tagToys & MasturbationAn Enchanting Dream

An Enchanting Dream


I dreamed of the first time that we would meet. The things I would say to you as you approached me for the first time. How I'd feel the moment you wrapped your arms around me and held on to me so tightly that I could barely breathe. The electric shock I would feel at the first caress of your lips on mine as we kissed tenderly, hungrily. Oh how I longed for you at that moment when the earth stood still and we were the only people in the universe. Tangled in an erotic web of sleep, sensuality and desire you came to me and stole my most secret thoughts and made them your own.

Every day spent with you seems like only seconds in an eternity without you. My mind, my body, my heart never get enough of you. I ache for you in a way that's indescribable anguish. I crave you, the taste of your flesh on my tongue filling my senses with the most tantalizing texture and aroma. In my dreams you taste salty and sweet all at once. The male essence of you, the sweet tang that is uniquely you invade me and consume me with a need and an unyielding desire that can't be imagined. My hands tingle with the need to feel your body as the aroma of you wafts towards me. To touch every inch of you, feel you warm and willing under my hands would be heaven in it's self. To hear you moan and pant with desire would be music to my ears. Feeling your hands on me, your arms around me would be a dream come true.

You made love to me so many times. Weaving a tangled web of passion and desire. Mixing emotions with exquisite visions in my head as your words drifted to me. I touched myself, thinking of you, my body reacting to every part of you. Hands sliding over my body to touch the secret places I wanted you to touch me. My fingers dancing over my body, making me moan out your name and yearn for you even more. Begging, pleading with you in my mind, in my heart. Touch me, love me. I need to feel you on me, in me so badly. I'm consumed with a desperation like no other before. I need release. I need you to be a part of it. My hands slide lower and the heat in my body builds. I imagine it's you slipping inside me instead of my fingers. I imagine it's you that I'm holding inside me, caressing, my walls clinging to.

I move within myself and with every stroke, I feel you moving in me. You throb and pulse inside me, getting harder and harder. My fingers are flying, dancing over my most intimate treasure as I seek you. My body is alive with electric current. I can surely feel your hands running over me. I feel the tips of your fingers as they brush against my nipples. I gasp and arch my body into you. I'm liquid with desire. My pussy dripping, flooding, dewey and pink and moist with need for you. I cry out, my body shaking, my muscles contracting. I scream. Oh how I scream for you, long, loud screams that I wish so desperately you could hear.

My body trembles with want. I want to feel your sweet, succulent cum jetting inside me. Bathing me, warming me with all that you have to give. I contract again, crying out even harder at the thought of you filling me up so completely as only you can. I writhe in passion and in pain as want and lust combine to overtake my senses. You lift me higher and higher right to the edge and I go crashing over. Naked, spent, relaxed, but still with a yearning in my heart and body that still aren't satisfied.

My body has a mind of it's own, and without realizing it I bring my fingers to my lips. I slide them inside, wanting so badly to taste the mixture of our cum, but tasting only mine instead. I lick them clean, savoring every drop of my delicious cum, wishing so badly that I could kiss you with the taste of me on my lips. Dreaming of sucking our juices off of your hardness as you lay spent and panting.

The hunger for you doesn't end. It lingers and builds. Mounting in fresh waves it washes over me again and again. I gasp in awe and shock as I cum again, this time without even touching myself. Only you do this to me, you devine, devilish creature.

I curl up to my pillow. A glow of release and sweet sweat covering me. I drift off with the feel of you still inside me. Dreaming of you, wishing and hoping for the day when you're here with me. You, my lover, my dream, my heart.

On and on I dream. Awake or asleep. I dream of you. You're there ingrained in me. My head, my heart, even my body that you've never touched with your hands. They all bare the mark of you. You've branded me. I'm yours. Take me.

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