tagNonHumanAn Encounter with the Li'kal

An Encounter with the Li'kal


"Rover 6-5 leaving bay." Carter said as he drove the rover out into the alien jungle.

"Be careful out there 6-5, we have reports of Li'kal in the area." The voice came in on his headset.

"Roger, I'm armed. Out." He said as he ended the conversation, looking at his rifle.

Carter was a hydroponics mechanic on Centurion 4. The compound he was station in was a smaller one with about 10 colonists. They consisted of himself, two doctors, 3 researchers and 4 soldiers. He had to occasionally leave the compound to check the reserve hydroponics lab, which was about a mile away.

"I still don't understand why the RESERVE lab is farther away than the primary." He muttered to himself.

"In the event of attack, the reserve lab can double as a fortified bunker." The voice chimed in.

Carter didn't say anything. He was agitated that he had to go out in the jungle. Something about the place felt wrong. Even though his mask protected him from the oxygen-rich atmosphere, he felt the need to shower every time he went out there. Thankfully, his rover made the journey without any problems. Carter sighed as the lab came into view.

Once Carter reached the lab, he checked the generators and tanks. Everything checked out and functioned perfectly. He couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched though. As he walked back towards the rover the radio crackled to life.

"6-5! You got Li'kal headed your way! Retreat to the lab and seal yourself in!" The voice commanded.

Carter grabbed his rifle and started sprinting back to the lab. Li'kal were powerful, four armed aliens. They possessed two heads. While they were very primitive, their strength and toughness far surpassed a human's. They played hell on their machinery, destroying it often. While he had never fought one, he had heard stories of their savagery and he knew that it rarely if ever ended well for colonists

As Carter sprinted to the door, he could hear a feminine war cry come from behind him. He ran with everything he had, his legs pumping as fast as they could. They weren't fast enough though as Carter felt one of their massive hands grab his wrist and pulled him to the ground. He looked up to see an 8 foot-tall female Li'Kal wielding an enormous club, her dark blue bosom was uncovered. He tried to raise the rifle with his free hand but the alien effortlessly knocked it out of his hand with one of her four appendages. Carter recovered and tried to punch while also trying to kick her in the stomach. She looked humanoid so Carter hoped they were susceptible to similar attacks. She caught his fist but the kick caught the alien off guard, dropping Carter to the ground.

He was only a few feet from the door, he could make it! He got inside and pressed the defense protocol button, which triggered the plasteel door to close. When the door was a almost sealed, he saw four hands appear underneath and they pushed the door back up. The great Amazonian alien stood before him as the door then sealed behind the two of them. One of her heads looked around while the other kept her eyes on him. After observing their surroundings, she approached him.

"No, stay back!" Carter said as he raised his fists, prepared to fight for his life.

To his surprise the alien stopped. She removed her fur-covered loincloth. Revealing a cluster of small tendrils. Carter looked at it with confusion. She pointed at him and then the cluster. Carter lowered his guard for a brief moment out of confusion but that was all the Li'Kal needed. She lunged at him, pinning him to the floor with two powerful hands while the other two tore the mask from his face and the clothes from his body.

"Wha-what the?!" Carter tried to speak.

Then one of the heads leaned in a forced her tongue into his mouth, silencing him. Her tongue was so long! It slid past his own tongue and into his throat. Carter writhed as the creature violated his mouth. Then the last of his clothing was torn from his body. However, Carter couldn't focus as the second head then forced its tongue into his mouth as well. He could barely breathe. He felt her powerful hands hold his own and pin them to the ground above his head.

The colonist felt the tendrils between her legs slowly slide down his member, stimulating it. Carter fought against his body and tried to wriggle out from under her but her other two arms gripped his hips firmly, preventing any more futile flailing. Carter's breathing grew heavier as the tendrils snaked around his rapidly hardening manhood. They were slimy and slid easily over him. It didn't take long before he was rock hard. The alien noticed and her tongues pulled out of his mouth. Carter gasped for air and he looked down to see the tendrils part, revealing a dripping orifice within the nest of tentacles. With a lewd noise she dropped her hips on his, his cock forced inside his captor. Carter moaned as her wet walls engulfed him, constricting around his member.

The tendrils slid around his root as she started violently pumping her hips. Carter could see her thick, muscular thighs lift her 8-foot-tall body up and down, jiggling slightly from the motions. Now, as he was being violated by this creature, did he really look at her. Both of her heads lacked hair of any kind, instead they had a smooth, tentacle-like appendage that extended out from the back of her head. The tentacle on her head reached her navel. Her breasts were massive! They looked to be about D cups and they bounced so seductively on her. Her dark blue skin looked almost purple in the light. He could hear her panting grow louder, overcoming his thoughts and he looked at her face. Glowing green eyes stared back down at him lustfully. Although her face showed domination and power above all else, her smiling mouth had drool slowly dribbling out of the corner of her lips.

The tentacles on her head began to writhe on her own body, coiling around her bouncing tits. She started to moan and sped up her voracious pumping. Carter felt the weight of her body slam down on his hips. Carter started to moan as his body was violated. Then she roared in ecstasy with one final slam on her captive. The tendrils between her legs wrapped tightly around Carter's root, forcing him to ejaculate inside the alien. He groaned loudly as he released the jet of cum unexpectedly into her cavity.

The Li'kal tipped her heads back as she remained motionless in her straddled position. Carter assumed she was basking the glow of her orgasm. He struggled to think as well but the tendrils quickly resumed sliding around his body while others caressed his testes. Carter then felt her hands release his and he was left silently begging for their return. She then moved her hips up his chest, the tendrils exploring his form on the way up. She worked her way up to his face, her muscular legs pinning his arms at the biceps. She lowered herself, planting the orifice on his mouth. The tendril felt his face and tried to pull it closer. Carter began licking the slit like he would a woman's.

She gazed down at him and moaned. Carter licked up and down, only occasionally slipping his tongue inside for a brief moment before continuing. After a moment Li'kal closed her legs like a bear trap, sandwiching his head between her meaty thighs. Carter licked furiously and let his tongue wiggle around inside of her. He felt a large hand slid through his hair, rubbing his scalp lovingly.

She let out another thunderous howl of pleasure and her hand grabbed his hair tightly. Her whole body doubled over, engulfing his head in her muscular body. Carter slowed his licking but didn't stop. He felt her whole body shiver with every flick of his tongue. Her heavy, rhythmic breathing was all Carter could hear. He found it surprisingly soothing.

The alien released her vice-like grip on his head and rolled on to her back, laying next to him. Carter looked at the alien, she stared into his eyes. Both were still panting from the experience. She wrapped one of her massive arms around his shoulder, the other around his hips and pulled him closer to her body. She dwarfed his form and she wrapped her arms around him both protectively and lovingly. A shapely leg hooked his hip and thigh. Carte leaned in to kiss one face and then the other. This time, her tongues didn't force themselves into his throat but played with his tongue. Carter wrapped his arms around the alien's midsection and hips, trying to pull himself even closer to her. The tentacles on the back of her head slid closer to his face, one wrapped gently around his neck while the other cradled his head.

Carter looked at the tentacle wrapped around his neck and between passionate kisses he took the tentacle into his mouth, playing with the tip with his tongue. While Carter knew nothing about their anatomy, something just felt right about sucking on her tip. The moment he took the first lick, she gripped him and squeezed. Her every muscle tensed up as she let out a soft cry. Carter looked into her eyes in shock to see her face blushing deeply and she was heavily breathing once again. He licked the tentacle again and her cries turned to moans as the other tentacle slid out from his head and waited expectantly in front of his mouth.

Carter took the other tentacle in his mouth, sucking and licking both. The Amazonian alien now could do nothing but hold him, clinging to his smaller body and brace herself for the overwhelming stimulation. She closed her eyes and her mouths hung agape as she fell into new depths of pleasure she had never known before.

Carter noticed the tendrils between her legs had become coated in a viscous fluid and wriggled around his member. The Li'kal got on her knees, pulling Carter to the same position in front of her. She pressed her large breasts against his back. One hand wrapped under his arm and held his chest. Another hand went over his shoulder and held his stomach. He kept sucking on the tentacles as she reached an arm around his hips and began stroking his cock. Carter felt the two heads licking the sides of his face seductively. His member was still sensitive and her rapid stroking made him moan through her tentacles. As he felt his second orgasm building quickly he licked faster and faster.

The Li'kal in turn jerked faster until he exploded, sending his seed flying into the air as he gave the alien another mind-blowing orgasm. She clutched him firmly and he wrapped an arm around one of her heads and one around her muscular ass to keep from collapsing after his own powerful climax. As the two embraced, the steel barrier door was pulled open. Carter looked hazily at the group of other Li'kals.

The group looked at the two and some chuckled approvingly. Then all of them roared in approval. His lover then slid her tentacles out of his mouth and picked him up with her four, massive arms. She carried him out of the lab and towards the jungle. The Li'kal looked down at Carter affectionately as she held him in her arms, Carter looked up at the alien and kissed her breast gently as he was taken into the jungle to his new life...

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This was insanely hot. Keep it up.

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That story was so beautifully romantic and hot, it deserves a 10/10!!! Please create sequels!...

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This needs to be continues

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1 more

make a part 2 or you can makee this as an intro to a series of an alien that crashed into earth and Man found her helped get back to space ect or where she was in a lab and tested on he got trapped withmore...

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Please continue this story.

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