tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAn Evening with Zorro's Pleasure Pt. 01-03

An Evening with Zorro's Pleasure Pt. 01-03


Part 1

With heavily enormous limps hanging down making it even menacing to get through the forest. Zorro new his way around the forest, and getting through it easily. He could hear things throughout that other can't, and suddenly he heard muffling nose. He wanted to find out what he heard. Zorro got off his horse as slowly walked through the brush; not making a sound, as looked out into the spacing he saw three men around something. He watched and notice one soldier taking off pants saying to his partners, "Remove her clothing, I am going to take her first."

As they removed her clothes, Zorro saw it was Elena; knocked out, seeing the men where going to take advantage of her. Zorro eased his way through the brush, whipping out his whip getting the guy around the neck, slamming to the ground as got knocked out. The other two where stunned as Zorro whipped out his guns telling, "Get on the ground facing the ground. Don't move or I will kill all three of you. You understand?"

The nodded OK as the got on the ground as Zorro got whip back from the other man. He got some rope to tie them up, getting one man on ground as told him to tie the other up. He held his gun at his head and got on the ground to tie him. He then turned all three over, two where awake, and the other man was still out as he put the sword at there chest, "You know who I am, and what I am going to do to each of you. I want to know how this happened?"

The man with sword at his face said, "We where riding along when we saw the girl riding her horse, we chased her till she hit a low branch, and was knocked out. We thought we would have some fun with her."

Zorro said, "She is the Calderon daughter, and you would have been killed by him. Instead I am going to spare you. Each of you will have to pay. I don't like this. I am going to let each of you live."

With that he scarred deeply on their chest a "Z", and third man he reach for his knife cut a deep "Z" into his facial cheek saying, "Each of you are going to bare a scare from me, and he will have it on his face to show every one who got him. He will have to explain it as he will always have to show. Each of you will bleed. I want each of you to know." As he got up he removed their boots saying to them, "When you get better you can walk back to Presidio. They will find you as you walk back cause I am sending your hose back. You can also tell them Zorro took the girl. You understand."

They where all laid down, bleeding from "Z" on them. Watching him gather Elena up, holding her close to his chest as he got her on his horse; getting her horse, Zorro left them there to suffer.

He soon found him in concealed in his cave; quickly got her off his horse, taking her to his bedroom as he laid her out. Zorro took off her clothes, put her under the bed spreads, and making her comfortable. He went back to the two horse, taking their saddled off them, feeding and watering them. He went to where he entered; pulled into place a large rock, cancelled with brush so no one would be able find either of them.

Zorro went back to her, notice she was still out, and lit several candles cause it dark now outside. He lit more than two dozen of candled around making it brighter, letting her face show. She was cut deeply across her forehead; getting a towel, some hot warm water as he cleaned her up. He washed her face, brushing her hair back away from her face, and thought she looks beautiful. As he watched her he got some food sent down by his butler, eating as he notice how good she will look when she wakes up. The night went on, Zorro read as he watched her, and gradually went to sleep too. He later woke up as put the candles out, except for on beside her. He went to really dark area of cave; took of his mask, and went to sleep.

Putting Zorro mask as walked over to Elena to see if she had woken up yet, and she was still asleep. He got some more warm water and slowly cleaned her face and neck. She was still knock out. He light a lot of candle, and order some food for both of them in case she woke up. He got undressed, taking off his mask so he could clean himself. He got dressed in black shirt, pants, and boots. The butler came down with his food, and to let Zorro what information he got while in town. Zorro listen with the information, and was glad the soldiers where put under card. After finishing breakfast he went over to his horse to grooming them, and smooth them out. He groomed her brown horse, smoothing her out, and feed both of them. It had already been a couple of hours taking care of them, and went over to her again cleaning her face and neck with warm water.

After waking up Zorro went over to Elena to clean her face, and cut on her forehead. As he was cleaning; stroking her soft smooth face, Zorro was tempted to kiss her. Zorro got some food sent down; he received note from his butler, which said her father is still looking for her, but noted that no one new what happened to the three men. Zorro kept cleaning her face and neck clean, and putting some water on her lips so where still soft. She look lovely with quality when wearing dress along with neck and shoulder look really silky smooth. Again feeling her smoothly skin, an could see her natural sparkling attractiveness expression when she glowed.

Zorro new it had been a day and half since Elena got here; and got up to put on mask, as he put it on he heard a nose behind. Looking back he saw Elena was gradually wake up; he went over to her. Her eyes gradually open; was surprised she wasn't home, the relied Zorro was sitting beside her as he held hold her hand.

Elena looked around; asking "Where am I?"

Looked at her, holding her hand saying, "Your are in my own cave. Shelter from the outside, and safe for you or me.

She looked at him asking, "How did I get her?

"I found you knock out by three bad soldier's. I came upon them; set them, making them strip as scared each of them with "Z". As I carried you here; holding you so you so wouldn't get hurt, I putting you in my bed."

"I don't have any clothes on. How did you get them off me?"

"I took them off you to bath you with a light cloth, and let you sleep. You cloths are cleaned, and there are over there on table. You where out, and all I could do is take care of you, hoping you would come back alive."

"How many day where I out?"

"You have been out for day and half, and you got a bad cut on fore-head. Why where you out in the first place? No one goes out that far?"

"I went out to take a ride, and to find you. I wanted to see you, feel you, and kiss you again. Some soldiers chased me, and I guess they where looking for you till I got knock out by a large, low hanging tree branch."

"I Would have found you. I was out since I knew you left the Presidio. I can see a lot of things from out here. Do you want to eat, and take a really warm bath?"

"I would like to eat first, then take a bath, but I want you to come closer I want to kiss you, feel your lips on me like before."

Elena and Zorro lips came together as they felt each passion, let both of their tongues meet as sent more sensations between each of them as the parted with Zorro saying, "I like kissing you again, and but you need to eat."

Elena let go of him as she laid back on pillows, felling more deep emotions than she had felt before as she closed her eyes.

Waking up forty-five minuets later Elena has breakfast waiting as Zorro saw a sheet wrapped around her naked body. He drank coffee as he watcher her eat as she was hungry from being knocked out. He mentioned at she eat that he carried for her, and like washing her face and arms so she felt comfortable. She was glad for his care nor did wonder if anyone was looking for her since she wanted to be with him. Zorro told her that that soldiers

got back; didn't say anything about "Z" carved on them, but told her that her father was out with several soldiers looking for her. Zorro asked her, "Do you want to go now?"

Elena smiled saying, "No not ever, but I know that I will have leave eventually."

"You have finished breakfast, do you want take a bath?"

"Yes, ware is it. Is it in here?"

"Yes it is. It is over there behind me. It is a natural warm spring water coming out from sprout. It will be nice and warm as it will really relaxes you. There are candle beside it so it make you feel comfortable."

"I would like that.", getting up she started to move, but Zorro stopped her saying, "You might make it. It is a little dark with not knowing the way could get hurt. I will carry you over as I will turn around so you can get in naked."

With wrapping the sheet around her, he picked Elena up in arms, caring her softly over as he sat her down on the edge to get undressed. Zorro back away, turning around he heard her drop the sheet off her, and got into the water. He hadn't turned around yet, but heard her say, "You can turn-around, I am in the warm water."

He turned around saying, "I am glade you like it. You want more candle lit?"

"Yes, that would be nice. I know you have seen me naked before without much lit."

He smiled at her as he turned on a few more candles, turning around he saw her smiling at him too. Going over to her Zorro leaned down kissing her deeply on her moist lips for a long time, caressing them with his tongue, Zorro said "You need some soap. I'll get it for you as wash your hair."

She like him washing her hair as made her feel even better inside. She felt him gradually manipulate tender spot got cut. After a long time she felt him pour warm water on her, washing of the soap off her. She felt his hand massage her neck and shoulders making the sensation go deeper inside her as he touched her. She started to feel his hand rubbing her shoulders, gradually sliding across the top of her breast as he embrace cuddling each one firmly but soft, and felt hands feel her hard nipples. She could feel his fingers manipulate each one as it slide across her nipple, getting warm cessation of her passion.

He could feel her excitement skin heated up as kissed her neck, ears, shoulders, and feeling delighted tasting her skin. He could feel her hard nipples with his finger as they firmed up between smooth fingers, as she said, "Take off your mask? I want to see your beautiful face."

"You'll have to take me the way I am. I can't take of the mask."

"Then I want you in here, naked so I can feel your warm body next to me."

His clothes fell off him as he slide into the tub. Feeling her bare skin next to each body made them tremble inside as they both wanted feel each naked body nest to each other.

She was feeling his naked skin as felt her pussy get warmer and moist inside her body. As she felt inside that she wanted him even more as she knew she would have him inside me, rubdown my cunt walls, making feel even wetter inside my vagina.

"I want to feel me in you Elena. I want to feel your wet pussy. Fuck me Elena. You can scream loudly the way you want too."

"Slide your cock in me know. I want your hard, firmly cock in me. I will yell all I want. Fuck me honey."

Sliding Zorro's firm cock-head gliding against Elena wet pussy opening, feeling her moistness vagina pussy opening, as it slid in deeper in her, pressing her inner wet vagina walls, as they felt the incredible feeling of them merging into each other. The incredible feeling as they both felt his cock go in deeper in her, and she felt her inner vagina wall tight up around his cock. Zorro could feel her pussy walls tighten up as he penetrated as deep inside her, feeling his cock massage deep in Elena pussy. They where both gripping each other, tearing into each other fleshy skin, as they both screamed out moaning in pleasure.

She yelled out, "Fuck my cunt. I have wanted you since the last time we where together. Fuck me harder, let me feel all of cock. Oh you make pussy feel juicily soaked. Make me cum on your really hard cock. I want you deep in my cunt now."

"I will! Yes, I have wanted since the last time we where together. Feeling my cock sliding between your cunt, with your cunt tighten around my cock, and making even firmer as it goes all the way in deep pussy. Let me feel your cunt walls tighten even more, I want to feel you cum on my cock."

"I will. Yes, go in deeper. I can feel you stroking inside my cunt walls. I am cumming with my juice warm cumming, runny around your cock, making even harder.", as she screamed out clawing his back and but cheeks' even harder. Making him go into her sinuous warm cunt, going in her deep-seated as she gushes all over his cock, easing around his cock even more. "Oh yes! Yes! I am cumming. Yes! I so want to cum around your stiff, rigid, unyielding cock fucks me. Yes! More of you. I am cumming."

Unyielding around his stiff cock, she let a torrent of thick swallow juices, squeeze him even more, as she just kept cumming around his cock. "Squeeze my tits, feel my nipples make me cum even more. I want to feel your hands take them, bite into them, make them even more breathtaking. I want you to fuck me. I have wanted you for a couple of months."

"Oh yes! I have wanted you for a couple of months. I couldn't get away to see you. Yes ride my stiff cock, making even more breathtaking unbelievable, good as I squeezed your tits and nipple.", Zorro screamed out.

They where both unbelievable as they merged together, him sliding deeper into her, feeling her moist saturated vagina wall, and her riding his unyielding, powerful vigorous cock as it saturate her deep in her cunt cumming. They where lost in bewilderment sounds they where making between each of them as he held her close, and her gripping his but cheeks pulling him further in her cunt. They both had no control of what was happening between them or around them, nor did they divest yourself of the exhilarating sensation as he started to cum continual in pulsating surge of each others cums, spewing, mixing their orgasmic cumming. They where lost as they collapse next too each other, with their arms holding each other very tight.

As they move to each other side, holding hands, feeling her and his legs Zorro said, "You where beautiful."

"You where feeling even closer than we have in the past. Please let me stay another day, to be with you. I want us to sleep together?"

"You can stay another day.", He said as got up to get a robe for himself, one for her too. They both walked over to the bed, arm and arm around each other, laying down under bed sheets as the let the robes fell off hitting the floor as they feel a sleep.

Part 2

Waking up as he look over at her with her beautiful black hair draped over her face, brushing it away as she looked at him softly saying, "Thank you for let me stay with you. I have so wanted to be with you."

Zorro pulled her even closer, kissing her on her lips, parting he said to her, "It was good to spend the night together, closer, not let each other go as departing is a painful way to leave you. I hope we can do it again some time since you can't get here."

Elena, smiled at him only saying, "Yes it better that way. I don't know the way. I can't even tell my father. I want to feel you to fuck me. I can't help but to say it, wanting you in me, feeling your hard cock in me, making me cum again."

"I know, but there are other ways to feel the same way to make you feel more pleasure. There is more than just fucking, and there ways to make it feel like loving you too, deeply inside you."

"Show me. I want to know more than just slipping you cock in me. I like it please me inside my pussy, as it make me feel even wetter."

"There is more than just your pussy to make you feelgood."

"What do you mean?", Elena said.

"Turn over, put your legs over my head, and lower pussy just above my mouth, lower slowly over me." ,Zorro said as Elena lower her body over him. He held her legs apart, lower her pussy closer to lips, pushing his tongue against her pussy lips and massaging her clit.

As he caressed Elena's pussy lip with just his moist tongue; he slip his wet finger around her anus opening as pressed it carefully massage it as he herd her moan out, "Oh fuck, that feels incredible. Never felt it feel so good, accomplished with intensely pleasurable. Don't tell me ware you are, just make it feel even better than right now."

"Just enjoy it. Don't do anything else right now, as I want you to enjoy this.", Zorro said. Massaging her anal opening as Zorro tongued her clit. He pressed it with his finger in deep anal opening as Zorro could feel her moist pussy was pouring it juices out. His warm, moist wet finger was in her rosebud anal opening as he felt her continually compressed on his finger. Tongue massage deeper in her pussy lining as his nose brushed across her clit he felt her pussy getting wetter as felt her anal rosebud cramp on his finger several more times. Zorro could feel her tightness making her fiercely excitement with each tonguing her pussy felt.

Elena wet clit with his exceedingly wetness from his tongue; as he slipped his finger a little deeper into rosebud, penetrating her; feeling him enter a little deeper in her rosebud. He could hear her moan out, "Oh God!! That feels reallyfucking good. Oh penetrate me more. I want to feel it. I want you to fuck me like that!," Gripping him harder as he slipped his tongue deep into her pussy, massaging her deeper in her rose bud as she started to cum.

He could feel her tighten up around his finger, letting it release again, constricting continually around his finger, pushing it up again with all the pleasure he is giving her as he felt Elena starting to cumming in his mouth. As Elena is cumming Zorro slowly slipped his finger out of her anal rosebud, feeling her sinuous juice, cumming in his mouth and face. He could believe how much she cam all over her mouth after penetrating her rosebud, and still feeling her cum all over his face. He could hear her screaming out, "Oh fuck! Oh God that feels fucking good. I can't stop cumming. Oh please do me again. I want to feeling it deeply again like I have never felt. Oh God I am cumming again. Yes..."

"Yes cum all over my mouth. You taste so good, with your sinuous downpour of your cum. I like licking you, eating you, yes cum more.", and she did as she moved back an forth across his mouth feeling his tongue, lips caressing her pussy lips and clit. Finally she couldn't take anymore, rolling off his face, falling down next to him, panting catching her breath, shout again, "I don't know what you did to me, but it was remarkable, sensitivity to sexually erotic. What did you do."

"I was something I did. I will tell you some time."

"I want to play with you cock as we talk." Elena said continuing, "I know you are surprise I can talk so erotically dirty."

"I am surprised; cause you never said erotic words before."

"I couldn't say a thing in my own room; not like here where I can say anything, and I know you and me enjoy it. I don't talk this way outside of our bedroom, but I will when you fuck me again."

"No it won't. I like it when a woman talk dirty-nasty, saying whatever you want to. Oh that feels good what your doing with my cock right now. Just keep playing with it."

She put hand to his face, caressing his cheek, and her other hand was squeezing his cock-shaft hard, going up and down it as she could fell his hard firm cock saying, "I like being with you. I won't be able to be with anyone else. Now I just want to be here with you as you fuck me again.

Caressing her face, kissing her lips, Zorro said, "It will be terrible once your gone too. Oh god keep stroking my hot cock. I will, but I want to play with you too. Get on top of me. I am going to play with your pussy lip and clit, feel you cum again on my mouth."

"I know. I want you.:, she said as she moved her legs over Zorro face as moved her pussy closer to his lips and tongue as reach upward to tasted her more. "Please rid it honey. I want to taste and lick your pussy."

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