An Austrian in Alabama


"Do what?" asked Virgil.

"Never mind," said Paula. Virgil's gaze was locked to her fingers. His cock was stirring. "When did you say you were leaving for Atlanta?"

"In three days."

"Do you have many plans for that time?"

Virgil grinned. "No, ma'am."

Paula was rocking back and forth slowly against Virgil's chest. He became aware of the wet patch she was creating there, and suddenly his cock was straining toward the ceiling. Paula seemed to sense this, because with the hand that wasn't busy she reached behind herself and found it, murmuring her satisfaction when she felt his hardness.

With a weightless, gliding motion, Paula traveled backwards along Virgil until she could lower herself smoothly onto his cock. He gasped as he felt how easily he entered her, and yet how strongly she gripped him once he was inside. He looked up and saw her smiling at him knowingly. She knew what her pussy could do. She moved slowly up and down as her fingers found her nipples. Virgil's eyes wandered to and fro between her pinching fingers, and her hairy cunt, moving slowly up and down his cock, driving him to new heights of arousal.

Suddenly Virgil pushed himself up into a sitting position so that he could kiss Paula as they fucked. She welcomed his tongue with hers. He seized her hips and began to move his own to meet hers. Their bodies were both slick with sweat, and Paula rubbed her breasts provocatively against Virgil's chest. They were dancing lasciviously in place as they sat facing each other, their mouths joined together, wide and wet.

Abruptly, Virgil seized Paula's ass, picked her up and rose from the bed to a standing position. She wrapped her calves around his and they continued to fuck and kiss passionately, braced against each other, without missing a beat. Breathlessly, Paula broke off the kiss. "Suck my nipples," said Paula, "and I will have another orgasm." Virgil took first her right nipple, and then her left, into his mouth, nipping and sucking them as they continued to fuck. Paula began to mutter some words in German, and then she cried out. Virgil felt her pussy contract around him, and after a few urgent strokes he was shouting as he exploded inside her.

They remained suspended in the middle of the room for a minute or two, and then Virgil bent his legs slightly, allowing Paula's feet to touch the floor. She kissed him sweetly as she rubbed her wet body slowly to and fro against his. Virgil sucked her tongue gently, and then whispered, "Darlin', I need to grab some food. I never did eat at the picnic."

She reluctantly allowed his cock to withdraw from her pussy. "That's OK," she whispered back. "But I want to come back here soon. There are so many other things I want to do with you." She gave him a significant smile, then dropped to her knees, taking his spent cock in her mouth and sucking their combined juices from it. Virgil's cock began to stir once more, and Paula looked up hopefully.

"I just need a quick burger, and we'll be back before you know it. We can pick up some more beer while we're out. It's hot in here, it's making me thirsty."

Paula rose to her feet once more. "I like this place very much. How long did you rent it for?"

Virgil grinned and replied, "Three days."

Paula smiled broadly and replied, "That is really excellent."

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by Anonymous

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by KingCuddle10/17/17

Yummmy! Yum-Yum!

Mature Love is the Absolute Best!

Knowing what we want...and making that clear to each other!

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