tagLoving WivesAn Elaborate Sting

An Elaborate Sting


Rod Butler, Walt Coors, and I, Bart Upton are black police officers for the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department. Been close friends since we attended the police academy together fifteen years ago. Recently became business partners. We purchased the "Lazy River" motel and lounge just across the Mississippi River in West Memphis, Arkansas. Our place is across from the Interstate 40, exit 27, which is the first exit in Arkansas.

Many of our patrons are adulterous couples who reside in Memphis, Tennessee, and come to our place to avoid their friends or mates.

A few months ago we took advantage of the situation to our advantage. It went like this:

Rod had just parked his car in our lot when a really hot gal, alone, drove up and parked her Cadillac away from the other cars in the lot. Rod stayed in his car and watched. Soon, a gray Chevrolet, with a single guy in it, pulled up and parked right next to her. The guy got out, went to her car and got in the passenger's side. They talked a few minutes. Then, they both got out, walked to the lounge and entered.

Rod followed them in. After two drinks each, and four dances, they went through the door to the Motel. Checking with the clerk, Rod determined that they were assigned room 438.

Rod went back out. He phoned me with his cell phone, with the request to run two plate numbers for him. I was on cruiser duty. I provided the numbers to the dispatcher, who informed me that the Cadillac was registered to Donald Summerfield, age fifty, and Helen Summerfield, age thirty-seven. The Chevrolet was registered to the Acme Equipment Company based in Knoxville, 387 miles across the state.

I suggested to Rod, "Need some tape, man."

Rod hurried to our offices, and went into the inner office. Flipping some switches, on to the TV screen came the infrared pictures of Helen and her boyfriend. Helen was on her back, legs wide open while her boy-toy was eating her pussy. Rod zoomed in to get a full screen shot of her face as she frowned, tossed her head from side to side, and then opened her mouth panting. Great fucking shot, he said to himself, laughing. Boy-toy crawled onto her, slid his cock in, and fucked her. His ass was pumping. Her legs, sprayed to the sides, swayed back and forth. You could even see the flesh of her ass and legs ripple from each impact.

After the second fuck, they dressed, and checked out of the motel, each leaving in their own cars.

The next day, I ran a credit check on the Summerfields. He was employed as a Vice President for a local bank. They lived in a $700,000.00 estate. Boy, was Helen a spender. Every credit card was maxed out.

"Look, I think we can do business here. Her old man has no idea what she is up to. I'll bet that he pisses and moans about her spending them dry. She is his second wife. Trophy wife, if you will. I'll approach him with an offer to help him teach her a lesson, and at the same time get even with her. If he takes the bait, we will get to know Helen very well," I told the guys.

"Make the phone contact," Walt instructed.

"May I speak to Mr. Donald Summerfield? Yes, Mr. Summerfield, are you alone? Sir, I have knowledge of some of your wife's activities that you might be interested in."

(Summerfield asks who I am and what kind of activities.)

"My name is not important. Mr. Summerfield, if you found out that Helen was out of control, and was doing something that would harm your reputation if widely known, would you want to teach her a lesson, as well as getting some revenge too."

(Summerfield quietly says. "Do you know a restaurant by the name of "High Hat?") "Yes. But I would rather meet you at "Toby's Den."

(Twenty minutes.)

"I'll be there. Got a tan sports coat on."

Turning to Rod and Walt, "Took the bait."

Donald Summerfield walled in wearing a black pin stripped suit. As I turned, he extended his hand to shake mine. He nodded his head towards a booth. As we turned to go, he said the bartender, "A Manhattan, stiff."

Summerfield looked at me for several seconds, measuring me, wondering if in his judgment he should trust me with his confidences.

"You a Private Eye?" He asked.

"No, Memphis P. D. But I'm not here officially, and Helen is not a subject of any criminal investigation that I'm aware of."

"Figured that you were a professional of some sort. What the hell has she done now? That self centered bitch."

"Lets just say to start that when I tell you, you are going to get really pissed off. So, before I tell you, let me tell you that there are ways to put a saddle on your filly, and train her so that you can ride her just the way that you want; completely under control, and at the same time get some sweet revenge."

Summerfield sat back, took a sip from his Manhattan, as a smile begin to play on the corner of his mouth. "Jesus, she has spent over fifteen thousand dollars on clothes alone this year. She took a cruise with her sister, or that is what she said, and I caught her in my home fucking the pool cleaning guy. I can't afford to divorce her. The first wife took half of what I had. I don't know what you have in mind, but I am all for it, what ever it is."

I have landed a fish, I thought, as I sat back, taking a sip of my Martini. "Can I call you Don?"


"Well Don, last night, she met a young guy, a Boy-toy, across the river at the "Lazy River" motel. She fucked him for two hours and sixteen minutes.

"She said that she was out with her sister. Are you sure?"

"Got pictures of the whole thing."

Summerfield's face went white with anger. "Your plan, Sir?"

"You tell her that you are taking her out for dinner, and then dancing this Saturday night. Take interstate 40 across the river, getting off at exit 27. Have dinner at the "Olive Garden" and then being her to the "Lazy River" lounge. My two friends and I will be there. When the time is right I will invite you both to join me in the owner's quarter."

"Helen will go out to eat, and dance, but I am not so sure she will want to go to your place."

"Leave that up to me. You just tag alone. Enjoy the show."

"What do you mean by show?"

"Lets just say that your Helen will do things that you have only dreamed of, and from then on will give you what you deserve."

Standing, Summerfield said, "See you Saturday night."

I was sitting at a booth with Walt and Rod when the Butterfield's walked in a few minutes after nine. I got up, went to the bar. To Dan the bartender, I said, "Dan take a thirty minute break."

Coming from the Summerfield's table, the waitress ordered, "Margarita and a Manhattan."

Singing to myself, "There will be some fucking tonight!" I fixed them, but with a little change in ingredients. To each, I added a dose of Ecstasy.

The waitress took the drinks over to the Summerfield's table. Don caught my eye, nodding ever so slightly when Helen looked away.

Forty minutes later, Don had a shitty grim on his face. His tie was loosened, which I am sure he usually never does. I walked over to their table. "May I ask the Lady to dance," I said to Don.

"Sure thing."

I turned to Helen. "Lets go dance?"

Helen had a confused look on her face. He stuffy husband had just given permission to a black man to dance with her. She stared at me. Her eyes blinked. Before her mind could digest any more thoughts, I said. "You are a beautiful woman, join me." With that, I took her hand, and lifted her to her feet.

I took her to the middle of the throng of dancing couples, where there was little room to dance. We took small steps. I held her close, as my hands went to work rubbing her body. First the top of her ass, then lower to her ass itself. My leg ran between hers more forcefully each time I turned her. "You have a really hot body." I said.

When she looked up to say something, I saw that her mouth was open and small beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. Her breasts are the size of cantaloupes. As she said, "I," I kissed her, while my hand took a fistful of her left breast. Her mouth opened as she sucked in air. I ran my tongue into her mouth while my right hand dropped to her pussy. Through her dress, I rubbed my hand on her cunt. Her eyes closed. It was time!

As I walked her to her table, I caught Walt's and Rod's eye. I pointed my finger towards the owner's residence. They got up and headed in that direction. I spoke in a shit faced Don's ear. "C'mon, we are going to put on a show for you."

"I'm a coming, " he gleefully said as he staggered to his feet to follow his lovely wife and I.

In one bedroom, we had installed a matt on a bench. If a woman lays on her back, her head hangs over one end, while a third of her ass hangs over the other. There is one overstuffed chair. I helped Don into the chair.

"Don, take your clothes off." He did. "Don you sit right here," I said as I helped him sit down in the chair. He had a great big grin on his face. Hell, in his condition, if I had put him in a closet, he would have still had that shit eating grin on his face.

Swaying, also with a big happy grim, Helen had watched her husband undress. "You going to fuck me, Donnie Baby?" She said, in a mocking manner.

Walt and Rod entered the room. We gathered around Helen. We each had a smile on our face, as we begin to run our hands all over Helen's body so that we over stimulated all her pleasure points.

"Don? Don… Oh, Don…" With that, her eyes closed. Her head rolled back. Her arms went around my neck, as her body sagged against mine. I held her up. Walt took off her dress and bra, while Rod took of her shoes, and pantyhose. The boys took off their clothes.

Rod turned on two video cameras. "Give Don a good look at your cock."

Rod and Walt stood on each side of the chair. They thrust their cocks in front of his face. Don stammered out, "My gosh. I wish I had something like that. They are beautiful."

We now had a movie of Don inspecting two cocks before we put them to good use in his wife. They returned to Helen and I. Rod reached up from behind her, and begin to finger her pussy. Walt was pawing her tits. I put both my hands on the cheeks of her ass. I pawed those babies hard.

Helen's breath was now coming in a pant. Her skin was showing a red hue of passion. I backed her to the bench, lowering her to it on her back. I stepped aside as Walt lifted her legs straight up. Her head hung over the other edge. We were ready to fuck Helen.

Now there are some things that you should know. First, the reason that a whore can take any size cock is because over time she has stretched enough to accept them. Next, any vagina that can stretch to pass a seven pound baby is not going to be perforated by a cock, regardless of it's size. We know that most women will experience some pain when we first bury our cocks in her. To keep them from knowing just how much cock we are about to jam in them, we distract them, and then hold them down as one of us repeatedly buries his cock, all ten to twelve inches of it in the woman's cunt or ass. In many cases, it is twice as long as her husband, or her lover. Such was the case with Helen.

Rod put his cock to her lips. Her eyes focused on it. Her eyes widened, as her mouth opened. He put the end in her mouth. He held both sides of her head, as he made little thrusts with his ass He smiled at Walt as he said, "Do her."

Walt eased the head of his thick cock between her cunt lips. The knob of his cock settled into the entrance to her pussy. I went over to the chair. From behind, I pushed it over to where Don was only four feet behind Walt. He could see all of Walt's shaft as well as Helen's shaven pussy lips now spread wide by a black cock. "Watch this, Don Baby, you are really getting even with her now, Big Guy."

Walt thrust forward. Helen stiffened. She tried to get the cock out of her mouth so she could look at the invader. The very thick invader. Rod held her head, while I put a hand on her chest. Walt thrust again. Six inches were in. She was full. Walt smiled as he looked first from me to Rod, and then over his shoulder at Don, who now was stroking his meat. We nodded at each other. Walt put his hands on her legs just above her hip joints for leverage and thrust again, hard.

Helen stiffened, as she groaned, "Oohhhaaahhhhaaaa."

Rod thrust his cock deep into her mouth, which made her choke. As he pulled back, her thoughts were about breathing, so Walt was able to make several more deep thrusts into her.

Rod was thrusting into her mouth while yanking and tugging at one tit. I was using both hands to yank and pull on the other. If it was not for the ecstasy, she would have stayed very uncomfortable. As it was, as hard as it is to believe, she was thrusting her hips, panting, and was holding Rod's cock with both hands, feeling it.

Don's eyes were as big as saucers. His hand was running up and down his cock, but because of the ecstasy and booze, he had not cum yet. Both Walt and Rod blew their loads in her.

"Roll her over." I said the them. To Don, I said "Showtime, Big Guy." As I pulled him to his feet. After putting "Easy Glide" on her ass bud, and spreading it into her ass with my finger, I told Don, "fuck her in the ass." Rod held her arms off one end of the table. Her feet were on the floor, and her ass was there to be had.

Don got a smug look on his face. "I've always wanted to fuck her in the ass. She never would let me before."

With a smile on my face, while nodding my head up and down, I said, "She will let you tonight, and any time you want it from now on, Big Guy. Your in charge."

As he spread her ass cheeks, Helen looked over her shoulder. Her mouth was open, and again she had a confused look. Don took her with one push. He put his hands on her hips and bent over at the waist to pump his cock into her ass as fast and hard as he could.

For our part, the three of us stood behind Don, as the video cameras recorded a bank vice president fucking his wife in the ass, with three large black men in the background, stroking our cocks. Would make a hell of a portrait.

I'm not sure she could feel him all that much, but I figured it would loosen her butt hole up enough for me to get by her virgin opening.

When he finally cum and pulled out of her, she relaxed. "Hold her tight." I pushed the end of my cock in a four inches. Her ass clamped down hard trying to stop the invader. Any man knows that once his cock is part way in that there is nothing a woman can do to stop him from putting everything he has in her. As cocks go, I've got the works. It is two and half inches thick, and exactly twelve inches long. I have trained my self to not come for at least twenty-five minutes of hard fucking.

When I had six inches in, I motioned for Rod to bring Don over to watch. "This is for you, Don Baby, You are really getting her tonight." With that I put it all in her. Helen squirmed, raised both feet off the floor, bending her legs at the knees so that her feet were sticking straight up. She arched her back. As the sweat broke out on my body, I pumped as long and as deep as I could. Turning to Rod. "Rod, reach between my legs and twist and pull her clit, while you run a dong in and out of her pussy. The result was what I expected. With the ecstasy in her, she exploded into one orgasm after another. Her body was soaked in sweat. As I could feel my balls tightening, I panted, "Roll her over. "

With my cock part way in her, I reached for her shoulders. Pulling on them for purchase, and to prevent her from slipping away from me, I slammed my ass forward to bury all, yes, every last bit of my cock to the hilt in her pussy. Cum shot out of the end. It was a good start.

As I rolled off, Rod, and Walt helped Don on Helen. His white ass was bobbing up and down fucking her as best he could. When he cum, it was Rod's turn to fuck her. "Want her ass, or pussy?"


We all laughed when I said, "Coming right up."

It was my turn to play with her clit, and run the dong in and out of her pussy. Helen had another round of orgasms. By the time Rod cum in her, she was so spent, that she did not move, just lay there with her eyes closed.

With a warm, wet towel, I washed her down. Then we carried her into the master bed room.

She lay on her back, legs apart, cunt agape, arm above her head, and eyes closed. I brought Don in. We stood looking at her. "Well, what do you think so far? Are you enjoying having your way with Helen?"

I could tell that two questions at the same time had his brain on overload. He did not answer either. Instead he told me like I had not been there, in a slurred voice, while thrusting out his manly chest, "I fucked her. That woman right there. I fucked her in the ass."

"You're a hell of a man, Don Baby."

Ecstasy wears off in four to five hours. We gave Don and Helen another dose. Long before that wore off, we had all shot all the cum we could.

We washed both the Summerfields in a shower. Put some clothes on them and took them home. In their bedroom, we took their clothes of, put them in bed, covered them up, turned off the lights, locked the doors, and left.

Walt said to me, "I would love to be a fly on the wall, so that I could listen to what they say to each other when they wake up."

"Fuckin ay," Rod chimed in. Each of them will remember bits and pieces of the night. Neither will remember where it happened. She will have a sore ass and pussy. Know for damn sure that she received a royal fucking."

"She will look at him. She will figure out that he was as gunned as she was and was there, wherever there was, and that he knows whoever fucked her, whoever they are. And, somewhere in all the memories, she will remember that there were black men. Wonder if she has ever had a black man before?" I added. "We will let them simmer for three weeks, and then meet with them when we can be with each one alone. After she sees our tape, sees the still shots, and understands our knowledge of how to connect with all the important people in her life, she will present herself for our use whenever we want her."

Three weeks later, I rang their door bell. Don was at work. The Cadillac was in the drive. Helen answered the door. There was no recognition in her eyes when she saw me.

"Yes", she said.

"Hello, there is a video tape in this envelope, some still pictures, along with information and instructions for you. It is important that you view the tape right away. See you." I turned and left.

Among other things in the envelope was the e-mail address of the individual board of directors for her husband's bank, as well as the e-mail address for most of the people who belonged to the Memphis Country Club that the Summerfields belonged to. Now a divorce would not threaten Helen since she would get half of what Don had. But if Don Baby lost his job, their whole house of cards would come tumbling down.

As you recall, Don had said that Helen and her sister conspired to give Helen an alibi for her adulterous liaisons.

The next day I met with Don at "Toby's Den." I showed him still pictures of him when he was fucking Helen, both in the ass and in the cunt. "You really had a night with her," I said.

"I only remember part of it. I know that I had a good time. She has been a lot tamer, and I get sex when I ask for it."

"Told you that you would."

"Odd, last night she said that she wanted to go to the same place you had me take her, the "Lazy River" lounge. What was really odd was she said that she wanted to bring her sister, Rita Bosworth."

"Don, you mentioned that your sister-in-law made up stories, lies, so that Helen had alibis. How would you like to train her so that she will fuck you whenever you want to fuck her? Get some revenge too?"

"I'd give an arm and a leg to fuck her."

"You bring your wife and her sister to the "Lazy River" Saturday night, and I'll take care of the rest.

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