An Evening to Remember


"Look at this," he said. Chris knelt down on the hard metal floor and observed the paper more closely. "E4-01 Jacobs, Timothy 21056, E4-02 Kaczmerik, Edward 27831, E4-03 Keating, Leonard 34980. It's a roster from September 21, 1979. The Reformatory closed down only a few weeks later."

"That is so neat," Kim exclaimed. "I sure wish we could take it as a souvenir."

"You know we can't," Chris said. "You know the stories."

"I know," she replied.

Several times, people had taken things from the Reformatory, most notably documents or rosters, and reported strange things occurring to them. Usually, it was an unexplained illness or rash that refused to go away no matter how often it was treated by a doctor. The illness or other strange happenings only went away after the document or other property was returned to its rightful place. Chris and Kim knew better than to tempt fate.

They lingered at the control room for a few minutes before they resumed their climb to the top tier. Once there, they looked down to the floor sixty feet below.

"Wow," Chris exclaimed as he looked from left to right. "This is unbelievable." He could see many flashlights below, but not too many on the tiers below them. He saw no lights at all on the tier they occupied.

"Come on," Kim said as if reading his mind. "Let's look at the cells."

Chris followed her, shining his light in the dark, seemingly empty cells. Each cell had one bunk, some with a moldy, rotted mattress and some without. There was a sink, toilet, and folding table attached to the wall. Most of the toilets and sinks were broken, but some were intact.

As she looked in each cell, her excitement got stronger as she anticipated having Chris' rock hard penis inside her. She liked Chris from the first moment she met him. He had light brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and a strong chin and she thought he was quite handsome. He was not heavy, but he was wiry strong. She liked his laugh and sense of humor from the start, but having him inside her that first night in that cemetery was the ultimate high. She never had a stronger orgasm before then and very few approached its intenseness since.

Her Chris was an amazing lover and often indulged Kim in her whimsical fantasies, be it making love in a gloomy cemetery or masturbating her in a theater during a horror flick. He rarely refused her desire, but when he did, it was for a good reason. It never bothered her because he had done so much to make her other dreams and fantasies come true.

After looking through a dozen cells or so, her desire for him was overpowering and she had to have him. Now.

"In here," she said breathlessly, her chest heaving.

She pulled him into the cell reeking of mold, mildew, and decay. Chris curled his nose at the smell, but soon forgot about it as Kim began to pull her stretchy pants down to her ankles. Chris looked down the walkway once more and didn't see or hear anyone else. After putting down his backpack, he quickly yanked his jeans down to his knees.

Turning his attention back to his horny wife, he pulled his fast hardening penis from his boxers. Kim's hand was already between her legs working her clit with her fingertips. Chris stepped behind her and pushed his penis against her spread cheeks. He rubbed it up and down her crack as Kim moaned. She was working herself into a frenzy, feverishly playing with herself and waiting in anticipation to be impaled.

"Put it in, baby, put it in now," she panted. She was almost to the edge and knew his penetration would send her tumbling over the blissful abyss.

Chris quickly moved his fingers towards her sopping wet hole as a guide and put his penis at the opening.

"Fuck me, Chris. I'm almost there. Fuck me," she begged in a raspy, hoarse voice. Kim was panting heavily and her legs were shaking.

Chris obliged and pushed in quickly and forcefully, so hard that Kim's forehead bumped into the metal wall in front of her.

"Oh...," she moaned, not from the wall, but from the pleasure of being filled in such an erotic, unholy place.

Chris grabbed her hips and began pushing into her hard and fast, their bare skin slapping against each other. At home, their lovemaking was usually slow, nurturing, and tender. In places such as this, Chris knew she wanted it fast, unrelenting, and punishing.

She was wetter than anytime in recent memory, but moist, hot inner walls were becoming tighter as she was reaching her peak. Chris persevered, ramming her harder and faster. Although he was usually skilled with his endurance, he could feel the beginnings of his own orgasm starting to mount.

Suddenly, Kim's body tensed and then began to shake. "Oh...oh..." was all she got out before she clamped her hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. Her shoulder was on the cold, rusty metal table now as she continued to work over her clit with her right hand and kept her moaning and screaming inside her left one.

Soon thereafter, Chris could contain himself no longer and sprayed his sperm inside her quivering walls. The feeling of him pulsating inside her only prolonged Kim's amazing ride as spasm after spasm continued to rock her. She rode each delicious contraction to its limit and was disappointed when they finally eased into soft, gentle waves.

Chris pulled out a few seconds later and quickly redressed while Kim, with both hands on the table now for balance, waited to catch her breath and come down from her high. Staring into the darkness, Kim was seeing stars and felt a bit dizzy. It was by far the strongest orgasm she had ever had, even surpassing the times they made love in cemeteries. She didn't know if this time could ever be topped.

She smiled to herself. They could have a lot of fun trying, she suspected.

When she regained her senses, Kim slowly stood up and pulled her pants up and over her slim hips. This was surely a night to remember, she thought to herself. Turning, she sensed Chris' presence and reached for him. Kim hugged him close as his sperm began to slowly trickle down her leg.

"You are the best," she murmured, "the absolute best." She found his lips and kissed him. "I love you so much."

"Can I play too?"

The voice was a whisper, yet menacing and evil in its tone.

"What?" Kim asked, startled. She wasn't sure if she heard it or not. She knew instantly it wasn't Chris who said it

"What is it?" Chris whispered.

"I thought I heard a voice."

"Get out if you can."

Chris heard the creaking of the gate behind them before he heard the voice.

Kim was mesmerized by the voice, so melodic and sinister at the same time. It didn't register to her at first that they could possibly be in danger..

Chris grabbed blindly with his right hand for the backpacks and reached for Kim with the other.

"GET OUT!!!"

Chris pulled her roughly out of the cell and they tumbled onto the floor of the walkway as the gate to cell E6-17 slammed shut behind them, missing Kim's foot by a whisker.

"Shit," Chris panted, out of breath. "Shit." Kim remained quiet, but he could hear her heavy breathing to his right.

He dug into the backpack for a flashlight and shone it on the cell. To their utter shock and amazement, the cell door was open as if nothing had happened. They could even see the undisturbed cobwebs all around it.

"What the....?" Chris exclaimed.

He shone the light near Kim's face and she was grinning from ear to ear.

"Awesome," she said, "fucking awesome."

"You heard the voice?" Chris asked.


"And the door slammed shut on us?"


"And now it's open without any sound whatsoever?"

"Yeah. Fantastic, wasn't it?"

Chris shook his head in wonderment. Could nothing scare her?

"You're nuts, crazy, looney. You're unbelievable." He shook his head again.

"But, you still love me."


"And this is one anniversary you'll never forget."


More than a bit shaken, they picked themselves up and walked slowly to the stairwell arm in arm, reliving the events that just took place. They didn't dream it up. They knew that. It really happened and it was a thousand times better than the trouble with their cameras.

As they reached the first floor, an announcement was made that the pizza and soda had arrived and the food was set up in the courtyard near the entrance. Chris remembered glancing at his watch not that long before and it read ten o'clock. He hadn't thought that much time had transpired since then.

He looked at his watch, but it didn't surprise him to discover it still read ten o'clock. Chris chuckled to himself. Sure, the watch wasn't very expensive, but he had bought it just a few weeks prior and had absolutely no difficulty with it. He showed it to Kim and she laughed.

"We've really pissed them off, haven't we?" she giggled.

"It sure looks like it," Chris agreed.

"Your sperm is running down my leg," she whispered in his ear.

Chris smiled.

They ate and drank until they were full and decided to make the cemetery their last stop before heading home. They noticed the crowd had thinned out considerably and Chris could see only one or two lights shining in the old burial grounds.

The cemetery was not overly large, containing perhaps three hundred graves at the most. Each nondescript marker stated a last name, an initial, and year of death. Some were barely legible while most were still quite clear. Scattered clouds tried to obscure the bright, almost full moon that shone overhead, but they took little notice of it.

Slowly and deceptively, Kim steered Chris towards the farthest corner of the cemetery until she had him backed against a large maple tree. She leaned forward and kissed him, sweetly at first, but then a little more urgent and passionate.

His hands slithered their way under her sweat jacket and tee shirt until they found her small, firm breasts. Her puffy nipples were sticking out proud and proper as his fingers caressed them and teased them, sending more shivers through her. A moan escaped her sweet lips as she continued kissing him. Their tongues dueled briefly before she broke off their loving seal.

"Play with me," she gasped, almost begging, fully unaware of her surroundings. Fully unaware that the gentle breeze was not as gentle as it had been and was picking up strength.

Kim kissed him again.

Chris' right hand slipped inside her waistband and began to fondle the wonderful mysteries of Kim's sweet sex. She was as wet as before and her clit was engorged and swollen. It didn't take long for the tremors to start invading her. Chris always knew her most erogenous spots and this time was no exception.

"Oh God, that feels so good," she whimpered. She was absolutely powerless once she began her pleasure ride.

Chris' hand was firmer on his target now, circling it faster and mixing in her passion juice to help with the stimulation. Kim's breathing was coming in quick, rapid breaths and Chris sensed her trembling within.

He surprised her by slipping his middle finger inside her while still stimulating her clit with his thumb. The timely invasion sent her tumbling into a free fall of sweet, delicate pleasure spasms. She didn't cry out this time, but merely placed her mouth against his shoulder and bit him lightly to let him know it pleased her. Her whimpers, panting, and tremors made him well aware of that, but the little nip was a welcome addition.

The wind picked up and Kim could hear it whistling through the bare branches. As the first few droplets of rain fell, Kim kissed Chris again and hugged him.

"You're the best," she said through tear stained eyes, "the absolute best."

* * * * *

Chris was tired by the end and not wanting to risk the three hour drive home, they decided to rent a room for the night at a Holiday Inn in Bucyrus. After a leisurely shower by which they sensually scrubbed each other clean, they settled down for a long-deserved sleep.

Kim had other ideas as she pulled the covers back and straddled her sleepy husband. She rubbed her feather-soft mound against his rapidly hardening penis and sighed happily.

"Didn't you get enough at the prison?" Chris asked incredulously. Tired or not, the sight of Kim stimulating herself on his penis was the most wonderful sight for him.

Kim's green eyes flickered as she smiled. "What we did there was fucking, pure and simple. It was wonderful, fantastic, the ultimate. But I want to love you now, baby."

She leaned forward and her silky soft nipples brushed against his chest. Kim kissed him sweetly.

"I just want to love you."

Chris laid back, sighing, and let Kim love him.

When they finished, Chris glanced at his watch for the first time since he noticed it had died and laughed out loud.

"What is it?" Kim inquired.

Chris showed it to her. She looked at the watch and then to the clock on the night stand. They registered the exact same time, 2:27.

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