tagSci-Fi & FantasyAn Attractive Girl

An Attractive Girl


Sarah didn't really know when it all started. Strange things just seemed to happen to her. Things started happening more often around the time when she turned fifteen or sixteen years old, about the same time she got more interested in boys. Now, at nineteen years old, Sarah is just finishing her freshman year at the university. Strange things are happening more often.

Sarah has always been an attractive girl. She has a lovely face and soft, green eyes that seem to look right into your soul. Her long hair, light brown with just a hint of reddish color, flows gently over her shoulders. Her build, athletic, is long and lean. Her curvaceous figure always attracted the eye of every boy in school while she was growing up but, now that she is in college, she never seems to have time for dating. If she wants to keep her sports scholarship Sarah has to maintain at least a "B" average.

In high school, Sarah noticed that boys always sat close to her in the classroom. In the cafeteria, she was popular with her classmates but boys often sat on either side of her, sometimes shoulder to shoulder. She became accustomed to this, early on. Now that she is a woman, the boys seem to sit even closer.

One day, as Sarah was riding the crowded subway home from class, Sarah found herself flanked on all sides by handsome men. Their bodies pressed uncomfortably close to her, almost squashing her in a sea of bodies. She tried to jostle for room but it did no good. She soon started feeling aroused. That's when things got worse. There seemed to be even more men attracted to her. It seemed like they were attracted like magnets! There were so many bodies pressed so close, she could hardly breathe. Sarah began to panic. She just had to escape. The train came to a stop at the next station and she hurriedly pushed for the exit. She barely made it to the doorway before the warning chime rang. Luckily, somebody reached out, just in time, to block the sliding door. "Thank you," she called over her shoulder as she bolted for the platform. Sarah stood there for several minutes, hyperventilating in panic. She ran up the stairs and almost sprinted the rest of the way home. She dodged into her apartment and hid in her room for the rest of the night. She Didn't eat dinner or even talk to her roommates. She laid on her bed and stared up at the ceiling until she fell asleep. The next day, Sarah woke up and went off to class as usual then she went to volleyball practice. The events of the previous night seemed like a dream, a bad dream that she tried not to think about. All through the day, she kept replaying the events in her mind. Maybe it was just her imagination.


Several months passed before anything happened to Sarah again. She was in the middle of her sophomore year. Her grades were good, her studies were going well and the pressure of doing well in school was less intense. She finally had a chance to enjoy herself on the weekends but all of her studying and sports practice had taken their toll on her social life. Late one Friday afternoon, Sarah sat alone in the library. She was caught up on all her work but all of her friends had plans with their boyfriends. She was alone again for the umpteenth weekend in a row. Sara felt lonely and depressed.

Sarah hardly noticed the handsome guy sitting across the table from her. She was so used to men being close to her that it seemed like an everyday occurrence. As she was reading, she glanced up at the boy sitting across from her. He was pretending to mind his own business. Sarah recognized him from the track team but she didn't know his name. She thought she was cute but she never dared approach him. She pretended to mind her own business, too, but she couldn't help feeling attracted to him. She was feeling a little turned on. She tried to put it out of her mind but, the more she tried, the worse it got. She tried to read her book but she could only sit there quietly and pray that the boy would speak to her.

A moment later, the boy's hand slid slowly across the table, toward Sarah until their fingers touched. They both startled in surprise. He pulled his hand back. I'm sorry," he blurted out. Sarah's heart fluttered as their eyes met for the first time. She couldn't force a single word to come out of her mouth. Sarah could only smile. He smiled right back.

"I'm Doug," the boy introduced himself. "Sarah," she said in a soft voice.

They each pretended to go back to their studies but it was no use. In than a minute they were holding hands again. This time Sarah didn't pull back. She liked it.

After several minutes of silent anticipation, Doug looked at Sarah and said, "Hey, would you like to do something tonight?" "I thought you'd never ask," beamed Sarah! Doug's other hand met Sarah's. They were now touching with both hands.

"How about a movie," asked Doug? Sarah nodded eagerly.

"Pick you up at seven," he asked? "Why not right now," she replied?

Doug grinned eagerly. He didn't have to say yes. They both stood up from their chairs and grabbed their coats. "I'll buy dinner if you pay for the movie," said Sarah.

They headed for the door and Doug sidled up to Sarah, wrapping his arm around her waist. "I'm sorry," he blurted, "I don't know what came over me." Sarah didn't say a word. She deliberately put her arm around him. They walked side by side all the way to The Cornerstone Pub, the local student hangout. Sarah slid her hand, gingerly down Doug's back until she had a handful of his muscular ass. A moment later, as if right on cue, Doug's hand found its way to Sarah's backside. Sarah felt happier than she had in a very long time.


Doug stood close behind Sarah in line, waiting their turn to buy tickets. His arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She felt safe and secure in his embrace.

"Next," the box office clerk called through the speaker!

Doug tore one arm away to reach for his wallet. It seemed like he had to make some effort to free his hand. "Two, please," he said.

"Which movie," the clerk asked with disdain?

"Whichever movie starts soonest," Sarah whispered into Doug's ear.

"That Walt Disney cartoon," he asked? "Okay," she replied.

"Make those V.I.P.s" Doug added as he slid his money into the widow.

Sarah's heart quivered at the thought! She always wanted her date to take her to the balcony where they could have extra privacy in the super plush seats with no armrest in between!

"Want some popcorn," Doug asked as they passed the concession stand?

Sarah was still feeling full after dinner. "Just a Diet Coke," she said.

"One large Diet Coke," he ordered.

At the movie theater, "Large" means LARGE! The ice sloshed against the sides of the cup as the clerk handed it over. Doug took two straws from the dispenser and offered Sarah the first sip. Doug held the theater door open for Sarah as they headed up for the balcony seats. They found a love seat, secluded in the back row. Sarah sat down first. Doug, ever the gentleman, sat on his own side as they waited for the movie to start.

The lights faded down. The previews began to play. It wasn't very long before Doug was sitting close to Sarah. One arm was wrapped around Sarah's shoulder. His other hand rested gently on her thigh. By the time the feature began, both of his hands seemed to be stuck to her body. Their lips met in the dark as the movie played on. They barely watched the movie, making out in the nearly deserted theater the whole time.

The lights faded up and the credits began to roll. Doug struggled to tear himself away from Sarah before they could get out of their seats. Maybe it was because of the extra plush cushions. Whatever the reason, Sarah enjoyed being so close to Doug.

The couple made their way out of the theater and headed for the subway station. They hopped on board the train just as the doors slid shut. The sound of the warning chime caused memories to flash through Sarah's mind. She remembered her struggles in the crush of bodies against her. She reflected upon the boys that always sat beside her in the lunch room in high school. She thought about the touch of Doug's hand in the library and the way he snuggled close to her at the movie. She was putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Sarah looked at Doug as he stood in the half-empty subway car, hanging onto the safety rail with both hands. She stood a few feet away from him and concentrated on him. Maybe it was the jostling of the rails. Maybe it was something else but, slowly, Doug moved toward Sarah. It wasn't long before Doug was sidled up to her. She backed away and tried again. This time, in less than a second, Doug turned and wrapped his arms around Sarah. They stood, face to face, their bodies pressed tightly together. A look of confusion shown on Doug's face. Sarah smiled inwardly, to herself. A thought hit her like a bolt of lightning! She finally knew what had been happening all these years!

"I'm magnetic," Sarah thought to herself!


Sarah played it cool while Doug walked her back to her apartment. She kept her distance from Doug, being careful not to think about being close to him. It was a fairly long walk home through the city streets. They moved casually down the sidewalk, chatting and getting to know each other. A few times, Sarah lost her concentration, causing Doug to bump into her as they walked. "Oops," Doug apologized. Sarah just smiled politely. She was busy thinking about what she was going to do next.

"That was an awful lot of soda pop we drank at the movies," Sara said, "I've got to go to the bathroom."

Doug nodded, "Me too."

Sarah said, "My apartment is right around the corner. You can use my bathroom."

Sarah picked up her pace, moving several steps ahead of Doug. She focused her attention on him as she walked, gauging just how hard she had to concentrate to keep him at the distance she desired. It wasn't very long before she got the hang of her new found ability.

Sarah swerved sharply and turned turned the corner. She dashed up the steps to her apartment building. Doug tilted sharply off balance as Sarah pulled him along. Through the doorway she went, running faster and faster down the hallway. Doug was being pulled, magnetically, along behind. She stopped short in front of her apartment door. Doug bumped right into her.

He apologized profusely, "I don't know why I'm so clumsy tonight!"

"That's all right," Sara replied, "I'm used to it."

She opened the door and Doug followed her inside. She quickly headed for the bathroom, pretending she had to pee. She didn't really have to. She just wanted to have a minute alone while she planned her next move.

Sarah flushed the toilet then ran the water in the sink for a few seconds to make it sound like everything was normal. Then she stood by the bathroom door, closed her eyes and concentrated. A moment later, there came a thud against the bathroom door from the outside. "I'll be out in a second," she shouted, pretending to be a little bit annoyed. When she opened the door, there stood Doug, pasted up against the door. "If you have to go that bad, just knock, silly," Sarah teased!

Doug went into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Sarah waited patiently in the hallway, listening carefully for the right moment to make her next move. She listened for the tinkling sound of Doug standing over the toilet to subside. Then, just at the right time, Sarah concentrated with all her effort.

"THUD!" Doug hit the door and slid down into a heap on the floor! "Ow," he groaned!

Sarah opened the door. "Are you all right," she asked innocently? Doug lay on the floor, rubbing the knot on his forehead. His pants were at half mast around his legs. He quickly tried to pull them back up. Sarah fixed her gaze directly on Doug's crotch and concentrated again. Instantly, his large penis poked out through the flap in the front of his boxer shorts and pointed straight toward Sarah. Doug screamed out, "What the hell?"

Sarah knew she had full control of her power, now!

Doug scrambled to his feet, buttoned up his pants and headed for the door. "I don't know what's going on but I'm getting out of here!"

Sarah waited until Doug reached for the doorknob then, in the blink of an eye, she concentrated as hard as she could. Doug turned around. Sarah pulled him, helplessly, across the room. Doug found himself standing face to face with Sarah. His body pressed tightly up against her. His arms wrapped around her. He could not pull himself free.

Sarah wrapped her arms around Doug and kissed him. He tried to pull away but his lips were glued to Sarah's. Sarah became intensely aroused at the prospect of having a man in her complete control. The hornier she became, the stronger her magnetism grew.

She held Doug in her power and kissed him and groped his body with her hands. She felt the heat growing between her legs as she grabbed two hands full of his ass. The rock hard bulge in his pants pressed up against her. Doug kissed her back with all his passion. Sarah knew that Doug's body was hers to do with as she pleased.

Sarah released him then took a step away. Doug just stood there with his mouth open, completely aghast.

Sarah smiled an impish smile and said, "Why don't you stay a while?"

"Do I have a choice?"

Sarah didn't answer. She turned and walked to her bedroom. "Let me change into something more comfortable," she said with a lustful smile.

"Don't go anywhere," giggled Sarah as she closed the bedroom door.


A few minutes later, Doug felt a familiar tug on his body. Sarah was pulling him toward the bedroom. The closer he got, the faster he moved. He tried to fight the force that drew him but it was no use. Sarah sensed the resistance and concentrated even harder. The rubber heels of his shoes left skid marks on the wooden floor she dragged him along. Doug winced when he realized he was headed for another closed door. Instinctively, he reached for the doorknob. He turned it and flung open the door just in time to avoid being smashed, face first, into it. He flew across the bedroom and landed on the bed where Sarah lay. She was wearing nothing but a leopard print bra and panties. She pulled Doug down on top of her and kissed him wildly. The thought of being able to make Doug do whatever she wanted made her feel hornier than she had ever felt before. Her powers of attraction were stronger than ever.

"Get naked," commanded Sarah!

Doug hesitated.

"Do I have to smash your face into the another door," she threatened?

Doug stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt. "Not too fast," Sarah said, "show me how much you want me!"

"I do want you," said Doug as he pulled off his shirt, showing off his abs and muscular chest.

"Good boy! Keep going!"

He took off his shoes and socks then unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor.

"Turn around and show me that hot ass!"

Doug did as he was told. He turned around and wiggled his hips and shook his ass as he slid off his boxer shorts. Sarah whistled in appreciation.

"Now, turn around and show me what you've got up front!"

Sarah used her power to spin Doug around until he was facing her. He stood before her, completely naked.

Sarah surveyed Doug's muscular body. "Very nice," she admired, "you have a nice, big dick!"

Doug was afraid to move a muscle.

Sarah stretched out her hand and pointed her finger at her captive's package. It stood at attention and pointed straight at her. She wiggled her finger, making it dance up and down.

"In case you haven't figured it out," Sarah said, "I'm magnetic." She closed her outstretched hand and made a pulling motion toward herself. Doug felt an invisible hand pull him by his manhood.

"I noticed," he said as he was helplessly drawn toward the bed.

"I've been like this all my life," she explained, "but this is the first time I've ever showed anybody."

She delighted in toying with his dick, making it bounce around, up and down, side to side.

"Tonight at the library, I noticed that you were... Umm... "attracted" to me so I decided to bring you home and see what my powers can do."

Doug looked down at his dick as it flailed about, completely under Sarah's magnetic control. He was keenly aware of his growing erection. He was so flabbergasted he didn't know what to say.

"So, lover boy, why don't you come over here and finish undressing me?"

Sarah stood up by the bedside, facing Doug. Suddenly, his hands leaped forward and stuck to Sarah's breasts.

"What do you think? Do you like my big boobs?"

Doug nodded and gently massaged them with his hands.

"Why don't you take off my bra?"

Doug obeyed. Her bra fell to the floor and Sarah displayed herself to him.

"Wanna kiss them?"

Before Doug could say anything, his face was pulled toward Sarah's chest. The next thing he knew, his lips were stuck to her tits. His tongue flicked uncontrollably over her nipples. Sarah sighed with pleasure and fell backward, onto the bed, pulling Doug down on top of her. She swooned with enjoyment.

"Take off my panties," Sarah commanded!

Doug kneeled on the floor and slid his hands over Sarah's smooth, soft legs. He tickled her thighs with his fingers and gently tugged on the elastic waistband. He tickled teased her pussy through the silky, smooth fabric. Sarah giggled and squirmed with pleasure. He could feel the wet spot growing in the material. Her musky scent intoxicated him as her wetness grew. Finally, he slowly slipped her panties down around her thighs. Sarah wiggled her ass on the bed as they came off.

Sarah spread her knees apart. Doug knelt down between her legs. He gently tickled her naked pussy lips with his fingers. She arched her back, let out an almost imperceptible moan and spread her legs a little more. His fingers moved gently up and down her slit, getting deeper with each stroke. They danced in and out of her vagina, holding Sarah in suspense as they teased their way toward her clitoris. Her breathing grew fast and shallow. He made tight circles around her clit, driving her to the brink of climax. Sarah panted loudly with each breath. She desperately wanted him to make her come. Doug pressed his finger directly against her clit and wiggled it back and forth. Sarah let out a long, low, breathy moan.

"Yes," she cried out!

Doug slowly slid his fingers from her honeypot, appreciatively sniffing them to admire his handiwork.

"More," growled Sarah!

In an instant, Doug found his face buried in Sarah's crotch. He struggled to escape at first but his efforts where futile. The more he fought, the more Sarah became aroused and the tighter he was pulled in. His breath made slurping sounds against her wet labia. The magnetic force took control of Doug's tongue, pulling it inside her glistening slit. He knew what his girl wanted but he held off just to see what she would do. It didn't take long before his tongue was sliding in and out of her pussy, under control of her attractive power. Still, he resisted. He could sense her frustration. He knew what she wanted but he enjoyed teasing her. It wasn't long before his tongue found its way to her clit. It danced up and down and made her squirm with delight.

Sensing the right moment, Doug's mouth went to work on Sarah's pussy. A shock wave of pleasure ripped through her body, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. Her legs clamped tightly together, squeezing his head between her muscular thighs. Doug's lips were glued firmly in place over her wet pussy, his tongue was trapped within her folds. He was awash in a sea of writing, screaming flesh. Doug lapped furiously. Sarah came again and again. She moaned and screamed louder each time. She thrashed her hips and her whole body quivered and shook until she finally collapsed in exhaustion. Doug felt the force gripping him gradually release its hold. Doug gasped for breath and collapsed on the bed beside Sarah.

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