tagMind ControlAn Entrancingly Beautiful Wedding

An Entrancingly Beautiful Wedding


Alice stood at the altar, feeling very proud of how she appeared in her dress. To say that she felt beautiful would have been an understatement - everything felt like it was in its ordered place. The sensation of the bridal gloves hugging her arms, the way her hair had been done up, the light tug of the train behind her whenever she moved.

Everything was perfect.

She kept an intent focused on details. It was all she could do to keep herself from completely breaking down into a state of docile submission. A state that would certainly show again once she was back in control, rather just watching everything unfold from the back of her mind like she was doing now.

Oh God, everybody she knew had their eyes on her. Her parents. His parents. Family members from every facet of their lives. What if she did slip up? What if she fell to her knees right in front of her beloved Hypnotist and Master, mouth popped open, her pleading eyes turned up towards him the very instant she snapped out of trance?

She felt another small drop of her own juices roll down her leg and absorb into her stockings. It probably didn't help that Master had slipped not only a bullet vibe, but a plug inside of her before the ceremony began. Granted, he had been merciful enough to have set it to 'low' - she reminded herself of that tidbit of information and reassured herself that no, nobody in the front row could notice the slight tremble of her legs under her dress.

Goddammit, Alice, keep it together.

She held a hold a wide-eyed, smiling expression of sincere joy. Nobody would suspect you were hypnotized, she told herself. This is the sort of expected behavior for young married couples on their wedding day. A nagging thought at the back of her head reminded her that this had been your idea, Alice. A little fantasy of hers that she'd only have one real shot of accomplishing in her life. She had sat down and talked it out with Master in vivid detail well before the big day came - contingency plans, limitations, starting and stopping points. He had insisted - like he usually did - that he have a little leeway, an ounce of wiggle room with the act. Just enough creative liberty to throw her a few surprises. And she trusted him completely. She always did. It was always a fun surprise, and rarely ever anything she couldn't handle.

Now she was reciting her vows. She heard herself talking, she felt her smiling lips move, speaking the words she had been programmed to speak. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey... She felt a little tremble as she got to that part. She'd have to remember to punch his arm later in the night, when nobody was looking. Even if it meant a spanking in return. Especially if it meant spanking for her, the honest part of her mind reminded itself. You love being a little brat.

Factually, it was probably better this way, from a twisted, fucked up perspective. Even years before they had started playing with hypnosis together, she would find herself stuttering and blushing whenever she gazed into his eyes. And he hadn't ever gotten any less handsome in all the time she had known him. Through their friendship, through their relationship, through her hypnotic servitude towards him, through their engagement, and now finally, in marriage. He was wonderful for her, and if anything he had ever said to her was true - and she trusted that it was - she was just as wonderful for him. Looking deeply into his eyes, just over that mischievous, knowing smirk, she kept her visible composure while melting internally.

The moment came. Just keep it together for a little bit longer, she told herself. She felt her lips form the shapes. She felt the air in her lungs breathe the words.

"I do."

Everything but her beloved husband faded away around her. The voice of the minister making the declaration fell to a distant muffled tone. He leaned in, and she returned the gesture.

Their lips touched. And just like that, the hypnotic spell was broken. Just as he had commanded.

She blinked twice, snapping back, gasping for breath through a wide smile. She became acutely aware of the loud applause from the audience to her right. She gazed up at him, her arms draped over his shoulders. His eyes met hers and she felt her legs grow weak again. She squeezed her eyelids shut and leaned in for another kiss. No regrets. None whatsoever. She really meant it, more so than ever before, and she'd be damned if anybody else had anything to say about it.

"I love you so much," she said, leaning back and looking up into his eyes again. He returned the smile.

"I love you too. Every bit of you."

As they turned to face the cameraman, her mind wandered to the upcoming honeymoon. This was only just the beginning of a lifetime together. Already, despite years spent together, he never once failed to disappoint. Things never got boring between them. For all she knew, he might very well start ravaging her the moment they had any lasting privacy whatsoever - even if it meant ruining the beautiful dress she wore.

She knew he was just the right one for her. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

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