were strange, she thought to herself.

The look on his face was one of pure ecstasy. He was more than enjoying himself, even if he had just stopped a very powerful orgasm. She found herself hoping that he was thinking about her. He was. As he felt his balls trying to erupt, his memory was going over her long legs, the slight shadow between her thighs where there were no panties, her playfully forcing him to stand facing her with a huge erection. All of this was pushing him over the edge.

As his body stopped shaking, he suddenly got up from the bed. He quickly moved across the room, scaring Mandy. She thought that he had possibly seen her or heard her quiet moans coming from the laundry room. He rounded the bed and quickly went into the bathroom. Within a few seconds, he emerged carrying a towel. He quickly went back to the same position at the bed, this time climbing up onto the bed. He spread the towel out on the bed in front of him. He then knelt back, sitting on his haunches, his legs spread wide apart. He settled back and reached between his legs. Using both hands, he stretched his ball sack out in front of his body, each hand holding a very swollen ball. It was obvious to Mandy what he was doing. His hands clutched the bloated balls, each one squeezing the muscled orb it was holding. She could tell that he was applying more and more pressure, his body occasionally jerking from too much pressure. He was obviously enjoying the torture, pre-cum literally running from the swollen head. It was no longer dripping, but almost a continuous stream of the clear fluid leaking from him.

Mandy continued her rubbing, gently massaging a very swollen clit. She knew she could bide her time, beginning and finishing her own orgasm whenever she entered her wet pussy. She watched him closely, still massaging the huge balls. It was as if he was prepping them for her performance, getting them in top shape to finish the gushing finale. He had not even touched his cock, it still bouncing and flopping from his ball manipulations. It was obvious that he was close, his head back and his eyes closed. She continued watching, her fingers now moving faster.

After several minutes of what had to be extreme pressure on the tender swollen balls, he suddenly let go of the right ball and wrapped his fingers around the muscled cock shaft. He started slowly, but quickly built into a hard pumping rhythm. His hand was tightly grasping the shaft, the foreskin bunched up around the head. Sliding his hand back, he would pull the foreskin till it was stretched tight, back to his pubic bone. Then he would quickly pull the shaft forward, pulling until the foreskin was tightly bunched up over the cock head. She winced, thinking that it had to be somewhat painful. But judging by the look on his face and his panting, he was not in any pain.
By now she knew she was more than close. She was still mesmerized, watching him manipulate his body to orgasm. She slowed down her own massage and slowly inserted one finger into a more than soppy pussy. She gasped as the finger penetrated her tightness, triggering spasms throughout her body. Her thighs and stomach muscles tightened as if they had been shocked. She could feel her breathing coming in short hard pants. Her entire hand was coated in her slick juices as she slid the finger in all the way. She quickly remembered where she was at and opened her eyes to see him still pumping his overly red cock. He was literally torturing the cum from of his cock and balls. He was now panting hard, his shoulders moving violently as his right hand continued pumping hard. Judging by the color and tightness of his left hand, she knew that he was exerting some extreme pressure on his ball sack. She was amazed that he was not in pain. She remembered back to what she had done to him while he was passed out and was amazed that she had stimulated him enough to make him cum. What she had done to him and what he was doing to himself were worlds apart. Obviously, his body could take some very rough treatment. Just the thought of this alone caused her to moan out loud as her pussy began to erupt.

She quickly opened her eyes, not wanting to miss anything. His right hand was pumping hard, his left hand rhythmically squeezing the tender ball. He was panting and now beginning to sweat. His legs were spread painfully wide, his back arching as his hips began to thrust in and out. He was there and she knew it. But she felt herself going over the edge. Her thighs and stomach tightened up even more as her pussy began to clutch at her finger. She had to concentrate on what she was seeing, and forced her eyes open to watch him.

Suddenly his hips jerked outward, his thighs rising up slightly as if pushing off from his body. His cock was bright red and the head swollen enormous. He gasped at almost the same time he moaned hard and loud. His right hand was frozen, clutching at the thick foreskin, pulled back tight against his pubic bone. His left hand was also frozen, the fingers pushed deep and hard into the soft sack, clutching the quivering ball. At the same time, a huge long gush of sperm shot from the tip of his cock, splashing all over the towel and the sheets. The amount was enormous, landing in large pools all over the towel and sheets. Mandy could barely watch. Her body racked from the orgasm that was washing over her. She held her eyes open, concentrating on her own orgasm but still watching as gush after gush exploded out of him. He was literally pumping sperm out in huge amounts, gush after warm gush, over and over.

She was now slumping against the washer, her fingers now slowly massaging the sensitive and quivering clit. It was almost too sensitive to touch but more than satisfying to her. She glanced up at him, seeing that he was still clutching a very fleshy but softening cock. Just his occasional jerks of it made it flop heavily around in his tight fist. There were still large globs of the cream dripping out of him. It had seemed like he pumped for at least several minutes, but she knew that was not likely. It had been a lot longer than any male she'd ever seen or experienced.

She was exhausted and now the embarrassment was starting to come back to her. She again felt like a little girl, in awe of a male playing with himself. It was something that she had always heard about, but never witnessed. She had to admit that what she had just seen had been more arousing than any X rated movie that she had ever seen.

It was obvious that he was exhausted and spent. His balls were drawn up tight, the skin tight and hard. His cock was soft but he continued to gently pump it, coaxing out the last sticky remnants onto the towel, now saturated below him. He slowly rose up, and then fell forward, his shaking arms holding him up above the gooey mess. She continued to watch, thinking that he would fall into the warm mess at any minute. He slumped in this position for several minutes, catching his breath, then rolled over onto his back, away from the cum soaked towel. He lay there; breathing hard, his arms and legs sprawled out beside him. He was exhausted. She could see a steady stream of milky white fluid still leaking from the soft cock.

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