An Erotic Vacation


I was in heaven. I had two cocks buried deep inside me pumping in and out of me in unison, driving me towards an all-powerful orgasm. There were hands all over my body, touching me everywhere, sending tingles and shots of lightning through out me. I lost all track of who was where... All I knew was that there were hands, mouths, cocks and they were all there to give me pleasure; to bring me higher and higher.

Scott's hips began to heave with each downward thrust of my mouth, driving him deeper into my throat, pressing my nose against his body. He put his hand on my breast and I pushed onto his shaft in time with Dan's thrusts from behind. I let go of myself and let Dan thrust into my pussy hard. I in turn thrust Scott's massive giant flame-thrower deep into my mouth taking all of it. I could feel my orgasm building with each of their powerful thrusts.

Scott began to grunt as he shot his load of cum into my mouth. He continued to plunge himself into my mouth as he came, down my throat. Feeling his load pushed me over the edge into my own orgasm. I arched my back involuntarily and raised my head. I used my hand to jerk Scott's boner, and his last two shots of cum hit me in the neck and chest, with the rest dribbling down onto my hand. A little cum dribbled out off lips and down my chin as I came.

Dan continued to relentlessly pound me doggy style. I lowered my face onto Scott's muscular thighs as he hammered his cock into me. I let the orgasm wash over my body as I continued to climax with each of Dan's thrusts. I watched Scott watching me having sex with Dan. He put his hand under my breast and let it bounce against his hand. I slowly stroked Scott's slippery cock with my hand and smeared up the cum that had dribbled onto himself onto my tits.

Suddenly Dan pulled out of me. He moved around me alongside Scott out of the pool and took my hand and drew me to him. He used my hand to stroke him.

"Open your mouth," he pleaded and grunted at me.

I complied with his demand, a little too slowly, and his first shot of cum hit me on the lips, splashed over my chin and cheeks. I opened my mouth then and put my tongue out in time to taste his next shots. When he was almost finished he put his cock in my mouth and I sucked the last few drops of cum out of him and licked him clean.

I looked over at Scott who had been watching the whole time as Dan came on my face and in my mouth. He had a look of lust on his face, and looked as horny as I have ever seen any man. I looked down at his cock and he was hard again. He was stroking it slowly as he watched us. I remembered what he said to me about my "Dare" only wanting to dive into the pool from the balcony.

"Oh Wow," I sighed finally. "I can't believe we did that!"

Dan let out a low laugh. "It's your erotic vacation from reality."

"That was simply amazing," I sighed aloud sweat beading on my flushed face. "I have never done anything like this before."

"Julie, you are awesome!" gasped Scott.

"Well, guys, this wasn't planned...none of it. I've never done anything quite like this before either, but hope we can keep this private," I still had not fully comprehended what all happened.

"I have to tell you guys that every woman should experience what I just had," I mused aloud. "Having two gorgeous men at the same time for it was absolutely amazing, especially you two."

Dan jumped back into the pool and swam up to me.

I turned around and gave Dan a quick kiss and told him have a good night. He jumped out of the pool and went off to his bedroom.

I was still very horny and my pussy was still throbbing like mad. I desperately needed to be fucked by Scott's much bigger cock which was three inches longer than Dan's. He reached for my hand and lifted me out of the pool. We gathered robes and put them on. Scott kissed me, picked me up, and carried me effortlessly off to our bed.

On the way to our bedroom, we heard a small around of applause for the villa next door. Most of the guests from other villa were now in a semi-stage of nakedness with several of them groping and fondling one another. Scott stopped walking and paused with me in his arms. With a wicked smile and grin I waved to all them and blew them an erotic kiss good night. Once we reached our bedroom, I realized I had inadvertently left the key on edge of the pool. I needed to use the bathroom so I used the one right next to the pool.

We went back to get the key and I saw a very young attractive couple having sex on the villa next to us. We watched in amazement as they fucked each other on the day bed on the pool deck.

I was surprised how turned on I had become watching them have sex. Scott asked if I wanted to watch.

With my breath caught in my throat for a moment and I nodded in answer, leaning into him as he bent down and tenderly pressed his lips to mine.

Scott's lips were warm and welcoming. Kissing him felt wonderful, secure and comforting. He began to part my lips slowly and his tongue found its way into my mouth. There was no urgency or pressure in his kiss. No demand. But behind it, there was an undeniable fire.

Scott gathered me in his arms without breaking the kiss and I slid my arms up around his shoulders. His hands glided slowly up and down my back. My fingertips danced lightly on the back of his neck. Never in my life had I felt light-headed from a kiss, but my sexy guy did this to me. I had to pull back from his lips or I'd have fainted in his arms from the sheer depth of it.

"Wow," we chorused and took a deep breath, as if mirror images of the other. Then we laughed at our unplanned synchronicity.

"Let's watch them."

"I could kiss you forever," Scott leaned down and whispered in my ear, as he looked into my hazel eyes. That line sounded corny coming on the heels of the song, but it worked for me.

My heart began pounding as this time, he kissed me feverishly. Our mouths opened and closed, our tongues swirled around in passion as we practically devoured each other. I curled my arms beneath his robe and clutched his muscular back with my hands. His hands moved up and down my sides, stopping just at the base of my spine. My pussy was on fire and I wanted him so badly to make love to me.

I stepped in close to him, sliding my arm up around his neck and kissed him again. His hand, opened my robe, reached down to my ass and he gave it a gentle squeeze, while our mouths were locked together.

Right there in the front in the open area of the villa on the pool deck, he removed his hand from my ass and placed it right up my robe. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who liked to show off.

I straightened back up and he moved behind me, running his fingers across my bare skin like little electric currents, pleasurably zapping me at random. His mouth descended on my neck we watched the other couple have sex.

Scott slowly untied and opened my robe placed his hands up and down my sides. On their way back up my torso, he moved them forward and cupped the swells of my breasts with his magic palms. He dragged his hands over my breasts, stopping long enough to circle my half-inch pink nipples. They were hard and erect, like thick eraser tips, throbbing for more than just the touch of his hands.

His hands crept back behind me and his fingers deftly took my robe off. It fell away from me in an instant, landing on the pool deck floor.

Together we watched his methodical exploration of the couple next to us fuck each other.

Reaching for me Scott captured my pert nipples, he captured between his index fingers and thumbs. He lightly gave them a pinch and gentle tug, making me visibly shudder with hunger for him. He moved his hands down over my stomach to my waist. His fingers toyed near my pussy as he moved them across my body, from one side to the other, without slipping them into me. Extending his hand, he slid it right down between my legs and cupped my pussy. Scott groaned softly in my ear when he felt the heat and wetness between my legs. His middle finger pressed down ever so slightly, pushing into the wet swollen lips.

I moaned softly, closing my eyes as he touched my clit. When I opened my eyes again, he removed his hand from between my legs and brought his fingers up to his mouth. He ran his tongue over his fingers, moaning softly as our eyes remained locked in the love making in front of us. This man was pure sexuality and knew how to make my body respond to him.

I turned around in his arms and he turned me back. Wordless he walked around me, caressing my arm with the back of his fingers. He kissed across my chest and down to my breasts. He circled each one with his mouth, close to my aching nipples, but not touching them. He only let me feel the heat of his breath.

It seemed like forever before I felt his moist tongue flicking over my nipples. First one, than the other, he licked then sucked gently in to his mouth. I groaned out loud with heated desire, cradling the back of his head with my hand. When I arched my back and pushed my nipple deeper into his mouth, he withdrew his mouth and began to kiss down my stomach.

I undid his robe I reached for his erect cock. I started to play with it. I slowly stroked it back and forth.

Scott was driving me crazy with the slow tease. He stood back and his erotic fingers brushed over my pussy lips and then parted them as his fingers probed up and down my slit. I was already getting turned on just from kissing him. Having his hand between my legs made it worse. He pulled his mouth away and looked at me, his fingers still playing with me.

"Mmmm, Sexy Julie you have such a hot little pussy," he crooned in that low voice of his. "Tell me, Julie, do you purr?"

I swallowed hard, gently rocking my hips as his fingers toyed with my pussy. "I'm going to growl like a lady tigress at this rate."

Scott backed me up against the day bed in the open air on the pool deck, kissing me while he rolled my clit around with his finger. My juices were flowing hard. He pushed a large finger into my opening, wiggling it around and pumping it in and out.

"I like showing off your pussy. Do you like showing off it too?" Scott whispered heatedly into my ear.

I nodded, speechless and gasping. "Do you want to pleasure it right here on the day bed with my cock right now."

Scott took his robe off completely exposing his super hard rock cock and pressing right near my pussy.

I was grinding into his cock even harder against my pussy, moaning, "Take me Scott, fuck my pussy now," I pleaded with him.

He picked me up and carried me to the day bed. He laid me down on the edge. His hands gently pushed my legs apart, raising them straight. He licked and nibbled from my ankle to my calf, then ran his tongue along my inner thigh. Scott moaned, deep and low, as he tasted the sweet honey that had run down my leg. My back arched and my hips rose up in invitation to him.

Scott needed no further encouragement. He placed his hot mouth against my pussy and drove his tongue into me. He hungrily consumed me, slipping his hands beneath my firm ass to hold me up to his mouth.

My juices were running hard and thick, pooling in the short hair of the well-trimmed strip of blonde pubic hair that covered me. He greedily sucked the cream from my swollen lips. Then he replaced his mouth with his finger, toying with the lips, making them open fully, like a flower as its petals bloomed.

My pussy felt like it was on fire, I was so hot from our public display. It felt so wicked being bared, watched, and having oral sex in the open, and I loved it.

Scott took a break from his tongue lashing and gazed at me with a look of lust in his sinful green eyes. I opened my pussy lips with his fingers, letting his middle finger wiggle my thick, hard clit back and forth slowly. His mouth descended back on my pussy and he thrashed it with his tongue. He licked and sucked with fervor. With an expert touch he slid his fingers back into the tightness of my sex. I was bouncing around in the day bed with my eyes closed, enjoying his expert oral talents. I was sucking my fingers to keep from screaming but my moans were loud enough to attract the attention of anyone who cared to hear.

Some of the guests next door did.

My hands gripped the pillows of the daybed, tugging it, while I shook violently. My passionate cries overtook the sound of the music that was still playing outside. I bucked and twisted as he sucked my clit wildly.

"Oh, Ohhh, Scott!" I had to have release.

"Cum for me, Julie. Cum hard."

He slid a thick finger into my steamy depths, gliding it in and out of my pussy as he sucked. It sent me careening into a powerful orgasm. I curled my fingers tightly in his hair, loudly screaming his name as I came into his mouth.

"Que bella cuando acabas por mi, mi querida," Scott whispered. "I need to feel that pretty tight pussy wrapped around my cock."

Scott was magnificent to look at in his nakedness in the moonlight. His dark tan skin and bedroom mysterious green eyes, sculpted body, and erect cock, made my pussy throb even more for him.

I kissed him hungrily. The taste and scent of my cum on his mouth made me heady with lust. I never wanted anyone as badly as I wanted to be with him. He slid his thick shaft up and down against my boiling sex and I rocked with him, lubricating him with my body's oil.

"I need you. I want to feel you cum in my pussy," I whispered hoarsely.

His green eyes gazed into mine as he plowed into me; eliciting pleasurable gasps from us both while we became one. He buried himself deeply inside me and held himself there without moving. I felt my muscles gripping and releasing his cock rapidly, as if trying to pull him in even further. With my arms and legs wrapped around him, I took control and rolled him over onto his back.

I looked down into his sensuous eyes as I sat up, bracing my hands against his broad chest. I had all of him inside me. I began to rock up and down while twisting my hips at the same time. His cock moved fluidly in and out of my body as I pounded him with wild abandon.

He held my hips and started to pick me up and slam me back down.

"Ay, Julie! Your pussy is so tight," he groaned and bit down on his lip. "Ride my cock, Julie. It's all yours. Fuck me!"

We both began to breathe harder, groaning deeply, moving faster, and stroking the fire even hotter. Scott's hands moved to my breasts and he squeezed and kneaded them, flicking at my nipples with his thumbs. I rose up and down his cock, slamming down with more force each time.

Scott's arms circled me and he flipped me onto my back. He started to plunge into me harder. Short, deep thrusts filled me repeatedly. He placed his thumb on my thick clit and pressed down, rubbing it quickly. I convulsed beneath him.

"Yes, that's it, baby. Such a beautiful hot pussy," he was gasping.

"Oh Julie!"

"I'm gonna cum, Scott. Don't stop. Cum with me." I was so close to having another mind blowing orgasm.

He let my leg drop down and I immediately encircled him with both legs, locking my ankles tightly at his hips. He lowered his mouth down to mine and in the midst of an intensely passionate kiss, we cried out into each other's mouths and came together.

Afterward, we lay in each other's arms, kissing and quietly talking about our wild night. Scott looked into my eyes as he brushed my short blonde hair away from my face.

"I never want to be without you, Julie." He kissed me and ran his fingers along my slit, heating me up all over again. "This is my pussy," he grinned and kissed it.

"I love you, Scott. My pussy is yours forever and this is mine." I kissed and licked his cock.

"I love you, too." He pulled me back on top and turned me to face to him. He slid into me again.

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