tagLoving WivesAn Evening At Home

An Evening At Home


I drove home from work the other day, just like I do every day. I am a consultant and that gives me a great deal of freedom. It also gives my wife a great deal of freedom to plan great outings and very fun vacations. She has a great attitude towards life, work and the pursuit of happiness and that’s just perfect for me. She understands that I love to work hard, and need to play hard.

As I pulled up to our house I noticed that a car with out of state plates was in our driveway. Although it was a bit unusual, there could be a thousand good reasons for the car to be there. Yet my heart started to pound loudly in my ears. I got out of my car and walked slowly past the strange car. I looked inside and took notice of a leather soft-sided briefcase, a set of memos on the front passenger seat and what looked to be a man’s sneakers lying on the floor mat on the passenger side. My heart pounded harder!

I walked up the sidewalk to the mailbox by the front door and opened the box and took out the mail.

“Looks like you have company today” said Jennifer. She is a very successful businesswoman and is married to Jeff who has been doing some consulting with me. I looked at her and smiled. She was wearing a dark gray tailored pinstripe suit that accentuated a very elegant body. Her long blond hair cascaded over her shoulders and brought emphasis not only to her tenderly beautiful face, but also helped to set the upper frame to an ample bosom that fit her frame perfectly. Her smoke gray eyes had the ability to capture you and not let you go for hours (or at least it always seemed that way to me).

“Not sure who it is. I don’t recognize the car nor the plate” I said trying to keep the conversation going. She was such a pleasure to look at, to absorb, to inhale if you were lucky enough to do so. Jeff was such a lucky bastard. He had no clue what he had.

“Well, I’m sure that whoever it is, you’ll find out soon enough.” She gave me a flirtatious wink and turned around in one of those slow motion turns that let you observe a wonderful profile, so watch the soft curve of her shoulders give way to her lower back and then deliciously rounded out and back to her legs. Oh, what a wonderful body she had and how I’d love to tell her exactly how beautifully put together her curves were. I felt that all too familiar twitch between my legs and my heart pounded even harder, as I watched her disappear into her house.

I opened the front door, which we typically leave unlocked during the day, and walked into the house, dropping the mail (mostly bills) onto the end table by the door.

“Oh, yeah that feels so nice, and you look so good there.” Came a strange male voice from upstairs, soft music playing in the background. I stopped by the door, not wanting to make any more noise than I had to. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest. I walked up the first half flight of stairs to the kitchen and noticed that there were two glasses of whine, one with lipstick on it. The lipstick my wife uses.

“That’s it baby, do what you like. Mmmm, that feels so nice – doesn’t it?” asked the male voice. The voice sounded huskier than you’d expect and struggling for control. I looked around the house and saw a man’s suit coat on the living room sofa and a tie lying neatly next to it.

I took my shoes off and walked very quietly up to the next flight of stairs towards our bedroom. I could hear the soft noises that my wife makes when she is very turned on, but I could not tell exactly what she was doing. As I topped the stairs I realized the door to our bedroom was wide open. I could see a very tall handsome man, in his late 30’s standing next to our bed, looking away from me. I could see my wife kneeling in front of him in a white see through teddy, her shoulder length reddish blonde hair pulled up in a very nice pony tail keep the hair from her eyes. Her deep blue eyes look up at him, and her hands cradling what was left of his cock as she took him deep into her mouth and then agonizingly slowly moved back out.

The soft cooing sound came from deep inside her as she took him as deep as she could, grabbing his buttocks and pulling him into her mouth. Her face read with the effort, and the abuse from his pubic hair. She pulled him into her; he reached behind her head and pulled her closer to his crotch allowing her to fully swallow him.

I stood there at the door, stunned by the picture before my eyes. Here was my wife of only 3 years, swallowing the largest cock I had ever seen. She was not gagging; in fact she was so comfortable with it that she kept her face pressed against his pubic hair for what seemed an eternity. She held her breath; she sucked in the sides of her cheeks and never once took her eyes off her lovers face.

Her fingers reached behind him and pulled his cheeks aside as she moved her mouth the full length of his cock till all that she had was the soft foreskin in her lips. “Oh, god that feels so good baby. It’s been so long since I’ve had your mouth on me, mmmm. Yeah that’s it! That’s it! Suck it harder honey, suck it like you used to…” he said, finally noticing me standing at the door.

“Hi…” he said. His face flushed with the heat of his desire for my wife’s mouth. “You must be Tom, Amy’s husband. Right?”

“Hello, and yes I am” I said looking him straight in the eyes.

“Who are you?” I asked

“OH, yeah sweetie you know I love your nails and fingers back there” he said to my wife who as still lost in her manipulations of his cock and now his ass.

“My name is Dev… oooh, yeah…, Devon that is.” As he thrust his hips forward in response to my wife’s sucking and pulling.

“Your wife and I met on the internet a long time ago, and we had a nice little affair while you guys were first getting to know each other.” He said matter-of-factly.

“She called me out of the blue a couple of weeks ago to see if I was going to be in town and I told her I could stop by today.” He said matching my wife’s rhythm that was not certainly very motivated.

“I was a little surprised,” he continued, “when she suggested that I come over late in the afternoon.” He grabbed her ears and started to pull her into him with significant enjoyment and their rhythm picked up speed once again. He was now literally fucking my wife’s mouth right in front of me: carrying on a casual conversation.

I looked at her lovely face, so red from the effort and her eyes full of life. She glanced at me and then locked her eyes on mine. She was drawing me in, sharing with me a moment like no other moment in her life. This was something special for her and I was being drawn into it – headlong! My heart was pounding even louder in my ears, my groin was completely on fire, and my arousal was no longer hidden. Her eyes caressed mine, as she sucked harder, took him deeper, and drove him ever closer to that crescendo that always leads to the ultimate: Orgasm!

“Oh, god! I’m going to cum!” He announced as though expecting my beautiful Amy to stop her machinations. Yet I could tell that her fingers were digging deeper into his ass cheeks, one was certainly playing with that forbidden rear entrance. Oh, how I love to feel her fingers on me that way! How I love feeling her hunger, because it is only at the moments when she is hungriest that she’ll play with a man’s rear entrance.

I watched her pick up speed, but also she lengthened her stroke, making sure she gave him every ounce of sensation she could. By this point I was so horny that I unbuckled my pants and walked behind my wife, dropping my pants as I walked. My raging hard-on was straining to be released from my briefs. I finally was able to drop my briefs on the floor, releasing my cock. I knelt behind my wife who immediately stuck her shapely hips in the air, revealing a most inviting ass.

I took my cock in hand as she slowed her motions on Devon, who understood and allowed himself to calm down just a bit. The fire in his eyes was still there as he looked down at Amy and let her know that he approved of what she had set up. I slid my cock into her lusciously wet cunt till I pushed her into his thrust. “Ohhhh, mmmm” she said.

I felt her muscles tighten around my cock and could tell that she was in pure fire, in pure extacy and that this was her moment. I matched his rhythm and between the two of us, we were giving her a good fucking.

“Baby,” I said softly but with a very hoarse voice, “is this good for you?” I asked as the blood rushed from my brain to keep my cock alive.

“mm hmm” came the muffled sounds from her mouth.

“I think she’s enjoying this cock sandwich.” said Devon, thrusting his hips against my thrust, forcing his cock deep down Amy’s throat.

I could feel her love juices coating the walls of her cunt, giving me freer access to her love canal. She was enjoying the moment and making sure her men would enjoy themselves as well. One of her hands left Devon’s rear cheeks and worked its way between her legs, under my aching balls. She caressed me so softly and so lovingly that I got lost in the lovemaking of the moment.

In just a few moments I felt that familiar fire build deep inside my balls, deep inside my belly, that unmistakable feeling that you are going to cum soon. That an orgasm was on it’s way from belly to my head and down to my toes.

“Devon,” I said, “I’m about ready to cum in her, if you are”

“Ready!” he almost screamed at me from the other end of my wife. “I’ve been forced to wait on you! Perhaps now this wonderful wife of yours, and girlfriend of mine, will allow me the pleasure of releasing my load into her mouth.”

The fire that started in my bell was about to explode into that flash fire that is a man’s orgasm. You know the type of orgasm I’m talking about. The orgasm comes at very special moments, when your mind is on fire from a fantasy, or when your eyes are full of erotic pictures. I was getting ready to have one of those orgasms, and whether Devon was ready or not, my wife’s cunt was about to take my full load.

I looked at Devon’s crotch and then at the mirror by the side of the bed. I looked at my wife giving head to this stranger and loving every single stroke. I watched is eyes roll back into his head, and my wife’s hands grabbing both cheeks to give him stability.

“Oh god, oh god…” he said and I could tell he had reached his orgasm a few seconds ahead of mine. I could feel the interrupted rhythm that accompanies a man’s cum. I could feel her relaxing as she gulped his cum into her mouth, and knew she had achieved her goal of making Devon cum, and of feeling his warm jism in her mouth again.

She started her orgasmic convulsions as she impaled her face into his crotch. At the same time I felt the huge glob of cum start it’s journey from deep in my balls down the shaft of my cock. I could feel that incredibly hot burning that comes as all your muscles contract in perfect synchronization to thrust the cum forward inside your cock, till it reaches the very tip of your cock-head. The very entrance into the woman’s cunt, or the very exit into mid air if you are jacking off.

Devon thrust his hips forward, shoving my wife into my cock. My cock was thrust deep into her, as the first wave of cum exited my cock and coated the walls of her cunt. She let out a deep, satisfied moan that cheered both of us on. I thrust my cockhead deep into her and squirted cum again, and again and again. Once for every time Devon, Amy and I trusted ourselves at each other.

I collapsed to the floor, leaning slightly on the bed and softly stroking my cock, feeling the wetness of Amy’s cum and the wonderful sensation of my cum mixed with hers on my hand.

“Oh, baby! That was so good.” I said to Amy truly enjoying the moment.

“I love you, Tom.” She said as she sat next to me, licking the little droplets of cum off her lips. “You are such a fun husband.” She added.

“Tom, let me tell you, you have a great wife. I have never had a blow job like hers, before nor since. I’m really glad you guys decided to have me be your threesome partner.” Devon said, with his cock in hand and slowly stroking himself.

“Devon,” I said in between breaths and strokes, “she’s told me how you two met, how you two enjoyed sex with each other and we’ve used you in our fantasy life for a while.”

“We decided to surprise each other with open sex partner and that’s when I called you up.” Said Amy. “I’ve always wanted to be in the middle between two hard cocks, but that’s not what a typical wife does, so I always put it out of my mind – well except when I play with myself” As her hands moved between her soaked legs. She leaned against me, put her legs over Devon and stroked her clit seriously.

“Devon, I don’t think you and I are done fucking this little minx, what do you think?” I said with a smile.

“I think,” he said, “ that she’ll outlast us both! But, I will die trying to please her this evening.” And we all laughed, knowing that the party was just starting.

The End

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