An English House Party Ch. 04


Alex's eyes followed Emma out the room. She was proving to be his favorite person. He waited a reasonable amount of time and then excused himself.

He took a different route to the grounds, finding her in a walled garden almost hidden away by crawling ivy and thick hedges. The instant he was near, he brought her up against him hard, capturing her mouth with his. The book she carried fell to the ground.

He pulled her further into the garden and up against the wall. Almost frantically, he worked the buttons on her dress, eager to expose her skin. His mouth left hot kisses all over her face, her neck, nibbling on her shoulder as he pushed the neckline down enough to expose her full, pert breasts. She wordless pulled his head down to kiss her there and moaned when he suckled one hardened nipple.

He was as hard as a rock, ready to spill himself like an untried boy. He freed his own erection and grasped her hand.

"Touch me, cara." He murmured against her lips. "Oh, god." Her warm hand closed around him. At first she moved hesitantly, but her hands eventually gained a rhythm that had him groaning. If she'd asked for the moon, he would have given it to her. She was too good, a connoisseur of the art of lovemaking. Whoever the fellow was to have taught her this, Alex would have to thank him personally. She kissed him fervently, thrusting her tongue against his own, curling her fingers through his thick hair as she worked his cock.

His hands started to lift her skirts, but she shook her head.

"Would you like my mouth on you?" She whispered against his ear. Lost in his desire, he watched her fall to her knees and slowly touched the tip of her tongue to the swollen head of his staff.

"Cara," He groaned, trying to pull her up so he could finish this properly.

"Shh...just enjoy it, Alex."

The sound of his name on her lips was his undoing. He could feel his orgasm build and embarrassingly, he felt his seed shoot into her mouth too soon. He watched her through half-closed eyes as she swallowed his load. She gracefully stood up and nuzzled his neck.

"I'm coming to your room tonight, cara." He said, straightening his breeches. "Leave the door unlocked."

She said nothing and kissed him. Then she bent down to pick her book up and cast an enticing glance over her shoulder before leaving him alone in the garden. Bewitching. It was the only way to describe her. With his hands on his hips, he looked around him, wondering what had happened. One moment they were conversing in the study, the next she had him in her mouth, giving him the best blowjob he'd ever experienced.

Alex shook his head, rubbing the back of his neck, a habit of his whenever he was confused or restless. Now more than ever he was determined to have her as his mistress.


When the party returned from the village, some carrying packages wrapped in brown paper, they all settled for late luncheon. Since the day was warm and not too sunny, it was set out on the terrace where the guests could serve themselves. They dined on cold meats and bread, cheeses, fruit, tarts and fresh pastries. There was a hearty dish of potatoes seasoned with herbs and powder biscuits.

"Geinhart is a charming place, I must say." Nora announced. She was referring to the village they'd just returned from. "The people are so friendly. And Lord Avery seemed to know everyone and proceeded to introduce us to them when they waved a hello."

Her brother Jamie said from the other end, "I dare say we shall look for residence here."

"Your grandfather won't mind?" Asked Miss Reinhart.

"I hardly think so." Nora responded cheerfully.

"If you do decide to look in the area, I offer my services." Jason said. "My secretary could inquire about the estates here."

"Excellent. I shall take you on that offer, my lord." Jamie said with a nod. "And might I also ask for your secretary to make a list of bachelors in the area? It's about time my wayward sister make a match."

Everyone at the table laughed along.

"My brother is determined to get rid of me, though he cannot deny I do well as his hostess when our grandfather is away."

Julian, who was seated next to Penny, touched her under the table while Jason turned to say something to Nora. Penny met Julian's eyes and felt her heart ache. Suddenly she felt torn between two men. She loved Julian, yet her duty was to Jason and after their conversation this morning, she felt she had to make more of an effort to accept him. Jason was and it was only fair she do, too.

"Tonight?" He whispered, his eyes on his plate. She nodded ever so slightly.


Alex waited impatiently for the hour to strike midnight. Dressed in his robe, he slipped out of his room and down the hall toward Emma's. He twisted the knob and frowned when it didn't budge. He tried again.

"Emma." He murmured, scratching softly on her door. Still there was no answer. The little minx, he thought. He quietly returned to his room and fell into bed naked.

Frustrated, he stared down at his cock, hard from desire. Emma was becoming an obsession for him. Suddenly, he wanted the house party to end so he could go straight to establishing a home for her.

He imagined it with incredible detail. He's dress her in the finest gowns, the latest fashion. He'd shower her with diamonds and emeralds, or whatever sort of gem she preferred. He'd set up a limitless allowance. He could well afford it. For her, he seemed to have no control.

Alex felt an odd ache in his heart and he rubbed it absently. But he dismissed the discomfort quickly as his mind wandered to other things. He smiled, wondering what tomorrow had in store for them.

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