tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Encounter of Luck

An Encounter of Luck


All she wanted was to have a good time. And upon first seeing the girl, he knew he needed to be with her. She sat quietly under a tree, meditating. It was a bad habit, but every day she let her mind wander for half an hour. Today she was having an interesting visualization. After spending the past two weeks away from home in a structured environment, her sexual satisfaction had been limited. As she relaxed in the park, the cool wind lightly caressed her skin through the thin, black, cotton fabric of her camisole. It brought relief from the heat and humidity that plagued the area. She leaned back against the bark, sighing at the lovely feeling. Her nipples grew hard from the relaxing situation and the touch of the wind. This brought her to daydream of what she would do at this horrible institution, if only the counselors didn't have so many rules and regulations.

She imagined a tall man with deep eyes. Without a word he would approach her and hold her hands out in front of her. He would kiss her forcefully and deliciously, invading her mouth with his hot tongue. As she imagined the scenario, her nipples poked more distinctly through her shirt, and she felt heat and liquid begin to leak from her pussy. Her breathing became louder, and her chest began to heave. She licked her lips, and lightly rubbed her sensitive back against the rough bark of the tree.

As she sat there with her eyes closed, very much aroused, she did not notice the man standing a few yards from her. He had been walking to work, and was distracted by the pale teenager with dark hair, who seemed to be in a very horny mood. He stood quietly as she lifted off her black shirt, revealing a thin blue bra and the outlines of her nipples. She rubbed her tits gently with one hand, and then squeezed them. She rolled her head back, needing to cum. She pictured the man forcing his hand between her denim-covered thighs. It only made her desire increase.

The man walked closer, and she opened her eyes. She looked at him and gasped, trying to cover herself up. He knelt down in front of her, and held her face in his hands. She understood and she sat obediently. He moved his hands down her neck and upper chest, then brushed his strong fingers against her breasts. She felt her face burn, needing something, needing him. The man pulled the girl up suddenly by her hair, onto her knees. She faced him and he moved his hands along her skin to the waist of her shorts. He slid his hand slowly inside, smiling at the soft, hairless flesh. The trivial thong was pushed aside, and he held his position for a moment. The girl was panting, trying to thrust her hand against him. He frowned at her, and yanked her shorts and underwear down, pulling them over her shoeless feet.

He stood up and removed his shirt. She watched with her eyes wide, waiting. He motioned to her, and she clumsily tore off her bra. The girl couldn't help but stare at the huge bulge in his pants. He undid his button and zipper, and pulled his clothing down to the top of his sneakers. His large, swollen cock stuck out in front of him. A drop of precum glistened at the tip. The girl's mouth watered. She wanted him more than anything. The man wrapped his hand around the girl's throat suddenly, and dragged her forward, still remaining under the cover of the tree. He pushed on the small of her back, and she fell to her hands and knees.

As she stayed there, her hair falling around her face, he gently scratched down her back, shoulders, and ass cheeks. Light pink lines trailed from his fingernails, and her pussy was pouting and dripping. Her tits hung down from her taught body, nipples swollen and dark pink.

The man suddenly spanked her. His hand landed on her left ass cheek, and she moaned loudly. His breathing was harder, and she felt his hard cock resting directly below her pussy. The girl pushed her body against his, desperate for more contact.

His hands caressed her bright red ass, now decorated with his handprint. Then she felt his hand lift, only to come down full force precisely between her ass cheeks, his middle finger blazing her rosebud. She yelled out, her voice ringing with pleasure. He grunted, and she felt his cock throbbing against her labia.

He held his cock with one hand, and rubbed it hard against her lips, pressing it firmly into her hard clit. She was panting, writhing, and he intended to make her his own. He stroked his cock down her leaking slit, and held it for a moment on her opening. She groaned. She had never had sex with a man before. His thickness was more than her dildo, but she wanted this.

He quickly penetrated her. Her virgin scream was beautiful to him, and she arched her back at the feeling of being so perfectly filled. It was sore, it was amazing. He thrust deep into her vagina, holding his place against her cervix. The muscles inside her gripped his cock, creating spontaneous stimulation. She gently moved her ass towards him when her extremely tight pussy had gotten used to the size. He rubbed her back with one hand, and caressed her tits with the other, bending over her. She felt him nuzzle her neck, and she focused on relaxing her pussy, letting him claim her.

He began to thrust his penis in and out. They panted and moaned. Her body quickly reacted to the increased stimulus. Thick juices coated the two of them, and her screams became more urgent. Her nipples became painfully hard, and he pinched them lovingly. He pressed himself quickly all the way to the hilt, and she came.

Her pussy contracted harder than ever before, squeezing him with all her energy. She screamed, and her entire body shook. She fell forward, before pressing back harder, his cock throbbing all the way into her inner flesh, her muscles tightening and relaxing. Waves of her orgasm rolled through her, and he held his cock steadily inside her pussy, letting it be drenched and kneaded.

As she collapsed into the grass and dirt, he drove his dick madly into her, pounding. His moaning grew deeper, and he reached climax with a loud yelp. He grabbed her waist, and drove his cock through her spent muscles. Streams of burning cum spurted from him into her womb.

He quickly removed himself from her pussy, wanting all of her. He penetrated her ass suddenly, using all his effort to push through her tight hole. She moaned, helpless. The pain was so strong, but she wanted him inside her more than that. He bent down and bit her neck gently, as he thrust his cock all the way into her ass again and again, pouring his seed. He ran his hands along her sides, lightly touching her breasts, before hugging her as the last of his cum dribbled into her body.

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