tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 06

An Arrangement Ch. 06


In the shower, both of them kept thinking of what they had just seen. Surprisingly, he was again hard, letting the hot water wash over him, thinking of what he had just witnessed. She was a gorgeous tan female, laying on a chaise lounge and masturbating in front of him. He couldn’t get the image out of his mind, her back arched and her hands working feverishly between those gorgeous legs. She was also enjoying the hot shower, thinking of what she had seen in the hallway. She had no idea of what had happened, but suspected that he had been watching, judging by the creamy fluids all over him. She surmised that he was more than enjoying her show. She was still amazed at the amount of rich cream that he had extracted from himself in such a short time. She wondered, laughing to herself, if it might have been images of her.

Both of them were again aroused, just thinking over what had transpired. But as the arousal wore off, each of them began to worry about facing the other. She was already more than embarrassed at what she had just done. Never in her life had she made such a public display of herself, even if no one else had been watching. She was by no means, the type that would masturbate outside of her dark, locked bedroom. She was almost shocked at what she had just done. The more she thought about it, the more ashamed she became. But it had felt very good. It was one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced. But he would probably laugh at her. But then again, the amount of cum all over him told her that he wasn’t laughing.

He on the other hand was also worried about facing her. He felt like he was about 13 or 14 years old again. Hiding in the bathroom at his parent’s house, frantically rubbing a very young and immature little cock, spewing out a few drops of the white cream. But now he was an adult, a grown man. And here he was, sitting in a darkened bedroom, spying on his landlord, rubbing a more than mature large cock. The amount of cum had drastically changed, but the embarrassment was still there. He was red-faced just thinking about it. And the fact that she had seen him in the hallway was more than he could stand. She had seen his semi hard cock, and worse than that, she was adult enough to understand what the white goo on his legs was. He was literally mortified. He saw himself coming and going to the house at hours when she would be asleep. It would be hard to even face her. She’d probably laugh at him. What he didn’t know was that she wasn’t laughing.

Both of them were horrified at what had just happened. It didn’t matter what each suspected that the other had done to them, either medicated or passed out. That was different. That was in fun and sort of like having a really big secret. But this had all occurred during the day, in broad daylight, while they were in full control of their faculties. This was some serious stuff. They were both turning into sex addicts, feeding off of each other’s signals.

Without knowing it, each of them ended their showers, took an extra long amount of time to dry off and get ready to possibly face each other again. Ken finished first, and fearfully walked into the kitchen. He couldn’t hear her and looked outside. Her car was there, but she was nowhere around. Meanwhile, she was upstairs, locked in her bedroom, dreading the first face-to-face meeting with Ken. She was almost in tears, thinking of what he must be thinking.

Ken considered this a chance to escape. Maybe with a little bit of time, she would not think of him as some type of pervert. He quickly headed out the door and to his truck, leaving for an unspecified errand. She could hear him leave and breathed a deep sigh of relief as she headed down the stairs. They both were thinking that a little time would help each of them.

Ken drove the distance into town and went to a local coffee shot. There, mulling it all over, with a cup of coffee, he thought back to her lying on the chaise lounge. Damn, no matter how much he thought about it, it was all highly erotic. It wasn’t long before he could feel his cock swelling, under the diner table. The more he though about her back arching, dark tanned body and bikini tossed to the side, the wetter he became. She was a magnificent creature. But after this afternoon, she probably wouldn’t even talk to him. She was no doubt, aware of what he had been doing in his room. It was all over him, how could she not know. He sat there; sipping his coffee, hoping the huge erection would go down. She was probably planning his eviction at that very moment.

She too was sitting at a table, sipping on a cup of coffee. Strange how coffee seems to be a drink of choice when things are going bad. She too was mulling over the afternoon indiscretion. She couldn’t believe that her arousal had led her to totally undressing, outside, and then continuing on to make herself cum. She also couldn’t help but notice that she was getting wetter, thinking about what had happened. She was still ashamed of having done her little show, but she was also more than aroused, thinking about what she had seen in the hallway. There was a world of difference in playing with his cock when he was unconscious, and him being fully awake and aroused. And she could not get the image out of her mind, of him in the hallway, his thick cock hanging between his legs. Knowing that he had masturbated to her show made her more than wet. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad afternoon after all.

It was after seven when he finally got up enough nerve to go back home. All the way home he kept dreading the initial conversation with her. But he also couldn’t seem to get rid of the erection that was plaguing him. Just the image of her on the chaise lounge would plunge him into a vicious circle of arousal. She wasn’t immune to the image of him either, making her wet just thinking about him. But she too was dreading his arrival. He would have to come back sometime. She was sure that he thought she was some type of sex fiend or slut.
At around 7:15 he pulled into the driveway. He slowly got out of his truck and hoped that his erection would go down by the time he got inside. Luckily, it did. He entered the house and figured that he might as well get it over with. She was as reluctant as he was, when she heard him pull up. She immediately got up from the couch and headed into the kitchen. Surely he would be thinking that she was crazy. Surely she would be thinking that he was a pervert. But those images ….. That each envisioned.

Walking into the kitchen, they both almost ran into each other again. Embarrassed, they both started talking at the same time. Laughing, they both stopped. She stepped back, and asked if he wanted some coffee or a drink. She wasn’t even sure why she suggested a drink. Thinking about it, he thought that a drink might help him relax and told her that he’d mix if she would get the glasses and ice. Both of them started to relax. Mixing the drinks, he told her that he had gotten busy and had to take care of business in town. She was more relaxed and told him how she had gotten busy here at the house. Neither of them had mentioned anything about the afternoon. They both were thinking that maybe the afternoon wasn’t that bad. He was thinking of how his orgasm had been more productive than his normal amounts, while she was thinking that her orgasm had been more powerful than anything she ever felt before. They both were getting more than relaxed, sitting at the table.

After about 30 minutes of talking, they both were relieved to find that the other was not bringing up the events of the afternoon. They were both thinking about it, but not mentioning it. The more they thought about it, the more aroused each became. He found himself getting hard under the table, watching her butt as she stood at the sink. She found herself getting aroused, watching the obvious bulge in his jeans as he stood at the refrigerator. It didn’t take long before Mandy announced that she was going to change clothes and would be right back. Ken wasn’t sure what this meant, but he mixed them both another drink and waited for her. A few minutes later, she returned, wearing a full-length bathrobe, her hair pulled up away from her neck. She looked comfortable and warm, ready for bed. At that point, since he had mixed another round of drinks, he decided to get comfortable also. He told her that he was going to change and would be right back.

Sitting at the table, she continued to think of the tight hard line, extending from about the middle of his jean zipper, outward and down his thigh. That was too obvious to not be noticed. She couldn’t help but notice it. It looked so delicious to her. He wasn’t acting as if he was aroused, but chitchatting in normal conversation. The conversation was nothing erotic or arousing. She finished her drink and made them both another one. She knew that she didn’t need another drink, but it would at the very least, help her to sleep.

When he returned to the kitchen, she was mildly surprised. She didn’t know what to expect when he went to change. Normally, he retired to his room and she didn’t see him after that. He walked into the kitchen wearing a pair of short white jogging shorts and an oversized t-shirt. He looked almost athletic in the attire. His legs were long and darkly tanned, very good-looking legs for a guy. She even laughed to herself, thinking that he would have great legs in panty hose. He had legs that most women would love to have. But she had seen them before, or at least had seen them from their backside when he was unconscious.

The part that caught her attention the most was the huge bulge in the front of his shorts. She wondered where the length had gone, that had been so obvious in his jeans. The shorts were short enough that his cock easily could have been hanging out of the bottom leg opening. But it wasn’t. Yet he was bulging hugely. She wondered where in those shorts he was able to hide that entire fleshy toy. With him standing at the kitchen counter, she could see the bulge sticking out, more than obvious. He turned, seeing her looking at his crotch. Immediately he blushed bright red and looked away. She smiled, thinking how much she liked his shyness.

“So, what did you do in town, this afternoon,” she asked him.

“Oh, not much. I had several little chores to take care of. I also had to run by the station and sign some reports. The usual, boring stuff.” He looked at her, hoping that he sounded convincing.

He immediately launched into an explanation about police reports and having to double check everything. As the mood returned to somewhat normal, they both relaxed and continued their conversation. He got up and mixed them another drink. By this time, they were both feeling no pain, and the embarrassment of the earlier afternoon had quickly faded. Both were feeling very relaxed.

It wasn’t much later that they both were sitting at the table, quietly talking about their own lives and expectations. He told her of his divorce and of the past several years after moving from his home state. She told him of her husband’s death and the years of trying to cope, after his death. By this time, they were both extremely relaxed, if not downright drunk.

But even being drunk, Ken couldn’t help but notice her shape through the full-length bathrobe. When she got up from the table, he would all but stare at her shape, under the bathrobe. And in turn, she would just stare at the even larger bulge in his shorts when he got up from the table. Neither of them were concerned enough to look away, when caught staring at the other. Without knowing of the other’s condition, they were both more than wet. He wasn’t hard but had thickened enough that it was hard to hide such a large amount of flesh. The pre-cum was leaking from him as if someone had been playing with his semi hard cock. He was so thick that it bulged out obviously. She was about as wet as she could get. Even as she sat and crossed her legs, she could feel her own juices squish out from between the engorged pussy lips. It wouldn’t take much before she would have to get tissues just to soak up her juices. He was thinking almost the same thing, trying to sit so that it wasn’t so obvious. Their serious conversation continued.

She felt her face flush as he rose up from the table and her eyes just followed his loose fitting shorts. She wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that she was staring at the bulge. He couldn’t help but notice her, but was just intoxicated enough to enjoy the feeling of being ogled by a gorgeous female. It made his cock twitch, just knowing that he was being inspected. Standing above her, he returned her gaze, by looking straight down into her loose fitting robe. She was wearing nothing beneath it and with the way she was sitting, he could see her erect nipples. He was silently hoping that her arousal was a result of his presence. She kept her gaze on his crotch, just smiling dreamily. She slowly looked up at his face, just in time to see his eyes move from her breasts, to her eyes. It felt good that a man was noticing her. She felt that he had been ‘noticing’ her earlier in the afternoon, but she couldn’t be sure. Sitting here face to face, playing this little arousal game was very different. It was more direct and a lot more fun. There was very little wondering to it. She glanced down again at the growing bulge and smiled. He quickly walked over to the refrigerator for more ice. He could actually feel his cock swell as he walked. He was almost embarrassed, but felt a sudden surge of arousal, just thinking of what she was doing. This made him grow a little bit more. He still wasn’t hard, but was almost there.

Since their conversation and little game was going so well, and the fact that the alcohol had taken a toll on both of them, she decided to play a little longer. Besides, she figured that since he had not quickly left for his bedroom, he was a willing participant in the game. By this point, she knew that she wanted him, or at the very least, she wanted his body.

He was thinking almost the same thing. His problem was that there was no way that he could encourage her behavior, without becoming rock hard or just waving it around in her face. Either of those choices would probably send her screaming from the room. He wasn’t sure what to do. If she were enjoying the view of him, then he would just let it continue. He turned around and walked back to the table, her eyes on his crotch the entire time.

As he sat down, she slumped back in her chair, her butt resting on the edge of her seat. She stretched her legs out under the table and settled back, relaxing. Her eyes stayed on him as he sat back down. Feeling a little bit braver, he let his gaze wander to her open top, plainly seeing plenty of her tan cleavage. She had gorgeous breasts. He found himself wondering if her nipples were sunburned from the afternoon’s full exposure in the sun. He let his mind wander to the idea of applying an after sun lotion to her erect nipples. Just the mere thought of this sent a surge of blood into his almost hard cock. He worried for a moment, knowing that he was growing harder, but then relaxed and enjoyed the sensations, letting it grow to full length and thickness. He could actually feel a glob of pre-cum oozing up toward the mouth of his cock.

She was sitting at the head of the table, as he was sitting on the side of it. From where they were sitting and the distance, each of them could see the other’s body in entirety. Her legs were stretched out under the table. He couldn’t afford to stretch out his legs, because it would make his erection more than noticeable. So he continued to sit up straight, enjoying the swelling between his partly clasped thighs. Moving slightly, the robe fell away from her, allowing a partial view of her tanned legs. The robe was tied at her waist, but he had a clear view of her legs, up to above the knee. They were beautiful legs. This only went to insure his erection would last longer as more blood pumped into the thick member. He took in a good view of the legs, savoring them. She just sat and smiled at him.

As he sat there enjoying the view, he sat back in his chair, tilting it back on its legs. By doing this, it slightly pushed his bulge upward, making it even more obvious. As he sat there watching her, he could see her mouth pop open as she stared at the bulge between his legs. In that position, his balls were pushing up on his cock, making it appear even fatter than it already was. Two could play at this game, he thought to himself. He continued in the trivial conversation, talking about nothing. She sat, her eyes glued to the area hidden under his white shorts. If she stared long and hard enough, she could actually make out the swollen head and shaft. He just smiled as he watched her staring.

Looking up and seeing him watching her, she smiled back and continued their conversation. By reaching out toward her mixed drink on the table, her body weight shifted, allowing her robe to fall open revealing both of her breasts. She was slightly sunburned, after ‘full’ exposure to the sun and appeared very dark with a hint of redness to her chest. Her body movement caused her robe to part even farther, her robe falling open all the way up to her waist. Ken could see the entire length of her legs. With her legs together, he could only see the very top of a tiny patch of white skin. It was his turn for his mouth to hang open. She sat there, smiling at him as he stared at her body. She made no effort to cover up. To afford him full opportunity to take in the sight, she smiled and then let her head drop back, staring up at the ceiling. She continued talking to him, knowing full well that his eyes were running a path between her exposed breasts and her long legs.

By the time that she brought her attention back to him, he was still staring at her, his mouth still open, but with a slight smile. She made an obvious glance down at his crotch to see his erection sticking straight up under the flimsy short shorts. He was huge. With his shorts sticking up like a tent, the leg openings were fully ballooned out, allowing her to see the smooth hairless skin of his sack. On one side of his leg opening, she could see the obvious ball, fully exposed and hanging out. It was huge, about the size of an avocado, more than full and obviously ripe. Her mouth began to hang open, still trying to comprehend just how much cream could be inside the fleshy ball. She had played with them just a few nights before, but that was with him on his stomach. At that time she had to move them around, just to be able to get her hand around him. Here, with him being fully awake, it was totally different. His cock and his balls seemed to be even bigger.

She really wanted to play with him, to feel the throb in his thick shaft, to feel the head balloon up in her hand. She then quickly imagined holding onto those balls as they slapped against her butt, his cock buried inside of her. She envisioned squeezing them, forcing them to spew more and more deep inside of her. She could also feel herself getting very wet, and then realized that the wetness might be seen by him. He was still sitting there, taking in the sites.

She sat forward, pulling her bathrobe top closer to her chest, closing off the view. By then he had recovered, sitting and staring at the table while sipping his drink. He was more than aware that he was showing. It was obvious to him and he knew that she had seen almost everything that was not hidden by the shorts. He could feel his cock throb, just knowing that she could see under the flimsy fabric. He was tempted to open his legs wider, allowing her a better view, but thought against it. It was too obvious and bordered on being crude. He almost immediately pulled his legs closer together. When he glanced at her, her gaze was focused on the bulge in the middle of his shorts, his cock. As he closed his legs together, he could see her blush, and then look up at him. She’d been caught, just as he had been caught. She then began blushing, looking away. There were several moments of awkward silence, both of them fidgeting with their drink glasses.

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