tagNonHumanAn Erotic Journey

An Erotic Journey

bySavage Kitten©

Beneath the black star speckled dome of the night sky, two beings share in a fantasy of unmeasured proportions.

She, a seraphic host with flawless soft, creamy skin, pale blue eyes and long golden tresses, a portrait of beauty. Drawn to this God forsaken mortal world on a desperate quest to reunite with her one true love. Gliding unnoticed each evening, glimpsing inside the minds of mortal men, searching for the faintest glimmer of something familiar.

He a lonely man, tall in stature, deep dark eyes that hide the pain of his tortured heart. He sits beneath a large willow tree, sighing deeply as the night air caresses his cheek. As clear as a chiming bell a thought enters his mind.

"Take my hand and join me." She whispers. "Let me show you celestial worlds you never dreamed existed." A gossamer touch upon his cheek, a fleeting kiss of angel's lips, sets his thoughts on places far beyond those of his frail reality. Reaching out, he searches for the hand that will lift him beyond this mortal realm.

Lifting him up, tearing him away from the bounds of earth, the angel embraces him in soft fragrant warmth. Clothing shed, left in a tattered pile, as her wings enfold him and cradles him against her nakedness. Higher into the blackness towards the beckoning points of light, they ascend. Deeper into passion's embrace they fly. Rising faster, the earth quickly disappearing, as the air becomes thinner and much colder. Inside the warmth of their downy protection they hold one another, nuzzling closer, tenderly kissing each other’s flesh.

As their accent comes to a slow halt she unfolds her wings, revealing a place like no other. No longer is there darkness and uncertainty but instead beauty and security. The light is like none produced by a dying star, it beams with the radiance of a life giving force. Walking hand in hand, unaware of their nakedness, he looks at her questioningly.

"No, my love." She says silently. "This is not heaven." Gazing around with awe filled eyes, he is afraid to speak aloud. Realizing that he had yet to speak, but his thoughts had been heard.

"What else have I told you without words?" he mused to himself. Knowing that those thoughts, those desires, refused to be held in check. Instead they struggle to break free of his mind, to flutter to her ears. He needed to have her, to become one wrapped within her. To inhale the aroma of her essence from below her smooth belly, to taste the nectar of an angel's sex. The thoughts flow straight from his mind into hers and are greeted with a knowing smile. "Yes, all of that and more."

Again he wonders, "Where?" For the first time he releases her hand, slowly walking away from her. He gapes opening at the many couples participating in various forms of sexual pleasure.

"The realm of angelic love.” Her words caressed his soul. He turns to see her kneeling on the fluffy softness that surrounds them, her hand out-stretched. Offering more than her touch, offering more than she had ever offered anyone before. "Explore me, discover me, enjoy what I have to give,” Her eyes plead.

His thoughts turn to her creamy breasts, of his lips upon her erect nipples. He finds himself nestled within the comfort of her feathery wings. His face nestled within the soft firmness of her bosom, suckling as a newborn at his mother's breast. Drinking of the essence of her angelic being, filled with a sensuous erotic splendor that sets his heart aflutter.

He imagined her legs wrapped around him, her hands in his hair, guiding him to a place that would surely rival heaven's grandeur. Once more his thoughts transport him to his desire. Nostrils inhale an aroma of pure lust. Tongue reaches and tastes honey from folds of silken sex. A melodic sigh fills the air around them. The angel's body responds to the man's hot velvet tongue dwelling deeper into her grasping love canal. Her pelvis thrashing into his hungry mouth, back arched, firm round nipples erect with burning desire. Plunging deeply into her pit of passion, dancing lightly over her hard button of pleasure, he teases her beyond all that is real.

The sigh transforms into a moan, rising in pitch and volume, creating a melody that mimics her tensing muscles. The crescendo of melodious sounds becomes full-throated screams of her orgasm. He drinks of her free flowing juices, feeling the hot wetness coat his cheeks and drip from his chin, as she rides the sensuous shockwaves that ripple through her angelic body.

Gold droplets of sweat shimmer on her quivering body as she collapses onto her soft wings. Breathing ragged and shallow as she descends from her orgasmic flight, her senses alive and on fire. Her eyes flicker open, as she feels his body glide upwards along her own. His hands tenderly caress her cheek, brushing the tangled ringlets from her face.

Softly she whispers, almost to herself, but at the same time capturing the attention of all those around them. "What breed of mortal have I found that can do this to me, an angel??"

Her blue eyes reflecting the light of the twin suns that bathe this world in surrealistic beauty, her mind drifting off to another time and place. Holding each other close she tells him of a time many worlds ago, when she too was but a mere mortal woman of tender age.

"I was swept out to sea by a horrific storm that brought with it an over-powering surge. Quickly giving into my doom, I was serene to my fate. When next my eyes did open I knew I was in Heaven, for I found myself in the strong arms of an angel. He taught me what love was and what life could be. He brought me here to this mystical place of wonderment. Here we shared and rejoiced in each other for an untold amount of time. The sands of time stand still for no being. Eventually our time together came to an end and my life began once more. The angel returned me to my earthly home with promises of many children and descendents, enjoying a very long and lustful life. Before he left me he promised that we would meet again, and when we did our roles would be reversed."

Her soul cried out to him as she covered his face with angelic kisses, "I am the dreamer and you are my angel."

He looked deep into her heart as tears slide down his cheek. Something inside him had felt at home all along. That this angelic beauty before him was not a mere stranger, but a missing link in his existence. Poised above her body, knowing that all is as it was before and will be yet again. Leaning down he kissed her lips, feeling them part and give access to his tongue. His own needs, deep desires, make them known with a fierce urgency. His body settles onto hers, his hot steal sliding easily between her legs. Plunging in to the hilt, withdrawing, thrusting again and again into her hot enclosing softness.

With each pulsating thrust, each driving plunge, a transformation begins. His dark eyes lighten to a soft hue of brown. His coarse dull hair shows signs of being kissed and tantalized by the sun, becoming lighter and softer to the touch. His sagging, heavily burdened shoulders widen, becoming strong and straight. Yet his rapid transformation will not sway him from what is intended, from what has already begun.

A growing lust, deepening desires, as the two beings become wanton in their search for fulfillment. Long slow thrusts of shaft into velvet depths become flesh pounding upon flesh in heated frenzy. Two beings, in pursuit of the purest pleasure, become one mind. Pushing harder, deeper into the vessel of sensuous sex, rebirth. Sighs and moans, grunts and growls, until the seed of an angelic core is deposited deep into the vaults of the giver become receiver. Waves of pleasure crash upon them, charging their bodies with a new awareness. Revealing an emotion greater than love, more powerful than lust.

The angel spreads his wings in joyous exaltation as the throngs of heavenly hosts raise their voices in triumphant song. Together they rise high above the throng, reunited as soul mates. Destined to share divine pleasure for eternity.

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