tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAn Evening with Delia

An Evening with Delia



It had been ages since I last saw Delia and I was trembling with excitement to see her again after all this time. I climbed the stairs to her small flat and by the time I reached the top landing, I was breathless both from the physical exertion of climbing the stairs and the anticipation of seeing my beautiful babydoll.

I collected myself before ringing her doorbell. My mind flashed back to our first time together when I found her roaming Central Park dressed as some otherworldly cat creature – practically naked – and I took her home with me. We spent a glorious week together with her playing housecat and me taking the role of the spinster aunt who adopted a feral kitten who grows into a loving kitty.

After that initial episode, we saw each other a couple of times and advanced our role play to something much more sinister...but always with much love – and lovemaking – in our infrequent visits.

We communicated from time to time and we exchanged the occasional photo set. Our roles were evolving over time. Delia was becoming a beautiful woman and had lately become the starlet of a small circle of new friends. I was battling the creep of age and had become more and more the spinster aunt in real life, scaling back my activities to match my declining self-image.

When Delia invited me to see her again, I jumped at the chance to see her and perhaps revive our relationship and perhaps get out of my self-imposed reclusion. In honesty, I was both happy and sad to see Delia develop without me. She was truly too lovely a creature to remain sheltered, yet I secretly envied her youth, sex appeal and social life with others.

At last I raised a shaking finger to ring the doorbell. The door opened quickly and instantly Delia was there before me. I think I staggered back a step in surprise at the suddenness of her and then another step back when I drank in the sight of her. I sucked air, trying to keep from fainting.

My once untutored kitten was now a raving beauty. She posed in the doorway and smiled seductively at me, reveling in my wide-eyed shock. Her hair was a gleaming raven halo in a beautiful, sophisticated 'do. Her face was almost unrecognizable from our last visit or photos. She was expertly made-up with a tawny foundation, the eyes popped out from gorgeously shadowed and be-lashed orbs. A hint of pink-hued blush and contouring accented her cheekbones. Her seductive smile was outlined by lips in a magenta tone that whispered "kiss me" with her saying nary a word.

Scoping farther down, I was taken aback once more in noticing her womanly shape poured into a cheetah print skintight sheath that ended just a smidgen below her crotch. She was bejeweled in rhinestones and bangles, rings, and gigantic flashy earrings. Below the ridiculously short hemline she wore sheer – and obviously expensive – black hosiery. And she was balanced in gleaming black boots with lacing that ran from the toe box to the knee.

I inhaled another large gulp of air to regain composure and drew in a sexually charged scent of feminine perfume. My knees did buckle then, but I was able to recover and blurted out in nervous excitement "Hi, Delia." How lame, after all this time, I thought to myself, but I was completely flustered.

Delia simply kept the seductive smile aimed at me, winked, and whispered, "Hello, Aunt Penny, won't you come in?"

She led me into her apartment, rotating her hips in what appeared to be a perfectly natural burlesque walk, making the cheetah print material roll gently over her swaying ass as I swallowed hard behind her. "Would you like a drink before we get going?" she asked over her shoulder.

"Water" I croaked.

Delia giggled and poured me a champagne glass of some bottled water. She seemed to be delighting in her authority and my unease. "Let's get going, Penny, there's this new club downtown I started going to."

I tried to hide my disappointment at not getting to spend more private time with my former kitten but there was no denying that this cat should be out on the town instead of wasting valuable time caged up with a relic. I finished the water and said "My car is parked right outside."

She grabbed a tiny little handbag that was too small to carry folding money and it was obvious I would be paying the way all evening. Oh, but what pleasure it was to treat this girl and my investment might return a hundredfold just to see Delia shine.

In the street, she saw my car and quickly struck a seductive pose on the fender. "Snap me, so we can remember this night" she said in a high pitched song of excitement. From my ridiculously large, old lady-like purse, I pulled my digital and took a photo of my sweetie. She quickly climbed atop the hood of the vehicle and sprawled like a vixen. Another snap. She kept posing and I kept snapping and I began to realize we were not alone. A crowd of apartment dwellers were on the stoops, in doorways, advancing down the sidewalk, and gathering around as Delia went through a series of erotic poses. By the time we were getting done, the street was a racket of catcalls and most were calling her by name and making suggestions that were not for family consumption. Delia waved to the crowd as we finally sped off down the street.

"Do you normally get that kind of reaction?" I asked her as I piloted us toward the nightclub.

"Most of the time" she answered matter-of-factly.

I drove and wondered...who was this new person?

We finally got downtown and Delia began directing me to turn down here, make a left here, shoot down this narrow street, and then she said, "Stop, we're here." The street seemed deserted but there was an underground entrance with a small bulb in a stairway and she said "Valet park it, look, here's Franco." Franco was a brutish looking bodybuilder but when Delia alit from my car, he gave her the celebrity treatment with a big smile, a warm greeting and held my door for me. He handed me a ticket and off went my car to who-knows-where. We gingerly felt our way into the grotto-like entrance of some un-named club.

The bouncer was another muscle hunk who likewise seemed to melt when seeing Delia. When he stopped me to ask for the cover charge, Delia said over her shoulder "She's my guest." I deflated a bit at being referred to as her guest instead of her friend but I didn't have time to think too much because Delia was already trotting inside whence a blaring wall of techno music was already making me headachy.

I watched Delia cut through the crowd like a warm knife through butter and also noticed how many times disconnected hands reached out to grope her as she made her way to the neon-lit bar. I had to push my way through the throng to get to her. She already had a drink and she pointed to me as the bartender smiled like a George Hamilton impersonator. I ordered a vodka and tonic and threw a $50 bill on the bar. The bartender delivered my drink, took the 50 and brought back $3.50 change. I said "We only ordered two drinks" but the guy nodded and said "DeeDee only drinks top shelf." I fished a fiver out for the remainder of his tip and began to wonder how broke I'd be if she drank as much as me.

Delia had disappeared into the melee on the dance floor, drink still I hand, and quickly got involved in a four-way bump dance with some guys. I was star struck as I watched her undulate her hips to the incessant beat of the music. One guy got fresh and lifted the short hem of her skirt to reveal the sheer stocking tops and the incredible image of her thonged ass and cute little package in front as the rest of the crowd began whooping. Delia managed to sip her drink as the guy ran his hands over her soft ass and gave a gentle squeeze to her secret treat. I watched the floorshow and took a long pull from my vodka and tonic.

Delia finally broke away from the crowd of gawkers but not before tongue-kissing two of the guys in her dance troupe. She sidled up to me a little breathlessly and shouted over the music "Isn't this place great?"

This scene repeated itself over and over and I soon lost track of my little kitten as I wandered around the club. The layout was cave-like with many small private areas where couples of men, women, she-males, and crossdressers were hooked up. I began down a narrow hallway and at the end of it, a thicket of humanity was humming with excitement. I gradually insinuated myself to the front of the crowd where a red rope cordoned off a softly lit alcove. Here I found my long-lost kitten.

Delia was in the process of stripping out of the already provocative cheetah print dress to the enthusiastic clamor of her onlookers. She flicked the dress into the corner and stood posing in only her thong, stockings and boots. Even without breasts, Delia was a fine feminine specimen and she proved that by the power of ten when she turned around and shook her perfectly formed ass for her admirers. I could feel the crowd surge forward and Delia was herself awash in giggles rather than fright at the encroaching mob.

She undid the red rope cordon as an invitation and I was swept into the tiny alcove as a ton of male sexual energy rushed to get a piece of her. I fought my way to a corner so as not to get trampled. From this vantage point I watched a human feeding frenzy unleashed on the tiny girl at the center of the storm.

It was hard to find Delia in the packed crowd but every so often I could see her face in something like a state of ecstasy as she was pawed, pulled, groped, kissed, licked, pinched, spanked and even lifted off the ground to be passed from male to male like a stuffed animal. Delia let out shrieking yips of joy and excitement as she was manhandled and pushed around from one to the other of the many men vying for a piece of her.

All at once, a hush came over the crowd and I thought, finally the bouncers had restored order. But no, instead the men had grown silent as they collectively began undoing their belts, zippers, and buttons and discarding their pants in a heap near my safe corner. The men formed two relatively orderly lines now, with Delia at the forefront. In one line the men began tearing open condom packages and busily began wanking the rubbers down their swollen shafts. The other line of men waited impatiently as they stroked themselves.

Finally, Delia got on all fours, settled her knees on a rubber mat, wriggled her ass a couple of times, then gave a slight nod and a wink to the first two men in line. The big brute with a condom on crouched above her hindquarters and began pushing his rubber-sheathed tool into Delia's ass. The equally brutish man with no rubber went around to Delia's face and my sweet little kitten swallowed his member in one easy motion. It seemed to take only a few strokes in her ass and an equal amount of head bobbing sucking for the men to screw their eyes closed and moan with their orgasms. No sooner had they retreated then the next two men in line replaced them, the condomed one taking her ass, the bareback one inserted in her mouth.

I looked at the line of still waiting men and counted 22 in all. Delia was in for a busy night. I would have considered taking some of that workload from her but I could see that I was as good as invisible to this room full of erect brutes. They had come for Delia and they would accept no substitutes. Delia worked through the line, still appearing fresh and showing no signs of fatigue as numbers 13 and 14 spilled their loads into her.

I passed the time by helping those that had finished with her find their pants, smelling their masculine scents as their spent cocks dangled around me. Once I heard a squeal escape from Delia's mouth and looked up to see number 16 trying to squeeze his ten inch tool into her ass. Delia wiggled, pushed back on the monster, and it disappeared inside her as she nonchalantly sucked on number 15.

As the last quartet advanced towards her, Delia glanced at me, her tongue hanging out, drool and semen glistening on her chin, and smiled sheepishly at me. I smiled sympathetically back at her as she turned her face to suck on the stiff cock of number 19.

Delia caught a break when number 20 shot his load as soon as he had plunged his cock into her soft ass. I noticed that numbers 21 and 22 were none other than Franco the valet attendant and the muscle-bound bouncer who admitted us. Delia seemed to have saved up a little for these two and she gave Franco an expert and thoughtful blow job, taking her time, savoring his Mediterranean man meat as the big bouncer threw his cock into her ass, holding her hips steady to give her a good plowing. When at last they had done, Delia collapsed on the cold cement floor.

I rushed to bend to her and administer to my fallen comrade. Before I could inquire as to her condition, Delia yelped "That was so fucking great! Did you see me, Aunt Penny?"

I gently patted her bare haunch and answered simply "Yes, dear, I saw it all."

After we got Delia re-dressed, we walked back through the labyrinth to the bar and dance area. Delia had held up admirably but her stockings were destroyed and her hair was a mess of tangles with sparkling highlights of dried semen. Her lips were swollen and she tried to reapply some lip-gloss to them but I could see her wince at their tender condition. We had some drinks and I was rapidly depleting my cash at he exorbitant prices. I asked Delia if she wanted to dance, but she shook her head in the negative and I realized that she was walking and standing bow-legged after her 'two dozen man march.' Before she was done her third top shelf cocktail, her head began to fall against my shoulder. I saw some of the men who had given her the business smile knowingly and begin talking about her in small groups.

I walked her out to retrieve my car for the ride back home.

Delia was sleepy-eyed but I tried to engage her in conversation. "Delia, honey, do you do that, uh, kind of thing often?"

She rolled her head against the backrest and said dreamily "Only once, maybe twice a week, Aunt Penny."

We arrived at her apartment building, the neighborhood quiet now, and Delia opened the car door to get out. "I just want to take a shower and go to bed. Thanks for the ride downtown and the drinks and all, Auntie-poo" she said.

"You don't want me to come up with you?" I asked a little incredulous and hurt.

"I'm sorry, baby, but I gotta get some sleep. I told the guys I'd be back tomorrow night and I know some will bring their friends, so I really gotta get some rest and be ready for them, you know?" Delia already had one leg on the sidewalk, then as an afterthought she leaned back in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Niters, Auntie."

And she was gone, staggering up the steps and retreating behind a closed door.

I put the car in drive and coasted down the deserted street as an involuntary sob coughed out of me. My little kitten, I thought, was all grown up now.

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