tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 09

An Arrangement Ch. 09


His breath sucked in as she reached down between his legs, one arm holding onto him around his neck, almost pinning him to her. She didn’t have to rub but for a few moments before he was rock hard. She could feel him throbbing as she continued her gentle strokes. Her pussy was still in spasms as she felt the last throes of her orgasm. She was sopping wet. He reached a hand down between her legs but she quickly pulled her butt back, away from him. Her body movement told him to let her rest for a little while. She was sensitive and needed a few minutes to recuperate. Meanwhile, his throbbing was insistent. He was begging for release.

“You never even got to use your handcuffs,” she told him.

“I didn’t think that I needed them,” he laughed, looking into her eyes. “I think that I had pretty good control of the situation.”

“Pretty good wasn’t the words that I would use. You had excellent control of the situation. Want to try that police tactic again?”

“I’m here, to protect and serve. Do you need served?” he laughed.

“Yes, but I think you need it more than me, right now,” she said, glancing down at the cock in her hand.” His cock was pushed out hard against his underwear. The front showed a large wet spot where his pre-cum was beginning to show, in large amounts.

She used both hands, sliding her fingers into the sides of his underwear’s elastic. Pushing downward, she easily slid his underwear from his hips and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. She looked down, now holding his cock in her hand. It was hard to press against him, with it sticking out so far. She moved to one side of him and continued to gently stoke him. He was more than enjoying it, his eyes fluttering as his body swayed back and forth.

“I think that everyone should be nicer to the police officers, don’t you agree?” she laughed and squeezed him harder. “Is this nice enough?” Again she squeezed harder, forcing the pre-cum from the shaft. There was enough pre-cum that her hand was beginning to make squishy sounds as she continued her slow rubbing. She knew that he was moving closer to orgasm, his side and thigh pressed tight against her body. She pressed into him harder, “Should I protect and serve you?”

“Umm, I don’t know if I can stand it any longer. It feels too good.”

“Well now it’s my turn. I still want to play with those handcuffs. I’ll be the police officer.” Her hand motion had silenced him, except for his breathing. His eyes were closed, his body swaying. She slowed down her grasp of the hard cock and stepped away from him. Picking up the handcuffs from the table, she stepped around behind him. She never stopped the rubbing on his cock. She gently moved him around to in front of her, facing the kitchen counter with his back to her. He was so mesmerized by her hand on him, that he easily moved as she guided him to where she wanted him.

Standing behind him, she leaned up and whispered in his ear, “Now how does this work? I’m to arrest you, handcuff you, and then search you?”

“Sounds good for starters, Miss police officer.” He was even laughing at her attempt to be the cop.

Standing against him, she pressed her body against him, pushing him against the counter. She put her right foot against his inner right ankle and kicked outward, forcing him to spread his legs. He laughed as she tried to sound strict and firm.

“You’re under arrest. You’ll do what I tell you to do. Do you understand me?” she said loudly.

He was laughing, telling her, “Yes sir officer, I understand,” trying to sound scared.

Laughing, she kicked at his ankle again, forcing him to spread his legs farther. She then pulled his left arm behind his back. She fidgeted with the handcuffs, finally getting one cuff around his left wrist. She pressed harder against his body, pushing him hard against the counter. “I said, you’re under arrest, you’re suppose to do what I tell you to do.” She then pulled his right arm back behind him.

“Yes sir, whatever you say, sir,” he responded, laughing.

She was finally able to get the handcuff on his right wrist. Still laughing, he found himself handcuffed, and also, done very well. His arms weren’t going anywhere. Remembering some cop shows that she had seen on television, she used her left hand to hold onto the center of the handcuff chain. She then moved her right hand around to the front of him and started to ‘pat down’ his chest and stomach.

“I have to search you now,” she said, peering around him and looking up at his face. He was still laughing about her attempt to be the police officer.

Finishing with the front of him, she moved her right hand to his back and felt around where his belt line would have been, had he been wearing pants. He was still laughing as she leaned down, her hand moving to his inner thighs. She could hear him gulp as her hand went up his right inner thigh and brushed against his balls. Her hand then went to the left inner thigh and moved upward. After the thigh, her hand moved right to his balls, her fingers wrapping around the thick sack. Since her hand wouldn’t fit around him, her fingers probed into the soft skinned sack, making him jerk upright. He immediately gasped and stood upright. Her left foot held his left ankle outward, keeping his legs spread.

“Don’t try to resist, I might have to hurt you,” she whispered into his ear, her hand pushing harder and deeper into his sack. She quickly wrapped her fingers around one ball and squeezed, softly at first. He jerked again, not prepared for her ‘search’.

“There, that’s better. You had better cooperate with me.” She was still laughing, her fingers grasping the huge, and sensitive ball. His body had stiffened, his breathing now becoming erratic. Her hand continued to probe into the sack, now searching for the other one.

“Hummm, what’s this?” she asked seriously. “Could this be some kind of weapon or contraband? Probably some hidden drugs.” Her fingers grasped the other ball, giving it a quick squeeze. He jerked again. Her fingers let go, and then moved immediately to the thick shaft, sticking out from him. With her hand between his thighs and under him, she slowly wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft, getting a good grip on it.

“Now this is a weapon.” She said, quickly jerking it back hard, pulling it downward and stretching it back. His back arched as his breath sucked in. Holding it firmly, she continued to pull it backwards, till it was pointing back behind him, bent backward in her hand. He gasped as she squeezed it hard, holding it in the awkward position. Aided by her hand, his cock was pointing behind him, held tight by her grasp. In this painful position, he would soon become soft, but her slight rubbing kept it hard.

“If you resist, I’ll have to hurt you,” she breathed into his ear. Holding tightly on the handcuff chain, she jerked his arms back, pulling his shoulders back and down. She was still holding his cock bent backwards. It obviously was arousing, he was still rock hard. She knew he was enjoying it, she could still feel him throbbing and even felt him swell more. If she hadn’t been holding his cock, his breathing and gasps would have given away his arousal.

“I suppose I’m going to have to disarm you. I can’t let you walk around with a weapon like this,” she said, still laughing. He wasn’t laughing now, his breath beginning to come in pants. His legs were still spread wide, held outward by her legs. She had a firm grasp of the handcuff chain while her other hand was free to do whatever she wanted. Keeping a firm grasp of the bent cock, she jerked the handcuffs back and downward, forcing his upper body to bend backwards. By being bent backwards, this put more pressure on his cock, making it pull hard away from the pubic bone.

“Agghhhhhhh,” he cried out as his cock bent more.

“Don’t fight me. It’ll only hurt more,” She whispered into his ear. “Are you resisting? Am I going to have to hurt you?” she asked him, sounding as innocent as she could. She kept a tight grip on the still hard cock. “I’m asking you a question. Answer me.”

His body relaxed a little. She allowed him to right himself, but kept her body pressed into his, forcing him against the counter. She was more than enjoying her power over him.

“No officer, I’m not resisting,” he said trying to catch his breath. He was still rock hard and her right hand was becoming slimy from the excess of lubrication that was now pouring from his cock. It was obvious to her that he was more than enjoying her ‘arrest’.

“This is a weapon. I’m going to disarm you,” she said, giving his cock a hard squeeze. He immediately tensed up as her hand continued to apply more pressure to the fleshy organ. He was almost on his tiptoes as she squeezed hard on him. She was squeezing hard enough that she could feel the head flare wide. He was breathing hard, his arms hanging loose behind him, his body pressed up against the counter by her body.

“I need to unload your weapon. You might be a dangerous criminal,” she said, laughing.

“I promise to behave. You don’t have anything to fear with me,” he said between gulps of air. “You can take these cuffs off, I won’t resist.”

“Oh, I know you won’t resist. And no, the cuffs won’t come off.”

She relaxed her grip on his cock, letting him relax a little bit. He had no sooner relaxed when she used her body to shove him forward, pushing his upper body down on the counter. She simultaneously pulled upward on the handcuffs, pulling his arms upward behind him. Holding him in this position, it allowed her total freedom with her right hand. Even she was amazed at how much power she could exercise over him, just by the use of the handcuffs.

He was bent down over the counter. She slowly reached down with her right hand and began to softly rub his butt. Her hand trailed down his rear, moving to the back of his legs, and his upper thighs. As she leaned down a little, her hand moved slowly up his thigh. He jerked slightly as her fingertips brushed against the bloated ball sack. It was so huge that she didn’t need to search very much, in order to find it.

“I told you that I have to unload your weapon,” she said, giggling. Her hand moved up the huge sack, her fingers pushing into the soft skin. Again her fingers searched out one ball and squeezed it. His body jerked as she applied the hard but erotic pleasure to the sensitive orb.

“Judging by the size of this thing, I’d estimate that you’re fully loaded.” Now her fingers switched to the other ball and began squeezing it. Again his body jerked as she manipulated the fleshy ball. She was alternating between the two huge balls, squeezing one and then moving to the other one. This continued for several moments as her hand rhythmically stimulated them.

“Just relax, this won’t take long at all.” With that, she immediately let go of his balls and grabbed his cock hard. Squeezing it roughly, she jerked it down between his legs. In this position she found herself holding an excess amount of his foreskin, stretched down below the head. He let out a long moan as her hand immediately jerked the hard organ upward. In this position, her hand stretched the loose foreskin tight toward the base of his shaft. She was surprised as she felt the amount of pre-cum that was coating his cock. He was literally covered in his own juices. She felt him for a moment, enjoying the smooth texture of the flared head. Without saying another word, she began to pump him hard, jerking his cock up and down roughly. Each jerk would pull the foreskin down hard, stretching it tightly over the swollen head. The next jerk upward would pull the skin up tightly against his pubic bone. She was jerking him so hard that with each pump, the bloated ball sack would bounce against her tight fist.

“Just relax baby, I’m going to empty you. Don’t fight it, just relax.” Her hand was pumping him hard, his balls bouncing with each blow to them. His body had jerked upward with the first hit, but she immediately leaned forward, forcing him back down onto the counter. Her hand continued to pump furiously, wet squishy sounds coming from between his thighs.

“Unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh, unnnggghhh,” were the only sounds coming from him, his hips now trying to thrust, but pressed against the counter. Her hand was jerking him hard, squeezing him, forcing him to cum hard. Judging by the amount of pre-cum coating her hand, Mandy was amazed that he had not cum yet. She continued jerking him hard, each stroke stretching his cock more and more.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” came from deep within his throat as his body stiffened hard, trying to rise up from the counter. She pushed him back down to the counter, her hand pumping furiously between his legs. The first gush of sperm shot from his cock onto the cabinet doors. She knew that he was cumming, her hand literally covered in the thick warm goo with the first shot. He continued to pump more and more from his straining cock as her manipulation of him slowed down gradually. She could feel his cock strain against the palm of her hand, quivering, hard spasms racking the muscled organ. She could hear loud splats as the globs of sperm hit the floor. Huge spurts were still pumping out of him but she continued working him as if milking a cow. She could hear him gasping, his breathing coming in a hard pant. Looking down, she could see that he was standing on his tiptoes, giving her more access to the area between his legs. And still more gushes poured out of him. At one point she was surprised enough to bend back, attempting to see just how much she had coaxed out of him. It was everywhere.

“Just relax, it’ll be finished in a minute,” she cooed in his ear, her hand continuing to work him.

She wasn’t sure who was enjoying this more, her or him. Obviously he was enjoying it, but she was too. She had never controlled a male like she was at this moment. He could do nothing, unless she allowed it. And she had just allowed him to cum hard. He wasn’t the one that had done this, she had. She was in total control of his body and its functions.

His upper body slumped down on the counter, his breathing coming in deep pants. His entire body went limp, except for one very straining cock. Even though her rubbing was now soft and gentle, she could feel his cock quivering and twitching. Large globs were still coming out of him, covering her hand as she continued her manipulation. She had never seen a man cum so much in her entire life. She kept looking at his thighs and at the mess on the floor. The stuff was everywhere.

“You’re unbelievable,” he gasped, still trying to catch his breath. He was still tiptoeing as her hand gently rubbed the softening cock. She was squeezing every last drop out of the still thick toy in her hand. She continued to keep her grip on the center of the handcuffs, restricting his movement.

“Glad that you liked it. Now that I’ve unloaded that thing, it’s time for your interrogation. You are under arrest,” she said strongly emphasizing the word ARE. She took hold of both his elbows and turned him around, pushing him toward the hallway.

“Ummm, that was so good. You can take the cuffs off now,” he told her.

“Take the cuffs off? Why would I do that? You’re my prisoner and you’re still under arrest,” she told him firmly. Saying that, she shoved him roughly toward his bedroom door. He fell forward into a wall barely staying on his feet. “Steady there stud, I might have to charge you with drunk and disorderly,” she said as she grabbed his arm.

“Come on, take the cuffs off. Let me show you what I can do without them,” he asked, a pleading tone in his voice.

“I told you, you’re under arrest and the cuffs are not coming off.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. Take the cuffs off.”

“I said NO!” she said as she shoved him hard to the bed. He fell forward onto the bed, face first. She immediately crawled onto to the bed, quickly rolling him over onto his back. He was laughing, but there was beginning to be a panicky look on his face. He was totally soft by now, his cock flopping between his legs. His arousal level had diminished and his balls had returned to hanging down thickly. He was in the male refractory period, his cock flaccid and gooey. A sexual encounter was not on his mind at the moment.

“Take the cuffs off and let me have my turn with them,” he pleaded, smiling and trying to talk her into what he thought would be ‘round 2’. She glared at him, slowly rising off the bed and standing up. He was sitting upright on the bed, his arms locked behind him. He could do nothing but sit there.

“You don’t seem to understand. You aren’t listening to me. I told you that you were under arrest and you are now going to be interrogated. You will do what I tell you to do. Do you understand me?” She stood there, staring at him, her hands on her hips.

“Yes officer,” he said quietly, watching her. She stood there for a moment, returning his stare. She then reached down and undid the tie on the left hip of her bikini. Surprisingly her bikini bottom had remained on her body during their fun. Spreading her legs slightly, she let the bikini bottom fall to the floor and then stepped away from them.

“Damn you are gorgeous,” he told her, his eyes alternating from her breasts to her pubic mound. She stood there, allowing him to take in the view. Apparently the refractory period was gone, his cock beginning to slightly swell between his legs. It was obvious to her as she watched it begin to lengthen and thicken.

“I thought that I unloaded that thing,” she said, leaning down and grasping his cock in her hand. She squeezed it softly, watching it grow in her hand. He was covered in sperm and more than sticky.

“Take the cuffs off. It’s my turn. Let me show you how the ‘real’ police do it,” he said, struggling to roll over onto his knees.

With one hand she reached out, pushing against his chest. Immediately he was stopped from rising up. Her other hand squeezed on his cock, and then began to rub it. He was almost fully erect by then. A steady stream of pre-cum was oozing from the tip. He was ready to go again. She quickly glanced around the room, looking for something. She walked over to the closet, glanced inside and retrieved two of his belts.

“I told you that you were under arrest. I see that I’m going to have to get rough with you. You’re resisting. I warned you about that.” She quickly formed the belt into a loop and put it around his ankle. Pulling it down to the side of the bed, she fastened it to the bed frame. He sat and watched, a slight grin on his face as if he thought he knew what she was doing. When she started putting the second belt around his other ankle, he began to complain.

“What are you doing? Come on. Take these cuffs off. The game is over. It’s time to get serious,” he said, struggling to sit upright.

“Who says I’m not serious,” she said with a serious look. “I’m about to interrogate you and you’re going to give me everything I want. Literally,” she added. She then pulled the second belt to the other side of the bed and fastened it to the bed frame. Now he was sitting in the middle of the bed, each leg pulled out to one side. Still handcuffed, he had to sit still to keep from falling over. She just smiled at him.

“I’m just playing with you. Relax, didn’t you have fun a few minutes ago. You sure looked like you were having fun, or at least part of you was having fun,” she said, a big grin on her face. Her hand continued to squeeze the now rock hard cock. He smiled back, relaxing a bit. She then shoved him very slightly, causing him to fall backwards. She moved around to the side of the bed and crawled onto it. Moving in behind him, she grasped both of his arms and helped to pull him back, stretching him out on the bed. Laying him back, she then propped his head up with two pillows.

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