tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 07

An Arrangement Ch. 07


Both of them slept late the next morning, exhausted from the prior day of playing their little game. And both of them woke up, just a little bit sore. For the first time since he could remember, Ken could actually feel a deep dull ache in his balls. Something he had not felt since the one night with a girlfriend in which he went 6 times in 12 hours. But that had been when he was a lot younger. The ache was not from arousal, but from the continuous pumping and hard contractions of the two massive orbs.

Mandy was suffering from somewhat similar problems, her more than explosive orgasms had left her inner muscles aching, as if they had been thoroughly worked over. Her body wasn’t use to this much arousal and relief. Her idea of relief in the past years had been a very rushed orgasm by her own hand, then off to sleep. But each of them was already becoming aroused at the thought of the day before. Mandy was even feeling a slight tingling in her nipples and her pubic area, from a slight case of sunburn. This left her feeling slightly aroused since the sunburn kept her nipples standing erect for the better part of the day.

After waking up, Ken quickly went into the kitchen and got the coffee going. At the rate the two of them were going, they would soon start missing meals and not taking care of work obligations. He had been on his days off and had to go back to work later in the day. She had neglected her appointments with her ranch workers, but wasn’t too worried since they knew what to do and what to take care of. But today, she would have to get some of her work done. She couldn’t put it off anymore.

As the coffee was finished brewing, he grabbed a quick cup and headed back toward his bedroom. Again, they ran into each other in the hallway. Laughing, she made the usual comment, “We really have to stop meeting this way.” Both of them laughed, but both of them were blushing obviously.

They both laughed and she headed into the kitchen as he stood in the doorway. He told her that he had to get some work taken care of and was suppose to be working an evening shift that day. She told him how she had to get some of her work done also. In essence, they were both asking each other for a reprieve for the day, giving their bodies a rest. Just seeing her in that familiar bathrobe started him to thinking about her legs underneath it. Her seeing him reminded her of the huge bulge that she had been admiring just hours before. Within a few minutes, both were getting wet, just watching the other as they moved about the room.

The longer they stood there talking, the more they watched each other, thinking of the past few days events. She couldn’t get the image of his soft, but hugely thick cock hanging softly between his legs, out of her mind. And he couldn’t forget the image of her arching back, tightened thighs and nude body laying on the chaise lounge. His cock was growing thicker by the minute, at about the same rate that her pussy was beginning to exude her moisture. Neither of them wanted to end the conversation, but both of them knew that the day would be lost if they didn’t separate.

After several more moments, he announced that he had to get ready and headed to his bedroom. Moving to the hallway, she debated on trying to look in on him again, hoping to see him play with that magnificent fleshy toy. Even as he closed the bedroom door, he hoped that she might be tempted to work on her tan, as long as he was around. He was about half hard, the bulge starting to push out on his bathrobe. “Damn,” he thought to himself, remembering her on the chaise lounge and in the hallway after dropping her towel. She had the most gorgeous body he had ever seen.

She slowly walked back into the kitchen, remembering his hands working his body the day before and especially the long gushes of white cream shooting out of him. She wanted that feeling to be inside her, gush after gush with her controlling the output. She wasn’t sure if she could handle his balls as roughly as he did, but she more than wanted to try. Obviously, the key to his sexual response was in the two massive balls. They controlled his orgasms. His cock was beautiful but his balls made the cock function so well. She kept thinking back to what it felt like, trying to get her hand around the fat cock when he was passed out. It was difficult, but she managed to successfully make him cum hard. She wanted the chance to play with his toys again, and enjoy them to their fullest.

What had been going on for the past couple of days had been a mind game, sprinkled with bouts of a physical, sexual game. The entire time was more than sexual, but brought about by mental play. She wanted to make that a sexual game, sprinkled with bouts of a mind game. With the exception of him being passed out, everything that had happened had been solitary to some degree. One person physically playing, while the other one was watching. She wanted it to be one on one, physical and together. She wasn’t sure if he wanted that. She suspected that he did, but was worried whether she would get a chance. If she just approached him and told him what she was thinking, he might want to play also, but if he didn’t, then he might be leaving quickly. She didn’t want to chance that.

On the past two occasions that she had been active, he had been playing in private. All he had to do was ‘join in’ so to speak. But he had been solitary with his own pleasure. Except for that one night when she was medicated. But even then she wasn’t sure if he did anything or not. And if he did, it was solitary, while she was asleep. It was time for her to move in on him. To make it clear what was going on, and hope for the best. She would have to make a move that would force him to see just how much fun they could have, together. But if he didn’t …….

The more she thought about it, the more she decided that she would have to become the aggressor, forcing him to perform what he had been doing privately. She knew that she wanted to do that. Just the thought of control over him made her wet. She knew that he was more than interested in her, the almost always present bulge proved that. She would force him to face what he had been missing, one way or another. But how could this be done? This would take some work. He was more than willing to stick around and watch while she sunbathed. He always became obviously aroused when she teased him or allowed him to watch her. She would force him to enjoy himself, with her.

She had an idea on how to proceed. It was a kinky idea, but if it worked, it would have fabulous results. And if it didn’t work, it would still be fun, but would result in him probably moving out the very next morning. She could only try. She was going to force him to enjoy himself, with her. She would have to wait two days, until his next days off to roll around. But in between, she could prep him for the event.

After her shower, she looked in the mirror. She was about as darkly tanned as she could get. At least her nipples didn’t sunburn as badly as she had feared. She felt ready for what she was about to do. She wasn’t a conceited type, but looking in the mirror, she felt that he would not be able to resist her body. Over the next few days and nights, she would show him as much as she dared in order to peak his interests and his arousal. It shouldn’t be too hard to do, based on what they had done to each other over the past few days.

Each night when he came home from his evening shift, and each morning when he came to the kitchen, she made it a point to be around. On the first night, she had already planned ahead and faked being asleep when he walked in the door. It wasn’t her being asleep in front of the television that was interesting; it was what she was wearing. Lying on the couch, she was clad only in a short white cotton tank top and matching panties. She could hear him come into the room and could feel his eyes on her. Faking sleep, she lay there letting him enjoy the view till he made a sound. Then she suddenly sat up, and quickly went and got her robe. He had seen plenty of her. Coming back to the room, she couldn’t help but notice the large swelling in his uniform pants.

On the second night, she sat up with him, having a drink while wearing a short kimono robe. Even standing up with it covering her, it barely covered anything. It barely even covered her tight and shapely butt. She made it a point to do a lot of standing at the kitchen sink, with her back to him. Again, this was more than effective, his cock straining under his pants. It was more than obvious to her as he tried to hide it. And on that occasion, he even went back to his room to change, putting on another pair of shorts that gave her a good view of what she was most interested in. She was more than wet that night, watching the bulge moving under his shorts as he squirmed in his chair. On each occasion, she gave him more than ample view of her long legs.

Each morning she would do similar things to peak his interests. On one morning she wore the short kimono, letting it fall open to give him the most view of her breasts. And on the next morning she wore a pair of jogging shorts that hugged her hips and pubic mound, showing almost as much as nothing would have shown. Again, his erection was obvious as he sat trying to hide it from her. She was surprised that with all that she was doing, he didn’t just come out and make a move on her. It would have been obvious to anyone that she was seducing him. He wasn’t blind. He was taking it all in. She only hoped that he wasn’t wasting his arousal while in the shower, or in bed, alone at night. With as much sperm as he had already put out, that she had witnessed, she figured that he had plenty to spare. She wanted to make good use of all that sperm and the fun of taking it out of him.

She knew that his arousal was peaked, after two days of her advertising. It wasn’t hard to notice the bulging, each and every time they were near each other. His arousal wasn’t wasted on her. He had begun to play the game also. The more blatant she became, the more he began to respond in kind. After coming home at night, he would go to his room and change. When he came back into the living room, she would just sit and stare at the shorts he was wearing, the ones that showed almost every muscle between his legs. It was almost like wearing nothing, with her seeing the outline of his cock, his shaft, the cock head and the massive balls. He could have been wearing Saran Wrap for what the shorts did for him. There was nothing left to the imagination. She would find herself literally going to bed, soaking wet between her luscious thighs. It was something that did not miss his attention either.

This game went on for each of the days that he worked, when he came home and when he went to work. In between, she would strive to get her work done and be ready for the next round, when he arrived. She even spent a little bit of time, working on her almost perfect tan, something that he also didn’t miss.

She loved the game. He did too. He was beginning to show her more and more, without being blatant. He was making her as aroused as she was making him. He would sit in such a way that she could see a portion of his massive cock, just enough to make her mouth water. Seeing her in her short kimono would only make him begin to bulge more. He would use this to his advantage, standing up and allowing her to take in the full shape of what was underneath the short shorts. Add to this, several mixed drinks and it was a wonder that both of them weren’t on the floor, doing the sexual dance.

By the time his days off rolled around, they were both at a sexual peak. Each one was dying to get his or her hands on the other one. Without saying anything, neither of them could wait any longer. He felt as if he was about ½ hard all day, even at work, just thinking about her. She found herself being wet, even when doing chores around the house, just thinking about him. Neither one of them couldn’t stand it anymore.

But each of them was worried also. He was more than aware of her advances toward him. She was more than aware of his attraction toward her. They had both played with the other, without their consent, but that wasn’t the same as where they were headed. She worried that if she broached the idea of them playing together, he might back away. Worst-case scenario, he might even move out. She also had the fear that he would think she was a sex fiend or worse, a slut. He on the other hand was worried that what he was thinking was not the case. Sure, she was being forward and more than friendly, but did that mean that she wanted to actively play? One on one was a world away from what they had been doing to each other so far.

On his last day at work he was scheduled to work an odd shift. He went to work at 9:00am and would end his shift at 5:00pm. He was almost worried about going home that day. His last days off had been so much fun that he wasn’t sure he could handle another round of days off. The sexual tension was killing him. She too was nervous, knowing that when he came home later in the day, it would signal a new round of games. She had several ideas and would have to just play them as they came up. Either way, she was still worried about the outcome. All she could do was set the activity into motion and hope for the best.

The day went pretty quietly for Ken. For Mandy, she took care of the things that had to be done, almost guaranteeing that she would not be required around the ranch for the next couple of days. She spent a portion of the day, getting her ‘props’ ready for that night. The rest of the day she spent on her tan, then a long hot soak in the bath, getting ready for him to come home. She worked on her hair and make-up, making sure to look great, but not to look too made up. She had already thought it out. She would either get him to make a first move with her, or she would force him to become part of her move. Either way, the game would really begin or possibly end by that night. Her body dictated that it had to be done.

Ken came home at around 5:20 that evening. Mandy had started waiting for him from about 4:30 on. She was ready and was setting her plan into motion. Going from window to window, watching for his truck to come down the road. Everything was ready. She knew each step that she would take.

As Ken walked up to the front door, she positioned herself in the kitchen. As he came through the front door, she began her exit from the kitchen. When he stepped into the living room, she had just come out of the kitchen. His mouth almost dropped as he stepped into the house.

She acted surprised to see him, but immediately spoke up, “Hi, are you home already? I must have lost track of time, is it after 5:00?”

He just stood there at the door, his mouth open in surprise, and then turned into a big smile. “Yes, it’s 5:25, I just got off,” he said, staring at her.

She stood there in the door coming from the kitchen, wearing her very skimpy white bikini. The strings were actually tied, but very loosely, allowing her top to be loose enough that her breasts hung outward. With the light inside the house, she looked almost black with her dark tan. The white bikini just set off the contrast between her tan and the swimsuit.

“Oh,” she said in surprise, “I did lose track of time, I thought that it was earlier.” “How was your day?” she asked, leaning with her hip against the sofa.

He was still standing there, but at least the shocked looked had gone away. He just watched her, taking in her body, barely covered by the small pieces of cloth. He couldn’t stand it, as he viewed her raw sexuality. He could feel the bulge between his legs begin to swell under his uniform pants. She didn’t seem to be shy or worried about her lack of clothing. Her working on her tan in the back yard was one thing, but now she was just standing there, in the house, looking as sexual as she could be. He began to swell more.

She just smiled coyly, “I said, how was your day?” not missing the fact that he could barely speak as his eyes traveled from her legs to her breasts.

“Oh, uhhh, it was good. Nothing to speak of, a really quiet day.” He mumbled, embarrassed at the fact that he couldn’t collect his thoughts. He immediately wondered if the bulge was as obvious to her, as it felt to him.

She just smiled and leaned more into the sofa. “Well, it’s your days off. Want me to fix you a drink?” she asked, smiling at him.

“Sure, a drink would be great,” he mumbled, trying to regain his composure. It was obvious where he was looking and she was looking right at his eyes. She just continued her smile and stepped back away from the sofa. He moved toward the hallway leading to his bedroom, undoing his gun belt as he walked.

“No, don’t take it off, yet. I think it’s neat. I’ve never been around a police officer before,” she said, trying to sound as sincere as possible. “It’s that authority thing,” she said with a big grin. She stepped back as if to get a good look at him in the uniform. Still making no move to cover herself, she looked at him from head to foot. “Wow, that does create an image, sort of makes you the real stud,” she laughed.

He wondered if she was referring to the now obvious bulge in his pants or to the uniform itself. “Uhhh, what do you mean,” he said, trying to smile.

“The uniform, don’t all women like a man in uniform?” she asked in a surprised voice.

“Oh, the uniform. I’ve heard that but never experienced it,” he answered, laughing. “I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

“Well, it looks damn good to me,” she said, staring at his even larger bulge, making it obvious as she licked her lips. He immediately turned red in the face, looking away from her.

“Well, if you’re going to change, then I’ll change too,” she said, tempting him and hoping that he’d give the right reply. She stood back, crossing her arms over her chest.

“No, no, don’t do that,” he quickly responded, trying to think of something to say. “You look comfortable, and there’s no sense in changing.” He had no idea of what she might put on, but anything would be more covering than what she was wearing right now. And he did not want more covering.

“Ok then, let’s have that drink,” she said, quickly turning and heading into the kitchen. He followed her, watching the sway in her hips as she walked into the kitchen.

“Damn, she looked so good from this view,” he thought to himself. He could feel the bulge in his pants growing.

In the kitchen she immediately went to the cabinet while he got ice from the refrigerator. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her legs, spread slightly as she stood on her tiptoes to reach the glasses in the cabinet. It was the perfect pose for a woman with gorgeous legs. In this position, any woman’s legs looked good, especially Mandy’s. He couldn’t help but just stand and stare at them.

Before changing her position, she suddenly turned her head back toward him, seeing him staring at her. She didn’t move her position as she asked, “Do you know what you want?”

He stammered, having been caught peaking at her. “Uhhh, what do you mean?” He was caught again, as usual and was finding it hard to talk.

“Scotch or bourbon,” she asked, grinning. She was having so much fun at this, and was getting wetter by the moment. She found herself wondering if it was as much fun to him as it was to her. She figured that it was, based on the way his pants were pushed out in the front. At the very least, it was unbelievably arousing to her. So far, everything was going as she felt it would.

She mixed the drinks as he sat back down, trying to hide his hugeness. She came back to the table, putting a mixed drink down in front of him. He was still watching her closely. “I’m surprised that you are still in your swimsuit,” he said quietly.

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