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An Avenger's Homecoming



The school-bell rang with an abrasive clatter as the lone Teacher ascended the stairs to her classroom.

Slinking through a throng of milling students the woman cut a graceful figure; crowd parting and dioramas jostling as she sashayed along the colourful hallway. Hearing the sound of heels clacking on laminate flooring some forgot their conversations; halting in place to ogle the beautiful woman. Sweeping a loose platinum blonde lock back behind her ear, the teacher ignored them all as she finally arrived at her classroom.

Seeing a gaggle of girls gossiping beside the line of lockers, the teacher overheard a snippet of their conversation as she approached:

"Ok hypothetical. F, Marry, Kill: Scarlet Witch, The Wasp, Black Widow."

Raising an eyebrow, the teacher glanced over the rim of her glasses at the impetuous child.

Giggling another girl answered the question:

"Uhhhh-I dunno... kill the Wasp, marry Scarlett Witch. F Black Widow."

"Mm Hmm!"

Realising she was behind them, the girls hushed, the trio turning to acknowledge her presence. Meeting young eyes, the Teacher frowned:

"Please wait PATIENTLY outside until I am ready to collect you."

Strutting into the classroom, the blonde woman sighed as she finally closed herself inside. Visibly uncoiling, the fake-teacher leant heavily against the doorway:

"Midtown School of 'Science and Technology'," Natasha Romanoff muttered, rolling her eyes. Normal kids were bad enough but these horny hyperactive eggheads were a constant headache! Months of undercover work in the field, still nothing could prepare you for millennials; even training as an assassin.

But for the Ex-Avenger the role came with two distinct advantages: First off, it was the last place the authorities would look for her. Secondly was her proximity to their latest recruit. From this position she could monitor the vigilante Peter Parker: And ensure Tony didn't get him killed.

Slinking over to her desk, Natasha scowled at her latest pile of marking, stacked high on the wooden surface. Taking a seat, she caught her reflection in the dark screen of her computer monitor:

Seeing pristine platinum blonde hair, Natasha frowned removing her glasses; Giving up her identity was one thing but this disguise was just vindictive; She felt nothing like herself. When Maria had suggested the change she had been adamant, and Natasha would never disagree. But blonde? She looked like a bimbo! Tugging at her ponytail the ex-Avenger scowled; maybe if the Accords had gone differently... Instead she was forced her to adopt this embarrassing persona.

Turning away from the screen, Natasha considered her situation:

She had been searching for weaknesses in Parker's routine and dismantling any threats to his identity one by one. Since Maria had insisted the boy not know they were interfering, Natasha's infiltration had to be watertight; hence actually becoming a teacher and, thanks to Tony Stark, a glorified babysitter!

'Dnh! Dnh! Dnnh!'

Reacting fast to the dull knock on the classroom door Natasha immediately straightened up, replacing her glasses and quickly disappearing back into her cover identity:

"Come In!"

Seeing the secondary subject of her investigation walk into the room, Natasha smiled:

Peter Parker had a ridiculously attractive Aunt.

"Ms. Rushman?"

Standing behind her desk, Natasha greeted her warmly, shaking the older woman's hand:

"Good afternoon Mrs Parker."

"It's just Ms."

"Of course."

"Thank you for helping me with this: I honestly didn't expect the school to respond at all. I know it's silly, but these kids..."

"Not a problem! I'm glad you brought this matter to my attention. And Call me Natasha."

"I-I thought it was Natalie??"

Facade momentarily flickering, Natasha bit her tongue:


Internally the ex-Avenger cursed herself; Was working in this inane American High School making her stupid?! Or was she bewitched by this woman's blatant attractiveness??

'Aunt' May looked incredible for an older woman: with a slim frame, long vivacious red hair and a disarming smile her body appeared decades younger than her actual age. Peter's guardian even dressed well: high heels coupled with even higher waisted pants that perfectly followed the curve of womanly hips and a tight cotton top with a hemline that emphasised what were already generous gifts from God!

Realising she was staring, Natasha reluctantly dragged her eyes up from May's to meet a concerned face:

"So... How may I help you?"

"Okay: just, just let me lay it out," the redhead explained, speaking with a cute nervous energy:

"I know you're just a temp and this isn't technically a 'Sex. Ed' matter... But there were no other teachers willing to discuss this! And these girls -And this rumour -You see I'm more used to dealing with boys but you're a Sex. Ed teacher so I figured you'd know a thing or two about girls??"

Natasha decided to reply honestly:

"I definitely know a thing or two about girls..."

"Great! So maybe you could..."

Barely listening, Natasha watched the redhead flick loose hair around the arm of round glasses: Just like Natasha, Aunt May couldn't hide her inherent sexual appeal. Yet unlike the Ex-Avenger, she seemed oblivious to it. Natasha smiled; she could certainly help her with that.

"...anyway, I thought, with your help, I could get them to cut the bullshh-"

Natasha cleared her throat, cutting the older woman off:

"Let me get this straight. You want me to curtail these rumours??"

Realising she had been rambling, the sexy Aunt nodded insistently.

"Well then," Natasha murmured, smiling wickedly:

"Lets see if I can teach these kids a lesson..."

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An Avenger's Homecoming: Continued

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Nice setup

Like the concept, just a little shorter than your usual work. More soon please.

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