tagGroup SexAn Earth Day Adventure

An Earth Day Adventure


It was a dark and stormy night. Well it had been when they arrived at the start point. Now it was a grey and miserable morning. The sun was just glowing through the eastern cloud bank.

They didn't know each other. Each had answered an ad on their computer; 'Earth day Adventure. Are you tired of the life you lead? Do you want to make a Major Change? Respond Now!'

The man's name was Kent, in a moment of humor (?); his father had named him Clark. He was in his mid-twenties, five foot-eight, one hundred seventy pounds, brown hair, eyes. He had the fitness of a regular exerciser, but not muscular. He worked in an insurance office as an account representative. He was a shy person, unable to sustain casual conversations, let alone begin one with a woman.

The smaller woman was Angela Lupo. Twenty eight years old, with the aura of a spinster. Just over five foot, small boned, dark hair, almost black. Her eyes were hazel, her face smooth, with finely shaped features. She had been raised a good Catholic girl in an Italian household, and still lived with her mother.

The other woman, Debby Privett, was in her late thirties. Medium height, about one hundred forty pounds. Her hair a dirty blonde, her eyes, gray green. She had lived a life of her own choice, at one time a beautiful woman with multiple lovers of both sexes. Now her life had become empty, former lovers no longer available, new lovers unlikely.

The one thing these three, unknowingly, had in common, was their mothers. The elder women had been friends since high school. On a coffee date in February, the subject of their children came up. Each bemoaning the paths their kids were on. Angela's mother wished her daughter would marry so she could have the house to herself. Clark's mother wanted grandchildren. Debby's mother just wanted to see her daughter in a happy relationship.

That's when the mothers concocted their scheme; put the kids into a situation, forcing them out of their comfort zones. Their campaign began at home (In Debby's case on the phone); comments made about shaking up lives, the slow soul-death of status-quo.

Next were references to life coaches, dating sites, counseling. That was followed with carefully targeted ads directed to the individual computers by a friend of a friend.

When the three accepted the invitation to adventure, they were sent very specific instructions; they were to be at a certain (each different) place at one AM, Earth Day morning. They were to wear loose clothing. Do not bring any personal items; no keys, wallets, watches, phones.

At the start point, they were met by a woman, instructed to put on a blindfold, and then a hood was placed over their head. They were assured this was only to keep their destination secret.

A van picked them up, Angela first, then Clark, and finally Debby. They were seated together in the back, crowded on a seat designed for two. They were free to talk, touch, and move about.

Angela realized the person on her right was male; she hadn't been this close to a man since dance class in middle school. The pressure of his thigh and shoulder against hers was a strangely exciting sensation.

For Clark, obviously squeezed between two women, their warmth and aromas was sending his libido into zones it had never been to. Normally, he wouldn't have been within two feet of any woman he was conversing with.

Debby had not felt a man's body in months, and that had been an unsatisfactory bar pickup. She inhaled the light scent of his after-shave, had a sense of firmness in his thighs, firm shoulder pressed against hers.

They rode like this for an hour, over increasingly rough roads, throwing them against their fellow passengers. Eventually the van slowed to a crawl, bouncing though mud holes and troughs, until it came to a stop. Someone led them, one at a time to a downed tree, where they were sat. A voice instructed; "You will sit here until you hear a car horn, at that time you may remove the hood and blindfold. You will find instructions in your lap.

They heard the van moving away, then minutes later, a car horn in the distance. Removing their eye coverings, blinking in the early morning light, they looked around; they were at the edge of a forest glade. Trees were to their back and sides, a small open area before them, a small cabin across from them. Over their shoulder, a rutted pathway, barely wide enough for the van. Gray clouds were visible overhead, threatening rain.

Finally they looked at the envelopes on their laps, removed the instructions; "Before you is a cabin. It is stocked with all you will need for the next twenty-four hours. There are additional instructions in the cabin. Should you decide at any time, you do not wish to continue this adventure, simply follow the vehicle tracks to the next cabin (3.5 Mi.). Otherwise, you will be picked up at this time, tomorrow."

Introducing themselves, they looked their fellow adventurers over. At a glance, Debby felt she had the others categorized; a virgin, and an untrained stud. Angela looked at Clark, wished she deserved someone like him. She looked at Debby, sensed this was a woman with all the world knowledge she wished she had. Clark looked at Debby, a woman that normally ignored him. Angela felt more comfortable to him, perhaps because there was no feeling of expectations.

They moved to the cabin, a one room construction, with fireplace and wood stove. Water came from a hand pump in a basic kitchen sink. A large bed against one wall. With no sign of a bathroom, they circled the cabin, finding a basic pit toilet at one side.

Back in the cabin, envelopes with names were on the table. A note atop them. "Read your instructions aloud. Then follow them. Once again, if you choose to opt out. Start Walking."

First was Debby. "The last ten years has seen a constant stream of anonymous bodies passing through your life. You have no lasting satisfactions to look back upon. Before you are two innocents. Neither has the sexual experiences needed for a fulfilling life. Your Task is to teach them."

Next was Clark. "You have the potential of being a good husband, father, and person. However, you will not explore those possibilities. Your task is to learn. You may not refuse any task."

Finally, Angela. "You have spent all your adult life hiding. In the next day, you are to drop all your inhibitions. Learn everything you are offered."

Again they found a note. "You must remove all outerwear. Place them in the box under the table. Now."

Shrugging her shoulders, Debby removed her shoes, socks, and the track suit she had worn. The clothes went in the box. She stood in lacy panties and bra.

Clark hesitated, looked around, found nowhere to hide; slowly removed his sweat shirt, shoes, sweat pants, placed them in the box. He stood in boxers.

Angela stood frozen. This was against everything the nuns had taught. She turned, looked out the window. It was raining. And the walk out was over three miles.

The others watched her indecision, waiting. At last, her shoulders slumped; shaking fingers released the zipper on her sweater. She placed it, carefully folded, in the box. She sat on the bed, removing shoes, socks. Slowly she stood, hands moving to her waistband, pushing pants to her ankles. She stood before her room mates in plain white bra and panties.

Daylight barely brightened the cabin. They were getting hungry, moved about the room, checking cupboards for supplies. They found coffee, eggs, bacon, and bread. And a note; "Make breakfast. After you eat, the women are to remove bras. Additional instructions will be found later."

After eating, Debby removed her bra. To her, this wasn't anything she hadn't done hundreds of times. She exposed pendulous tits, white skinned with large areola, brown nipples. Her rounded belly, meaty thighs said she had given up on herself, no longer cared how she looked.

Angela, however, felt her breath shortening, her pulse racing. No one had seen her nude in almost twenty years. Her eyes shot to the window; rain. With tears in her eyes, she reached to the clasp behind her, unsnapped, slowly dropped her hands to her side; the bra falling to the floor. For such a small woman, her breasts were relatively large, with dark tips. Her figure was quite shapely, a small woman with a siren's shape.

The women looked at Clark, cock straining against his boxers in the presence of two semi-nude women. Licking her lips, Debby reached for his cock, surrounding the hot meat, with trembling fingers running up and down him. She waved Angela to her. "Touch him, feel this. I think we get to play with this. What do you think? Are we going to have fun?"

Angela shook her head. She couldn't touch a man she wasn't married to. That would be a sin.

Debby sighed, "Look, we volunteered for this. I'm supposed to teach, you're supposed to learn. Your instructions are to lose all inhibitions. You can't do that if you don't try."

Clark spoke for the first time; "Isn't it interesting that the three of us have been put together. Each has a different 'problem' and yet, the others can remedy it. Angela, I've only been with one girl. In high school, and it was so bad I never tried again. Today, I'm willing to step out of that mold. What about you?"

"I...I...I've never been with a man. Or anyone. I don't know how...what...to do?"

"I think that is why Debby is here. But, Debby, what is in your life you must correct? You can't be here just as our instructor. You came here the same way we did."

"I'm not sure who's behind this, but there are only a few possibilities, and I'm sure I'll find out later. In the meantime, we seem to have only a few choices; one, sit here and do nothing (I think whoever is behind this will not look kindly on that), two, hike out (it's too damn wet for me), or three, get with the program (which is why we are here). I suggest we sit, decide what we are going to do. Then do it."

One look out the window eliminated choice two; no one wanted that wet slog. And who knew what was at the next cabin.

Everyone realized choice one could lead to unforeseen ramifications. That left choice three. Angela broke the silence; "How...do we start?"

"Well," said Debby, "we seem to have begun already. We might as well skim these bottoms off and be done with it. Besides, my pussy is soaking them anyway. And the spot on Clark's shorts is telling me he's ready. How about you, Angela?"

"Yes, I see what you mean...I'm sticking to my pants also. Is that good?"

"Well honey, it tells me you're getting turned on."

"So...what's next?"

"I take it you have no experience with men?"

"No, none."

"Ok, Clark, stretch out on the bed...that's right. Angela...can I call you Angie? Angela seems too formal for this. Ok, come over here, I'll give you a hands on tour. Clark, feel free to react, honey. Tell us what feels good."

"First, just close your eyes, now I'll lead your hands. First you'll feel his face. Run your fingertips over his eye brows, now over his eyes. Feel his cheeks, down along his jaw. He does have a firm one. Up to his nose, study the shape, down to the lips. He has nice lips. They probably kiss well. Let's find out. Follow my lead."

Clark moaned as Debby softly kissed him, showing Angie how it should be done. She leaned in imitating her teacher. The first kiss was tentative, explorative, and unsure. She sat back for a moment, licking lips, then leaned in, kissing much more hungrily. Debby pulled her back. "Easy girl, we don't want to bruise him. Yet."

"I liked that. Both kissing me, I could tell the difference. Angie, kiss me again, please.

This time Angie found just the right pressure, her lips exploring his, tongue extending, just a little, moans from both. "Now, Debby, will you kiss me also?"

Debby demonstrated what an all-in kiss could be. Starting soft and light, increasing pressure and intensity, finally pushing her tongue between Clark's lips. "Follow my lead. What I do on this side, you do on that."

They traced their way down Clark's throat, to his chest, over his nipples. "Most women, and many men, do not know how sensitive a man's tits can be. Watch, then copy."

She started with simple suction, pulling the nipple up, then releasing, Angie following her lead. Next she bit gently, causing Clark to arch up against her. Again Angie followed. And Clark arched to her.

After several more passes on his nipples, they moved down his chest, until just short of his cock head.

"We're going to save that for a while, build him up more." Debby whispered. She led her student down Clark's thighs, showing how caresses could bring sweet agony to their subject.

At last they returned to his cock. Purple headed, leaking pre-come, rigid. "We'll kiss our way around, like so..."

"I...I, can't."

"It's this or the highway, and that is wet."

Gulping back her fears, Angie duplicated Debby's moves, amazed at the softness and hardness under her lips. The heat radiating from the meat was intense, and the male aroma intoxicating. She followed the example before her, barely registering the moans and groans coming from Clark. When Debby engulfed the cock, Angie was anxious to follow. Slipping her lips over the purple head, sliding down until it hit her throat, then back up. Debby's voice in her ear; "That's right, hold the suction, can you swirl your tongue? Good. Down again, now up. He's about to come. Do you want it? Ok down again, now up, wait, here he comes, swallow, and...swallow. Now save some for me."

As Angie lifted her head, she became aware of two things; first the echoes of Clark's roaring climax. Second, Debby's lips closing on her own, tongue probing, searching within her mouth. Her surprise came with her response to Debby; A gasping push back, seeking Debby's mouth with her own tongue.

The women rolled to Clark's side, Debby pinning the smaller woman, running kisses across her face, into her ear, down the side of her throat, seeking a breast, a nipple. When she found her target, she lapped at the nub, pulling with her lips, biting as she had demonstrated earlier. Angie arched, eyes shooting open, breath hissing on the intake, then swooshing back out as she collapsed back to the bed. Debby was unrelenting, seeking the other, bringing more arching, moaning. Angie's hands pressed the lips against her, wanting more.

But Debby shifted, began kissing down the stomach, then circling Angie's pubic arch, kissing down thighs, caressing skin with finger light as feathers. Angie was thrusting her hips up, wanting contact, seeking ever more sensations. Finally, Debby relented; her tongue dragged thru Angie's slit, bottom to top, stopping just shy of the clit. She repeated the motion several times, each one causing the lips to swell and open. Soon, she was thrusting her tongue as far into the untouched cunt as she could, seeking every fold. She moved up, holding the clit tightly in her lips, then flicking it with her tongue.

Angie shouted in response, "Oh Fuck, oh god, oh, oh what have I been miss...Aaahhh."

Debby's head jerked up. Clark was behind her, trying furiously to fuck, but stabbing wildly with his cock. She reached back, led him to her quim, pushed back to start him. He thrust wildly, without rhythm. Her hand pressed against his stomach. "Slow. Slow is good. Besides, we last longer that way. There you go. In, now hold, ok out slowly. Keep that up; I'm going back to what I was doing."

With Clark's hands firmly grasping her hips, his cock driving in, she bent back to Angie. She was regaining her breath, when Debby began tonguing her clit once more. Clasping Debby's head to her, Angie screamed into another orgasm; a shuddering, crying climax that had her arching from shoulders to heals, taking Debby up with her. As she crashed down, Debby felt Clark pistoning rapidly, gasping for air, then shooting cum deep in her. She responded with a quivering of her cunt, drawing everything from the cock within her.

They collapsed in a heap, one atop the other.

"How much longer do we have to do this?"

"Well, Clark, until we get it right."

"Then we better get something to eat, and get going again."

After lunch, Debby turned to Angie; "Are you ready for your next lesson?"

"After that last one? What's left?"

"A lot, for both of you. Clark, back on the bed, on your back, please."

Once he was settled, Debby looked at Angie, "Watch what I do, in a moment you will do this. Clark, honey. I'm going to sit on your face. I want you to lick my pussy, like I was doing Angie's. I'll move around as a way of guiding you. Remember what we are doing, 'cause we're going to do this a whole bunch. Straddling his face and shoulders, her quim came to his mouth. The aroma something entirely new, arousing. On its own, his tongue extended, making small swipes, tasting pussy juices for the first time. That his cum was mixed in didn't matter, he wanted more. His tongue dug deeper, her hip shifted, he swiped one side, she shifted again, he tasted the other side. She leaned back, until his tongue swiped her ass hole, then she moved so he was sucking her clit.

Angie, taking all this in, unconsciously dug her fingers deep into her cunt, her thumb stroking against the clit. Her free hand sought Clark's cock, stroking it, then grasping, running her hands up and down, slowly tightening her grip, causing his hips to lift in sync.

Debby felt a small quiver in her quim, a satisfying little climax. Lifting herself off, she signaled Angie up, to take her place. Again, imitating her teacher, she settled over Clark's face, lowering to his lips. The first pass of his tongue sent a shiver through her body. She tried to copy Debby's movements, realizing the effects of leaning forward or back, side to side. Quickly, her cunt quivered, sending flashes before her eyes, shivers through her body. She ground down, forcing her lips over his face, seeking every sensation. Debby, realizing, Clark couldn't breathe, tugged Angie up. Clark inhaled deeply, then clasping the hips above, pulled the pussy to his lips again. Until Angie sat straight up, groaned, 'Oooohh, fuuucckk." And collapsed forward, over Clark's face. After a moment, he pushed her off, straining for air.

Looking over at Debby, "Wow. That was quite an experience. Is she alright?"

"She'll be fine. She's just had her best orgasm yet. The more she has, the better it gets."

"Why are you here? I know what the note said, but there must be more?"

"In our spare moments, I've been thinking about that. I'm your teacher because I know so much about sex. I have fucked more men, and women, than you could imagine. And I have nothing to show for it. No lasting friends, lovers, obviously no husband. My life is getting empty. The one person who would really notice, and care, would be my mother. But I don't see how she could have set this up."

"Well, what shall we do with Angie here?"

"Fuck her."


"Literally, we are going to fuck her. Every hole, every way. By the time the sun rises tomorrow, you'll both have an appreciation of sex."

"And you? What will you get?"

"God only knows. I'm not sure I can go back to what I was. It was too...empty."

"Come lay with me, we can rest together."

Everyone slept. Several hours later, hunger woke them. They took turns running out to the single-holer next to the cabin. Sandwiches seemed to be their choice for a meal, coffee to wash them down. Clark got the fireplace going, warming the cabin. They threw the comforter to the floor in front of the fire. Cuddling together, they talked about themselves, revealing not only to their partners, but to themselves aspects they never realized.

Angie began crying, turning into Clark's arms. She had felt the emptiness of the years, not just behind her, but the decades ahead. Sobs wracked her body; all Clark knew to do was rub her shoulders, and mumble, "There, there."

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